Dawn Of Evil



The moment Sakura became a woman; she was to be the mother of all evil by fate. Suddenly thrown into a dangerous game, she must not, at all costs, be captured by the devil. Can she escape this whole ordeal in one piece? (AU)


ItachixSakuraxSasuke (Hooray for somewhat of a love triangle!)


SL here to bring you a really weird story that randomly popped up into my mind. I want to warn you here on out that this story contains a dark theme with a splash of some one-sided romance. Some characters are extremely OOC well…seeing as this is an alternate universe. Meh. Oh, for some strange reason (if you were wondering…), a movie called the End of Days inspired me to write this. Ugh…I'm a weirdo…


I do not own Naruto. Just thought that you should know that and remember that I never will throughout the rest of this story...or ever.

Chapter One

Morning Lyrical

The morning air rushed around the petite form of Sakura Haruno as she tottered along the concrete pavement slowly.

With every step she took, the pink-haired youth panted softly. Ever since she was born, she had always been physically weak and had been watched over constantly due to her serious condition.

Despite the fact that she was frail, she had certainly been well endowed with a voluptuous body that any other 16-year-old girl would die for.

Stumbling over her own two feet and feeling her entire being fall forward, the pinkette shut her emerald orbs and braced herself for the pain which never came seeing as the figure who had been walking alongside her caught her with ease.

Opening her eyes as soon as she realized that she had been saved, she averted her gaze to the savior's and allowed the smallest of smiles to grace her lips.

"Thank you Kakashi-sensei…"

In response, the masked man merely nodded his head as his lone eye crinkled into a smile of it's own. He so far had been lucky enough to witness her smiles seeing as she hardly ever did so. He didn't know why but she just wouldn't smile as often as other girls. Then again…what she had been going through probably didn't give her any reason to do so.

Turning her attention back to the pavement once she straightened out her uniform, she began to totter along yet again, though this time she attempted to be a bit more cautious so as not to cause trouble for her companion.

As the breeze picked up and lightly tugged at her waist length tendrils making them dance about her, she found herself lost in thought. For some strange reason, she felt rather uneasy and unusually queasy today.

When a pang of pain shot through her stomach, she stopped and leaned over slightly. Placing tiny hands on the hem of her plaid skirt, Sakura groaned internally as she waited for the pain to pass. So much for not causing Kakashi-sensei any more trouble today…

"Sakura-chan? Are you alright?" her companion asked in a worried tone. With the nod of her head, the girl slowly brought herself back up right.

"Y-Yes…I apologize for worrying you Kakashi-sensei…it was nothing." Taking a deep breath, the man shook his head and placed a hand atop her own head, ruffling her hair gently with a fond look in his eye.

"Well…we better get a move on. Can't be late again like last time!" And with that, the two continued on their way to school, one feeling very sick while the other mildly concerned.

In the middle of class, Sakura nearly gasped aloud as she felt her stomach cramp. Raising her hand shakily, she hoped to catch the attention of her teacher.

"Sakura?" Kakashi called out to her after spotting her raised hand. What could she have wanted in the middle of the lecture? Was it a question? The silver haired man brushed the last thought off in a heartbeat. She already knew this stuff.

"May I use the restroom sensei?" responding weakly, Sakura willed herself not to pass out right then and there. That would be far too embarrassing. After a moments hesitation, as if debating whether to let her go or not, he decided to let her slide this once. She was, after all, a good student and never really asked to go anyways.

Taking a deep breath, Sakura stood up and started for the front of the class, carefully making her way forward so as not to bump into anyone's desk. That would've been the last thing she wanted especially when she saw Karin and her girls glare at her when she walked by.

They must've thought that she was a damn teacher's pet then because Kakashi hardly ever let anyone in that class go. He always thought that they should've gone before class and that if he did let them go, they might goof off instead of doing what they were supposed to.

Sakura was no pushover but Karin was a total bitch and if anything, Sakura didn't need or want to deal with her at that moment. When she reached the exit, she was very lightheaded. Pushing the door open, she stepped out and quickly (as possible) made her way to the girls' restroom. She felt as if she were blindly wandering around but by some miracle, made it to her destination in one piece.

Collapsing on the cool yet dirty tile in one of the stalls, the pinkette clutched her sides in pain. Taking in sharp and short breaths as she leaned against the stall door, she felt an immense pressure within her lower area until it dulled down to a gentle throbbing. As warm crimson liquid trickled down the sides of her legs moments later, Sakura felt as if the world was spinning until darkness finally claimed her.

A Few Days Later…

Sakura calmly stared out of the open second floor window after the last class of the day had ended, a million thoughts running through her mind as she paid no heed to her surroundings. She finally got her period, which according to the school nurse, meant she was officially branded as a young lady.

It was frightening yet relieving at the same time. When she was about 13, she overheard a bunch of girls in her class talking about their experience and it made her wonder when she would get hers.

When she didn't, she questioned Kakashi about it (much to her embarrassment as well as his) and found that some girls received theirs later than others and that she shouldn't worry about that at the time until it did happen.

Parting her lips slightly, she released a breath she didn't realize she was holding and tilted her head. The air was warm and heavy with impending rain. She found it strange that the weather had changed so quickly when it was so sunny and perfect earlier that day. Leaning forward, she rested her elbows on the sill and allowed her palms to cradle her chin.

Suddenly, something caught her eye as she directed her view to the ground. A boy with spiked raven colored hair (which really reminded her of a chicken's rear) and dark onyx eyes was walking towards the building.

Finding him rather interesting at the moment, she observed his every feature as best as she could. She knew he was good looking, even though he was two floors below and somewhat far away; Sakura could still make out a majority of his profile.

Shifting her gaze to the other male beside him, she frowned. That boy had asked her out the other day and the memory wasn't a pleasant one. She shook her head as she stood upright. Looking to the raven-haired male once more, she smiled faintly.

Sasuke couldn't help but smirk as he recalled the past events of that day. He and his best friend Naruto had been caught fighting on the rooftop against one of the school's toughest gangs.

'Well…' he thought, 'those son of a bitches had it coming.' As the hyper blonde next to him rambled on and on about how he didn't deserve to get detention with him, Sasuke looked up and saw the strangest sight.

There was a pink-haired girl on the second floor who happened to be looking out the window from one of the classrooms, a thoughtful look playing about her delicate features from what he could tell as he got closer.

How he never noticed her before will remain a complete mystery to him seeing as he never missed a beautiful face when he saw one. He wasn't entirely sure be he could've sworn she was staring at him.

By chance, one of the people from Sasuke's gang approached him with a cheery greeting, successfully snapping the boy out of his musing.

"Yo Sasu-kun!" Suigetsu called out but stopped once he noticed that he wasn't receiving any attention. Following Sasuke's gaze, the man smirked when he discovered that he was staring at the school's ice queen.

"Don't even think about it man."

Snapping his head towards Suigetsu, Sasuke frowned. What?

"What did you say?"

"You heard me. The one you've got your eyes on isn't that kinda gal. She's a total ice queen here. 'Sides she's got Kaka-sensei by her side 24/7 so that doesn't help much either." Suigetsu explained lazily as if this tidbit of information were old, which as a matter of fact it kind of was.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if they were fucking each other behind everyone's back and in their own spare time. Hell, anything could be going on between those two!"

Sasuke's frown only deepened when he looked back to the window to find that the pink-haired goddess was no longer there. Damn Suigetsu and his rambling. 'No matter.' He thought. 'I'll have her begging on her knees to go out with me.'

Soon enough, the frown was turned into a smirk once more as he entered the building, a very confused Naruto trailing behind him.

Sakura stepped away from the window when she discovered the boy was indeed looking at her. Trembling slightly, she wrapped her arms around herself. All she could think about was her dream…no nightmare that she had at night.

"Kakashi-sensei…?" she began softly, a tad unsure how to express what she truly felt at that moment. She wanted to tell him about her dream but a nagging feeling in the back of her mind made her hesitate.

Should she tell him? Shifting emerald pools over to where her silver haired teacher sat reading what appeared to be porn, she continued on knowing that she had his attention despite the fact it looked like he was ignoring her.

"I um…for the past couple days since I "started"…I've been getting this really strange dream…"

Now she knew she had his attention for sure, the book he had been reading was closed and sitting atop the desk, his eye focused on her solely with a serious expression.

"No…not dream…a nightmare… all I see…are these piercing golden eyes…and they just capture me with a look full of malevolence… to be honest…I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense but…I'm scared Kakashi-sensei…it's like they are capable of seeing through me…and then…these arms appear, open wide as if it's inviting me to come into it's embrace an-"

"It's started..." he cut her off abruptly.

Sakura blinked her eyes. Now she was beginning to regret even bringing this up.

"What's started Kakashi-sensei?"

Visibly tensing up, the older man averted his gaze to the window and the darkened sky beyond it.

"The dawn of evil."

Tilting her head in confusion, she opened her mouth to say something but her companion beat her to it.

"You're in danger Sakura. The devil is after you."

Chapter One-End

I think I exaggerated when Sakura first started her period but I believe that it is crucial seeing as her body is indeed weak and that she received it so late. I don't know if that would make sense but…this is a fanfiction after all! Please review and let me know what you think. Criticism is very much welcome! Hell, anything is welcome seeing as I'm rather curious as to what you think of this so far. Is this even worth continuing? Lemme know please!

Chapter 2 Preview!

Sasuke breaks up with his girlfriend and goes after Sakura in hopes of claiming her as his own. At the same time, Sakura discovers that she is chosen by fate to be the mother of evil if the devil happened to get his hands on her. Strangely enough, that same day late after school, a majority of the male staff and students who were in the building become possessed by some force and try to capture Sakura! Will she be caught or rescued?

Find out in the next amazing chapter of Dawn of Evil!