Summary: This is a look at how the events that led Logan and Marie to Xavier if the x-men were not fully formed yet and how it may have changed there lives in the process. I put this story up once before, I took it down. Have no idea why I did such a thing! But I am reviewing through chapters correcting spelling error's and hopefully will finally complete Confessions which will end up being a three part series. Let me know what you think in your reviews and let me know if there is anything I could improve on.

When Marie was still in High School just a normal average every day teenager she'd dreamed of going to Anchorage, Alaska after High School before she left for college. That dream had come true but not exactly in the way that she had hoped.

Flash Back

"C'mon Marie its just one little kiss." Cody teased in the backseat of his dad's old station wagon. Cody had been trying to get Marie to have sex for almost a month ever since the prom Marie had promised that they would finally have sex on prom night. Coming down with a case of the flu Marie hadn't been able to go to prom and was sick in bed for a week afterward. Now Marie was feeling a lot better and was sitting parked at the drive in movies with her boyfriend of almost five months. Truth be known Marie was actually overjoyed to have gotten the flu just before prom. She'd been scared to death of actually having sexual intercourse with her steady boyfriend. Given many people like some of her girl friends thought that she and Cody had already made it and prodded Marie for all the juicy details. Smiling coyly Marie would always tell them. "Ladies don't kiss and tell." That had always been her cover. All her other girl friends had started having sex some time ago. Marie had been raised up strict as a child about all things lady like by her mama.

"Marie? Hello Marie ya in there baby?" Breaking from her thoughts she saw Cody waving his hand across her face to bring her back from her zoned state. "Ah- Ah dunno Cody Ah mean what if someone sees us?" Marie said looking around the back window of the vehicle.

"Marie...everyone else is already doing it. I don't see what the big deal is about one little kiss." Cody said. Marie could see where he was coming from Cody had been very understanding from the beginning about her wanting to wait until they knew each other she'd even explained she thought that sex was for people who were in love and she just didn't want to have sex with anyone until she was for sure that she was in love with them.

Nervously looking down at her hands they where shacking as Cody's index finger tipped Marie's chin up to look into his eyes. "You love me don'tcha Marie?" He asked. "Cause I sure do love you, I mean I never felt like this 'bout any girl." Cody said his face coming dangerously close to Marie's.

'Gawd, mah heart is just about gonna pound outta mah chest!' Marie thought to herself as Cody scooted just a little bit closer to Marie in the seat and wrapped his arm around her shoulders wedging her in even closer to him. "C-Cody." Marie stuttered trying to pull away from his lips. But before Marie could get enough distance between herself and Cody his lips were already pressing roughly against hers. Squealing a little bit he was kind of hurting her mouth the way he was pressing his into hers so hard.

'He's gonna break one o'mah teeth!' Was her thought as Cody's free hand slipped from her chin and ran down to her right breast squeezing it hard. Crying out she jerked away forcefully shoving Cody back away from her. "Ouch! Damn it Cody that hurts!" Marie yelled at him reaching over to slap at his chest quickly.

Fuming Cody was whipping his lips off from his own saliva. "Fuck Marie!" Cody raged. "Yer such a gah damn prude! Ya know half of our senior class has already been fucking since they were freshman's!" Cody was in a rage like Marie had never seen him before. Shivering a little bit she pressed herself back into the room of the backseat afraid he might strike her. "Your gonna have sex with meh Marie! Ya just gonna learn to like it!" Cody said quickly grabbing both of Marie's shoulders and jerking her closer towards him kissing her again and this time forcing his tongue into her mouth. Pushing her hands into Cody's chest he was so strong all of a sudden he wouldn't budge and he was forcing her further back into the seat onto her back.

Breaking away from her lips Cody was busily groping at her breasts with one hand as he unzipped his jeans with the other. 'Oh please God please please make him stop.' Marie prayed. "Cody please no stop it don't do it like this!" Marie yelled at her boy friend. Jerking his head up to look into Marie's frightened face Cody's eyes a blaze. "Yer gonna take it, and yer gonna like it wither ya wanna or not!" He screamed yanking at her jeans button and unzipping them, quickly jerking them half way down Marie's unwilling hips. Marie's arms and hands became her only weapons again his brutal assault. Like battering rams Marie pounded her fists into Cody's face, shoulders, and chest. Getting tired of being hit Cody grabbed Marie's wrists and wrenched them above her head and covered her screaming lips with his down forcing his erect penis inside of her ripping through her hymen Marie cried through Cody's lips suddenly feeling something strange. Her head was swimming with rage, confusion, and desperation. It was like she was thinking Cody's thoughts and then his body went lax before starting to convulse on top of Marie. Screaming Marie looked up at Cody's face his eyes had rolled back into the back of his head. "Oh Oh God Cody!" All his thoughts where making her confused Marie could actually feel the horny little prick inside of her head. Despite her anger at him she was afraid he was dying or something quickly pushing the car door open she scrambled out and feel flat on her ass onto the pavement banging her head on the car next to them. Grabbing her head lightly from pain she stood up and ran towards the concession stand screaming for help.

Getting to the counter one could only imagine how she looked. Scaring the wits out of the girl working the counter Marie screamed. "Ah need an ambulance mah boyfriend he's hurt he's have like some kind of seizure!" She screamed causing enough attention that the manager came out of the back with a shocked face. "Quickly Ashley call 911." He said to the girl working the counter as he jumped over the counter. "Where's your car." He asked. Marie was already running back towards there parked car with the manager not to far behind her.

Getting back to the car Cody was still in convulsions. Climbing into the back seat with the young body he turn him over his now limp cock curled between his legs the manager quickly glanced back at Marie standing outside the car door crying. "What happened here!" he shouted. Marie was shaking the people in the car next to them had already climbed out of the drivers side seat and a whole crowd of people have gathered around to watch some still shoveling pop corn into there mouths. "Ah dunno...Ah- Ah just touched'em...Ah didn't mean to...Ah just touched'em." Marie was in hysterics already when she began to piece together inside of her head what had happened she'd been so afraid when Cody was on top of her and then suddenly she could feel him draining into her mind. She'd done it.. she was the one how'd caused this. She wanted to get away from him but she hadn't wanted to hurt him. Not like that.

The siren of the ambulance broke Marie from her tears as she saw people getting out the way. Cringing away from the EMT's they asked the people next to them to move there car out of the way so that they could get a stretcher in to get Cody out of the car. They quickly moved there car and left. Loading Cody up in the ambulance Marie was aloud to ride along with them to the hospital. She had to be there to call hers and Cody's parents and tell them were they where and what had happened when they got to the hospital.

In a dazed like state Marie hardly knew anything was going on when she climbed into the ambulance and they took off for St. Mary's Hospital. Before she knew what was going on she was standing on the ambulance loading dock and the EMT's where rushing Cody into the emergency doors quickly running after them they rushed Cody into a room she couldn't go into she was about to follow them in when a nurse quickly grabbed Marie by the shoulders. "Hey hang on there a minuet missy ya can't go in there." She said. Marie quickly jerked away from her not wanting her to touch her skin. "Honey hey its all right ya friends gonna be okay." She said looking at Marie with caring eyes. "Ya shaking sweetie here." the nurse quickly stepped into a room and grabbed her hooded sweater and wrapped it around Marie's shoulders. "Now come with me I need to ask you some questions." She said gently ushering Marie into a small cubical and sitting her down in a chair where she could easily see the emergency room doctor's working on Cody. "Know what's ya friends name, address, and phone number we need to contact his parents." She said. Till this day Marie still can't remember her telling the nurse any of Cody's information.

Marie was sitting in the waiting room when Cody's parents and hers as well came running into the emergency room asking where Cody was. Marie's mother quickly ran over to her daughter and crushing her in her arms. Marie was sobbing again uncontrollably. "Marie what happened." Edeth asked. Looking up into her mother's eyes Marie could see her father standing behind her mother holding her shoulders as she tried to comfort her distraught daughter. "Ah dunno Mama, Ah really don't we was in the back of Cody's dads car and he started trying to take mah clothes off and then all of a sudden he just started shaking all over and his- his eyes rolled into the bah-." Marie broke off crying again. Despite the worry in Marie's fathers eyes they suddenly became fierce with anger at what his daughter was saying. Stepping in front of his wife George D'Ancanto took his daughter by the arms that where safely protected from his hands by the nurses sweater and shook her a little bit to snap her out of her hysterical state. "Marie! Marie!" George shook her again until he had her attention. "Did that boy try to rape you!" He almost yelled it so loud that the whole room heard his thundering voice. Marie's chin was quivering as her eyes welled up with tears again and nodded her head. Clutching his daughter against his chest holding her tightly murmuring under his breath in a tight tear filled voice. "I'll kill'em. I will kill that rat bastard of a kid." Marie clutched the back of her dads old denim jacket racking with tears not from nearly being raped but from what she had done. Marie was more concerned about what she had done to hurt Cody then what Cody had tried to do to her.

Cody's parents heard the news from Edith the next day while she talked to Cody's mother Evelyn on the telephone from the room of Cody's hospital room. Evelyn had denied that her son would ever do such a thing and hung up on her. And stared and the unmoving body of her seventeen year old son tears began to stream down her cheeks not wanting to believe that her son would dared hurt a girl in such a way.

Against her parents wishes Marie spent every waking minuet at the hospital with Cody all through the three weeks of his coma until the day that he finally awoke from his coma. Standing at his bed side Cody's parents on the other side Marie had been keeping her skin well covered so that no one could touch her skin to skin avoiding kisses from her mother and father, they assumed that because of what happened she just couldn't stand the feel of anyone touching her just yet.

Cody slowly opened his eyes, his mother brushing hair away from his forehead and crying proud that her son had awakened. His eyes roamed over the room for a moment until the focused on Marie standing at the side of his bed her hands safely in gloves and shoved into the pockets of a hooded sweat shirt. He's expression twisted for a moment before he croaked out the words. "Mutant." almost spitting the words into her face. Evelyn's eyes flicked from her to Marie and then back again. "Mutant!" Cody screamed again jerking up right in his bed weakly before falling back against the pillows and screaming at the top of his lungs. "MUTANT! MUTANT! MUTANT!" nurses where gathering outside of his room before rushing in to give him something to calm him. Marie began to back away from the bed as he continued to shout 'Mutant' at her before she turned tears streaming down her face and ran out of the hospital.

The news was out all over town that Marie D'Ancanto was a mutant, a dangerous mutant at that. People seemed to forget so quickly of the wrong that Cody had done when they realized that Marie was a mutant. People wrote. 'Mutie Lovers!' across there garage door. Marie couldn't go to school without getting stares and taunts. Finally she was kicked out of her school after a parent teacher meeting where everyone agreed that she was a danger to her classmates.

Marie finished her senior year of high school by home schooling. Two weeks after getting her High School diploma in the mail Marie turned eighteen. The tension between herself and her parents was getting so thick that you couldn't have cut it with a steak knife. Marie knew that her parents where slowly starting to look at her with disgust. Being the first family is Meridian, Mississippi to have a mutant child the town had not been kindly to them. Marie could take no more so one night she dressed warmly and packed all her things dropping her duffel bag out of her second story bedroom window and climbed down the drain pipe. Getting out to the side walk Marie holding all her belongings with her she looked back at her childhood home once more remembering the happy times instead of the bad. She vowed to herself that she wouldn't let herself dwell on the bad things that had befallen her family at the discovery of her mutation. Feeling tears begin to slide down her cheeks she quickly whipped them way and said good bye to the past and hello to the future no matter how hard and cruel it might be to her. There was no more soft, sweet, loveable Marie any more. She was reborn and that day she was born Rogue.