I do not own pokemon in this chapter or the following ones. Nintendo does.

Chapter 1: My Luck Stinks

My luck had always been bad. Maybe it was that time I broke a mirror, or that time I got mauled by a group of black Meowths. I think one night I sleepwalked under 13 stepladders.

My name's Jonathan, by the way, 16 years of age.

Either way, bad things tend to happen to me. Like that time when I woke up three hours late for school, or that other time when I got hit behind the head with a football.

At a basketball game.

And today is no different, seeing as I am actually late for my first date! With Jenny of all people! Stupid mirror/Meowths/ladders! It had to be my luck's fault. How else would a kid with a BB gun shoot a Spearow killing it in mid-flight resulting with it crashing into the fuse box and turning off all the power to the apartment I live in and thus disabling my alarm clock set to wake me at 7:00 in the morning causing me to oversleep until 9:00 when the date had been scheduled at 10:00? I think I actually forgot to set the alarm anyways.

It is now 10:10 and I am burning more calories than a fat guy at a gym just trying to make it there before she gets bored and leaves, though I know she wouldn't do that. I've known Jenny since first grade, and she is one of the kindest girls you'll ever meet. We used to be best friends, then middle school came and I suddenly felt myself feel different around her. Of course you all know what I mean. It wasn't 'till recently that I found out she felt the same way. At first we were "Let's just stay friends" but eventually we decided to go ahead and give a relationship a shot. We decided to meet up at th-didn't I already pass that stop sign?!

Swell, just swell.