Are Ninjas Afraid of the Dark?

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Summary: 'I wonder if Kuro-wan is afraid of spiders...' Oneshot. KuroFai.
: Yay! One-shot! I was bored, and I wanted to take a break from first point of view, so… here I am. I don't have any other comments, so I'll just leave you to your business.
Second Note: MEGA Spoilers of Fai's past.

"Fai! FAI! I'll save you!" Yuui cried from the bottom of the tower, attempting to claw his way up with stubs that once were fingers, on dried blood covered walls.

"I-I'll save you…I will." He fell, again, but this time, leaned his head against the wall, defeated, and started to sob.

"I'll save you..."

Fai awoke with a gasp, clinging to his blanket. He looked around the room, and quickly realized he was still in bed, and that he had just woken up from a nightmare. He sighed, before deciding that he won't be able to sleep, and crawled out of bed. He sneakily wiggled his way over to Kurogane's bed, because Fai just did not do anything plain or simple, making sure he didn't awaken the ninja.

Seeing that the man didn't move in his sleep in the time that Fai's been awake, the blonde haired man took it that he didn't hear the gasp, or any of the his noises.

The mage, who was currently standing near the black haired man's bed, and staring at his back, decided he would rather sit next to the ninja's bed and debate things rather than go back and try to sleep. So, like he planned, he sat down next to Kurogane's bed, and thought.

Out loud.

"I wonder what Kuro-wanwan's nightmares are about…" Fai said, barely audible. "Maybe its spiders?" the blonde smirked, thinking about the big ninja screaming for dear life because of a tiny black creature.

The mage shook his head no. "Kuro-poo would never be afraid of such small creatures." He stared at the back of the black haired man's head, thinking about what he could be afraid of, or have nightmares about. "Does Kuro-yam hate the dark?" he shivered, just to dramatize the question, before he continued staring at the back of the ninja's body, and shaking his head again. "Kuro-la has to hide too much for him to be not like the dark."

"What if Kuro-bonbon is afraid of small spaces?" he snapped his fingers to go along with his brilliant idea, before he found the failure in it. Kurogane would just walk into a room, and because of his height and body structure, it'd make normal sized rooms seem too small.

"I bet Kuro-bee has nightmares about-" The blonde started.

"-being woken up by an idiot mage in the middle of the night for no reason." The big, honorable, tall ninja finished, still not moving his body.

"Kuro-ki cares enough to dream about me!" The mage latched himself onto the black haired man's arm. "I hope he doesn't do anything perverted in those dreams." He added, just barely loud enough for the other man to hear.

"Damnit, go back to your own bed."

Fai's eyes widened. What happens if he has another nightmare?

Kurogane, being the ninja he is, felt the mage shiver, and sighed. "If you're just going to shiver all night, you might as well stay here."

The blonde man, in return, held on tighter. "Thank you, Kuro-daddy!" He smiled.


As they drifted back to sleep, Fai snuggled in closer to make sure to keep everything negative away, and that night, Fai didn't have nightmares about the past, and Kurogane didn't have nightmares about the girly costumes that Tomoyo-hime always made for him, and almost made him wear.

Ending Note: I liked this piece. I don't really know why, but I do. It makes me a happy child. Maybe because of Kurogane's nightmare. Teeheehee. Comments make me luff you forever!