Nemesis's Justification

Summary[AU Currently in Tokyo, there is a raise in the amount of homicides—due to the group, ANBU. In a hectic city, two different people meet each other. One is a doctor named Tenten, and the other is a murderer called Neji.

Author's Note: I haven't written fanfiction in a long time. My poor skills have probably worsen over the time. Either way, I hope you like it (:

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto (the manga, anime and plot) or their characters.

- - -

Tokyo. One of the busiest cities in the world that also has the largest homicides in the world for about 15 years now. The group committing the sins—ANBU.

Tenten has been a doctor for about two years now, but she has accomplished many tasks during that time. When she was 11 years old, the killings had begun. The year after that, she witnessed her father, and mother being killed by ANBU's members for attempting to heal the victims. Since then, she has vowed to stand against the ANBU and not only heal injured people, but also victims of ANBU. She believed that her hatred towards ANBU for last forever until she met him—Neji Hyuuga.

- - -

The day begun like any other day for two years now. Tenten woke up as soon as her alarm clock set off. She ate her breakfast, brushed her teeth, did other feminine things inside her restroom and set out for the hospital.

As soon as she arrived, her usual patients greeted her. "Good morning Tenten," the girl said with a smile.

"Good morning little princess. How are you feeling now?" Tenten checked her pulses and started giving her shots.

"I'm feeling more sick than yesterday." After no reply she used all her courage and asked, "Tenten, will I die soon?"

Tenten looked up and stared at the child. She then looked down and continued to give the girl her shots and made a quiet mumble, "why do you ask that?"

"Because I saw my mom crying outside again after she talked with me. After you talked to her last week she's been crying after she talks to me. And when I'm with her, she has a sad smile and keeps asking me if I want something like a toy or something."

After the girl received her treatments Tenten looked up and smiled, "Don't worry you'll be fine. You're going to live a happy life, and I know it. Your mom is just concerned about making you more happy and content. But I'd also like to know what you want as well."

The girl gave Tenten a bright smile. "First, I want my mom to stop crying. It makes me sad and question about my life. Second, I want a big bear and a board game that I can play with you. Most of all, I want everyone who is a part of ANBU to die."

Tenten stared at the girl shockingly. "Why do you want the ANBU to die?"

"Because they hurt so much people! And they even killed your parents too, which made you sad! And anyone who makes Tenten sad or angry, will receive punishment from me," she grinned a big one.

Tenten couldn't help but smile back at her. "What kind of game do you want? A jig-saw puzzle? Or maybe you like checkers?"

"I want to complete a jig-saw puzzle with you. I want a 1000 piece set, so that you'll have to keep coming in to help me complete it."

Tenten laughed a little, "Alright. What would you like the design to be?"

She smiled. "Angels or birds. Perhaps something with wings."

"Alright. I'll look for it tonight. I need to go and check up on everyone else now, so take care of yourself and don't think too much."

The girl waved goodbye to Tenten, "Okay! Bye!"

Tenten smiled and closed her door. After she closed it she stared down at the floor and thought to herself. "If only I could protect and heal her from heart failure."

She then ran around checking her other patients and doing errands. When it was lunchtime she sat down in her office when her assistant nurse came rushing in.

"Dr. Tenten! It's an emergency! Kohime's aorta isn't pumping enough blood!"

At the sound of Kohime, she rose off her feet and ran out the door looking for Kohime's room.

- - -

An hour later, Tenten was found in her office lying against the wall. She was tearing up. She was not able to save her this time. Through all her hard work and success, she still couldn't save a child. Her assistant nurse came in and sat down next to her.

"You're not God, Tenten. You can't save everyone. You did your best and so did she."

Tenten chuckled a little. "I wish I were God. Then, I would be able to stretch her lifeline longer and demolish the ANBU. Those fucking jackasses attacked her just because she was a witness. She was just a kid who didn't know much, yet they damaged her heart." She gave a long sigh and stood up to ruffle her hair a bit.

"I know she was your favorite patient, but now that she's gone, you need to pay attention to the other patients and do your best to make their life the best."

She nodded and went out. "I see Kohime's mother. She's been crying and waiting for me ever since."

- - -

After talking with Kohime's mother, she went out to eat lunch at a small café.

"I'd like the usual please."

"Yes Ms. Tenten." The waitress recognized her and the order, and went off into the kitchen to place it. She came back out asking, "How has your day gone, Ms.?"

Tenten held her silence for a moment until she figured it was rude to ignore the boss lady's question. "The morning started out as usual. Earlier this afternoon I lost a patient of mine."

The lady frowned. "Oh dear." They didn't exchange any other words until her meal came out. "Your meal in on the house for today," she said with a smile, "I requested to give you extra food, so that you can do your best at work and still have enough energy at the end of the day."

Tenten smiled at the lady. She knew her ever since she was a little kid. Her parents were friends with her and always went to the lady's café every weekend. The place had not change since then. It was small, but it was very comfortable in its own way. It was not any fancy place either, but a classic café. "Thank you. I'd like that. Could you please give me the newspaper?"

The lady rose just to do that. She handed Tenten the newspaper and said, "another killing yesterday night."

Tenten read on the front cover page in bold words, 'ANBU – ANOTHER KILLING OF AN INNOCENT MAN. WHEN WILL THIS STOP?' Apparently, ANBU enjoyed killing high-class businessmen, the government, and any other people who interfered with their killings. This businessman was the vice president of a company that had some power of the government. She read through the article. "Aunty, may I please cut this out?"

"Sure thing child." She handed over the scissors. "Why do you like to collect each article on the killings by ANBU?"

"It's not a hobby or an obsession. I'm doing my own investigation on ANBU's killings. For a while now, they've only been killing businessmen and a few government people who have no power in their rank. They haven't been killing doctors because no doctor wants to deal with ANBU and give up their life for the victims."

"And what about you?"

Tenten looked up at her. "As a doctor, it is my duty to save everyone and anyone who is injured or sick."

The lady then asked, "and what about people who commit crimes?"

The question had surprised Tenten a little. Her parents were killed because they saved victims of the ANBU. But they had also healed people who did not deserve to be touched by the hands of a healer. Tenten's parents nursed one ANBU at the hospital before he escaped. They had also saved the victim he attempted to kill. The next week, the victim had been attacked again and saved by her parents again. Two days later, both her parents and the victim were killed. Her parent's mistake was they saved an evil person who did not deserve to be saved.

Tenten bluntly said, "I will never lay my hands over people who commit sins like the ANBU. They are a doctor's worst enemies. While we save and heal, they kill and destroy. ANBU have no respect for the law or for anyone or anything." She continued to eat her meal and said nothing afterwards.

The boss lady stared at her. She didn't know whether or not to smile or frown. Like Tenten, she developed a hatred for ANBU for killing her friends. But inside her heart, she knew that Tenten's parents strongly believed that everyone deserved to be healed and cared for. And if they were here to speak, they would have strongly disapprove of Tenten's speech and argue for it. She didn't know whether to support Tenten or to encourage her parent's teachings and philosophy. For now, she kept her silence as Tenten kept hers.

- - -

Around late evening, up, at the top of a building, was Neji Hyuuga; a member of the well-known group called ANBU. He sat on the ground staring at the city around him when the door opened.

"Neji! The meeting is starting in a moment!"

He didn't need to turn around to know who was speaking to him. He stood up and said, "Stop yelling Lee. The building across from us can hear you perfectly."

Lee didn't say anything as he opened the door and left.

At the meeting, all the members arrived—the leader, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Gai, Kakashi, Kurenai, Shizune, Genma, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba, Shino, and Lee.

Tsunade grumbled a bit before standing up and speaking. "Yesterday, we assassinated Takahashi Shun. He was the vice president of the advertising company that had close ties to the government. Tonight, I will assign someone or a group to assassinate," she pointed to the picture of a man on a PowerPoint, "Kawashi Ryusho. He has been noted for telling the paparazzi about us and is leading a campaign against ANBU."

Everyone stared at the man as she continued. "This man will be killed around 1 A.M tonight. He goes to this small bar in the alley near the park every Thursday night and leaves around 12-1A.M." No one made a comment about anything, so she went on. "The lucky person or group will be selected randomly by the computer." She clicked a button and a bunch of pictures with names changed at the light of speed. When she pressed the button again, the pictures slowed down as the names changed with it and soon stopped a single person. "For this assassination, the computer has chosen only Hyuuga Neji to murder Kawashi Ryusho. Everyone else is dismissed, Neji you stay."

The room that was filled with people dispersed leaving only Tsunade and Neji. "Neji, you are assigned to kill that man tonight." He nodded in response. "You tend to kill other people who are not involved if they witnessed you. Please kill him at a time where no one is watching, will you?"

He grunted a little and said, "That's a little tricky don't you think? That bar is near the park as well as other apartments. People could be passing by and see me."

"Well perhaps that's why the computer chose you alone. With your skills, you could commit the act without much mess or careless errors." He didn't respond. "Either way, you're the man for this job, so go away, and do whatever you need to do to prepare for tonight. Oh, and ask him about how he really feels about ANBU now."

He nodded and left.

She sighed. "That arrogant guy needs a girl soon. He's probably upset over joining ANBU and being deprived of a girl." She laughed loudly to herself. "He's quite handsome. Too bad Shizune has Genma, Kurenai is too old, and Sakura has a crush over Sasuke." She laughed out loud once more. "Perhaps now is the time to recruit new people." She walked on over to the cabinet and attempted to unlock the lock. "Damn Shizune and Sakura. Always locking away my saké without my permission." She took a step back and busted down the cabinet's door and snickered as she took a jar of saké and opened it.

- - -

It was nighttime now. More like morning of the next day actually as Tenten grumbled and stood up to stretch.

"Okay I'm done. I need to go home, shower and sleep." She quickly wrote a small message saying, 'Hi, Mrs. Yamashiro. This is Tenten still in her office at 12:36 in the morning. I'm going to go home and take a nice long sleep. I'll be back at maybe 9A.M? Either way, whenever I wake up, I'll come. Bye-bye!'

She quickly left her office as she finished writing and checked up her hospital level once more. She made sure that all the lights were turned off, and everyone was in bed.

After her examination, she found herself at the bottom floor of the hospital and strolled outside. She didn't enjoy walking around late at night. For one, ANBU did their killings at nighttime. It's not like she can't defend herself. She took all types of martial arts as a kid and as a teenager. She can use many weapons to defend herself. At the moment though, her only weapon, or rather sacrifice, was a wallet with money in it. At the spur of the moment, she decided the park was probably not the safest place to go at this time, but it was the most soothing place before she could return home. So, she changed her direction and headed towards the park.

- - -

Neji waited for less than an hour until the man finally came out. He grunted angrily as he waited for an open spot to kill him, and where no one could see. The man went out to the park and sat on the bench drinking his last gulps of saké. Neji looked around to make sure that no one could see where he was standing, and no one was at the park. When he completed his check, he swooped in the back of the man, covering his mouth.

The man now was alert and attempting to scream, but his mouth was cover, and his arms were being held by an arm.

"Sorry for interrupting night, but this is my job." Neji pulled the man up and slammed him into a tree. He looked at the man and grimaced as he saw the man peeing in his pants from fear. "That's rather disgusting. I was told to ask you how you feel about ANBU now as you are being targeted and about to be killed. But then I can't uncover your mouth, or else you'll scream. So, I guess I'll have to slash your voice box." So he did. Neji stabbed the man's voice box area as the man cried. He let the man go as the man ran away as fast as he could trying to scream, but ended up wheezing silence.

Neji smirked. "Nothing like good old game of cat and mouse." He caught up with the man and appeared in front of him. "As much as I like that game, it's getting old. And I waited for you for so long, I need to go back to that place to sleep." He smiled as the man ran back and said, "Good bye Mr. Kawashi," as he stabbed into his heart and twisted it, so that the man could taste the agony of pain before he died.

The blood spilled all over the place as he quickly turned around to see a lady behind him slightly gaping at him.

Tenten stood at the same spot. She couldn't move or think as much as she would've liked to. She just continued to stand there staring at him and what he did. She was about to scream or yell, but she found her mouth being covered and a gun pointed at her heart.

"Don't move or scream, or I'll shoot your god-damn heart out."

She stared at the person in front of her. He was clad in a white-grayish-blackish outfit with a mask to conceal his identity. Of course she had seen them on television or on newspaper, but she had never imagined herself being so close. She silently kept her thoughts to herself. "Damnit. This is the worst situation that could ever happen to me. I knew I shouldn't have gone to the park." When he took his mask off his face she stared into his pearly eyes and felt his hands leave her mouth.

As she stared at him, he stared back at her. He examined her like she examined him. He lifted his mask off a little to get a better examination of her. For a moment he forgot what he was doing and let go of her. That was when she took a step back and screamed.

When he heard her scream, he knew he made his first mistake ever while in ANBU. And so without thinking, he pulled her head towards his and pressed his lips against hers causing his mask to fall down with a clank.

So many things happened all at once that she didn't know what was going on. All she felt was the pressure over her lips, and her eyelids closing. Where she stood at the moment made her want to stay in the position, but she regained consciousness and opened her eyes when she heard people shouting.

At the same moment, he pulled away and looked at her brown eyes and said, "Sorry." He then jumped and sprinted away.

All she could do at the moment was stare at the dead corpse and think over what just really happened. In the end, all she could do was pick up the mask and place it in her bag before people started coming. As people arrived, she could only say, "You're unforgiven."

- - -

Author's Note: Finish for now. I'm not sure whether or not I should continue. Knowing the lazy butt I am, I'll probably not update periodically. So, I might end this as a one-shot. For now, it's up to you guys (: Should the story go on or should it be a one-shot? Also, please leave some comments regarding on how I can improve and what not. I'd like to hear your suggestions (if you have any). Thank you for reading! 3