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Chapter 7: The strange kidnapping of Aquamarine

Fringis glared at the grunts. 'That doesn't sound good," she thought, "But why did they need Aqua's blood to do it? I guess I'll play nice to get a better look around." Then Fringis noticed just how big her cage was. It was big enough for like 20 Eevees. But the cage also smelled dead. Fringis backed away until she bumped into something soft...

And it wasn't the wall of the cage. Nervously, Fringis turned to apologize to whatever she bumped into. But the thing wasn't exactly alive.


Back in Pewter City...

Aqua started waking up from her long sleep. Leffie was by her side watching her trainer. "Leffie?" Aqua moaned and sat up. She noticed she was in a hospital bed and her hand was bandaged up. "What happened?"

"You're awake," Chase exclaimed coming into the room, "About time too. You've been out for two years. They wanted to discharge you tomorrow." Aqua paled. 2 whole years. She was in a coma for that long...and they didn't give her a breathing mask? She felt faint until she noticed Chase's hidden grin.

"CHASE NIRVS HOW DARE YOU TELL ME I WAS ASLEEP FOR 2 YEARS. DON'T YOU KNOW I HAVE A JOB TO DO?" Aqua yelled angrily but then broke into a coughing fit. Chase sweatdropped.

"Sorry Aqua," he said, "I couldn't help myself. You were only out for a few hours. They had to stich up your arm since you lost a lot of blood so you are still kinda weak." Aqua laid back down.

"Where is everyone anyway?" she asked, "Please tell me Leche isn't still in the ruble." Chase shook his head. "Nah she's asleep," he explained, "Lucia's eating her troubles away and well the whole city is in a panic basically. That reminds me how on Earth did you get out from the rubble?" Aqua looked at him confused.

"Didn't someone from the search parties find us?" she asked. Chase sat down on a nearby chair. "That's the weird thing. Every stone was overturned but you werent there. Then you and Leche were both found unconcious with a knocked out the hospital already. The nurses said someone brought you over and left. We checked on Leche first and she was muttering something about Red eyes in her sleep. We couldn't visit you since you were still getting stiches." he explained, "But that leaves the question of how you escaped. We know you were there because of all the dirt on you." Leffie nodded.

Aqua crossed her arms in confusion. "Red eyes?" she asked, "There are only 3 guys I know with Red eyes. Red the petrified boy, Ruby the coordinator in Hoenn and Crimson, this stupid perverted jerk." Chase sweatdropped. "Don't ask," Aqua finished.

"Do you think he saved you?" Chase asked. She shook her head. "I doubt it since he hates me for no reason." she explained.

"I have a reason pesky girl," Crimson's voice suddenly sounded, "Plenty of them. And yes I did save you and the small kid. I've been watching you since you've left Viridian. I didn't realize you two were so suicidal and I can't let anyone other than me do anything to you."

"So are you like her guardian or lover or something?" Chase asked.

"NO!" Both Crimson and Aqua yelled embarrassed. "He's a jerk," Aqua stated.

"She's a no good traitor," Crimson added.

"Was that my Crimmy's voice??" Lucia said and entered the room. "Hi Nanami," Crimson said plainly. Aqua noticed Chase's annoyed look.

"Something wrong?" Aqua questioned. He shook his head. She turned to Crimson. "So why are you here now?" Aqua demanded.

"Oh Aqua you're okay," Lucia said (just noticed), "Yay! Aqua's fine and Crimmy's here. Happy days." Everyone sweatdropped. "You wouldn't believe that SHE was the most worried," Chase whispered in Aqua's ear. She sighed.

Crimson turned to her. "You remember you have a kidnapped pokemon right?" he asked, "For my mission's sake I'll help you get it back. He tossed her cleaned clother to her (she's in a hospital gown now). "Get dressed," he ordered, "We leave in 10 minutes."

"Wait a minute," Chase protested, "You can't do this. Aqua needs to rest. And she hasn't been discharged yet."

"AND," Aqua continued, "I don't need your help. I'll get Fringis myself. Go crawl back to you boss or whoever sent you to follow me." Crimson glared at both of them. "I sent myself," he snapped, "And you will come with me or I'll be forced to send out these pokemon and take you by force."

"So you're basically kidnapping her," Chase asked annoyed. Crimson shrugged. "Call it what you will." he muttered.

"It's not fair," Lucia whined, "WHy can't I be kidnapped by Crimmy and then Chasey will have to save me and there'll be this huge battle over who recieves my hand in marriage. Aqua you are soooooooo lucky." Crimson laughed and Chase and Aqua both blushed.

"Lucia this is serious," Chase yelled.

"And this is not a love battle. I wont need saving because I'm. Not. Going!" Aqua finished. Crimson sighed and released a Hitmonchan and a Fearow. This instantly silenced both of them (Chase and Aqua I mean).

"Wow so you have a Raticate, Snorunt, Fearow and Hitmonchan," Lucia said and came up to his two vicious looking pokemon.

"Don't touch them," Crimson warned when Lucia tried to pet them, "They're vicious and will attack anyone who touches them. Well Pesky, Are you coming or do I have to take you by force?"

Aqua looked at Fearow nervously but still muttered, "No! Leffie attack Fearow with Shock Wave." Lucia and Chase widened their eyes as Leffie prepared her attack.

"Stop this is a hospital," Lucia yelled. Fortunatly Leffie's attack failed. Crimson smiled evilly. Aqua sighed. Then she noticed Chase clutching his Espeon watching the Hitmonchan. He looked scared. Shadow was growling and barking at Hitmonchan like it was a serial killer (Well it is raised by Crimson so you never know...).

"Chasey were their any details you left out in your story before," Lucia asked. "Maybe," Chase said weakly. "I really don't like these things. They don't only attack innocent Eevees."

"I was right," Crimson smirked, "You are afraid of them." Aqua looked at him closely. 'How does he always know who to release?' Aqua thought.

Back in Viridian, he used Raticate against Caren and turned out she hated rats, and Shiro had some weakness to ice types which is what Crimson used. Now he was using a pokemon Chase didn't really like and Birds (especially Fearow) gave Aqua a bad feeling. There was something very wrong with him. Maybe she should go along. She did have to save Fringis and Crimon would either kidnap her or ask her to go nicely.

"Recall your pokemon," Aqua demanded, "If you don't recall the in 5 seconds I will not go with you at all." Crimson did as she asked. "Glad you changed your mind," he said and left the room. Aqua grabbed her clothes and entered the bathroom to change.

"Yeah how exactly to you plan on leaving the hospital?" Chase asked. "I think Leche barracaded the door in case Team Rocket or Team Chakra try to return."

"Don't know," Aqua replied, "But I'm sure Crimson has a plan since he wanted to kidnap me."

Meanwhile with Crimson:

Crimson walked over to Leche who was sleeping infront of a giant boulder in front of a door. "Kid wake up," Crimson said. No answer. "Y1 wake up," he said again less patiently.

"Why one what?" Leche muttered in her sleep, "Fiana I choose you." Leche accidently tossed an empty pokeball attached to her belt and it hit Crimson in the face.

"Alright no more mister nice guy." he said angrily and glared at Leche. "Hates fighters huh? I've killed two birds with one stone today," he said and smiled evilly. "Hitmonchan, go pick up the runt." His Hitmonchan came up to Leche and picked her up by the back of her shirt.

"What the heck?" LEche said waking up. Than she noticed she was in the arms of aHitmonchan instead of the nice cold hard floor. "Hitmonchan?" she said confused before yelling, "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?! IM AN INNOCENT LITTLE GIRL. RELEASE ME THIS SECOND OR YOU. WILL. PAY!" She said the last part so viciously Hitmonchan retreated into its pokeball.

"They really must have screwed her up," Crimson muttered to himself, "The original was a sweet angel and hated Dragonites and Lugias. Not fighting types." Then he noticed Leche was listening, "And was nice and sweet." He said it again as a way to annoy Leche. It didn't work.

"Who screwed who up Mr. Red eyes?" Leche asked. Crimson turned away. "Get lost. But before you do unbarracade the door will you?" She shook her head. "I have to protect Aquamarine from Team Chakra. It is the mission entrusted to me by --(sorry can't reveal his name yet) and nothing can change that." Crimson gasped at the sound of --'s name.

"You're not an ordinary little girl are you?" he asked amused. Leche noticed his red eyes flashed nervously. Was the great Crimson actually worried about something.

"No," she said simply, "I'm a nine year old on an important mission to make sure Aqua suceeds. But my reasons for this are none of your business and I will not open the door for anyone except Aqua when we're ready to leave."

Crimson nodded. "I see," he said, "Well I'm sorry blondie but I'll have to get in your way." He turned to leave. Leche was about to stop him but realized she was unarmed (meaning no pokemon) and it wouldn't be good to start a fight in a hospital.

Crimson looked back at her nervously. So the blonde kid is working for the enemy. I can careless if Aqua suceeds or not but I have to bring her back before its too late. Just by bloodloss alone she's shortening her time. I still have to find out who sent her though. Must be someone who works or worked with -- and has a grudge against Team Chakra. he thought. Then he stopped as memories filled his thoughts. Memories he shouldn't remember...

"You work for Team Rocket?" A boy with long red hair asked. The figure he was talking too was blurry but the one next to it was --. "I demand to see your leader..."The scenery changed to another memory. This time the location was some blimp in the sky.

"I deserve to be the next leader of team Rocket," some blond short guy said, "And I will kill the leader, his kid and anyone else who stands in my way."So that's it, Crimson thought with a sly smile, "I should've known." he said to no one. "Obviously the one who sent Aqua wants revenge for what happened and must want the young pokedex holders to do it. But why Aqua? There would be no point unless that person knows about their plans and Aqua's true identity. And the one who sent Leche. He should be dead. And the runt who now runs Team Chakra caused it. He must be in alliance with that person and sent Leche to make sure Aqua suceeds. Now why Blondie? I'll admit she's insane and strong but she really bears no resemblence to her. And there were never any files on anyone other than Aqua. But no one else was vile and vicious like that? Just who...or what is Leche?"

He met Aqua outside her room. "Well I'm ready," she stated, "Let's go. And I hope you can protect me. I'm leaving Leffie here." Do what you want, Crimson thought, 'Once you get your Eevee I'm taking you to home base.' Then he noticed a Growlithe's pokeball in her bag pocket (Lucia hid it there). 'Don't tell me that fool is coming,' he thought, 'Who cares?'

"Come with me," Crimson said and dragged Aqua back into the room. He arrived by the open window and whistled loudly. A helicopter appeared. Everyone (except him) was shocked. "Crimmy has a chpper?" Lucia asked amazed. Chase rolled his eyes. He couldn't understand what bugged him more. The fact that Crimson really was a heartless arrogant jerk or Lucia's behavior around him.

Crimson stepped into the chopper. "Where did you get that?" Aqua demanded, "And is the driver a licensed professional with a stainlessly clean record?" Crimson frowned. 'More like her everyday,' he muttered, "Yes the driver is fine. And I was given this for work now come on." He pulled her on. Aqua didn't realize this but she was hugging him and shaking in fear. Lucia, of course, was the first to comment. "HEY HE'S FINE GET OFF!" Then Aqua noticed and pushed him away. Both of them were red faced at that point.

"Aqua where should we meet up later?" Chase called. Aqua thought about it for a moment. Then the perfect place hit her, "How about Vermillion?" she asked. "Ok," Chase called, "Just give me your pokegear number quickly." Aqua started yelling it but was unable to finish because the helicopter was on the move.

"Hey I wasn't finished," she snapped at Crimson. He shrugged carelessly. "Is exchanging numbers with the boy more important than your own pokemon?" Then he suddenly turned serious. "If we don't hurry it'll be to late." Aqua nodded and sat down on a bench.

Fringis winced as she saw what was in the cage. It was a ponyta. Only it was...dead! Those grunts put her in a cage with a rotting stinking ponyta corpse. Fringis growled. "Okay Screw the nice act," she growled, "I.Want.Out.Of.Here!" She started attacking the cage with Tackle and Shadow Ball. But to no avail. (I can't be nice to Fringis and let her escape on her own, because it would make her seem like a super eevee and only Crimson and Leche can have super pokemon) However, it did attract a grunts attention.

"Oh your awake Fluffy," the grunt said. Fringis resisted the deep burning urge to spit at him. But that would be very unladylike. "You were an interesting catch. And you'll be a great subject for our experiment." Experiment? Fringis turned to the corpse nervously.

"My your smart," the grunt said, "Yes that creature was another subject. Didn't survive though since we had the wrong blood. Died before we could even change the color" Fringis paled. "Oh don't worry I'm sure we have the right one this time. Maybe if you behave we'll let you watch before experimenting." Fringis tackled the cage again. The grunt laughed. "Sorry Fluffy," he said, "This cage was meant to withstand a ponyta. Do you really think you could break it?"

"Well maybe if I could borrow your muscle then...oops I'm sorry you appear to be missing that organ...along with the little item in your head, oh what's it called again...oh yeah a brain," Fringis snapped feeling proud and relieved he couldn't understand her. Well she was wrong. Apparently the nameless grunt...spoke pokemon.

"Why you little..." he yelled and opened the cage to strangle her (What do you know! Fringis was right. His brain is missing). Fringis took the moment to jump out of the cage and bit his ankle. He yelled in pain. "Stupid Eevee," he yelled, "that hurts."

"You think that's bad?" Fringis commented, "Biting into week old socks hurts more. My mouth stinks and my teeth are filthy now. I'm sending you my dental bill." She started running. "Oh and don't think my lawyers wont hear about that cage." she added before leaving the room.

I'll leave it up to your imagination as to where Fringis got a dentist a lawyer or the knowledge of those two. And it's up to you whether or not she purposely tricked the grunt or got into a lucky accident.

Since I don't know when I'll update again here's a brief summary of the next chapter: Aqua and Crimson have boarded the airship but there's no sign of Fringis. Meanwhile Growlie does his own investigations but they do more harm then good when he becomes the latest test subject. Can Aqua save both him and Fringis or are they all goners?

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