Chapter 4: Daydreaming

Lily had never been one to worry on love issues. I don't love him! Maybe I do like him, but definitely nothing more than that. Matthew is definitely cute. I don't even know him that well and yet the possibility of him liking me sure is arousing. A faint blush coloured her cheeks. No one has ever liked me that way and it certainly wouldn't hurt to make way for him, wouldn't it? Lily thought silently while inspecting her wand. James Potter likes you. Lily shook her head, mentally screaming at that thought which had wandered into her mind. Stop. Calm down. It was just a thought. You have to be civil, or at least ACT civil, remember? Lily quickly recollected her self when a voice interrupted her while she was still in deep thought.

"Hi, Lily. You did a great job performing the Freezing Charm there, and on your second time too," James Potter had officially burst her thought bubble with such a simple and short sentence, a sweet compliment.

"Uh... I practised a lot before I did it," Lily said, still remaining a little lost in her own world of thoughts.

"Good for you," James gave her a smile and went back to his table. His raven hair slowly dissolved into the crowd of their class in a corner where other students were looking at the disastrous result of Francine Dent's Freezing Charm. Her blue flower had turned into a shade of contrasting, fire red. It hissed when Professor Flitwick poked it with his wand, with a few complicated wand movements, he removed the Charm and the flower's petals started to wither slowly and horribly. As time passed, the petals turned brown, then finally a pile of dark, black ash.

Politeness first, act respectful towards Evans. Be courteous. He had finally spoken to Lily Evans long after the Snape Incident, complimenting her of her Freezing Charm. Thankfully, she had responded quite well, without shouting at him or throwing imaginary daggers at him with her piercing green eyes. It seemed that things would be fine if they kept being civil towards each other. Later on, James had a sunken feeling in his stomach after watching the flower wither slowly. It was as if his large appetite had been attacked at and bit by bit, it rotted away in horror. He felt as if things were not right. Fortunately, he stopped it from spreading to his mind by thinking of other things.

"Prongsie, are you currently present in your body? Or have you flown out of it in your astral form, leaving behind this dope of a body?" Sirius Black waved his hand in front of James' blank eyes continuously.

James' hazel eyes were blurry and he was still thinking away in his mind. After Sirius failed to bring James back to reality, Remus flexed his fingers and grinned at Sirius with an 'I am better at this than you' look on his face. He snapped his fingers repeatedly in front of James' face, making him look as if he was snapping rhythmically to some music which no one could hear but him. Nonetheless, Remus was not bothered by the stares which swayed towards him, he was concentrating very hard into bringing James back into reality so that he could win his bet with Sirius. He finally settled on a Tickle Charm, aiming it perfectly at James' ribs.

James responded immediately and Sirius dug into his robes' pocket to pay Remus. "You didn't specify that we could use magic!" Sirius glared at Remus with his gray eyes.

"You didn't say that we couldn't," Remus grinned at Sirius and kept his money safely in his pocket.

"You were great in class. Nothing new there," Marlene whispered Lily a compliment. She was in the library with Lily while the others were at Divination class. The two of them had dropped Divination a year ago when Professor Malzerta predicted that they would break their crystal balls. Lily had broke hers' on purpose in class, followed by Marlene's rolling off her table. Both of them had decided that Arithmancy was more logical than predicting the downfall of crystal balls. This had resulted in two loud crashes on the floor and the poor Professor to faint on the spot.

"Oh..." Lily's voice trailed away once again as she flew back into her sea of thoughts.

"Lily, snap out of it," Marlene clapped her hands loudly in front of Lily, managing to catch Lily and a few other people's attention, including the librarian's attention too, unfortunately.

The two of them were then chased out of the library, "and don't come back until you learn not to make loud noises in the library!" the librarian's stern voice called out to them.

"She has a good sense of hearing for an old coot who does nothing other than being cooped up in the library with dust and books as old as her," muttered Marlene.

Lily did not comment but let out a chuckle instead. "Oh well, since our O.W.L.s are over, we shan't go in there that often."

"Since when were you one to say that you won't set foot in the library?" Marlene asked in awe.

"Sometimes, all we need is some sunshine, Marlene," Lily had a twinkle in her green eyes as she skipped along the empty hallway and pirouetted perfectly. She paused as they walked across the bridge to gaze out of a window. The lake's waters were blue with light glinting off its surface. No one was under the shady tree where she and Matthew had sat on their first date. Without thinking, Lily grabbed Marlene's hand and led her to that particular spot.

"Lily Evans, I'm certainly not an Olympic runner so please slow down," Marlene emphasised on the word 'slow' yet Lily just kept on smiling until they reached the spot.

Instead of stopping on her feet, Lily broke her sprint by rolling onto the ground. The grass carpeted her fall and she lied on the soft grass under the tree silently, observing the clouds while her arms cushioned her head. Her friend simply plopped down beside her on the grass.

"Hey, Marlene. Do you think I should pursue him?" Lily questioned out of the blue.

"Which 'him'? Is it Matthew?" There was a moment of silence before Lily answered Marlene.

"Actually no, I meant that person which I'm supposed to 'miss', the person in Emmy's gran's saying," The white clouds in the sky formed a scene which looked rather similar to the Hogwarts' grounds. Lily gazed at the castle-like cloud, picturing it in her mind to be full of mysterious rooms and interesting adventures. She slowly drifted back into her daydreams just like the clouds.

"Well, you don't know who he is but it does sound like the perfect thing to do, if you truly believe in what she said," Marlene said, catching her attention.

"I am not so superstitious yet there is something about it which makes me want to think that someone truly misses me secretly. It sounds special, you know, to have one who loves you secretly yet doesn't want to let it out, and instead waits patiently while you search for it," Lily could not put her heart to letting go of the saying, she simply was not ready allow that person to just wait for her in the shadows yet even if the saying was not true.

"Do you see anything in that blooming crystal ball of yours? Cos' the only thing I can see is a blooming mist of nothingness!" Sirius scowled at his crystal ball.

"Mr. Black. I heard you mention 'blooming' a few times?" Professor Malzerta said as she paused at their table. Her long neck snapped towards Sirius and her queer, indigo eyes stared at the frustrated teenager.

"I saw a blooming thing alright!" snapped Sirius irritatedly for he was fed up with his crystal ball.

"Err... a blooming flower, that is," he quickly recovered from his outburst and replied the shocked Professor with one of his famous smiles instead. Luckily, after a wan smile on his handsome face, the Professor just raised her eyebrow in suspicion before leaving him alone.

"Keep your cool, Padfoot. At least we don't need to look up rotten tea leaves in our textbook," James was also searching for a sign in the murky mist of his crystal ball. His eyes scrutinised the fine print in his Divination book, looking up 'a dot' in the index with an aura of sarcasm in his actions.

"Next year, I insist that we drop this subject and take up something more decent, like Care of Magical Creatures or something," Remus whispered to the two.

James gave him a puzzled look. "You must be really desperate to drop, eh?" Remus did not answer him but nodded his head.

"I think that we should visit old Peter after this dratted class. Being in the Hospital Wing should be better than being here," Sirius suggested.

"Marly, look at that cloud," Lily told her friend once she spotted a small cloud resembling a ballerina dressed in a wisp of white cotton dancing gracefully across the bright blue stage without a care. Maybe life is like a dance, it never stops until the music does. And even when the music stops playing, a dancer could use a song from memory to continue the dance, enjoying every moment of the body's smooth movements. From prancing with a spring in every step to waltzing across the dance floor with such grace and poise, a dancer would be able to expressing feelings in the dance. She would learn how to pick up herself after she falls, remembering techniques to prevent them and learning new moves to complement her life-long dance.

Marlene's eyes followed the special cloud as it floated in the sky. "So what were you thinking of after looking at that grasshopper which was drowning in water?"

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