This is the sequel to "Lonely No More". I hope you enjoy this if you enjoyed the last one.

Departure Surprises

On his way home with Kakashi by his side, Naruto was troubled. His friend had left the village to become an avenger of his family… to pursue his brother for justice for his clan. He had joined with Oorochimaru to gain more power… and now he was back.

"Can you complete this mission?" Kakashi asked seriously.

Looking sideways at his former sensei, Naruto responded, "I have no choice but to complete it."

"What will you tell Sakura?"

"I'm not sure yet… If I tell her we're going after Sasuke she'll want to go along… but if I lie to her, she'll be mad as hell."

"I suggest the truth."

"Yeah… she still has one hell of a right hook."

Kakashi chuckled, waved goodbye to Naruto, and disappeared in a swirl of leaves, leaving Naruto alone to his thoughts. He has thought Sasuke was forever gone from his life. Sasuke had hurt everyone with his departure… especially Sakura and Naruto could never forgive him for that.

Arriving at his front door, Naruto called out, "I'm home 'Kura!"

However, he didn't need to. She was sitting on the couch watching T.V. She looked stricken, sitting there in her robe with tussled hair and tear-streaked face.

Naruto rushed over to her and pulled her to his chest, "What's wrong 'Kura?"

After a few sniffles, she pulled away from him and looked at him with puffy red eyes, "Naru… I'm pregnant!"

Naruto was shocked but before long, a wide grin spread across his face, "Sakura! That's great!"

Sakura blinked, "Y-You're not angry?"

"Sakura, a child is the greatest gift you could ever give me besides yourself! You've made me so happy that this is just icing on the cake!"

A smile broke out upon Sakura's face at the acceptance that Naruto showed her but the smile quickly died, "What's wrong Naru?"

"What do you mean?"

"You're eyes… they're navy blue… it means your upset."

"Sakura, I have another mission… and I don't want to go… because of you… and because of the target… but I have to."

"It's Sasuke isn't it?"

Naruto looked down in shock, "Yes… it is. Kakashi and I are assigned to capture him or… terminate him."

Pulling herself up face level with Naruto, she stared in his eyes, "Please… be careful and come back… to me and our child.

"Of course Kura… I will come back. I'll never leave you… or our child. Be careful while I'm away?"

"Yes Naru. I would do nothing to endanger our child."

Kissing Sakura softly on the lips, he set her back on the couch, "I have to get ready to leave. Kakashi will be here soon to head out."

Walking back to their room, he heard Sakura follow him. He dumped his used clothes from his traveling pack and moved to the dresser to pack new ninja outfits. He sensed her chakra near the door, watching him.

After everything was in the pack, he walked to the bedside table and pulled on his ninja headband, tying it in a quick and secure knot around his forehead. He then turned to Sakura and offered her a smile.

"I know I just got home Kura," he said walking to her and taking her in his arms, "But when I get back from this mission, I'll apply for some relief time."

Sakura smiled a sad smile, "It's ok. It's your job; you need to do what is expected of you."

Smashing his lips to hers, he kissed her with all the passion and love in his body. He felt her circle her arms around his neck, and pull his body flush against her. He could feel her wet readiness through her robe.

"Kura… I don't think we have time," he panted as he pulled his lips from hers.

She just grinned a wicked smile and just pulled his lips backs to hers. Naruto lost himself the passion running through his veins. Making quick work of the tie holding her robe together, he felt her shedding him of his pants and boxers. Cupping her thighs with his hands, he wrapped her legs around his waist as he plunged himself into her awaiting nether lips with a groan. Bracing her against the doorframe, he pulled out of her and flexed his hips to plunge back into the welcome heat. Sakura broke the kiss and moaned her pleasure. The tight clamping of her walls against him made him nearly loose control.

Leaning his head down, he took one of her pert nipples into his mouth as he continued to pound into her. Sakura met him thrust for thrust as they sped towards their completion. Switching to the other nipple, Sakura groaned at the sensations.

They both knew she would have bruises from their lovemaking but neither of them cared at the moment. They we both lost in the heat of the other. Their passion knew no limits as they became one in body and soul. The knock at the door went unnoticed by both of them as they both lost themselves in the other, calling out their completion.

Spent, Naruto collapsed to his knees while still sheathed in Sakura. He rested his head against her chest as he struggled to regain his breath and strength. He could hear Sakura's erratic heartbeat in her chest and she struggled to do the same.

Once he regained his strength, he finally heard the knock at the door. Standing up, he slowly walked Sakura over to the bed, careful of the clothes bunched around his ankles, and laid Sakura down. She was the epitome of beauty, still flushed and sweating lightly from their lovemaking. He pulled the robe from her body and covered her with the sheets.

Naruto leaned over and kissed her gently, "I'll be home soon Sakura. Then, we'll plan for our new arrival. Ja ne… for now."

With that, he caressed her stomach. He then pulled up his pants and boxer and made himself look presentable. Walking out of the room, he grabbed his traveling bag he dropped at the door and walked to the front door where Kakashi had stopped knocking.

Leaving the house, he locked the door and looked at Kakashi, "Ready to go?"

"Are you? You really need to get some sound proof walls Naruto," Kakashi joked.

With a blush, Naruto punched him in the arm, "At least I get some!"

Kakashi held up his hands to show he was sorry, "Touché." Then he got a serious look on his face, "Are you ready?"

Naruto nodded and they both took off, departing from the village to begin the hunt for their former comrade.


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