This is the Sequel to "Opposites". This takes place 1 ½ years after the last chapter, and you will most likely not understand this if you have not read Opposites. Therefor, if you have not read opposites... go read it now... yeah that's what this was all leading up to. just like Opposites, this is starting in Allen's POV, and switching to Kanda's for even numbered chapters.

Rated um... for now T... that could change but for now it's T for swearing, suggestive stuff, violence, and what-not...

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1. A Letter from Yuu

I was in a hotel room, just about to let myself fall back onto the soft, large double-bed that was to the side of the hotel room. Lavi, Krory, and myself were all sharing a hotel room, while Lenalee and Miranda shared the room next to ours. I had no idea that my insane German teacher was an accomodator... and I didn't know that the sensitive Kro-chan was such a fiend when hopped up on akuma blood either... just goes to show how much I paid attention in school.


I groaned pathetically at the thought, school, somewhere I used to go, somewhere I went when the world was normal. Back when all I had to do to see Kanda was walk down a hall. It's been over a year and a half since I've heard from him, for all I know he could be dead... but then again for all I know he's still alive and glaring. The second option sounds so much better. Just as I fell face-first into the fluffy pillow, there was a knock on the door. I once again groaned, I was tired, I didn't wanna get up! So instead I just yelled for them to open the door and hoped they had a card-key.

It was Toma, a finder than happened to be with us on our general-hunt. He was a nice man, very calm, very knowledgeable. He didn't come far into the room, instead giving whatever he had in his hand to Timcampy, who chomped down on it dutifully. The finder quickly left and Tim flew over to me, dropping the envelope before me. I starred at it for a minute, the thing was covered in postal stamps, all of which were from countries I'd traveled through during this last year and a half. Sadly, we till hadn't found Cross.

I tried to look through all the stamps to find the return address, but there was none. I was careful while opening the envelope, with all those stamps on it, it was almost like a travel log, traveling one or two steps behind me; I wanted to keep it. I slid out the short letter inside, and as I opened it, my eyes immediately went to the bottom of the prose, where the writer's signature would hopefully be. My throat clenched painfully at the name written on the bottom, in that neat yet rushed-looking handwriting.

Dear Allen,

It's weird to write your name, I never had any reason to before. I almost wrote 'Moyashi' instead... old habits die hard. It's been a while, but we still haven't found General Tiedoll. However thanks to Daisya, I officially hate bells. I swear Noise is the only thing that keeps me from killing the kid. I'm in south America at the moment, we contacted headquarters and apparently we are only a few hours away from where the general last reported to being. If he just stays there then we might be able to reach him by tomorrow. Dammit the old geezer better stay where he is... the sooner we find him, the sooner we can come find you guys.

So speaking of everyone, how are you guys doing finding Cross? Are Lavi and Lenalee any better? And has Miranda managed to kill herself yet? I'm not all that worried about Krory... it's depressing to say but he's the most normal of you all. How are you doing? Something very strange happened recently with our innocence, and Headquarters said that it was probably happened because another exorcist reached over 100 percent synchronization with their innocence, because all of Helvaska's innocence was acting up too. Was it someone from your group? (I'm implying something here if you're not catching that Moyashi).

well... sorry I don't have much to say... I'm no good with letters. I'm not the world's greatest communicator, so sue me. So that's it... you'd think I'd have more to say after 9 months huh?

I miss you,



I looked at the date at the bottom of the letter, it had been sent 9 months after we separated, just like he said, and it had gotten to me nine months later. I was so happy I got this, no matter how late it came. Now, many might view this as a mostly impersonal prose, something with little feeling put into it, but for Kanda, who was indeed not good at speaking about his emotions unless he had to, this was a lot. First off, he wanted to find his general quickly so that he could find my group, a.k.a. the group I'm in, a.k.a. me. second of all, he said he was not very worried about Krory, which meant he was very worried about everyone else, which means he actually let a bit of emotion out clearly. Third, he thought that someone from my group had become the newest general, and from his "im implying something" statement, he had guessed it was me. a very correct guess, so now as we look for Master Cross, I am also looking for new accomodators. I still can't believe how I came to have this power, it was a huge battle that no one came out of the same as they went in.

Lastly though, to get back to my listing, was the fact that Kanda had actually written "I miss you". It was completely surprising that he would actually write that, putting it in a tangible form that could be captured and saved and shown as proof that he'd said it. I wanted to hug this letter as if it would temporarily take the place of the one I missed so much. And I did, wanting to squeal in happiness, which I didn't. At the very mention of Kanda I seem to turn into a love-struck girl it would seem as of late, but I still have some pride thank you. Not to mention I'm the youngest of my friends and have the highest position among them, I kinda have to retain my dignity somewhat.

I wasn't sure if I should write back to him though, what if he didn't get the letter for another nine months? What if we meet again before it get's to him? What if it gets lost? I didn't want to just write, I wanted to hear him, and see him and be held by him! but it's not like I could just call him through the Order, it'd be a hassle and there's a good chance he wouldn't be able to find somewhere to hook in his golem, depending on where he was in the world. What I wouldn't do to have Yuu here now.

I wondered how much he changed now. I mean, it's been almost two years now, and he had turned 19 a few weeks before we got separated, and add a year and a half to that and that makes him... oh my god he's 20!? Yeah, I shoulda realized that sooner and it's not like I didn't have an internal birthday party for him in June but still it just didn't really register with me until now. Somehow that made him seem so much older than me, I mean in six month's he'd be legally old enough to drink in the states and I'll be turning 17 in a week or two, and only now would I be able to get a full driver's license in most states.

After the momentary shock wore off, I started to wonder again, did he sound different? Did he look different? Maybe he grew even taller? Maybe he cut off his hair? Oh God forbid him from ever doing that, I love his hair. But he probably hasn't changed much physically... but then again men can continue growing until their 25 at the latest so... he could've gotten taller. I myself might've gained an inch or so... that still makes me so short. I don't really wanna be short, but I think I'm the only one thinking that. Anytime the subject of my height comes up Lavi says I'm too cute to get taller and then proceeds to lean on my head like it'll stunt my growth. What if it is? Ok that's just stupid.

My point is, I want to see Kanda, and with this letter as motivation, I will work at this mission until it's done so that I can!

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