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Prologue I: Inuyasha

Six years ago… Takahashi Mansion

Inuyasha Takahashi emerged from his bathroom wearing only a pair of black silk pajamas. He was fresh from the shower. A towel hung over his shoulders; his damp silver hair clung to his back. His friends were downstairs watching a marathon they had ordered in pay-per-view. He sighed. He just had a nasty break-up with his shit for a girlfriend Kikyo. He was happy about it though. He was not in love with her anyway. Though cruel, he would admit that he had used her to stay away from some pesky bitch. But Kikyo was the only one with the strong personality to stand up to the girl.

His door opened.

"My… you do look sexy tonight, Inuyasha," a seductive voice purred as its owner moved towards him.

He whipped his head and saw the least person he wanted to see at the moment. Hell, his gut just quivered with disgust with the sight of her, much more the sound of her.

"Shizuru," he snarled. "What the hell are you doing in my room?"

She ignored him.

"I've heard you and that Kikyo bitch broke up. You must be so stressed. We better take care of that. Tell me, Inuyasha. Are you up for it?" she purred as she traced her hand across his muscular chest.

"Don't touch me bitch. And the get the fuck out of my room," he spat as he slapped her hand off him. He pushed her away from him.

She giggled as she crashed into his bed.

"That's what I like about you, Inuyasha. Always so forceful, so rough, so hard. You know what you want and you get what you want. That's what makes you much more of a man than Shun," she sighed seductively.

"Shun's your fiancé, bitch. Don't you fucking talk about him like that… ever!"

She laughed. "Oh, Inu, I love the trash talk. It's making me so hot," she licked her lips, "… and wet."

"You're a lunatic," he growled as he turned his back on her, which was a mistake because she tackled him to the bed, leaving him underneath her.

She licked his neck.

"That's what Shun lacks so much. He can't make me this excited as you do. He's just a boy. While you… you're a man, Inuyasha," she purred and roughly captured his lips for a kiss, forcing her tongue inside his mouth.

Inuyasha wrench his mouth away from hers in disgust. Her mouth tasted bitter and it tasted like cheap liquor and nicotine. Moving quickly, he reversed their positions. She was pinned beneath him as he glared at her. He tightened his grip on her wrists.

"Oh, kinky!" she drawled.

"Shut up, you conniving little slut. I'll only say this once. Get out of my fucking room or I'll personally kick your slutty ass out of my house!" he growled, spitting every word with venom when…

"What the fuck is going on here?"

They turned their heads and gasped loudly as they both saw a shocked and yet very furious Shun.

"Get off me, you jerk!" Shizuru shouted and slapped Inuyasha.

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes as she scrambled from underneath him and walked briskly to Shun.

"It's not my fault Shun," she pleaded hugging his waist. "It was Inuyasha's fault. He forced me to come here. He said he was going to throw me out of his house if I didn't."

In an instant, Shun charged towards Inuyasha and punched him straight in the face. Inuyasha crashed roughly at the side of his bed. But he did not fight back. He tried explaining but none of that worked. Nothing had worked.

Leaving was the only solution.

Together with Miroku, Kouga, Hiten and Shun, Inuyasha was part of a group of five. Unlike boybands with fancy nicknames to their groups, his group only called themselves – well – nothing. Since kindergarten, they had known each other. And since kindergarten, they had been tight. So his decision to leave Japan had not been easy. His friends had not taken the news pretty well, especially Miroku. Because out of all his friends, Miroku was closest to him.

Inuyasha sighed. His departure had been moved earlier than planned. For sure, Miroku and the rest would not be happy with that. Pushing the up button of the elevator, he thought about the things he would say when he'd reach his destination. He was nervous. He had not seen Shun for over half a month. But now that he knew he was to leave really soon, he needed to talk to his friend. Shun had not accepted any explanation coming from him regarding what happened that night with Shizuru. He was determined to change that now. Knowing Shun, he was half expecting that this attempt to make him understand would fail. But he needed to say his side at least. He owed Shun that, as well as himself.

The elevator opened and he stepped out. Shun's flat was located at the right. As he approached the room, he found that the door was ajar. Making sure he was not seen, Inuyasha took a peek. He was surprised to see his three other friends inside.

Kouga was there sitting on a chair in front of Shun's bed. His arms and legs were crossed. A dark scowl marred his face as he watched Hiten helping Shun take out his clothes from the closet to pack.

"Damn it, Ten! Will you fucking stop helping him pack?" Miroku roared, immediately stopping what Shun and Hiten were doing.

"What's gotten up your ass, Roku? Shun's made his decision already. Don't you think we should just support him?" Hiten asked while Shun remained quiet.

Kouga forcibly stood up and knocked chair he sat on backwards.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he started furiously, glaring at Hiten. "We're here to convince Shun not to leave, not patronize his decision to do so. And besides, I have never supported any decision he has made regarding that slutty bitch, especially going to England with her!"

Inuyasha frowned as he listened. Shun was leaving for England? He had not known that. He leaned in further to clearly hear what they were talking about.

"Damn it guys! Will you stop acting as if I'm some fucking kid? I'm no longer the kid you always protect when we have been growing up. I'm 20 years old! You no longer need to protect me," Shun said rather calmly. But the rest who were inside the room knew he was irritated.

Out of the five of them, he was the youngest. And every time, his friends never failed to make him feel like one. Not that his friends were to be blamed. But out of the five, Shun was also the weakest fighter and the least flexible. As growing teens, their group had been active in sports, self-defense and several outdoor activities. Their group was quite the adrenaline junky type. And it was safe to say that during those times, Shun never fitted in. Shun was made for the office and the easy city life. He oftentimes had said himself that he was not cut out for the laborious stuff.

"We are not protecting you, Shun. We are here to knock some damn sense into your fucking thick head," Miroku told him.

Shun frowned. "What sense would that be, Miroku?"

With that, Kouga faced Shun. His brows were drawn together. Blue electric eyes intense. Body dangerously tensed.

"Can't you see what that bitch did to you? To Inuyasha? To our friendship? Inuyasha's fucking migrating to Chicago because of that scheming bitch!" he shot at Shun. Kouga was beyond furious. "And look at you! You're here packing your belongings for some fucking getaway with that – that bitch!"

Shun stiffened at what Kouga had said and flinched at his last phrase. Then, he growled lowly. "Will you fucking stop calling Shizuru a bitch?"

Kouga just snorted.

"She's not like that," Shun hissed.

Kouga scoffed. "Yeah right!" His eyes blaze like hot iron. "Tell me, Shun. Who was the bitch who snuck in Inuyasha's bedroom and forced herself on him? Who was the whore who seduced Inuyasha almost every chance she got when we were together?"

Kouga watched every one of Shun's flinch and twitch. He wanted to hurt him with those words. He had tried talking to Shun sensibly. It did not work. Though it pained him to see Shun hurt; but if his friend refused to open his eyes to the truth that they had seen a long time ago, then hurting Shun was the last thing on his mind right now.

"Oh before I forget, there's fucking more. Tell me, Shun. Who was the she-devil who drugged Sesshomaru and almost ruined his engagement with Sara?" Everyone knew that Shizuru was head over heels for Sesshomaru before she switched her attention to Inuyasha when Sesshomaru almost had her arrested for ruining his engagement. Shun also knew that because he was the one who convinced – well, begged – Sesshomaru to rescind the complaint. And right now, Kouga was drilling that simply forgotten fact into Shun's head. "Don't tell me you don't remember that. And don't tell me this isn't the same bitch we are talking about because I'll definitely think otherwise of calling you a friend if you think your bitch is all fucking innocent!"

"What the fuck are you saying, Kouga?" Hiten said wide-eyed when Kouga's last statement had finally sank in. He thought Shun's decision to leave was only temporary because at the moment every thing was so chaotic. He had not expected this to be possibly the end of their friendship.

Kouga ignored Hiten's remark and glared at Shun. He was fucking serious when he implied he would cut his friendship with Shun if he'd ever decide to leave with Shizuru.

Shun huffed an angry breath. His calm demeanor had totally vanished. "Shizuru never did those things."

Kouga was fuming with the denial. God, his fists tingled and ached to take a punch. From the corner of his eye, he saw Miroku moved closer. He could see the hard line of his jaw, and his body was completely tense.

Shun, on the other hand, had not noticed the dangerous aura surrounding Miroku.

"Shizuru did not seduce Inuyasha. And for your information Kouga, she had not made any attempts. Shizuru had always been an honest woman. What happened that night was all Inuyasha's fault. She was there to comfort Inuyasha because of his recent heartbreak." His voice was laced with venom. "But what did the ungrateful son-of-a-bitch did to her? He fucking forced himself on my fiancée!"


"Roku!" Hiten shouted as Miroku gave a right hook straight for Shun's face.

Shun staggered towards the bed, blood spilling at the side of his lips. But he continued.

"And there was no proof that she drugged Sesshomaru, or that she ruined his engagement with Sara. Sesshomaru had no grounds to file the complaint," Shun added, wiping away the blood on his lips.

Miroku was livid. He was seething. He was about to punch Shun again, but Koga hugged him from behind, restraining him.


"DO YOU FUCKING HEAR YOURSELF, SHUN?" Miroku spat. "Do you think so low of Inuyasha that you believe he has done all those things you've just spat from your mouth?"

Shun only kept quiet. His jaw was a hard line and it appeared he was gritting his teeth. His face hurt. But he would never back down. He had always felt left out from the group especially when he thought he was up against Inuyasha. He never faltered when he met Miroku's heated gaze.

"ANSWER ME DAMN IT!" Miroku roared furiously.

But Shun only greeted him with silence.

"I guess you do." Miroku snorted and smirked angrily as he roughly yanked himself from Kouga's hold. "I'm fucking out of here. This is nothing but bullshit."

Kouga watched Miroku as he walked towards the door.

"Roku!" Hiten called frantically. He looked at Kouga and Shun, his eyes pleading for either of them to say something to stop Miroku from leaving. However, both stayed quiet. "Kouga!" he called.

But Kouga shook his head and followed Miroku to the door. Miroku was about to open the door fully when Shun looked up and broke the thick silence.

"I wanted to prove something," he uttered lowly.

Miroku stopped and both he and Kouga turned to face Shun.

"I wanted to prove to Shizuru that I am the man that she wanted. That I am man enough for her to want me – to love me. That I am man enough…"

"Than Inuyasha?" Miroku finished for him. "Let me tell you, Shun. With what you're doing, you will never become half the man Inuyasha is." He roughly opened the door. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Inuyasha standing there.

"Speaking of the devil." Kouga had a sneer on his face.

Miroku, on the other hand, had a dark scowl. "What were you doing? Just standing there?" Clearly, he was still furious. In fact, seeing Inuyasha made him even more angry.

"Yeah." Inuyasha knew when Miroku was beyond pissed, so he kept his answers short.

"Well, both of you suck. Our friendship is not important to you. Go fucking leave, both of you. See if I fucking care." With that, he exited.

Kouga followed closely behind him. He also dragged Hiten with him. Before he left, he gave Inuyasha two rough taps on the back. Unlike Miroku, Kouga understood where Inuyasha was coming from. His family was one of the prominent families in the upper societies in Japan. He understood that there was a certain image that Inuyasha's family had to maintain to gain respect among the upper classes. Scandals such as what happened with Sesshomaru's engagement – though, it was quickly resolved because at the end Sesshomaru still married Sara – were to be avoided. Inuyasha's decision to leave Japan was a last resort. He thought it was best to leave since he failed to resolve this conflict with Shun. It also did not help that Shizuru threatened Inuyasha with an attempted rape case against him. Kouga barely held his anger at the thought.

Inuyasha stood at the doorway and stared at Shun. In every one of their encounters after that night, he had not done anything but look straight at Shun's eyes. He had nothing to hide, and definitely, he had nothing to be guilty about. That was not the case with Shun though. At the moment, Shun could barely look at him.

"What do you want?"

Inuyasha could feel Shun's insecurity from across the room. The reason for that, he did not know. But perhaps, the thought that he had overheard everything from their conversation – well, confrontation – a while ago was unsettling for Shun. But that was not important. What was important was for him to set the record straight.

"I did not force myself on Shizuru. On the contrary to what you told me the last time we talked, I was never jealous of you because you managed to have Shizuru. God knows from the very beginning, I had not liked your fiancée. I thought she was slutty and of poor taste." There was no use censoring his words. He was beyond being the nice guy.

Shun squared his shoulders giving Inuyasha a heated glare. "You came all the way here just to say that to me?"

Inuyasha's smile was sad. "No."

He reached for his pocket taking out a key. "Here. As promised, I convinced Totosai to let you borrow his baby. I wouldn't be here on your birthday. I'd be leaving tomorrow."

Totosai was a former race car driver. Now, he was the Takahashi family driver. Together with Myouga, Totosai owned a 2007 Toyota Aurion TRD 3500sl. One they had customized to do well on mountain ranges. Shun was never one to seek the adrenaline rush, but he had told Inuyasha a few months ago that he'd like to drive the monster car on his birthday. Inuyasha had promised he'd tell Totosai about it. He had about a month ago, and he was just waiting for Shun's birthday to give him the news.

"Can't you see I'm also leaving?" Shun shrugged indifferently. But he could not hide the regret in his eyes. He was most anticipating that present for his birthday. Inuyasha had told him that Totosai and Myouga were stubborn old men who were too possessive of that car, but he'd try to convince both. However, with what happened with Shizuru, they had come on an impasse. So he could not accept the gift.

Sighing, Inuyasha pocketed the key. He pivoted without a word heading to the exit. She stopped by the door. His voice cracked as he bid his parting words. "The five of us... We have treated each other as brothers. I still consider you as one, even with all the bullshit that has happened. Goodbye, Shun."

Prologue II: Kagome

5 years later…

Kagome Higurashi watched the digital clock on her desk as the numbers changed to 01:00 AM. Frustration lined her face as she looked down at her work. The plan for the house on the cliff facing the ocean was laid on top of her desk. This was her late father's design. He had passed away before he could ever finish it. Her mother had given it to her on the day she went off to college.

"You're Papa hadn't finished this. I was hoping you would. This was your father's dream design, Kagome."

But no matter what she did, she could not complete the design. No matter how she tried, she'd always find her work lacking. She sighed leaning her head on the chair. Her hands itched to get the phone and call her mother. She terribly missed her. She had been living all by herself ever since she went to college. Releasing the breath that she was somehow holding, she closed her eyes. She would doze off for a few minutes. Then she would see finishing her father's design.

Several banging knocks made on the door woke Kagome up. Her eyes drifted to the digital clock immediately. 02:00 AM. She cussed. Who could be knocking on her door at such an ungodly hour?

Dishevelled and irritated, Kagome opened the door only to face a very frantic Miroku. Miroku was a friend she had met during college. He was Sango's boyfriend. He was fun to be around. However, right now, Kagome wanted to slam the door on his face.

"Miroku? What are you doing here? It's 2 in the morning," she asked yawning widely.

"I'm really sorry Kagome but it's really urgent. I need your help right now."

"Have you made Sango mad again? I swear to God, Miroku, this happens almost every other week. I'm getting tired playing the messenger to the two of you..."

"It's Shun." He cut her.

She stiffened. She had not heard of that name for a long time. Out of all people, Miroku was the least she expected to bring up that name.

Shun was someone from her recent past that she wanted to forget. She had dated him briefly. He was sweet and quite interesting. It had been more than a year ago when she went to Sango's birthday that Miroku introduced them. From what Miroku had told her about him that time, he had been single for two years and counting. His last relationship had ended up in an engagement but the woman backed off a month before their wedding. At that time, she genuinely felt sad for him. They had gone out as friends. As the days passed, they went out as something more. She was quite happy with him. He was concerned about her work. He cared enough to call her everyday. She felt that he somehow loved her. She also felt the same with him.

However, there was something missing. She thought, perhaps, it was because of the lack of intimacy between them. They hugged and kissed, but she could not let him do more than that. Despite that, they settled in quite fine. They called each other when they had the time during work. They went out on weekends. Sometimes, she stayed at his place for movies and stuff. They had a routine. Everything changed, however, after Shizuru arrived for a visit. Weeks after the woman's visit, Shun disappeared without a word. She had not heard any news of him and from him either. Last she had heard, he was in Kyoto... with Shizuru.

"What about him? I haven't seen him for almost six months, Miroku."

"He'd just arrived from Kyoto 3 days ago." He was taking her coat from the rack and giving it to her. He urged her to wear it as he ushered her to follow him. "I thought he came over to see you. I guess he didn't."

"No. He did come to see me." Briefly, she added in her thoughts. He came to apologize to her, but she blew up on him. She had punched him in the face. She was that angry.

Miroku was watching her with a frown.

"But I told him to go away," she told him.

"Is that all?"

"I might have broken his nose."

"Ah... That explains the swelling then." Miroku opened the car for her.

Kagome hopped inside and buckled her seatbelt. At the same time, Miroku turned on the ignition.

"I'm sorry Miroku. I know he's your friend."

"No need to apologize, Kagome. He deserves the broken nose. I tell you, I'd gladly give it to him if you haven't done it." He gripped the steering wheel tightly. "Besides, this is all Shun's fault. It has been more than two years and he still hasn't gotten over that woman yet. She has been Shun's weakness ever since."

"Shizuru, you mean. Does he always do this? Leave his girlfriend without any contact for that woman?" Her voice held suppressed rage.

"I'm sorry Kagome. I don't know what to say." Stopping the car, Miroku sighed sadly. "He also walked out on us in the past just for her."

"We're here." Instead of responding, Kagome went out of the car.

The bar was already closed when they arrived. With a frown on his face, an employee ushered them inside. They found Shun... drinking his ass off.

"Again, I'm sorry, Kagome. I should have spared you from this, but he doesn't listen to me."

"Let's just take him out of here, Roku."

"Shun," Miroku called taking long strides to stop him from drinking another glass.

He said nothing and swatted Miroku's hand to drink his vodka in one gulp. He poured himself another shot and would drink some more but stopped at Kagome's voice.

"Shun, stop it," she said standing behind him. He turned; shocked that she was even there. He stood up and staggered towards her.

"You're here." Reaching her, he touched her cheek.

She smiled sadly at him, and turned her face away from his touch.

He flinched. "Kagome, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Please say you forgive me."

She ignored him. "Shun, we should get going. The bar's closing up. We'll talk at the car, alright?"

Walking out of the bar was a slow process. Shun was not really bulky but he was still bigger than her. Miroku had stayed inside paying Shun's bill. They were at the parking lot. Shun sat on the passenger's seat, the car door open. Standing across from him, Kagome stood with her arms across her chest.

"I'm glad you came." She heard him whisper.

"Miroku came to my place and asked for help," she answered blankly. Her voice was indifferent. She could not look at him in the eye. She feared she'd punch him again.

Shun tilted his face to look at her.

"You're still mad, aren't you?" he asked.

"No." She looked down.

"You're not fooling me, Kagome. You still are," he insisted standing up.

In reflex, she took a step back. But Shun was faster. Hooking his arm around her waist, he hugged her tightly.

"Please Kagome. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you. I promise."

"Shun." She was pushing him away.

"I love you," he blurted out.

She stiffened. " No Shun, you don't."

"How would you know?" he whimpered.

"Because you left me for Shizuru… She's the woman you love," she answered him.

For a few seconds, he froze. "No." Grunting, he hugged her closer to him. "No, I love you, Kagome."

"Shun, stop it."

He ignored her.

"But you love me, don't you?" He was crying now. He was desperate. "You still do, don't you?"

"I did. I loved you," she sighed. He's making this very difficult for the both of them.

"Kagome, look at me." He watched her with determined eyes. "I'll make you fall for me again."

Kagome shook her head in denial. "Shun, don't do this, please." He could never do anything that would make her forget about what he did. He had left her for another woman.

"I will, Kagome. I'll make you fall for me again. Please... just give me a second chance. Please, I'll do everything."

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