Never think. Logan not in all of this time had thought that it would end this way. Considering he wasn't much of a long range thinker especially not when it came to women. He was a man of few words; he didn't care about anyone but himself and all that was changed now. Marie had broken that mold, released him. Tore away the walls surrounding him leaving him exposed.

And now that he was living that he was feeling the one thing that he had woken up for wasn't there anymore. Marie was dead. And Logan couldn't bring her back; he hadn't been able to save her.

What did that make him? He'd always thought that he could fight anything and walk out alive. He'd always thought he was strong. He'd never think.

The jet was silent on the flight back to the mansion. The others had nothing to say, or didn't know what to say either way the silence opened up and swallowed them all whole.

Marie was in Logan's lap her forehead pressed into the crease of his neck his eyes tracing over her features. She just looks like she's sleeping. But she wasn't sleeping; he had to keep telling himself that. It was all over. What had even been the point in any of it? What kind of God would give her to him and then take her away so cruelly? It was punishment. Logan had always thought that in the past that he couldn't remember he hadn't been a bad man that he hadn't been the villain but he knew that he was. Logan, Wolverine whoever the hell he was he was the villain. And Marie had been the price he had to pay for all of his mistakes.

As the team stood up, Logan hadn't even noticed that they where back in the hanger. He didn't need there pity there apologizes. He had done this. Wasting too much damned time.

"Logan lets take Marie to the med lab." Storm was leaning in front of him, tears in her eyes and he felt a great swelling of pity for the fool standing in front of him. Letting go of Marie's hand he tucked his arm back under her knees and pulled her into his chest as he stood up.

He was strong alright, the weakest strong man the world had ever seen before. He would end this like the coward that he was it would end it all if it took him to the ends of the world he would end it.

Carrying Marie into the med lab he followed Jean blindly as she turned the lights on motioning for him to lay her down on one of the beds. Her head curled to the side as he put her down there a strand of white hair covering her face and Logan brushed it away with the tips of his fingers.

"Leave us alone."

Sitting down he took her hand into his, all the warmth that had once calmed him was gone.

"Logan, I don't think you should be alone now." Jean began.

"GET OUT!" His claws came unsheathed as he made his point. Watching the fear in Jeans eyes as she backed away nodding before she turned leaving the med lab.

Turning his eyes back on Marie shaking his head he pulled her hand up to his face breathing her in smelling her scent knowing that this was the last time that he would get to savor her sweet essence. "I'm sorry Marie…sorry that I wasn't strong enough darlin'."

Squeezing her hand he braced the tip of his claws to his chest, just over his heart or where it was supposed to be. He squeezed his eyes shut pushing himself into them and not once did he scream as the delicious pain liked over him feeling the blade pierce through his chest cavity into his heart and moving through his back. Opening his eyes he gasped. It's almost over. And then the blood came dripping slickly forth onto his skirt to his jeans and onto the bed.

Leaning forward Logan laid his head down next to Marie's squeezing her hand in his and even still so careful not to hurt her. He felt the darkness creeping up around him, felt the sweet abyss not to far away.

"Logan? Logan what are you doing?" It was that sweet southern lilt that made his ears hum.

"I'm comin' back to ya darlin'. Didn't honestly think you could get rid of me that easily did you?"

There was a soft echoing of gentle laughter inside their shared darkness. "Ah have a confession to make Logan."

"What is it darlin'?" He whispered looking through the darkness trying, searching to find her in, well where ever they were. Was this heaven or hell? If Marie was there it had to be heaven although how he had gotten in he didn't know.

"Ah'm in love with ya sugah…"

*Gasp* Sparking her eyes snapped open, as the connection between their skin was broken and Logan collapsed on the floor. Swallowing looking around where were they? Marie didn't know but all she knew was that she and Logan had been someplace that wasn't of this world. Maybe it was Heaven or maybe it was just limbo where a more loving God had decided to reunite them and give them both a second chance.

"Logan!" Springing off of the bed she knelt down on the floor next to him rolling him onto his back, he wasn't convulsing as he had that not at the hotel she'd taken a lot from him this time much more than before she could feel so much more of his strength in her as she heard footsteps come running as a door was thrown open.

"Oh my God." A red headed woman ran over to where they were quickly checking Logan's pulse. It was a miracle. "Scott come quickly!" She shouted as a man with red sunglasses on came running in expecting to see something completely different than what he saw.

The red headed woman and the man with the sun glasses later to be introduced as Scott and Jean got Logan up onto the bed and started checking his vitals. He was going to be okay he just needed some serious rest.

Over the next three weeks Rogue got to know everyone at the mansion and began to have a budding friendship with the weather witch called Ororo when they weren't on a mission. She staid with Logan all day and only very rarely did she go to her room and rest for the night and with the Logan inside of her head constantly on the prowl she pretty much got her way when it came to being with Logan.

It was a sunny Thursday when she came to the med lab, finally being coaxed away by Ororo to go have some breakfast and take a nice hot shower Rogue hadn't been able to argue with that logic. Stepping through the doors she pushed her hair back over her shoulders slowly as she stepped over to Logan's side looking into his sleeping face. Smiling she wanted to be the first person that he saw when he woke up. Touching her face, thanks to two of the more excitable young women of the mansion Kitty and Jubilee they had gone shopping for her bringing back variety of silk opera gloves for her to wear during her stay at the mansion.

Everyone here was so wonderful, she wished that she had found this place sooner but then she might not have ever met Logan.

Caressing his cheek in her gloved hand she reached down peaking under the bandage on his chest where his claws had gone through they were disappearing smiling she lifted the bandage off and ran her fingers over it slowly before seeing a twitch of his chest.

"Mmm that tickles." His hand came up slowly taking hers from his chest. "Hey." Logan smiled wolfishly.

Swallowing blinking back tears Marie smiled back. "Hey."

"Where's the good doc at?" Logan cleared his throat slightly beginning to sit up a little bit feeling a little stiff but it wasn't anything his healing couldn't take care of.

"She's in her office." Marie said watching him sitting up ready to grab him if he fell back to weak. "That was a really brave thing ya did fer meh Logan." Marie said gently. "Ah think Jean's a little taken with ya." She said hiding her eyes behind her hair, the white streak rather vivid against her brown locks.

Clasping her hand Logan brought her knuckles up to his lips slowly sensing her insecurities about the red headed bomb shell. "You'll just have to tell her for me that…my heart belongs to someone else."

For those of us who know these characters I would like to say that they lived happily ever after, but as Logan once stated this isn't a fairy tale. Marie and Logan had many happy years together, they married and raised a son and a daughter there were hard ships but in the end don't we all have our battles? So for now we will just say…

The End.