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Summary: Abused, unloved, and alone. Those three words were familiar to Skye. Her powers to fly made her an outcast. It wasn't until her "Sweet Sixteen" did she find out she had telepathic powers as well. Now she must attend Xavier's school, surrounded by people she doesn't know. She must fight Magneto and question her actions; which side is really good? Magneto/Xavier/OC type deal. You don't like it, don't read it.

The sound of expensive china breaking against thin walls was heard inside an old dusty moldy looking house. It was two stories high, the windows were cracked, the shutters were off the hinges, the paint was peeling off, and the steps were torn apart. The house looked bad but the inside rooms were worse. Inside held two adults and a teenager; the teenager watching with bored curiosity as the two adults fought and shouted. The neighbors heard the fights...they always did.

Screams of money wasted and clothing echoed in the air. Insults were thrown back and forth. The two adults named Bill and Amelia were fighting about money for their foster daughter Skye. It was the same thing every night.

Skye glanced at her reflection in the mirror; messy long black hair put in a bun with Japanese chopsticks, gray eyes and red lips covered with black lipstick. She was sixteen. Many teenagers would assume the age sixteen was the year of getting a car...but not for her. Besides the fact that they had no money for a car, this year meant something different for her; mutation.

Although her foster parents didn't realize it, they had taken in a mutant. She'd be sprung out of the place as soon as they figured it out. Ever since she was ten, her parents threw her into an adoption center. From then on, every few months or every few weeks depending on how long she could hide her curse, she'd be tossed into a different family. It was amazing that she had stayed with these people for half a year. Placing a long black trench coat over her black dress, she put on her military boots and left the house before punches flew through the air along with insults. Sometimes she was lucky to avoid then but sometimes her luck ran out. Her dress was simply black with a few silver lines on the edges, flowers she drew on there. Wrapping the coat around her thin waist, she looked up at the gray sky.

Once again, it looked like it was planning to rain. Skye sighed lightly and walked down the road towards a forest she always stayed at for refuge. None of the neighbors allowed her inside during her parent's fights because of her appearance. She was poor, she knew, but she tried to wash her clothing every day...what clothing she had at least. So she'd go into the forest and just sit there, listening to happy families walk by.

The fall air blew against her, making her shiver inside the frail rat bitten coat. The leaves that had fallen from the trees blew playfully around her as if beckoning her to join them in a dance. That brought a small grin to her pale face. Ignoring the loud growls from her stomach, she looked up and down the road to make sure no cars saw her enter her safe haven. She took a few steps into the place and leaned against a tree, staring off in the distance, watching the road. Skye placed a hand on her hips, looking over herself. She was thin from lack of food and didn't really care, but she had curves...thank goodness. It was bad enough she looked like a black and white picture, she didn't need to look like a twig too.

Birds called to her, singing a song of temptation. They passed over her head high above and she sighed heavily, aching to fly. That was her power; flying. She didn't have any weird feathers or wings or anything...she just focused on her feet and she's fly. But until her foster parents, or neighbors, found out about her curse, she'd have to settle for walking.

Closing her gray eyes, she leaned against the tree trunk with her hands behind her uncombed hair. Deciding to make time go by quicker, she sang quietly as her voice was carried by the wind, "This world will never be what I expected and if I don't belong, who would have guessed it? I will not leave alone everything that I own to make you feel like it's not to late, it's never too late. Even if I say it'll be alright, still I hear you say, you want to end your life."

Suddenly she felt pain pulse through her head, like a knife stabbing her over and over again in the temple. Gasping, she fell to her knees and held her head, fighting back cries and tears of pain. It was gone as soon as it came. Shakily, she sat against the tree and looked around. Thunder boomed.

Gulping, she wiped away the tears that failed to fall and looked towards the road, seeing a black car pull up dangerously close to her hiding spot. No one in the neighborhood owned a black car...so who was it?

Standing up while leaning against the tree, not trusting her legs fully yet, she studied the car. "Doesn't look safe..." Skye thought as she quietly...well as quiet as one can in boots, walked away.

"Its just a car holding two people in it, how bad can it be?" A man whispered. It wasn't said aloud...it sounded like it was said in her mind. Shaking her head, she walked faster and after roughly a mile, she emerged from the forest.

As soon as her feet hit the sidewalk...it rained. Pushing back her wet black hair from her eyes, she growled. "My luck! Oh screw it; no one will see me in this weather!" Looking around, she focused on her feet and jumped in the air.

Instead of falling back to the ground, she remained in the air. Flying at long last, she headed home. A smile graced her lips, happy at last that she could stretch so freely. Suddenly, lightning hit near her. Yelping, she looked around and saw the black car. It was vague, what with the rain and distance, but she could see a woman with white hair in the front, driving.

Cursing silently, she flew quicker to her sorry excuse for a house. Just like before, she felt a pulsing pain shoot through her head but this time it stayed. Losing focus and concentration, she fell to the ground and landed with a sickening thud. Opening her gray eyes, she saw a figure standing before her but it was blurry. The raindrops that once hit her stopped...she was under an umbrella. There was a pain in her hand from where she landed but she ignored it. As she slipped back into darkness, she heard the same guy's voice say something about help.

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