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Warning: Rated M for a reason. Slash or boyxboy romance is happening in this fic. Again, nobody's pants come completely off, so I don't believe I'm breaking any rules, but it does get fairly detailed enough to warrant an M rating.

A/N: The fact that there are only 11 Chyan fics to my knowledge was the sole motivation for writing this one-shot (which has been split into three parts purely for the convience of the reader not having to read 22 pages in one sitting), even though I'm in the middle of writing a fairly long fic with this pairing already. The plot is mostly romance, although I did throw Troy and Chad's friendship in there for a bit of angst too because I can't write pure fluff or slash for that matter. But it's mostly just ChadxRyan to hopefully encourage some more authors to write the pairing.

Secret Game

By: StillThereForMe

Part 1/3

"WHOOO!!" Troy screamed as the Wildcats ran back into the locker room after winning yet another match against the West High Knights. "Awesome game guys!"

His teammates shouted various agreements as they ran to their lockers and started changing (or squirting their water bottles at each other). Various bangs on metal and yells rang throughout the red painted room, along with the typical chanting of "WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS! WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS! WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS! WILDCATS! GET'CHA HEAD IN THE GAME!"

The one exception to this merriment was a certain big haired, normally overconfident player who was well-known as the playmaker's best friend. Chad was slouched over on one of the benches in front of his locker, barely responding to the slaps on his back and hi-five's his teammates were giving him.

It wasn't until Troy, fully changed into his street clothes and ready to leave, came over to congratulate him that his odd behavior was noticed.

"Yo, Chad, great game!" Troy energetically gave his friend a hi-five, which Chad met weakly. "Hey, Chad, are you alright?" The Wildcats' star moved to sit next to his friend, still in his basketball jersey. "You were the first one in the lockers and I think you're the last one to get changed. Even Jason's just about ready." Troy hit Chad playfully in the arm. "Come on, everyone's going to head out to the diner to celebrate. On my dad, so get dressed!"

"Nah man, I don't think I'm gonna go." Chad mumbled, staring at the floor.

"What are you talking about?" Troy laughed, thinking his friend was joking. "Okay, I know for a fact that Taylor's going to be there. She's probably only going to see you." Troy elbowed the slouching boy. "Now, come on. Get your clothes on so we can go." The playmaker stood, expecting Chad to get ready.

"No, I think I'm just going to head home. I don't feel that good." Chad looked up at his friend with a serious frown.

"Are you going to be okay?" Troy's face immediately turned to concern as he sat back down. "You need to see the nurse? She's probably still outside if I run out and catch her…"

"No, no that's okay. It's just a headache mostly; I think I just need to go to bed. I'll be fine." Chad ran his fingers through his curly hair and rested his head on hands.

"Do you want my dad to drop you off at your house before we head to the diner?" Troy asked, resting a hand on his best friend's back.

"Nah, they always say fresh air's good for this type of stuff right?" Chad shook his head. "I'm just going to walk home. I don't want to hold you guys up."

"You sure? It's really not a problem." Troy persisted.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Go have fun. I'll talk to you tomorrow okay?" Chad encouraged with a nod.

"Okay…just be careful walking home in the dark okay?" Troy warned as he stood.

"Yes mom! I promise I'll be careful." Chad teased. "Bye Troy."

"See you later." Troy laughed as he left.

Chad waited for a few minutes more as the rest of his team emptied out of the locker room yelling their goodbyes. He stood up and pulled off his jersey and threw it into his locker. He stretched his arms above his head, listening to the silence of the room. He let out a soft groan as he let his arms fall down to his sides. He distantly thought he heard a door open, and wrote it off as probably Jason finally leaving. Chad sat back down on the bench and stretched his neck back, eyes closed.

"Nice…" Chad turned his head with a smile to see the familiar body he'd been waiting for, leaning at the end of the row of lockers. "…game. Although I have to say, I still really don't get basketball at all. You guys did win, right?"

"Well, that would explain the cheerleaders going nuts, the crazy screaming in the audience, and lifting Troy onto our shoulders again." Chad smirked at the lean boy walking over to him.

"He heavy…?" The pale boy asked curiously as he paused behind the seated basketball player.

"Not real—ohhh, that feels good Ryan…" Chad moaned gratefully as the Drama King started massaging his shoulders and the back of his neck. "Thank you soo much…"

Ryan softly chuckled at the dark boy turning to putty under his hands. "God, your skin is this all from sweat?" The blond asked as he gripped the warm dark skin tighter, not at all disgusted but only curious.

"No…the guys were just squirting some water bottles after the game." Chad groaned, leaning his head over to the side to give Ryan more room to work with and closing his eyes.

"Why…?" Ryan laughed, leaning over and placing his head right next to the darker boy's.

"…I have no idea." Chad answered after thinking a moment. He then spun around on the bench to face Ryan with a grin. "Just releasing energy I guess."

The Male Diva stepped back and leaned against the lockers behind him, staring at Chad with an amused look on his face, arms crossed. "Jocks are so weird."

"Well what do you drama geeks do after a show?" Chad demanded with a laugh.

"We don't squirt water afterwards, that's for sure. Someone would slip on the stage or whatever later." Ryan countered before pausing for a minute. "Our dressing rooms don't smell this bad either." The blond grinned.

"Hey, watch it musical boy," Chad warned as he stood and walked over to the blue-eyed boy, placing a hand on either side of his head. "Or else…"

"Or else what?" Ryan asked curiously, with an eyebrow raised.

Chad stared seriously at the other boy right in the eye, before he burst out laughing. "I don't know, I didn't think that far ahead."

"I'm not surprised." The Drama King commented, nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders and turned his head to look away smugly.

"Okay that's it!" Chad grabbed the blond's hips and tugged the boy close, slipping his right hand under the back of the drama king's shirt as he kissed him hard. "You really are too confidant for your own good."

"What did you tell Troy?" Ryan suddenly whispered, as he made his way up the darker boy's neck.

"Headache. Wanted to go home." Chad replied in a low voice, enjoying the closeness of the blonde pressed against his body. He then leaned into speak directly into Ryan's ear. "What'd you tell Sharpay?"

"Wanted to rehearse on my own in the auditorium." The theatre boy mumbled as he kissed the side of the other's cheek, enjoying the feel of Chad's hands rubbing up his bare back. "She's hanging out with Zeke and Troy, she won't be checking in any time soon."

"That's what I like to hear." Chad grinned, tilting Ryan's chin up to kiss him deeply, and brought his other hand down to push their hips together.

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