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This is a fanfic inspired from Freaky Friday, one of my all-time favorite movies.



"Alright," said Dr. Phyllis to Drake and Josh. "Chant the mantra I'm telling you two. It will give you inner peace and make you stop fighting."

"Yeah, Doc," said Drake, in a bored voice.

"Yes, Dr. Phyllis," said Josh.

Dr. Phyllis told them a mantra in another language, one that Drake presumed was Oogleyboogleybooese, and one that Josh knew was Sinhalese. They both chanted it a few times over.

"Fine," said Dr. Phyllis. "How do the two of you feel now?"

"Fantabulous," said Drake, in the same bored voice.

Josh, however, seemed to show some kind of enthusiasm. "It kind of feels…"

"Okay," said Dr. Phyllis. "Your session is over. Go away."

"But I…"

"Go away."

"Y-Yes, ma'am!"


"Drake! Josh!" cried Mrs. Parker from downstairs. "Wake up! You'll be late for school!" They both replied with a muffled "Mm!" from inside their pillows, in unison.

After fifteen minutes, when Drake and Josh were still curled up cozily in their beds, Mrs. Parker stomped upstairs. "That's it!" she cried. "Wake up NOW, you two, or there will be serious consequences!" Another muffled "Mm!" "Fine," Mrs. Parker stomped out. "You're both grounded unless I see you at the breakfast table within five minutes."

After five minutes, Mrs. Parker stomped back into the room, and walked out of it after lifting off Drake and Josh's bedcovers and dumping them on the ground.

Drake was the first to realize what was happening. He sat up in bed, groaning. But he wasn't a thin, fair, red-headed (and handsome, he thought) guy anymore. He was plumpish and had a mop of curly black hair.

"AAAAAAHH!!" he screamed, fingering his hair, fearing what he felt.

"What happened, Drake?" asked Josh, sleepily, trying to get himself to open his eyes. He finally managed to open them.

"EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" he shrieked, looking at Drake staring back at him from his own eyes. He sprang out of bed and grabbed a baseball bat. "Who are you?!" he demanded from Drake, in a quivering voice.

Drake – not feeling too sane himself, seeing his own self threatening him with a baseball bat – stood up out of bed and slowly walked towards Josh. "Josh –"

Josh stumbled backwards. "Get away, you clone freak!" he shrieked.

"JOSH!" said Drake, losing his patience. "I know this sounds weird, but I think we've sort of gotten…er…interchanged."

"Drake?" said Josh, lowering his bat. "Datchyou, brotha'?"

"Yeah," said Drake. "And right now, I suggest you take a look at yourself in the mirror. With me following suit."

"O-O-Okay," Josh managed to say in a quivery voice.

He slowly walked to the mirror. "AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!" he shouted, catching sight of himself in the mirror. At the same time, Drake, too, let out a horrified shriek, catching sight of himself, too.

Megan stomped into the room. "What is with you two boobs today?!" she asked, exasperated. "You're behaving even boobier than usual!" Drake and Josh gave her The Look. "Okay, fine, fine!" she said. "I'm leaving!"


"Hey!" said Josh to Drake, as they walked to school. With their luck, Drake's car had a flat tire courtesy a bored Megan, so they had to walk. "Drake! Look where you're going! That's the thousandth time you've bumped into me in a single morning!"

Drake shrugged. "I'm not used to having such a huge butt."

Josh narrowed his eyes.

They had somehow managed to get through breakfast without raising too many suspicions – only their mother repeatedly asking if they were alright, and Megan insisting that they were behaving boobier than ever.

"How are we gonna get through school?" wailed Josh.

"I said we shoulda called sick!" retorted Drake.

Josh looked at Drake like he was nuts. Which he pretty sure Drake was. "What!" said Drake, defensively. "It woulda been worth a try! And you'd probably even have succeeded, being Mr. I'm-Sooo-Good, and all."

"I'm not Mr. I'm-So-Good!" whined Josh. "You're Mr. I'm-So-Bad!"

"Yeah, whatever," said Drake, rolling his eyes. "My reputation's gonna be ruined. I mean, Drake Parker just doesn't answer questions like who invented the petrol car!"

"As a matter of fact, Karl Benz did," said Josh.


"Well, anyway," said Josh. "I'll probably even bag a date or two if I want to. Which, of course, I won't, having a girlfriend and all. Oh my God! That reminds me! I have a date with Mindy tonight at the Premier!"

"Okay," said Drake, shuddering. "There is no way I'm going to go on a date with yucky Mindy. She's a major bunch of…bleh!"

"My girlfriend is not a bunch of bleh! She is one of the sweetest, most intelligent –"

"Okay, okay," cut in Drake. "Cut the crap. You'll just have to cancel the date. Which is no biggie for you, since you have only one girlfriend, but a big loss for me, since I have a date scheduled for tonight with a totally hot girl named Cheryl."

Josh sighed. "Remind me again how we're going to get through this day."

Drake had a blank expression on his face. "Ask me if I know."

"Okay," said Josh, finally. "You just keep your trap zipped. If anyone asks you anything, just say you have…laryngitis. In a croaky voice."


"Laryngitis!" said Josh, impatiently. "Inflammation of the larynx!"

"Okay, bro," said Drake, nonchalantly. "Larry-whatever it is!"

"And if anybody asks you to come anywhere, you simply decline."

"Which of course is an emergency measure."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Well, you're a social outcast, and social outcasts don't get asked to outings."

"I am not a social outcast!" retorted Josh, indignantly. "I, in fact, happen to have a great many friends –"

"Fine!" cried Drake. "You have got to stop whining about everything! Especially now that you're me!"

"Whatever," grumbled Josh.

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