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Her heart was pounding almost mercilessly as she recalled the hug merely minutes ago. Despite the chilly wind that nipped at her exposed skin, she felt her cheeks remain quite warm as though a small fire was built behind them. Her hands touched them, feeling very much like a schoolgirl who had gotten her first crush…yet she wasn't.
Was she?

Not a schoolgirl, of course, but crushing. She couldn't have a 'crush' on the man. He was the one who killed her baby sister, the only reason why she lived! She had planned that as soon as Valmont was killed and Crystal was avenged, she would finish herself off and join her sister in the afterlife.

Then again, a crush was merely a term that meant…well, feeling physical attraction based on the person's looks. It wasn't like she was in love with him! She was allowed to have a crush on Valmont and she did! For whatever reason, she was attracted, even lusted after dare she think, to that arrogant British man.

His hair…she wanted to run her fingers through it…before yanking it out, she quickly thought afterwards. His skin, she just wanted to caress his face before slapping him. She wanted to feel his muscles before slicing them into small pieces. She wanted to gaze into his icy eyes right before stabbing them out of his eye sockets. Oh and his lips…she wanted to kiss them…and stitch them up right afterwards.

She forced herself to think the afterthoughts, making herself believe that she had only a crush; nothing more. Yet…her subconscious mind was nagging her. Shaking her head as though that would silence the thoughts, she jumped when her arm hit a building.

Without even realizing it, she had arrived at Uncle's shop. Inhaling slowly, trying to think of a fast story, she snapped her fingers. She knew exactly what lie to use! Stepping into the room, she looked around, "Jackie! Uncle! I'm sorry I'm late, my Professor wanted to discuss a term paper…He claimed it was hard to read through the tea I spilt on it." Now all she had to do was make Valmont call a professor that studied the 'Chinese mythology' or something of the similar and make him lie.

…Perhaps she should have done that before she stepped into the place.

"Kaya!" Jackie's accent etched voice rang out. There was something else coloring his tone…worry perhaps? Suspicion? If it was, she needed to get a story straight and keep her cool. Oh, and she also should try and sneak a call or a text message to Fin to tell Valmont to get the professor to lie for her. Wow, she seemed busy already! "Kaya, did you see anyone leave when you came in?"

Putting on the best confused face she could muster, she tilted her head and walked over to where he was. She stood at the doorway where, merely an hour or so ago, she had hid to eavesdrop. Watching Jackie and Uncle run around the room in a panic was extremely comical yet she resisted the urge to laugh softly.

"We can't find an antique!" He stated. "It must have been stolen; Jade is in her room and neither of us have been here for an hour. Did you see anyone?" Jackie looked at her, which made her feel a flash of guilt.

"No…Well, actually," She quickly lied to cover her own ass, "I saw a shady old guy…he looked like a street hobo. Dark skin, grey beard, green eyes, really torn up clothes. Perhaps he thought the antique could be sold for booze or drugs." She shrugged a bit.

"I'll go find him." Jackie told Uncle before taking off. This made Kaya chuckle inwardly…good luck trying to find someone she just made up.

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