Summary: Sirius is back from the veil and he feels something in his heart that he knows isn't right. Will he act upon his feelings or will he listen to his head?

This is a HG/SB story. If that bothers or offends you then please just don't read it.

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"Hermione?" asked Ron one morning at breakfast. The trio's last school term was almost over, and there was something he really needed to talk to her about. He was having second thoughts, though, when he saw the way she was brutally assaulting her toast with some jam.

"What Ron?" replied Hermione testily. Her tone made Ron seriously rethink about what he was going to ask her.

Hermione kept having dreams about death eaters taking her and her family away in the middle of the night, and it was really taking a toll on her. She was not getting nearly enough sleep anymore. There was always someone else being abducted with her in the dream, but she would always wake up before she could get a good look at the person's face. She couldn't make sense of the dream, but the fact that it was reoccurring disturbed her a bit.

"Uhm..." Ron began, quickly changing the way he wanted the conversation to go. "Could you pass the jam?"

Hermione flung the jam at his head, nearly missing his face. "Watch it!" exclaimed Ron.

"All you ever think about is food! Is there ever anything on your mind that does not involve with your stomach?" asked Hermione. She could never talk to him without the conversation moving to the subject of what he was about to shove into his face or quidditch. She was sick of it.

"Yes! I was talking to you earlier about the new broom I just got!" he answered defensively.

"I'm sick of it! Sick of everything! Sick of you, Ronald!" yelled Hermione as she lept out of her chair and pointed at Ron. Everyone in the Great Hall was staring at her. Without another word to Ron, Hermione turned on her heel and exited the room.

Ron looked to Harry, who had been watching the fight with mild interest. Ron and Hermione's fights were becoming increasingly more frequent and it was currently at the point where Harry hardly even noticed anymore.

"Bloody mad, she is," Ron muttered. Harry rolled his eyes and left the table to go catch Hermione. Frankly, Harry though she had a point.

With a shrug, Ron followed Harry out the door.


"H-Harry Potter?" asked a small Ravenclaw first year with a little bit of a stutter. Ron and Hermione were still not speaking to each other, the argument earlier that day was still looming on the outskirts of their minds. All three of them were currently on their way to the common room to get their homework done when the little boy approached them.

"Yeah?" said Harry.

"Dumbledore wants you, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger to go to his office as soon as possible. He said it's important," replied the small boy. Without another word he turned around rather nervously and scurried away.

The three 7th years looked at each other, turned around, and ran full speed to Dumbledore's office. He only summoned them like that when it was an emergency. Once they got to the 7th floor corridor with the large stone gargoyle Harry shouted, "Bubblegum Gumdrops," and the gargoyle sprung aside. They clattered onto the staircase and when they got to the top pounded on the door.

"Enter," called a voice from behind the door. All at once the trio tried, unsuccessfully, to squeeze through the doorway. They ended up in a tangled heap on the carpet.

While they picked themselves up off of the ground Harry asked Dumbledore what was wrong.

Dumbledore chuckled. "Harry my boy, does something have to be wrong for me to ask you to my office?"

"Well, that's how it usually is," answered Harry. Dumbledore just laughed again.

"Professor, do you think that I'll be back for Transfiguration? I have an essay due and I really need to check over it again," said Hermione. Ron snickered.

"Considering the circumstances, Miss Granger, I do not think that you need to worry about that essay anymore," said Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye. Hermione furrowed her eyebrows but left it at that. No homework was not nearly as nice as it sounded.

"So why are we here?" Ron asked. Hermione rolled her eyes; he was always impatient.

"You will see as soon as we floo to Grimmauld Place," replied Dumbledore simply. Hermione looked over to Harry and saw he was looking down at the ground. He didn't like to talk about Grimmauld Place since Sirius died. Hermione couldn't blame him. Sirius was the closest thing that Harry ever had to a father and even though it had been two years, Harry was still not entirely over it.

Without a word, Harry stepped to the fireplace and took a handful of floo powder. "Grimmauld Place," he mumbled. A second later, he was gone. Ron stepped forward to go next, but Dumbledore stopped him.

"Perhaps we should wait a few minutes," he said as he walked over to his desk. He picked up a bowl of bright pink candy. "Bubblegum Gumdrop anyone?" Hermione and Ron shook their heads as Dumbledore popped one into his mouth. "Okay, Mr. Weasley, I think you should go now," said Dumbledore. Ron hurriedly grabbed a fist full of floo powder and was off to join Harry.

Dumbledore turned to Hermione. "Have you thought about what you want to do after school Miss Granger?"

Hermione smiled. She'd been asked this question quite a number of times in the past few weeks. "Actually professor, I think that I want to take a year off and travel around the world. There are so many places I've not seen yet, so many places I want to go. I just need to get away."

Dumbledore nodded. "I understand what you mean. But at the moment, I think you would be best off going to Grimmauld Place."

Hermione stepped forward, picked up a bit of floo powder, and was off to see what all the fuss was about.


Hermione still was not used to using the floo. It disoriented her quite a bit. She stumbled out of the Grimmauld Place fireplace and ran headlong into something hard. She landed with an "Oof!" right on her backside.

"Terribly sorry!" said someone that offered her his hand. She knew that voice.

"Sirius!" she squealed as she grabbed his hand. She was pulled into a tight hug.

"Isn't it great Hermione?!" said Harry as he ran up to her. "He's alive!"

Hermione was not paying attention to Harry. When she pulled away from Sirius' hug, she looked into his deep, gray eyes and couldn't tear herself away from them. Her heart beat faster and faster in her chest. He was so breathtakingly handsome. Had he always been that way? It was nothing, of course... he was just nice to look at.

Sirius could not look away from her face. She had become a women while he was away. Not just a women, an incredibly attractive women. He smiled at her, and she did the same. She was so beautiful. No longer was she the bushy haired, big toothed, little girl he once knew. But no, he could not think like that about her. He was twice her age, for God's sake! She was also Harry's best friend. He abruptly stepped away from her and turned to Harry and Ron. Hermione's face dropped a little, but nobody noticed.

"So!" exclaimed Sirius in an effort to break the awkward tension that had been created. "Who would like to know about how I came back?"

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