High School Musical

Anime/Manga: Naruto

Paring; Sasu/Naru

Rating: K --T

Sum: Naruto's the Shy wiz kid. Sasuke's the star of the basketball court. What will happen when these two meet? And whats the deal with the status quo?

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Chapter 4: Trying Something New....


Darbus Style

"GOLD! MORE GOLD!" shouted Ms. Darbus to one of the students in detention who was sewing some cloth together. The student quickly began to work again after the shout. Ms. Darbus walked over to where Sasuke and Kiba were making sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. They were working on a tree.... She nodded and then turned around to see Naruto staring at them. A paint brush covered in gray paint was in his hand. He was currently working a giant moon. "PAINT PAINT LETS GO!" she said to Naruto who flinched and started painting again. When Ms. Darbus left a girl came running twords Naruto smiling. "The awnser is YES!" she said. Naruto blinked in confused. Ino and Sakura had also looked over at the pair in mild curiosity. "Huh?" He asked. The girl giggled. "Um, who are you exactly?" he asked the cheerful girl. She smiled wider and said, "Hyuuga, Hinata! I'm the Scholatic Decatholon Teams captin! Anyway the team and I have our first competition next week and there is certinly a spot for you!" "Were did those come from!?" asked Naruto whos eyes widened at the papers that Hinata was holding. It was the interview papers from the chapionship at HIS old school!!! 'Crap!' thought Naruto. 'NOT good!'

"Didn't you put them in my locker?" asked Hinata a moment later. '"Of course not!" said Naruto frankticly. Sakura smirked to her sister in victory. "Well, we'd love it if you'd be on our team," Hinata said. "We meet almost everyday after school..." Naruto hesitated. "Please!" Hinata begged. "I need to catch up on the curriculum here, before I think about joining any clubs..." '"OH what a perfect way of getting caught up!" said someone in a high pitched sugar sweet voice. Sakura heard what was going on and decided to butt in. She stood next to Naruto with a hand leaning on the moon. "Meeting with the smartest kids in school! What a generous offer Hinata!" she said smirking. Hinata looked away in annoyence.

"So many new faces in detention! Hope you dont make a habit of it!" said Ms. Darbus as she came up behind Naruto and Sakura. "But the Drama club can always use a helping hand! And while we are working let us probe the mounting evils of CELL PHONES!" Sasuke shot staples into a paper leaf, making it connect to the fake tree. He sighed in boredom.'Someone help me...' he wined in his head.

Basketball Practice:

"Yea thats what I want to see!" Itachi said to the basketball team at practice after school. The team circled around him when he called them in by the wistle. "Ok here's what gonna--" Itachi looked around. "Where's Sasuke and Kiba?" The team was silent. "Don't make me ask again..." Still more silence. "WHERE'S SASUKE AND KIBA?!!!!" some flinched at the tone of his voice. "In detention...." they all said. Itachi sighed and handed his clip board to a teacher aid and ran off to get the boys.

With Darbus:

"..prehaps the most heinous example of cell phone abuse is ringing in the theater.." said Mrs. Darbus as she continued on with her LONG lecture about cell phones. Sasuke, Kiba, and the other students had long given up working since she began. Kiba had resorted to sleeping, while Sasuke restorted to bugging him while he sleeps with a "tree" leaf. Mrs. Darbus continued with her long speech with, "What temerity! The theater is a temple of art. A precious cornucopia of creative energy..." not noticing that Uchiha, Itachi had walked into the theater.

"Where's my team, Darbus?!" he shouted. Kiba had woken up and Sasuke just sat in the "tree". "What the heck are those two doin' in a tree?!" Darbus smirked. "Its called crime and punishment, Uchiha. Besides, proximity to the arts is clensing for the soul..." she said dramatically. Which wasn't too hard considering she was the drama teacher. Itachi felt a vein pulse in his head, but kept his cool...sort of. "Can we have a talk, please?" he said. Then turned twords Kiba and Sasuke. "And you two, in the gym..NOW!" Sasuke jumped down from the top of the "tree" and grabbed Kiba who was cluching a basketball for dear life. Naruto watched them walk away slightly grimincing. 'Gee...wouldn't want him as a coach.." and began painting again.

Principles Office:

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"If they have to paint sets for detention, they could do it tonight, not during my practice!" yelled Itachi, extremely furious. "If these were theater prefomers instead of athleates, would you seek special treatment?" Darbus yelled back, just as mad. The prinipal, Tsunade, looked livid. "Darbus, we are days away from our biggesat game of the YEAR!" the older Uchiha yelled. "And we,Uchiha, are in the midst of our auditions for our winter musicale as well!" yelled the drama teacher. "This school is about more than just young men in baggy shorts flinging BALLS for touchdowns!" she continued. Itachi sighed in annoyence. "BASKETS! THEY SHOOT BASKETS!" Then the principle finally snapped. Frankly tired of the constant bickering between them. "Stop! Guys, listen, you've been having this argument sice the day you both started teaching here. And I'm getting SICK of it! You guys act like little kids!" Itachi and Darbus glared slightly at Tsunade after hearing that. "We are one school, one student body, one faculty! CAN WE NOT AGREE ON THAT?!" she yelled. Itachi and Darbus now looked extreamly pissed. Tsunade then turned to Itachi and surprisingly, smiled? "So, Coach, how's the team lookin'? Sasuke got'em whipped into shape?" Itachi smirked at Darbus and cheered in his mind as she gasped in shock. 'I win!' Tsunade smiled again and threw one of her small rubber basketballs into a small hoop.

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Basketball Practice 2hrs Later

The wistle was blown and everyone ran panting to the coach. The Itachi smiled at everyone. "The West High Knights had knocked us out of the playoffs 3 years running, and now we are one game away from taking that championship back from 'em!" He said as he walked up and down the line that the team had made. "Its time to make our stand...The team is you. You ARE the team. And this team does not exsist unless each and every one of you is fully focused on our goal. Am I clear?" Itach asked. Kiba smirked.

" HEY WHAT TEAM?!" he shouted.








The wistle blew again as they finished the chant.

"We've never made it past the first round at the scholastic decatholon...You could be our awnsered prayer!" said Hinata as she tried, AGAIN, to get Naruto to join her team and club. Thet were walking across the front of the school on the lawn. It was now lunch. Naruto sighed at her persistance. "I'm focusing on my studies this semster, and help my mom get the new house organized. Maybe next year..." Naruto suddenly got curious. "But what do you know about Uchiha Sasuke?" Hinata pondered the question. "Sasuke? Hm." She picked up her weelie back pack as she and Naruto walked up some stairs. "I wouldn't consider my self an expert on that particular sub-species...However, unless you happen to speak cheerleader, as in.." Hinata walked up to a small group of practicing cheerleaders. She fanned her face while saying. "Oh, my gosh! Isn't Uchiha Sasuke like the HOTTIE super-bum!" she got a lot of reactions. Including on the lines of, "He so beautiful"

Naruto and Hinata laughed as they pshed their way out of the clump of cheerleaders. "Ha-ha. See what I mean?" said Hinata. Naruto giggled. "Well I guess I gotta learn how to speak cheerleader." Hinata nodded. "Which is why we live an alternate universe to Sasuke the basketball boy." Naruto sighed. "Haven't you tried to get to know him?" Hinata thought about for a moment. "Watch how it works in the cafeteria tomorrow when you have lunch with us." Hinata then looked at the cheerleaders and got annyed slightly, but still smiled. "Unless you'd rather sit with the cheerleaders and discuss the importance of firm nail beds." She showed off her fingers. Naruto quirked an eyebrow. "Is that ALL they talk about? Geez thank KAMI I'm not a girl, becuase my nail beds are HISTORY!" He and Hinata laughed and walked off.

Sasuke jumped up with the basketball in his hands and made a slam dunk. He grabbed the ball as it bounced out of the hoop. "You know I still don't understand this whole detention thing.'"said his older brother. Sasuke sighed. He wore a pair of dark blue basketball shorts and a white t-shirt. He was soaked with sweat.(A/N *nosebleed and drool* TAKE IT OFF SASUKE TAKE IT OFF!!! LOL) "It was my fault, Gomen nasai Aniki." "Cross court..." was all Itachi said. Sasuke bounced over there as the ball was throw to him. "You know Darbus will take any opportunity to bust my chops. That includes yours too!" Itachi said as he tried to get the ball that was thrown over his head by Sasuke into the basket. Sasuke panted.

"Hey Aniki." He started as he pushed some of his dark bangs out of his face walking over to his older brother. "Did you ever wan to try something new, but were afraid of what your friends might think?" Itach raised a brow. "You mean like going left? Your doing fine. come on!" Sasuke started to move again but caught himself still panting. "Well...no" he stared again. "What if you want to try something REALLY new and its a total disaster and all your friends laugh at you." Itachi put his hands on his hips. "Well then maybe they're not really your friends. That was my whole point about team gotta look out for each other. And your the leader." He said while pointing at Sasuke. Sasuke tried to say something but was cut off. "There's gonna be collage scouts at our game next week, Sasuke." Itachi continued. "You know what a scholarship is worth these days?" Sasuke nodded and sighed again. "A lot..." Itachi chuckled "Yeah a lot. Now focus, Sasuke, come on!" Sasuke bounced the ball once, flipped around his brother, and shot the ball he was given into the hoop.


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