Dawn Of Evil



The moment Sakura became a woman; she was to be the mother of all evil by fate. Suddenly thrown into a dangerous game, she must not, at all costs, be captured by the devil. Can she escape this whole ordeal in one piece[AU


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Chapter Three


In the moonlight, the front lawn appeared to be a ghostly silver ruffled by the coming and going of wind. Throughout the day, Sakura had slept and dreamt about him. Him and those haunting golden eyes. From what she could tell, his beauty was inhuman but she couldn't make out his features that well. All she knew was that he was the devil, and that he was after her.

Sakura wrapped a fleece blanket around her slender frame and shivered. The air had turned cold. After that incident at the school, she discovered something horrifying. The man in her dreams had become bolder recently and began to touch her, tracing meaningless patterns on her stomach. What was disturbing about this was that she had enjoyed it, every single time his flesh made contact with hers. Even though she tried her very best to not give in, it was getting difficult to do so.

Sakura frowned as she gazed out the window. All her life she wished to have something exciting happen, something life changing. She never expected this though. Now she regretted ever having that thought. Sighing softly, the girl rested her head on her knees.

What if the devil really got her? Would she really have to…have sex with him? What about Kakashi-sensei? What will happen to him? He can't always be there to protect her…Then again…she was also putting his life as well as many others in danger. So why shouldn't she give her body up to the de-


Sakura shook her head. She wouldn't think about that right now. Silently slipping out of the window, the youth's feet met cold grass. Sometimes she was grateful that her room was on the first floor.

Moving about the small shrub garden that backed the lawn, she reached the large tree with a branch that was perfect enough to tie a swing to. Strangely, something hung from that branch but it was no child's toy.

Sakura looked up, trying to locate the presence she felt. Nearly jumping up in surprise, the pinkette found herself staring into the eyes of one of her many bodyguards, Itachi. Holding a hand over her heart, as she usually did to calm herself, she blinked her eyes and offered him a small smile. She was caught. Then again…she could never get passed him…

"What are you doing girl?" his smooth voice pierced the air, shattering the silence. Sakura flinched and averted her gaze, smile still in place.

"Well…I was going to climb this tree but…it seems that someone else is occupying it."

She hoped that he would get the hint that she wasn't going to run off, that she was only out because she wanted to. After being cooped up for awhile…anyone would want to get outside, even if it was in the middle of the night.

A brow was raised as he listened to her. He assumed she wanted up so he scooted over slightly, though it wasn't much. Watching her every movement carefully, the man frowned internally. He should've never accepted this job. Sure, he did all sorts of wacky "missions" and "infiltrations" but this…it was different. It sounded ridiculous at first but then…exciting at the same time.

Why he shouldn't have accepted this mission was because of the girl. He didn't know what it was but there was definitely something in her that he found… enticing.

It was like an invisible magnet or string was pulling them together, though she didn't seem that aware of it as he was. Itachi hadn't felt many emotions in such a long time…to be able to again made him uncomfortable and very irritated. He worked hard to be rid of them and he didn't want all of that work to go to waste all over a little girl he had to protect.

He hardly knew her, that was truth but that didn't change the fact that he was attracted to her. She didn't look that bad, a petite form with the curves in all the right places. Sure the pink hair was a bit strange but it suited her, strangely.

Hell, she was almost like his female counterpart, except she expressed things more freely than he did. She was quiet and reserved but spoke her mind when she felt the need and was rather intelligent. Almost like him.

She was everything he wanted in a woman but the problem was…he didn't want one. Or at least he never did until he first laid eyes on her. She was so vulnerable and scared, like a deer caught in headlights. He found her look of fear absolutely adorable and one day, wished to see it on her face again, even if he had to be the source of it.

Hearing movement beneath him, he looked down and found the object of his thoughts gone. Immediately alert, his crimson orbs scanned over the perimeter beneath and swiftly turned to the side when he discovered (with relief) that the girl was only attempting to climb the tree as she had intended to do so before he questioned her.

Seeing her struggle, the man sighed softly in mock irritation and leaned over slightly, offering the frail girl a hand. Looking up and blushing in embarrassment, she stubbornly refused his help and went back to the trunk in hopes that she could somehow plan out where to put her feet.

Itachi smirked slightly behind the length of trench coat that covered his face in amusement at the rejection due to her determination. She was so weak and fragile but here she was, trying to prove that she could be just like anyone else. Too bad her attempts were pretty much futile.

Rolling his eyes inwardly, the male pushed himself off the spot he had been sitting on and landed on the ground soundlessly. Straightening himself out quickly yet gracefully, he approached the girl and gently placed his hands under her arms.

Yelping softly in shock, the pinkette looked to him with curiosity and discovered that he was only trying to help her up. Though she was upset at the idea that she couldn't even climb a tree, she was even more upset that she had to be helped.

With a sigh of defeat, she allowed the man to push her up, letting her grab onto the branch and pulling her body into a sitting position. Not too long after that he pulled himself up as well, though with much ease. She felt a tad jealous but didn't think too much on that. She needed to not think for a moment and just relax.



"Do you believe in destiny?"

Silence fell upon them as he contemplated this. When Sakura thought he wasn't going to answer, she opened her mouth to say something but he beat her to it.

"No. I don't. Believing that your life is predetermined is weak. If you were strong, you'd make your own path."

"…Oh…I see…"

"What makes you ask this?"

"I was just curious…that's all…" she responded softly and lowered her gaze to her lap.

Not even bothering to press on with the matter, Itachi fell back into being quiet. It wasn't his business after all. Feeling a slight pressure rest on his right shoulder, he found that the pinkette was resting her head there.

Not sure what to do at first, he just sat there and stared at her. Hearing her breathing slow down considerably, he frowned. She had fallen asleep on him.

I'll have to teach her not to be so trusting next time…for all she could know, I could be working for the devil…(sigh)

Itachi carefully shifted to the side and pulled her into his arms. Jumping off the branch and landing as he did before, he brought her in the way she came out and left, retiring to his own room.

The next day Sakura woke up to a loud knocking on her bedroom door. With a groan, she rolled over and pulled the pillow over her head, hoping to block out the annoying sound.

"Pinky! It's five in the afternoon!" a gruff voice called out. "Get your lazy ass up! Kakashi wants to talk to ya!"

Ignoring what he had said, she mumbled a "go away" and snuggled into the soft bed sheets and mattress. Hearing the door slam open followed by heavy footsteps, Sakura squealed when the covers were pulled off of her none-too-gently. With a scowl, she pushed herself up, looking at the intruder in the process and nearly screamed.

Kisame, her blue-skinned guard (strange enough), was no more than three inches away from her face and the grin he sported scared the crap out of her. She could've sworn he was from a family of sharks what with the teeth he had. Scrambling away from him, he burst out laughing and turned around to leave. Calling out over his shoulder as he left, she felt like punching him.

"Kakashi said you have 5 minutes to get ready before he gets up here and drags you down there himself."

Shuddering lightly, she shook her head. Hopping out of bed and stretching briefly, Sakura yawned and proceeded to the bathroom to take care of business. Coming out moments later, she changed into a pair of jeans and a loose white button up shirt that went down to her knees.

Brushing her hair back quickly, she realized she hadn't taken her medicine yet. Pulling out an all too familiar bottle full of pills, she popped two out onto the palm of her hand and went into the bathroom once more, drinking from the sink and swallowing.

Instantly feeling better, she proceeded to leave the room and seek out Kakashi. It wasn't long before she found him. He was in his usual place, the house office, feet propped up on the desk with a familiar book in hand.

Sakura rolled her eyes when she looked at the title. It was one of his stupid perverted books again. She'd have to confiscate that later…

It was then that she noticed her bodyguards were all in the room as well. They seemed rather bored, arms either crossed or used to prop their head up. Blushing faintly in embarrassment, she cleared her throat to get attention. Getting the desired affect, Kakashi looked up and offered her what appeared to be a smile. He then directed his gaze at the seat in front of the desk and gestured for her to sit down.

Carefully placing herself in the chair, a little self-conscious of the others in the room, she placed her hands on her lap and stared at her guardian, waiting patiently.

"Hello Sakura."

She merely nodded in response to his warm greeting, causing the look in his eye to turn serious.

"I want to talk to you about something…"

When she made it clear that she was waiting and listening, he jumped straight to it.

"As you know, you are to be evil's mother. Now…Sakura, I just want to lay down some rules, first of all for your safety. When you return to school, one of the Akatsuki will follow you wherever you go, that way they'll be able to help you when in need. You cannot go anywhere without these guys now." He paused, seeing the slightest change in her expression. She was not happy with this.

"Sakura…I just want you to know that you aren't the first one this has happened to. A long time ago, a beautiful fair maiden named Tsunade was pursued, just like you are now. She is your ancestor, Sakura. The devil was so infatuated with her but she loved another, Dan. They were so in love with one another and the devil was very jealous. Tsunade was a strong woman, capable of taking down whatever stood in her way. She was so powerful, but with her power came her special ability.

She knew how to heal people, Sakura. Once every two hundred years, he was somehow given the opportunity to leave hell and find a woman who was to bear his child. That child was said to be the most powerful being, if born. Its powers could be used to take over the world, even heaven."

"Let me guess," Sakura cut in," Tsunade was so strong that he thought the child would possess both of their strengths, making it godly?"

Kakashi nodded his head.

"Yes. The scary thing is though, the devil planned on using the child as a vessel when it would be older, giving him all of it's abilities and what not. Anyways, the devil wanted her so much but was angry that she was with another.

When that day came that he would walk the earth once more, he possessed her best friend, Jiraiya. He even took her little brother. Tsunade was frightened when she discovered that Jiraiya was not himself and found that her brother was gone. Before she even got the chance to go look for her brother, Jiraiya got a hold on her. She begged him to let her go but he didn't listen to her. Suddenly, she was knocked out and when she came to sometime later, she was in a strange place.

She was naked and bound to a cross halfway into the ground. Her legs were tucked beneath her and for some strange reason, she felt sore. It was then that the devil told her of his plan as he fondled her, enjoying her despair. He told her what he felt but didn't expect much when she responded. It was as he expected.

He didn't care though, he had what he wanted. He even killed her little brother slowly in front of her eyes, basking in his blood and her cries of pain. What he didn't expect though was that Dan had somehow managed to break into his lair.

Dan rushed up to her and cried out in joy when he found she was alive and well. Untying her battered body, he cradled her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Tsunade began to cry, noting that he was badly injured himself, a sword at his side. She told him everything the devil had told her and began to cry harder when he merely kissed her tenderly. He said that no matter what happened, he would always love her, and that whether her body was ruined by the devil or not, she would always be beautiful in his eyes.

Tsunade apologized when she found that she had no healing magic left and smiled when he did. She also told him about the devil's child being inside her. He said it was alright and he picked his sword up. He knew that there was nothing else that they could do but kill her and that if he didn't, everyone would be doomed. With one last kiss, he drove the sword through his back and through Tsunade's stomach, not having the heart to stab her first.

He explained to her that he couldn't live without her and refused to live on if she wasn't at his side. They died in each other's arms and the devil was furious when he found out later. He then made a vow that he would pursue the women of her bloodline until he achieved his goal."

When he finished the story, Sakura's eyes were hidden beneath her bangs. Kakashi could tell she was crying though.

"Sakura, please understand that I'm only going to be hard on you until that day passes. You are like a daughter to me and…you are so precious. You are my life, Sweetie, and I don't know what I'll do if something ever happened to you."

At those words, Sakura got up from her seat quickly and ran around to Kakashi, throwing her arms around his neck and burying her face in his shirt. Sensing that this was a good time to leave, the Akatsuki got up silently and left the room.

"What do you think, yeah?" one of the members known as Deidara piped up.

"Tobi thinks that's twisted!" said boy responded. Itachi merely kept up his emotionless mask and said nothing, clearly thinking about something. Kisame nodded in agreement to Tobi's response.

"That is some twisted shit. Poor girl."

"Jashin this is so stupid." A silver haired man ground out and stormed off to his room, apparently slightly, note slightly, disturbed with this whole situation.

As each member went to their respective room, Itachi was the only one to stay behind. He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, waiting for her to come out.

Itachi attempted to listen in on their conversation time to time, picking up tidbits of info and whatnot. About an hour later, a miserable looking Sakura sauntered out of the office and rubbed at her eyes. This reminded him of a child's actions, the way she pawed at her eyes to wipe away any remaining tears. When she looked up at him, she managed to smile a little.

"I apologize about that Itachi-san…I also hope I haven't made you wait long..."

He shook his head and waited for her to approach him. If anything, he learned in their time together that she was easily frightened or alert by sudden actions and that it was best for her to make the first move when she saw fit. She was such a strange girl.

"I'm going back to school tomorrow…it has been a couple of days now…and I've missed a lot…so…um…please accompany me…" she said softly. Her hands suddenly became very interesting to her at that moment, he noticed, as she twiddled them.

"Alright." He responded softly as well.

Noting her exhaustion, he pointed out that she should probably rest now. With that being said, he walked her back to her room like the gentleman he was and bid her a goodnight.

For the next hour or two, she thought about what she had been told. How horrible it must've been for that Tsunade woman, losing everything all because someone wanted her for himself. She wondered if she would get through this in one piece. She also wondered what would happen if she did get captured.

Maybe it won't be as bad as you think it'll be…

A small voice at the back of her head said.

Your heart and mind says no but your body says yes…just give in Sakura…you know what you'll receive if you do…

Shaking her head violently, Sakura growled.

You always wanted adventure, something exciting to happen... My dear...why not take the opportunity now that it is given to you? All you have to do is gi-

"Stop it…" she muttered softly. The offer sounded tempting but she just didn't want to. It wasn't worth it, she decided. No way in hell would she give up her virginity to some creep who was God-knows-how-old. Feeling tired once more, she crawled into bed and sighed. This whole thing was mentally exhausting. Though she hadn't been awake that long, she just wanted to sleep again.

Before Sakura succumbed to the comforting darkness of her dreams that night, she began to think that the outcome of this ordeal wasn't going to be a good one.

As she shut her eyes and drifted off to sleep, she dreamt about those same eyes, hands, and touches, though this time, she gave into them entirely.

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