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The Dragon Forest

Artha peered at the morning light before him as he and the others neared the exits of Dragon City. He was almost falling asleep and Beau had shake his own head to rattle Artha into staying awake. Even Chute had to poke him in the cheek like she did with Phistus.

"Wake up, sleepy head!" Chute giggled as she poked Artha's cheek.

Artha struggled to open his eyes and he realized that he was drooling on the saddle. "We've been walking for hours..."

Chute giggled again,"Well, first off, it's the dragons who are doing the walking. And second, it's only been like seven minutes."

Artha groaned as he rested his arms and head on the saddle to go back to sleep.

"Don't worry! We're almost there!" Chute said cheerfully.

There were less skyscrapers surrounding them now and the fading night sky was no longer shrouded by the towering buildings. The group was now exiting the cities, them air surrounding them became fresher, like they were officially breathing for the first time. A scarlet red sun was rising over the horizon as Artha and the other headed down the road that lead to an endless, rolling grassfield scattered with lovely flowers. Artha had no idea that things like these existed outside Dragon City, now cherishing his father's suggestion to go camping.

The dragons instinctively walked onto the grassfield, standing on a nice hill that overlooked the rest of the terrain. Beau smiled, growling happily at this new sight. It was so unfamiliar to him and yet he's already finding it to be very pleasent place. Rumbyll inhaled deeply, taking in the floral and earthly fragrace and exhaled loudly, laying down onto the ground with a good thud and causing dandelion clock seeds to fly into the air all around him. Fracshun looked at the floating seeds and tried to take a bite of one them, his tail wagging. Coershun looked at the ground beneath himself and wiggled his claws. He smiled, happy to be standing on something natural unlike metal and concrete of the cities.

"Wow! We should really go outside more often!" Artha said to Kitt and Parm. Too busy racing and training to be the Dragon Booster has kept him away from all this. He'll have to thank his father for the suggestion he comes back home.

"Heh, we really should, Stable Boy..." Kitt replied as she gazed at the fields.

"Incredible, if I must say! Dragon City never has any of this within itself! Not even a little..."Parm replied as Cyrano sniffed the tiny daisies, almost pulling off the petals by his inhaling alone.

Chute dismounted Turbulance, setting her right hand over her eyes to shade away the light that was slowly peeking from behind the grassland before her. She looked around as Shaynn jumped off Persyst's saddle, also in awe of the pleasant sight. "Hey, Shaynn!" Chute called to him with a smirk,"Race you to that rock formation there." She pointed at the large, blunt boulder in the distance ahead before her and Shaynn.

"Ha! You're on!" Shaynn obilged with a grin.

But Chute was already running down the hillside, laughing like a little kid as Turbulance followed her. "Woo-hoo!!! I'm already beating you!"

"Scales!" Shaynn muttered as he chased her down the hill to the rock formation with Persyst at his side.

"Heh heh! Drac!" Lance cheered, dismounting Fracshun as he looked at Spratt and Sparkk, "I'll race you guys down to that rock, too!"

"Yeah!!" the other two boys agreed as they jumped off their dragons.

"Yeah! C'mon, Fracshun! Let's beat 'em!" Lance exclaimed as he ran down the hillside with Fracshun at his side. Spratt, Sparkk and their dragons followed afterward, laughing happily.

Kawake watched them all as they raced each other, their open race tracks unbounded by metal and buildings. Though he smiled, he wished he could run with them and their dragons. How he wished to move his legs again, but forever it seemed that he himself was bounded to the wheelchair since he was paralyzed. But Rumbyll was always there to support him.

Wulph saw the saddened expression of the Will of the Dragon leader and felt immediate sympathy for him. "You know you're not really paralyzed..." he said to Kawake, with a stern but reassuring voice.

Kawake looked at Wulph unexpectedly, his opinions about this stoic crew leader were changing. Even when seems like Wulph is trying not to sound like a softy, there's always a hint that he's giving out some sort of helpfulness of his own kind.

"You just think you're paralyzed...when you're really not...and supposed you'd already know that..." Wulph replied as he and Hyve turned away and headed down the hillside with the rest of the group who were following the racers to the rock formation.

Shaynn panted as he and Persyst finally reached the finish mark where Chute and Turbulance rested comfortably on the large rock formation, looking as if they have been waiting for forever for them. Shaynn looked at Persyst and said, "Well that was fun, huh?" Persyst rolled his eyes at him.

Chute giggled,"Haha! Beat ya!" Turbulance grinned, her white teeth showing.

Shaynn laughed, "Whatever..."

The other boys' dragons were already at the rock, resting on the ground and watching their little rider walk up to them all exhasted.

"That's not fair, Fracshun!" Lance complained as he panted and fell back onto the grass. But his dragon merely smirked at him with pride.

"Yeah! That isn't fair, Bumpyr!" Spratt agreed as he sat down next to Lance, followed by Sparkk.

The rest of the group reached the rock at last, most were enjoying the views. Moordryd, however, seemed to show no interest in the outdoors. He was only tearing up flowers he picked up into tiny bits. Phistus was back to sleep yet again while Brutaris only had the smallest dose of awareness in him left.

"So, is this where we're going to camp out?" Parm asked the group around him.

"Nah," Chute replied as she jumped in front of him, startling Parm, "We're camping in there!" She pointed to her left, where a great, endless wall of trees and untamed of wilderness stood only thirty feet away.

Parm gulped, "In there? The Dragon Forest?!" He shivered at the thought of what might be lurking within its darkest contents.

"C'mon, Parm," Artha said as he placed his right hand on his terrified friend's shoulder,"How bad could it be?"

"There are dangerous creatures in that enviornment!" Parm stammered, "There are wild dragons and poisonous snakes a-and ghosts!!!"

"Don't worry, Parm!" Chute said helpfully, "As long as we're together, nothing bad will happen to us. 'Kay?"



The group and their dragons carried on into the Dragon Forest, where they found a wide clearing within it. It was a nice, large patch of soft grass at least sixty feet in diameter with two feet tall grass surrounding it. Not too far was a fresh, clear river running near the would-be campsite. Fishes were swimming freely in it, some were jumping out. The group looked all around at their surroundings as Artha dismounted Beau and walked over to the patch, inspecting it as Beau gently pawed the ground happily.

"This looks like a nice place, don't you think?" Artha said, pleased with the area.

Beau smiled and nodded his head.

"Drac!" Lance exclaimed as he walked around the patch, Fracshun following close behind. They found a nice spot and sat on it."Me and Fracshun get this spot!"

"Nuh-uh!" Spratt objected,"Bumpyr and I wanted this spot, too!"

"No," Sparkk cutted in,"Ferno is bigger than any of your dragons so he and I get this spot!"

"Nuh-uh!" Lance complained.

"Yeah-huh!" Sparkk replied back.

"Nuh-uh! You guys can move somewhere else! Me and Bumpyr get this spot!" Spratt announced.

Kitt shook her head at them. The boys' arguement continued for a while until Parm walked up to them.

"Why don't you three share the spot instead? Hmmm?" Parm suggested, hoping they would agree.

"No way!!" the younger boys shouted in unison and their bickering continued once more.

Parm sighed and turned to his Bull-class dragon,"Cyrano, help!" But Cyrano only growled confusingly and cocked his head at him, completely puzzled. Parm smacked his forehead in irritation. Artha rolled his eyes at them.

"Nuh-uh!" Lance shouted.

"Yeah-huh!" Spartt shouted back.

A sudden, thunderous roar then ringed into the boys' ears, sounding dangerously close. They ran around, screaming their heads off for a moment before stopping to see who did the roar. Lance turned around to find Hyve standing on the spot he pick out before his friends began debating with him. Beside Hyve was Wulph, who had his arms crossed and beared a serious expression on his face. Lance and the others remained quiet."Since you three can't decide properly on who gets this spot, I shall decide for you. And I've decided that Hyve and I should have this spot. Any questions?"

Lance, Spratt and Sparkk exchanged looks and said,"No." They then walked away with their dragons to find a different spot, leaving Wulph with a smirk upon his face.

"Humph!" Parm muttered as he turned away to find his own spot and step up his tent."What a show-off!"

Kitt shook her head at him and chuckled,"What's wrong, Professor? Jealous 'cause Wulph and Hyve can handle little kids' problems and arguements better than you and Cyrano can?"

"What?! No!! Why would I be jealous of some hard-headed crew leader like Wulph?" Parm snapped at her as he tried to pull out a pole from his pack for the tent, accidentally hitting himself on the chin when it came loose.

"Hmm...I don't know, Professor...but it seems like you are jealous of him!" Kitt replied as she began to set up her own tent next to Parm's with Wyldfyr's help.

Artha laughed,"Parm? Jealous 'cause he thinks someone else is smarter than him? I don't believe it!" Beau laughed with him.

"I am not jealous!!!" Parm screamed and quickly realized that everyone was looking at him, including Wulph. Parm gulped and laughed neverously.

"Heh, whatever you say, Parm..." Artha said.

As Artha and his friends pitched their tents together, Vociferous was sitting cross-legged on his spot while Swavvy was resting on the ground next to him like a lazy, big cat. "What should the first prank be? Who should be my first victim?" the Voice of the Dragon leader muttered to himself.

"Hey, Vociferous," Shaynn, who already had his tent built, called to him," aren't you going to make your tent?"

"Yeah, yeah, don't worry! I'll get to it!" Vociferous replied rudely as he reached for his pack and started tugging out his tent fabric and poles. He began by hammering down the stakes with a large rock he found lying next to him into the ground as Wulph watched him and shook his head, thinking that the Voice of the Dragon leader had no idea how to build a tent properly.

Wulph and Ferryt had their tents built, ones that were a bit bigger than most the other tents in the campsite. The Army of the Dragon crew leader was scanning the area with Hyve while Ferryt was sitting outside next to his tent, eating dragonola bars with Pursoot lying down next to him. Wulph was to ensure that no sort of danger would come about upon the group he was camping with, making sure that everyone is safe and in good condition throughout the whole time while camping.

When Kawake was finished pitching his own tent, he went over to the three younger boys who were trying to built their shelters. Sparkk and Spratt were getting help from Pyrrah and Chute whereas Lance was the only one without any sort of help from anyone other than Fracshun. Even Artha was too busy talking to Parm and Kitt to hear him. But the younger brother was stubborn enough to try building his tent on his own...and eventually ends up hog-tying himself with the ropes.

"Scales!" Lance uttered out a yell as he tried to wiggle his tied limbs free. Fracshun attempted to pull apart the ropes with his jaws, but his teeth weren't strong enough to tear them apart and he ended up dragging his rider along the grass instead. "Fracshun!" Lance complained.

The little Energy-class dragon released the ropes and looked at him, wondering what to do. The ropes weren't really needed anyway when Lance brought the kind of tent with the poles to set it up rather than using wooden stakes.

"Do you need help, young one?" Kawake's great and warm voice asked Lance. The Will of the Dragon leader and his giant Earth-class dragon stood over him like towering statues, expressions were caring and fatherly.

"Uh-uh, I can do it myself!" Lance said proudly. The young boy prefered to work by himself and Fracshun didn't always approve that path.

Kawake shrugged and began to turn his wheelchair around to find his own younger brother,"Alright then..." But he expectantly waited for Lance's answer.

"Uhh, wait!" Lance called to Kawake,"I guess I do need help..."

Kawake smiled as he motioned to Rumbyll to tear the ropes Lance entangled himself in. Lance stood up and dusted the dirt off his pants, feeling a bit embaressed as Fracshun gave out reassuring chatters to him..

"You may want to plan out where your tent will be before you set it up..." Kawake explained to him as bend down as far as he could to gather the poles on the ground,"And I don't think you need those ropes."

"I just brought them just in case..." Lance said, looking away to pull his attention to something else.

"Why didn't you asked your brother for help, even if he was busy talking to Parm and Kitt?" Kawake asked him as he moved his wheelchair to Lance's side.

"'Cause I wanted to do things on my own..." Lance replied, trying not complain like usual.

"Don't be afraid to ask for help, even when you think you can do things on your own..." the elder man said to him. Lance could now only heed Kawake's advice.

Almost everybody's tents were built. Stewardd's light green, dome-shaped tent was built between Parm and Ferryts tents. Though it was smaller than the other two, it could still shelter both him and Gunny. The small, pointed-eared fellow was walking his tent, looking for the Scavenger-class dragon. "Gunny, where'd you go?" he called out. But Gunny wasn't too far away. He was playing around in the taller grass behind his riders tent, only having his tail seen waving about above the surface. "Gunny!" Stewardd called to him when he spotted his dragon. Gunny looked up from the grass, smiling and wagging his long tail.

Chute had her white and light blue tent built between Pyrrah's fiery-colored tent and Phistus's large, green one. The Dragon Wind leader merely had her tent next to Phistus's just so she would constantly bug him in the early mornings. "Phisty, where are you? Wanna go hiking later?" she called out to the Grip of the Dragon leader, walking over to the entrance of his tent and yet only to find him snoring loudly and peacefully asleep on his half-way unrolled up sleeping bag. Chute smiled and chuckled,"Trying to sneak back to sleep, huh? That's fine! How 'bout you, Brutaris?" Chute looked outside to the left side of the tent to find Brutaris also snoring asleep, almost leaning on his rider's shelter. Chute rolled her eyes and shook her head disappointedly,"You guys are sooo lazy!!"

As Vociferous finished making his tent, he looked all around his surroundings, planning the first prank of the camping trip. He saw that Khatah was about done pitching his shelter, fixing the poles and unrolling his sleeping bag. The Inner Order leader was near the flowing river, which gave the devious Voice of the Dragon a harmless idea. Vociferous smirked at the thought of his plan and quickly hid into his own tent. He reached his hand into his back pack and pulled out a long, black-colored, curly object. "What can frighten an Inner Order crew leader?" he asked himself and laughed mischievously, "Let's find out..."

Not far from the rest of the campers, Moordryd and Cain had built their tents within the tall grass and near the trees, away from the others and especially Artha and his close friends.

"Moordryd, we shouldn't be camping here! There might be dangerous predators in these forests! And we might be their breakfast the next morning!" Cain whimpered as hid in his tent and underneath his sleeping bag.

"Don't be such a hatchling, Cain! And quit hiding! It's not even eight 'o clock yet!" Moordryd warned as he spied from among the grass stalks and observed the others.

"So now that we're here, what do we do?" Cain asked him.

"To play around with the Stable Brats and the rest of the silly little council, of course! I got the wraith dragons on our side...and when night falls, the real fun will begin!" Moordryd laughed maliciously as Cain grinned nervously.

Meanwhile, as Khatah left his tent to find Shock-Ra, Vociferous stealthly sneaked into the Inner Order leader's tent. He chuckled as he pulled out the long, black object from his pocket, placed it on Khatah's sleeping bag and quickly rushed out and retreated into his own tent. Vociferous was trying not to snicker so much as Khatah walked back into his shelter...

"SNAKE!!! SNAKE!!!" Khatah screamed as he struggled about in his tent, trying to escape. His tent collasped all over him and he fell over onto the ground, still screaming.

Shock-Ra watched his rider roll along the grass, wondering what in Magnus Draconis's name is going on with him. Vociferous was rolling on the ground laughing like crazy as everbody else watched Khatah. Marianis directed her attention to the Voice of the Dragon leader, her expression was full of indignance toward his actions.

"Hey, look. Someone made the first prank," Moordryd said as he watched the riot. Cain looked up and saw the group gather around a wrapped up Khatah.

Vociferous laughed harder, tears running down his cheeks as poor Khatah finally rolled and splashed into the river. "Do it again!!" he laughed out loud.

"You're such as jerk!" Marianis snapped at him as she and Shaynn hurried to Khatah to help him up.

Vociferous rolled his eyes at her and turned around only to find Kawake, Wulph, Pyrrah, and Chute standing in front of him with indignance. He gulped, "What? It was just a joke! C'mon! You can take a joke, right?"

"You got yourself a lot of explaining to do," Wulph growled at him.