He watched her smile at something whoever was on the phone had said, probably Walter

He watched her smile at something whoever was on the phone had said, probably Walter.

He knew it was only a month until she walked down to the alter.

He wished so hard that he would be the one standing there, waiting.

He was being tortured, Walter, he would walk in and kiss her, teasing, torturing, baiting.

He called her in when her call was disconnected.

He gave no signs that the he was infected.

He was infected by her smile, her laugh, her eyes and her soul.

He saw her stand there like a badly dressed doll.

He spoke with ease while his palms began to leak.

He listened to her voice give suggestions, he began to grow weak.

He pulled her closer so she could see his eyes.

He hoped she could see that she was his prize.

He thought of her as a prize that he could receive when he became a suitable man.

He knew she was untouchable and above him, but he still tries all that he can.

He leans in further, almost there.

He sees confusion in her eyes, she hasn't moved a hair.

He lets his lips brush against hers.

He curses his alarm clock, as makes him stir.

He walks into work with no pep or vigor.

He casually brushes off another gold digger.

He sets his sight on her of the chocolate eyes.

He admires the way she brushes off all the lies.

He sees the glimmer.

He stares at her delicate finger.

He hates the way the damned ring shines.

He only wants to think of her as "mine".

He shuts his office blinds and calls her in.

He pulls the off the ring and shoves it in the bin.

He sees that she looks astonished and then she begins to smile.

He pulls her lips to his as he wears something he hasn't worn in awhile.

He hears her voice bring him to reality as she ponders on his rare smile.

He hears himself asks if Walter is who she wants to marry.

He sees the conflict on her face then pushed away the bin and he's as happy as Larry.

He can see lingering pain on her face, he wonders if she made the right choice.

He doesn't want to hear the hurt in her voice.

He kisses her softly and hopes that this is a new beginning.

He pulls away to see her grinning.