Pairing: Chyan. And the lack of Chyan fics was the single reason for writing this.

Warning: Rated M for a reason. Slash or boyxboy romance is happening in this fic. Again, nobody's pants come completely off, so I don't believe I'm breaking any rules, but it does get fairly detailed enough to warrant an M rating.

A/N: The fact that there are only 11 Chyan fics to my knowledge was the sole motivation for writing this one-shot (which has been split into three parts purely for the convience of the reader not having to read 22 pages in one sitting), even though I'm in the middle of writing a fairly long fic with this pairing already. The plot is mostly romance, although I did throw Troy and Chad's friendship in there for a bit of angst too because I can't write pure fluff or slash for that matter. But it's mostly just ChadxRyan to hopefully encourage some more authors to write the pairing.

Secret Game

By: StillThereForMe

Part 3/3

"Yo, Chad! You in here?"

"Please tell me that isn't Troy Bolton!" Ryan whispered harshly in his ear, tightening his grip on Chad's dark shoulders.

"Chad? I called your house and you didn't pick up. You still here?"

"Nope that's him." Chad sighed frustrated, before calling loudly towards the shower entrance. "Hold on a sec, Troy! I'm in the shower, I'll be over in a minute!"

"You'll be what?" Ryan demanded whispering.

"If I don't go over there, he's going to come check in here! Do you want Troy to see you like this?" Chad countered in a whisper, tugging off his shoes and socks as he did.

Ryan looked away frowning heavily. "I hate him…"

"Yes, how dare he come check up on a sick friend. What a bastard." Chad replied sarcastically in the same low voice, before going to grab one of the towels on the side and wrap it to hide his very wet red shorts still on his waist.

"Just don't take too long." Ryan muttered so softly Chad almost didn't hear him.

He rushed over as fast as he could on the wet floor; and made it to the entrance of the showers miraculously without slipping. He saw Troy looking confusedly down at Ryan's shirt and phone on the bench by Chad's locker and immediately a rush of fear ran through him, and he hoped with everything in him that Troy didn't recognize who either of the items belonged to.

"Uh, Troy?" Chad cleared his throat to get his best friend's attention.

Troy spun around surprised to face Chad. "Oh, Chad, there you are. Um, yeah, I thought you were heading home?"

"I am…but I decided to take a shower first to uh,…clear my head." Chad thought up on the spot.

"Oh…" Troy nodded, seeming nervous. "I thought the walk home was supposed to clear your head?"

"Yeah!" Chad nodded suddenly. "But, I figured, you know, warm air then cool air…you know would sort of double the chances…"

"Oh," Troy nodded again, not meeting his friend's eyes. "I guess that makes sense…"

"Yeah…" Chad found he couldn't look Troy in the face either. "So um, what're you doing back here?"

"I said before…I called your house and no one picked up, so I asked my dad to drive me back to make sure you were alright." Troy informed almost sadly, forcing his gaze to look his friend in the eye. "You know it's been two hours?"

"Really?" Chad asked, guilt shooting through him. "I didn't realize…"

"It's really not good to be in the shower that long…" Troy told him, although Chad could tell from his friend's eyes that Troy really didn't believe Chad was telling him the truth.

"Well, I was going to start walking home a while ago, but I kept getting dizzy when I was walking after a few minutes, and I only thought of the shower thing about I guess, 15 minutes ago." It scared Chad how easy it was to think up a lie to tell Troy. "So I should be fine."

"You want me to drive you home then?" Troy asked concerned. "If it's that bad, I mean…"

"No! No, man I promise I'll be fine." Chad tried to assure him.

"You said that before, and then two hours later I find you still in here!" Troy countered angrily. "Chad if something's really wrong with you, you shouldn't be walking around by yourself! And your parents didn't even pick up the phone when I called, and they didn't come to the game so they probably aren't even home right?"

"…no they're at a wedding out of state." Chad mumbled.

"Then you probably shouldn't even go to your house! If you're really sick, Chad, you should just come home with me." Troy yelled, though even then his voice still sounded concerned.

"Troy, aren't you supposed to be at the diner with Gabriella? Did something happen?" Chad guessed at his friend's mood.

"That's not what we're talking about right now!" Troy shouted back, and Chad guessed he was right.

"You guys have a fight?"

"No! Although Taylor was pretty upset to not see you there." Troy shot back. He then suddenly got very calm, staring at Chad, and softly added "…Ryan wasn't there either."

"What does Ryan have to do with me?" Chad immediately asked nervously.

Troy looked at his friend, before turning away. "Nothing I guess." The brown haired boy took a deep sigh before continuing. "It's just Chad, I'm really worried about you okay?"

"Dude, I'm fine! I promise, okay, you call my house in an hour and if I'm not there, you have permission to come in here and drag me into your car by my hair." Chad assured.

"You promise?" Troy checked, pointing at his best friend.

"I swear, okay?" Chad convinced him. "One hour, you call."

Troy was quiet and nodded. "Okay, I'll give you an hour. You better be at your house by then, you got it?"

"Got it, Captain." Chad saluted with a grin.

"Okay, I'm calling you in an hour then." Troy warned as he headed for the door.

"I'll be there!" Chad called as Troy left the room.

"…your parents aren't home?" Ryan commented, leaning against the doorway to the showers—which Chad noticed he didn't hear running anymore.

"Yup. My house is about fifteen minutes from here, so we've got fourty-five to dry off and get there before he calls." Chad informed with less enthusiasm than Ryan would've liked.

The blond walked over and touched the boy's arm. "You okay Chad?"

"Yeah, I just don't like lying to him. Especially when he knows I'm lying…" Chad frowned, eyes distant.

"You want to tell him?" Ryan asked cautiously, half-dreading the reply.

"Oh god no." Chad widened his eyes as he imagined his friend's reaction. "I've just never had to lie to him about anything before this…"

Seeing his boyfriend's depressed look, Ryan couldn't help but feel guilty. "I'm sorry…"

Chad looked at the blond and smiled. "Wow, two apologies in one day!"

Ryan rolled his eyes. "And just when I thought we were having a serious conversation!" The boy started to strut off and get Chad's socks and shoes from the showers.

"Hold on, hold on," Chad grabbed the other boy's wrist and pulled him back to face him. "It's not your fault Ryan. I like what we have. I wouldn't want to trade it for anything. It's just I don't like lying to Troy—and hopefully one day, I'll be sure he'll be okay with it and I won't have to. But don't feel guilty about it now okay? It's not your fault. My boyfriend and my best friend, two different people who both mean a lot to me, I just don't want to lose either one."

"Boyfriend. I think that's the first time you've called me that." Ryan smiled somewhat conceitedly.

"Well, that's what you are, right?" Chad smiled back at him.

"Yeah, but it's nice to hear it." Ryan fought down the corny grin that wanted to run across his face. "So, how do you propose we dry off?"

"Well, we could strip off all our clothes and stand under the hand dryers or rub each other with towels…" Chad quickly suggested grinning.

"See? So perverted." Ryan shook his head in mock shame.

"Excuse me!" The darker boy protested. "Who was the one shoving his hand down my pants a little while ago?"

"That would be me." The blond informed proudly.

"That's what I thought." Chad muttered and pulled the smaller boy closer into a kiss, and then a hug. "Love you."

"I would hope so." Ryan smirked.

"Excuse me?" Chad looked down in shock for probably the hundredth time that night.

"Don't worry, I love you too. It's just that's really odd timing to say it don't you think?" Ryan raised an eyebrow in challenge at the other.

"You can't let me get away with anything can you?"

"Nope. Not really." Ryan kissed Chad.

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