Well this is the new fic I mentioned in my profile. Remember my little pokemon special comment. Well I doubt the creators are gonna make so I will. This fic will have 5 parts. Just so we're clear Blue is the girl and Green is the rival OK?

BTW Professor Oak is VERY old, Daisy is like in her mid 30s and Crys is 28

Pokemon Special: Aquamarine

Part 1: Mew

Its been 15 years since the deoxys incident. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Silver are still statues in Vermillion city however they are now a monument.

And over the last 3 years a new evil organization has begun rising.

chapter 1: A shining touch

It was an ordinary day in pallet town. Professor Oak and Daisy were still mourning over the loss of the 5 pokedex holders and Crystal was silently sweeping the lab. Constantly looking over to an egg. That egg was sitting on the perch for 15 without hatching. Yet the machines still detected life in it.

"Professor," Daisy said, "Is there really no way to bring them back?" The old man shook his head. "We've tried everything," he explained, "Wishing on Jirachi, trying to create an anti-curse, nothing works."

"Have ya tried a legendary round up?" a familiar girlish voice in a fake country accent said. Professor Oak and Daisy turned to her excited. "Blue!!" they both said happily. Crystal stopped sweeping to take a look.

"Not quite," the girl said and lifted her cowboy hat. Then in her normal voice (sounding just like Blue's) she said, "Names Aquamarine." She had an appearence close to Blue's. Like Blue she had dark brown hair but it was really long. Aquamarine wore a long light blue tank top that had a brown belt on it and a white skirt.

"Can I help you?" Professor Oak asked her.

"What did you mean a legendary round up?" Crys interrupted. Blue looked up at them. "I mean if you collect the phantoms of each region including the 2 sinnoh ones they would have enough power to reverse that staue thing and help everyone."

Oak, Daisy, and Crystal eyed her for a minute. "How old are you?" Oak asked. "11," Aqua answered. "How do you know this?" Daisy asked.

"Well you see I--Is that a pokemon egg??" She said and ran over to it. "Aqua that egg is--" Professor Oak tried to tell her but she had already picked it up and hugged it. As soon as she did the egg began glowing. Professor Oak, Daisy and Crystal gasped. The egg took a circular form and hatched into an igglybuff.

Professor Oak took the pokemon from Aqua. "Look at this. After 15 years the egg hatches after a hug by you," he said. Then Oak noticed something. "This pokemon is sick." he stated.

"Actually..." Aqua began.

"Grandpa how can you tell?" Daisy asked.

"The pokemon..." Aqua continued.

"It eyes are redder than a normal igglybuff's and its paler," he explained.

"Yeah but..." Aqua said.

"It looks fine to me," Crystal pointed out. The igglybuff looked around smiling. It went over to Aqua.

"Actually," Aqua said holding out Igglybuff, "Its shiny."

Professor Oak began examining it again. Aqua started laughing. "Wow the great Professor Oak never saw a shiny." she giggled. Oak ignored her.

"What makes you so sure its a shiny?" Oak asked her.

"Well back on 4 island I used to go to the day care center and hug pokemon eggs." she began, "Then 3/4 of the time they would hatch as shinies."

"I guess your skill could be shiny hatching." Daisy joked.

"Actually it was called the shining touch." Aqua said. Igglybuff smiled mischiviously and held out a box wrapped in a bow. She showed it to Professor Oak. "Aww a gift for me," he said and took it. When the box touched his hands it exploded. The whole lab was black and everyone looked like they had been shocked by Red's Pikachu...again.

"I guess Igglybuff knows Present." Aqua said with a joke. Professor Oak glared at Igglybuff. "Look you that wasn't very nice," he growled.Igglybuff stopped laughing and began crying. Everyone jeered Oak. "Professor its just young." Daisy scolded. "Apologize," Crys ordered. Oak sighed and came over to Igglybuff. "I'm sorry," he said annoyed. Igglybuff started laughing. And so did Aqua. "Leffie fooled you with fake tears," she said unable to stop. Oak groaned. Then he remembered the reason Aqua was here. "Are you sure about your legendary Round up?" he asked. Aqua nodded. "I can't say how I know but I know and I will save them." she said, "I just came here for a pokemon, pokedex and stuff."

"Do you really think I just give these things away?" Professor Oak said annoyed. 'This kid looks like Blue but acts like Gold...my worst nightmare.' he shuddered.

"Your grandson's life is at stake you know," she said, "I found out that in 5 years the stone will crumble and then they will be dead so better to trust me now it wont be easy finding 5 legendaries." Professor Oak thought about it. Daisy handed Aqua a pink pokedex.

"Daisy!" Oak said. "I trust this kid. I wont let my little brother die." she said firmly. Crystal took out her old backpack from her journy and put a poition and 5 pokeballs in it.

"I'm with you too," she said and handed Aqua the bag. "Thanks guys," she said and turned to Oak, "About my pokemon." Oak sighed. "Fine but promise us you will save them." Aqua nodded. "I would normally give you a starter pokemon," he said, "But I'm out of starters now so take Igglybuff." He handed her Igglybuff's pokeball.

"Thanks Prof," she said and went for the door, "And the Igglybuff's name is Leffie." Igglybuff waved and blew 3 heart kisses. "RUN, THE THING IS USING SWEET KISS," Professor Oak yelled.

Well thats ch.1 Igglybuff is named Leffie because I originally wanted to give her a cleffa but then changed it to Igglybuff...but the name was just so cute. Don'tcha think. Now R&R before I make Leffie send you those evil presents. Review and Leffie will send you the good presents. Capice.