Summary: Kaya Rose travels city to city, hearing rumors about the "Dark Hand." Ever since her sister died at their hands, she's been looking for the leader, Valmont. Going undercover to work for him, she hopes to kill him for revenge. But Valmont tells her to join Chan undercover, like a spy for the Dark Hand. While she's working for Jackie, he falls for her and she accidentally falls for Valmont.

The bell tower chimed three times, signaling it was three in the morning. The night sky was dark blue with sparkles of pure white stars, the crescent moon giving little light to the unlit streets to a sophisticated building. In the distance, an outline of a black figure move like a snake towards the Dark Hand's hide out.

When this figure stepped into the only street lamps light, it showed it to be a girl about twenty. She had black hair in a tight ponytail with a dark brown hat on her head, a trench coat wrapped around her slim figure. Gloved hands toyed with the stash, red eyes scanning the area. Heavy boots echoed softly through the alley she walked to.

Valmont watched this mysterious character on his security cameras, eyes glittering with amusement and curiosity. The girl looked up towards a hidden camera, their eyes meeting. If he hadn't hidden them so well, he'd swear she knew he was watching her. A grin slowly formed on her dark red lips as she turned and kept walking. Where was she going? Not bothering to think of an answer, or wait, he sent out his best fighters to bring her in.

A large muscled man, an Irish 70's guy, and a rat looking man walked outside, stalking their prey. Suddenly Ratso attacked; he jumped out of the shadows and swung an electric like sword at her. As if expecting it, she pulled open her coat and took out one of many daggers to block it. The Enforcer froze at this, staring at her. Without whispering a word, she punched him in the chin, sending him flying into the brick wall.

Next up was Fin. The red head silently crept behind the girl, taking out a gun. Just as he aimed it at her head, she turned and threw her dagger at him. He ducked, watching the dagger stab through his gun and hit the wall. "Whoa..."Was all he had to say.

Valmont leaned forward in his chair, interested at how this small weak looking girl managed to take them out without breaking a sweat. No matter, Hak Foo would get her.

An insane shout of animals attacking animals was heard as Hak Foo jumped in the air, fist ready. Just as he brought it down, she jumped out of the way by doing a cartwheel. As soon as his curled up hand connected to the ground, she twisted around and kicked him in the jaw, sending him back a few steps. He growled and tried to tackle her when she merely stepped out of the way, watching him crash into the wall. Twirling her dagger between her fingers, she became merciful and hit him in the back of the head with the end of the weapon. When he fell to the ground in an unconscious heap, she let out a breath she didn't realize she had held. Placing her weapons away, she looked over the three and thought of her next plan; how to get in the building.

Suddenly she felt a presence literally right behind her and a cane at her neck, her arm twisted behind her back. A soft gasp escaped her full lips, tilting her head back instinctively. The cane was just a cane, not a knife like she predicted but now she tried to see her attacker. All she saw was silver hair.

A leg wrapped around hers, ensuring she wouldn't try to kick him. "Well, well, what do we have here?" His voice was deep with amusement and surprise with a British accent. Goosebumps appeared on what pale skin was shown.

"Valmont..."The girl whispered her voice light but laced with poison. She struggled in his grasp, wincing when his grip on her wrist became tighter. How could she have defeated three men easily and captured so simply by one person?

"You know my name which means I should know yours." Valmont stated, smiling as she attempted to escape. This girl was feisty, he'd give her that.

She tilted her head back slightly on his shoulder, seeing the night sky. "Kaya Rose. I..." She stopped for a moment. "...I wish to join the Dark Hand. As you can see I'm a good assassin and fighter."

"And yet I captured you so easily."

Kaya fumed, "Because it was luck! Release me and let us fight once more, we'll see who's better."

Valmont chuckled and let her go, watching her spin around to face him with force. "No, that won't be necessary. Come into my office and we'll talk."

As they walked into his office, he noticed her gaze fall on the huge dragon named Shendu. Although she didn't ask, he knew she was wondering what it was. Standing behind his desk, he saw her take off her hat and band on her hair, tossing them on the wooden surface. Her long raven hair that shined slightly in the light fell gracefully on her shoulders, her eyes staring into his.

Icy blue met cherry red.

This was interesting.

"Why do you want to join us? Better yet, why I should I allow it?"Valmont questioned, sitting in his leather chair. He motioned with his hand for her to take a sit but she shook her head, her dark red lips curled into a smirk.

Around her eyes looked like burned skin perhaps but...clear. Like her skin was scruntched up around her eyes but it was difficult to see. Only in the right angle and lighting could you see the rather disguesting skin around her eyes. Valmont stopped himself from raising an eyebrow.

"I can name four good reasons; I'm an assassin; I can track anyone down easily; I kicked your henchmen's asses; and it looks like you need some good help." Kaya replied smoothly, shoving her gloved hands in the trench coats pockets.

Valmont glared at her, hating the truth. "Alright, I see your point. Before I go on, would you like Tohru to take your weaponry filled coat?" At this, a rather tall giant of a man walked in.

Tilting her head slightly, she said with an airily voice, "What makes you so certain it has more than one weapon in it? I pulled out one dagger only..."

He smirked at her slight confusion and curiosity, "When you walk, I can hear it in your steps. When you fought my enforcers, you moved slowly so no daggers, I assume, would harm you."

"Ah, so I'm not the only one with talents." She commented, glancing at the big man a few yards away.

Valmont continued the interview, "Since you found us so easily when others couldn't, do you think you could locate Section 13?" A soft gentle yet crisp laugh filled the cold air. "What makes you think what? Section 13 is secret and hidden quite well. Even if I managed to locate the general area it was in, they don't have a huge door that says "Entrance to Section 13"."

"Are you saying this hide out isn't secret and hidden?" He spoke through gritted teeth.
As if not realizing he was angered, she continued, "Actually yeah. It's kind of obvious to those who really look. So am I hired?"

The green suited man stood and walked over to her, studying her appearance. "Why are your eyes nothing but red?"

Thrown off by the question, she stuttered for the first time, "E-Excuse me? My...eyes? Oh um...there was a chemical accident when I was born and...something like that. So am I hired?"

Valmont could tell she was lying, that there was more to the story than a chemical accident. Holding out his hand, he smiled, "Welcome to the Dark Hand."