It's been almost a year. Can you believe that? I can. Hahah...

But, I have to say, Breaking Dawn is probably what got me back in the twilighting mood. Didn't really like it, but oh wellz.

And, here's a long, long over due chapter six. Perhaps to simply prove that I never give up. :P

It's short, but only because I've started on chapter seven. So, hah.

Chapter Six: A Walk to Remember

"Well, that's certainly not good," I said, frowning at the small piece of paper in my hand.

A dark chuckle came from behind me. "No, I can't imagine it can be."

Bella, I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of driving everyone home. They simply couldn't wait for you two lovebirds to finish your "talk". Also, this will give you an Edward some good quality alone time on the walk home. You can thank me later.


Nope, no thanking her in the near future. I sighed heavily before crumbling the paper to a fine dust. "Guess there's nothing we can do but walk home. Typical," I said, shotting Edward an apologetic glance. "I'm sure you didn't move all the way to Forks to go through a forest."

There was a slight twitch to his lips before he fully smiled. "No, not particularly. But, it's... tolerable."

I gave a short laugh before saying, "I guess that's one word for it."

Then, as we began walking toward the edge of the parking lot, Edward surprised me. "Let's race." He said it so abruptly and with so much conviction that I jumped a bit at his voice. His brows met together for a second, obviously pondering my reaction before he repeated himself. "Let's race."

I could practically feel the skepticism on my face. "Why?" I dragged out the word to an impossible length.

One side of his lip quirked up as he said, "Why not? We're going to the same place anyway, aren't we?"

I took a moment before replying, both to ponder his questions and get over his incredible smile. "True," I began, floundering for some excuse in my mind. "But you don't know the way to my house!"

He merely rolled his eyes in an exasperated fashion before countering with, "I don't know, maybe I'll just follow the scent of vampire?"

I glared at him for a moment before conceding. "Fine, but by the end of it you'll have to piece me together..." I'd obviously meant this as a joke, but he froze as if weighing this as a legitimate concern.

"I'm glad you agree," he said at last, shifting instantly into a racing crouch. My own body reacted to that, mimicking his position. "Ready," he breathed out. "Set." My muscles tensed. "Go."
At that word we both sprang forward, moving at impossible speeds. I could feel the pull of my muscles with each stride, and I could feel the warmth of the breeze as it whipped my hair around. As fast as my legs were moving, my mind was going that much faster.

I know the route home by heart, maybe I should slow down to even things up... But, if I let him beat me, would that mean that I'm easily stepped over? Oh, no way am I letting him think that! Really though, I should go easy on him. I would hate to make him feel bad on the first day of school...

All my thoughts were silenced as a barely detectable set of feet moved many yards ahead of me. "What?" I squeaked. How did he get so far ahead? My legs pumped it up in response.

I started to catch up only to notice what Edward was doing for the first time. I'd been so preoccupied I'd never noticed. Now that I could see him, I was shocked.

He was laughing. Laughing so openly and without care that it was as if someone just jump started my heart. My body shut down and I stopped running, just staring at him for a second, relishing the beauty.

I didn't know what it was. Maybe it was just him in his unnatural beauty and in such a feral state, the trees to his every side, ebbing and flowing at his run. Maybe it was his strong legs, working so very effortlessly at propelling him forward. Maybe it was seeing him removed of the human act for the first time. I didn't know. Deep down though, I knew.

It was that laugh. More free than any sound I'd heard from him before, or any sound I'd heard ever. He sounded so truly content. As the sound waves reached my ears, I closed my eyes, just drinking in that laugh.

When he stopped laughing, I heard it. I also heard every step he took toward me. I heard his breath come and go, at a perfectly normal pace. I heard him say my name. "Bella."

My eyes snapped open. It was then that I realized he was right in front of me, staring at me with those incredibly gold eyes. With that I was brought to myself, suddenly realizing what an 'out-of-body' experience felt like. I blinked a few times, each time opening my eyes to Edward's intense stare.

"Oh," I said, grasping my surroundings. "Wow, that was weird."

He kept gazing at me, his eyes losing their intensity with my every word. Eventually he was back his somewhat normal state. "Yeah," he agreed, smiling slightly. Nothing compared to his previous freeness, which frustrated me.

No matter, I told myself. That was just a spectacularly weird moment. I smiled back before saying, "Go." I was automatically back on the path toward my house, and I could feel him running right after me.

For the rest of the run, I kept my mind focused on nothing but the rhythmic sounds of his steps, falling in tune with mine.