Mom and I were watching Nightmare Before Christmas and the part where Jack asks, "What does it mean?" When he breaks an ornament into fired water, it changes color. My mom blurts out, "It's a Christmas light Pendejo!" Which is Spanish for idiot…or something lol.

A girl with long black hair tied into a rather sloppy ponytail flew in the air. The wind was cold against her bare skin but she ignored it. After all, she had felt worse…much worse. Headaches from powers, for example. Oh she hated them! Faintly she wondered if Xavier still got them. Probably not; he was a man of control. But in his younger years, she thought, he probably did having the 'talking headaches'.

One day, she smiled softly; she would ask him about his past. She could find out about his past loves, his past and failed marriages. She'd question him about how he realized he was different. About how he met his old friend Erik…about how he developed such ethics. Hopefully, she'd get to know him better than she did now.

As she landed on solid ground, she glanced around. Although she hadn't needed to look physically, she wanted to be sure. Sure she could scan the area with her mind but, hey, what fun was that? What if she lost her control…what little control she had? If someone saw her too, she would have to attempt to erase their minds. In the process, she feared, she would harm them…or kill them. On accident of course!

Seeing no one near, she opened the gates with grace and walked into the yard. Leaves danced and she paid no mind to the ones she stepped on, making a crushing noise. All she could focus on was her parents, her family. All she focused on was her plan to take her sister.

Could she even call them a family? By blood, yes, but by morals and sentimental values? That answer was very debatable. They ditched her, abandoned her when she needed them the most. When she found out she was different, they left her for good, for a life time of loneliness. Since then, she jumped home to home in vain to find a place where she belonged. Now she found it; it was called Xavier's Institute.

Then again, Xavier's answer was painfully obviously. If she had asked him about this, he would have said fear made people do stupid things. Fear and misunderstandings made people do crazy things that they'd never do normally. But that was the key word; normally. And she was not normal…neither was Rayne.

She opened the door with a flick of her wrist. Since Magneto was not near, the phone lines were still on. She hesitated, sensing her father downstairs and her mother upstairs. However, lucky her, her mother was in a different room than Rayne.

She'd have to be extra careful with two things; the phone and her powers. If she alerted her father downstairs, he'd be able to reach for the phone and dial for help. So that meant she'd have to try and dodge her mother or at least keep her silent.

That brought up the use of her powers. The other time was pure luck. When she had erased their memory of her encounter with them, it was a miracle that they lived through it! That she was able to manipulate her control like that! Perhaps it had something to do with Erik being near…or maybe even her anger.

Either way, this would be like a first encounter for both adults and she'd like to avoid that as much as possible. Although she did not like them, she loved them and the idea of any harm being done to them made her cringe. Especially if she was the one doing the damage.

Silently she climbed up the stairs. Her memory was vague but she was pretty sure the last few creaked when you stepped and put weight on them. Once again manipulating her powers, she floated onto the top of the staircase. At least she could do that with confidence!

She took two steps to the right where her sister would, no doubt, be. As soon as her toe touched the ground, however, she heard something…someone behind her. Quick as lightning, she threw herself into a shadowed corner of the hall. She watched her mother hum something very lightly. It was a lullaby of sorts.

Skye shook her head mentally. There was no time to get lost in the past and have a breakdown. She was looking through papers in her hands, letters perhaps. She used to do that a lot; get the mail and go to her room to open it. Although she never understood why her mom did it, she knew that her mother didn't feel safe unless in her room when opening the mail.

As soon as Skye was sure her mother was downstairs, she tip toed (quite literally) to her sister's room. It looked the same; no locks or anything. Nothing was misplaced and it was quiet. They really hadn't remembered her dropping by the other night…

Leaning over the crib, she watched Rayne sleep. She looked to be at least half a year old, maybe older. She would faintly remember her older sister stopping by, but not in a few years from now.

She hesitated, her gray eyes darting towards the door. Willing herself not to mess anything up, she scanned the house with her mind; they were slowly walking towards the stairs. Perhaps they were talking and walking.

"It's now or never…" Skye whispered mostly to herself.

Carefully but quickly, keeping a tab telepathically on her parents, she picked up the bundle of blankets. Wrapping an extra blanket around the infant, she wondered if her sister would be okay in the cold. Rayne whimpered in her sleep, shifting ever so slightly. Skye smiled softly, kissing her forehead.

"You're safe now my baby sister." Skye didn't even notice the irony of that sentence. She jumped out the open window, flying with a baby in her hands, claiming she was safe.
She flew away into the dark blue sky. The city clock chimed loudly, signaling that it was seven in the evening. Skye gulped, covering Rayne's face from the wind. She needed to get back to the mansion and fast!

Charles Xavier sat in his office in shock. It had been twenty minutes since his old friend left and he could hear people talking outside as they passed his office. His door was hidden into the wall of the hallway, making it difficult for strangers to find it. They talked about the time; 7:00 already!

All this time…all this time, Skye lied to him.

No, he couldn't and wouldn't think like that! He only had the tall tales from his old friend, his new enemy. He'd have to ask her himself.

Was she still sleeping? Or was she outside? Was she in the kitchen, eating? Was she talking to Marie and Bobby and John? It took only a second for the physic to realize that she was gone.

No…that was wrong. She had just arrived back from flying. Where had she gone? And what or who was it she carried? Speaking in her mind, he asked her to join her in his office.

He needed to know the truth once and for all!

Skye landed inside her room, thanking silently for Marie. If she hadn't left the window open…where was she anyway? She probably went down to the hospital area to see John. Skye added that on her growing list of things to do.

Rayne yawned and stayed asleep, sucking her thumb. Skye smiled at this and placed her on her bed. "Skye, meet me in my office please, now." It was Xavier! What in the world did he want?

No matter, she would have to hide her sister. But where? She had to make sure she wouldn't get harmed but there was no one trustworthy to ask to watch over her. Biting her lip, she made a pillow fort on her bed and placed her sister there.
"I'll be back little one!" She whispered before jogging out the door.

The door creaked just a little when it opened. Skye held onto the doorknob until her knuckles were white, scared to death of what Xavier wanted. When she stepped in, she did everything short of prying her fingers off the knob. She sat in a chair before the desk; the very same one Magneto had sat in.

"Yes Charles?" Her voice was light and calm; the total opposite of what she really felt.

He sat behind his desk, still a little shocked by Magneto's visit. His eyes were glazed over with the thinking clouds. It took a moment for him to see and realize she was there. "Ah, Skye…" Unlike the first time they met, his voice was cold. It was crisp and very…business like, making the teen shrink in her seat. "We need to talk about your many absences. First off, Ms. Skye, is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

Her mind yelled, nay shouted the truth of her whereabouts. But she silenced it. Her heart cried out for forgiveness, telling the truth. But she ignored it. Her mouth and her vocal cords started to move and she didn't stop it.

"I've been roaming the city, Charles. I apologize but I just needed to clear my mind and relax, try to control my powers by myself. It wont' happen again; I'll make up for the work I missed." She answered so calmly…so smoothly…too calmly and smoothly.

They stared at each other for the longest of times. They drowned in each other's eyes, both refusing to enter the other's mind. She found herself, at long last, starting to feel fidgety.

"Are you being honest, Skye?" His voice was soft, gentle. She heard traces of desperation, of fear. But why?

Forcing herself to nod, she voiced her action, "Yes Charles, I am."


"Liar!" Charles Xavier shouted, a moment of anger making a book fly across the room and hit the floor. Skye jolted but remained seated, stunned and shocked. She realized he strolled next to her but she couldn't move, couldn't talk, couldn't even breathe!

"Erik came to me today. In case you haven't realized, Skye, that's his real name; that's Magneto's name. He told me the truth, all of it! He told me how you left the mansion and accidentally stumbled into his hide out. He told me how he had Sabertooth, one of his loyal henchmen, follow you! He even told me how you went to your parent's house!" Charles' voice was sharp and cold as ice, if not colder.

Skye felt her heart skip a beat, her breathing stop. She felt light headed and felt her throat go dry as well as her mouth. If it weren't for self control, she would have been shaking just as much as her palm sweated.

"I…Charles…" She was scared, no…terrified. Xavier never looked this angry before and she sincerely doubted if anyone in his mansion witnessed it as well. What was she to do?

Would he harm her? No, it was against his ethics and although she found them silly, he believed in them strongly. All she could think about, however, was his anger and his next actions. Because of this, she accidentally projected her recent memories, allowing a great physic like Xavier to see.

His face went blank.

Skye thought and hesitated, wondering why he did that. Suddenly it felt like she was struck with a brick; he had seen her steal her sister! "What have you done?" His voice shook with an emotion she had difficulty identifying.

"I…I saved her. In a few years she'd be abandoned, perhaps even killed, because of her mutation!" She finally found her voice.

Charles remained only inches from her. His tone was stern, "No, you will take her back. If the police come knocking and if they ask for you, I will not protect…"

"How would they come here? How would they even know it was me? How would they know I was here? I erased their memory, remember?! They forgot that I went there last night. Surely Erik told you that part!" Skye shouted, having enough of this.

"You will take her back to her family, Ms. Skye and you will then return here. You will stay in your room finishing missed work while I decide your punishment!" He nearly yelled at her, his blue eyes fiery.

Skye suddenly lost it, shouting and leaning forward closer. "Her family?! They are my family too! Rayne is my baby sister and I must protect her! And I'll tell you another thing Professor Xavier; I will not sit there and be lectured to! I am of legal age and I will not be 'punished' for the decisions I'm able to make on my own! I will not…"

"Then I will inform the police that I have a kidnaper living…" Charles started to yell as well, getting cut off.

"You'll be charged as an accessory! I'll tell the world of all the mutants living here! Your ethics are so strong, Xavier that you wouldn't have the guts to wipe their minds! I'm protecting Rayne so you can just…"


Skye stopped at once, her head tilted to the right slightly. Her dark grey eyes were huge in shock. In her mind, she replayed what just happened, unable to believe it.

Charles Xavier of all people had just hit her.

Charles Xavier had just slapped her.

"I…" He whispered, shocked by his own actions as well. It was clear as day that he regretted it immediately. But then who could blame him, for his emotional control was at the edge and her taunting and shouting just made him…snap and slap. "M-My dear, I'm…"

Skye stood up without hearing a word he said and quickly ran out the door. She ran to her room and slammed the door shut, locking it. She'd keep it closed with her powers. Tears streamed down her face, sliding down her stinging red cheek. She lay next to her sleeping baby sister, watching her and protecting her.

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