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Pairings: BakuraxSeto, MarikxRyou, poss MokubaxAtemu, poss MokubaxOC

Also, a side note, the title comes from the new access CD, binary engine (no, there are no caps). Thought it was a rather appropiate song for the fic...what I could understand of it, anyway. access is amazing!


Chapter 1

Baku trudged irritably down the street into the blowing snow, one hand stuck deep in a pocket of his black trench coat and the other, wrapped in a black glove, holding the coat closed at the top where the top two silver clasps had been ripped off. He was only out in the damnable snow in the first place because Ryou had convinced him he needed a job and he'd been stupid enough to listen. Provided, the job had paid off; he'd been able to buy his own motorcycle, but that had broken down on his way to work and was now in the shop without a hope of being fixed until next week sometime. So now he had to walk back to Ryou's apartment through the snow, which, while being on a motorcycle wouldn't have eliminated this factor, would take at least five times as long and therefore give him more exposure to the snow.

It was probably the one thing he hated about being who he was; he couldn't tolerate the snow. Boiling heat he could deal with, even if it was humid heat, although he did burn in this wretched body, but snow was completely new to him and he really hated it. Really hated it. If only Ryou hadn't taken the Ring away from him, he would have banished the snow and the clouds and the stupid mortal teens that had laughed at him out the windows of their cars as they passed by, but sadly, that was exactly what Ryou was afraid might happen. So now he was out here in the damnable cold snow without a ride and without his Ring to save himself from it.

As that ahou Pegasus might have said, Bakura was not a "happy bunny." Of course, luckily that fool was dead, or Bakura might have strangled him right now just for possibly thinking that.

His gaze flickered to the road as he heard another car approaching and was faintly annoyed to see it was a limo. He only knew three people who would dare to ride around the city in a limo, and the one he could think of that would stop for him, he didn't really want to see right now in the mood he was in. Bakura's eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the limo slow to a stop next to him, then widened slightly, his only sign of surprise, when he saw it was Seto Kaiba sitting on the other side of the rolled down window. Well, the stuck up CEO certainly wasn't who he'd expected to see, although his brat of a brother had probably gotten him to stop if he was in the car, but he couldn't say he wouldn't be grateful if they offered to give him a ride back to Ryou's.

"Evening, Kaiba," Bakura said in his rich tone, trying to sound as pleasant as possible. He didn't bother to disguise himself as Ryou, though; if Kaiba and his brother couldn't deal with him being himself by now, he didn't want to ride with them anyway.

Kaiba looked away in annoyance, hand reaching for the button to roll up the window, he was stopped by Mokuba leaning over his lap though, arms on the window, "Hey Bakura, I thought it was you, what are you doing walking, don't you have a bike?"

"Who cares." Kaiba's lip curled in a sneer, but Mokuba ignored him.

Bakura smirked sadistically, glaring at Kaiba for the briefest moment for his remark. "I do, but it decided it didn't like me anymore this morning. I won't have it back until next week."

"Oh." Mokuba fell silent for a moment before he offered, ignoring the piercing glare from his brother boring into the side of his skull, "Do you want a ride?"

Bakura dipped his head once in answer, not smiling but not looking mean or pissed either. "If it's not too much trouble, I would appreciate it."

"Sure. Hop in." Mokuba continued ignoring his brother as he opened the door, Kaiba shifting over when his brother prodded, though he hardly seemed happy about it.

Bakura shook his head a bit like a dog to get rid of as much snow as possible before he slid into the limo, flashing both brothers a faint smirk.

"I would thank you, but I think it would give all of us a heart attack. I owe you, though."

"It's no big deal." Mokuba shut the door and settled back in his seat after picking up the phone and tossing it into Bakura's lap, "Just tell the driver the address."

Lip still curled in disgust and annoyance, Kaiba returned to his work, choosing to ignore Bakura.

After speaking the address into the phone, Bakura handed it back to Mokuba, since he had no idea what else to do with it, and leaned lightly against the door, occasionally brushing his hair out of his eyes as he watched the scenery go by.

Mokuba hung the phone up and switched off his ipod, watching Bakura for a moment before asking, "So where do you work?"

Bakura glanced at Mokuba with what could have been an unsure expression, though that was unlikely, for a moment before he answered, sure that neither brother would believe him, "I'm a computer programmer for a company downtown, and on Friday nights I work at a club."

Mokuba's eyebrows rose but he accepted this, while Kaiba just snorted softly in disbelief.

"What company?," Mokuba asked after a slight pause. "What club for that matter?"

Bakura slanted a look at Kaiba, though he answered just as plainly as before, "Taikito Industries—which Otogi recommended me to—and the club is the Golden Scorpion. It took months to get into either of them."

"Cool. What's the age limit on the club?" Mokuba completely ignored the warning glance Kaiba gave him when the elder sensed the younger's thought process.

Bakura simply looked amused, answering truthfully. "Seventeen."

"Ah, cool, I'll have to go then!" Mokuba grinned slightly, sitting back, deliberately ignoring the dark expression on his brother's face.

Bakura smirked at this. "Only if you pay extra to compensate for when your brother comes after me for telling you about it and letting you in."

Mokuba glanced at his brother then waved his hand dismissively. "I'm eighteen."

"That doesn't mean I won't lock you in your room," Kaiba muttered warningly.

Bakura watched them with amusement, not even jumping when very annoying sounding rap song started playing from inside his coat. He made a face at it as he pulled it out, planning to just shut the thing off when he saw that it was Ryou calling and answered it immediately, rolling his eyes at his hikari's chipper mood.

"Hi, 'Kura! I didn't think you'd answer."

"I've told you not to call me that," Bakura muttered, using Egyptian since he could feel the younger Kaiba watching him and obviously attentive to what he was doing. "What do you want?"

"I can't call my yami just to say 'hi'?"

Bakura let his stoic silence speak for him on that account.

Ryou sighed into the phone. "All right, fine, that's not why I'm calling. I wanted to tell you that Marik's coming over. He should be here in a couple minutes."

Bakura scowled; he hated the idea of that psychotic tomb keeper even stepping foot in his apartment, much less doing what he usually did with Ryou.

"He also asked me to tell you that while he adores your presence, he doesn't want you to be around tonight." Ryou sounded a little apologetic, though the effect was ruined when he giggled and added, "I think he might be planning something special."

"I don't care what the fuck he's planning," Bakura growled. "I don't want him around either."

"But...he's already coming over," Ryou said in that annoyingly innocent tone of his. "I can't just tell him to leave."

Bakura closed his eyes and silently counted to ten. It wouldn't do to lose his temper in front of the Kaibas, since that would likely result in him ending up out in the snow again.

"Fine," he finally muttered into the phone. "I'll find somewhere else to crash tonight. Tell Marik he owes me."

"Thanks, 'Kura!" Ryou chirped. "You're the best!"

"Don't call me that!" Bakura hissed into the phone, but Ryou had already hung up. Cursing under his breath, Bakura turned off his phone and stuffed it back into his coat. So, he couldn't go home, and more than likely, the Kaibas wouldn't be so hospitable as to let his spend the night at their mansion. Now what was he going to do?

"What's going on? You looked pissed," Mokuba asked, sounding far too interested and thus confirming Bakura's suspicion that the brat had been watching him.

"Marik decided he needed to 'visit' my hikari tonight, so I've been unceremoniously thrown out of the house until morning. Usually I would just drive around town and spend the night in a couple clubs but..." Bakura shrugged, sure he looked a good deal more casual about this new development than he probably should have, since he didn't know what he was going to do now.

Mokuba's eyebrows rose again and then he shrugged nonchalantly, "So come stay with me for the night. I have a guest room in my wing."

"No," Kaiba objected immediately, his face set in a scowl.

Mokuba rolled his eyes. "Like you would even see him. You spend all night practically glued to your office chair!"

He glared back at his brother, jaw set and after a moment, Kaiba went back to typing, giving in under what was obviously an old argument.

Kaiba, Bakura decided with another brief glare at said man, completely hated him. He wasn't sure why, either, besides the fact that Kaiba didn't much like anyone, but he hadn't ever actually threatened the brunet. Sure, there was that one time that he'd used Mokuba as bait, but that had been years ago. Even he didn't hold a grudge that long unless he had a very good reason, like the destruction of his village.

He sent a nod to Mokuba in thanks, saying with a smirk, "I'll have to see what I can do about getting you a free pass into the club for a night."

"Cool." Mokuba grinned, glancing at his brother when he stiffened but ignoring it.

Bakura just nodded once again and looked back out the window, thoroughly enjoying pushing Kaiba's buttons like this, especially since the other male had no reason to be annoyed with him in the first place.