PG 13 (may become M)

Pairing Sam&Dean (but they're not related)

Different Summary: Dean Winchester is part of an organization that has spent 22yrs hunting the Yellow-eyed demon. When he finds out that the Yellow-eyed is after people with powers he goes to California, Stanford to rescue Sam Michaels. Their friendship grows strong and Dean's love for his fiancée Jo dies but his love for Sam grows and in no time Sam becomes Dean's lover.

Warning: contains mention of abuse, torture in later chapter, sex scenes and Wincest or slash or whatever you people call it

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Hunters of the Underworld

Chapter 1: The Hunters

The rain pounded down on the streets of San Francisco and thunder roared through the night sky. The city was still bustling with life even though it was late in the night. Everyone went by doing their thing. However a young man named Dean Winchester was on a mission. He had been sent out to find a man known as Reid Walker. But Reid Walker was not just a man, no he was far from it: he was a demon and he was being hunted.

Dean opened the door to a black Chevy Impala and took off down the street. At 3am Reid would be at the city harbour awaiting someone that didn't exist, and Dean would be waiting. Twenty minutes later found Dean at the city harbour awaiting the arrival of Reid Walker.

A silver Skyline came into view, and Dean got out of the car. The car stopped and a man with spiky black hair climbed out. His green eyes scanned the area then three other men got out of the car, each carrying a gun. Dean moved out of the shadows with his gun raised and fired at the three men that stood around Reid. He shot at the man closest too Reid and the bullet hit him in the head and he fell down dead.

The other men fired at Dean but he dodged each bullet and sent another round off. The second man went down and the third man was hit in the leg. Reid pulled a gun from his pocket and started to fire it at Dean. He ducked behind a brick post that was supporting the building above it. He then jumped out and sent a bullet into Reid's leg and one into the third mans head.

Dean strolled over to Reid and pointed his gun at his head "drop it."

He obeyed and dropped the weapon straight away.

"Thanks a bunch Reid" and with that he pulled out a needle and stabbed it into his neck and he slipped into unconsciousness. Dean placed his hands under his arms and dragged him to the Impala and threw him into the back. He climbed into the front seat and took off in the direction of the headquarters. Twenty minutes later he pulled up out the front of a mansion. An eight foot black metal fence surrounded the place and the old mansion was made out of brick with white marble steps leading up to the front door. The gates opened and Dean drove up to the front of the house, he killed the engine and climbed out.

He raced around the back and pulled Reid out and dragged him up the stairs to the front door that had already been opened for him. He was met by four men each wearing black. They took Reid from him and headed off towards a double door. Dean took off the black coat he was wearing and placed it on the hanger beside the door.

He then shut the door and made his way over to the white marble staircase and jogged up them to reach the second floor. Once there Dean stopped and looked around the lounge room. The room was dimly lit; the only main source of light came from the brick fireplace that was in front of three red lounge chairs. Dean then strolled through the vacant lounge room and made a beeline towards a black door.

He pulled open the black door and walked into an office type room. There was a desk near the window with a computer on it and a pile of yellow folders sat on the desk next to the keyboard. The chair behind the desk was unoccupied, which meant the person he was looking for was already down in the interrogation room. He turned around and spotted a skinny guy with long hair walking into the room. It appeared that he hadn't even noticed Dean and was already fiddling with some of the objects on his desk.

"Ash" Dean's voice cut through the silence like a knife

Ash jumped and nearly dropped the object he was holding "Dean man you scared the hell outta me."

"You're a hunter Ash, you're s'pose to always be on the look out."

"No I make the guns, bullets darts" he rambled "and you're the hunter, which means you're the one that has to always be on the look out."

Dean grinned then walked over to the desk that Ash's weapons were on. "Got anything knew for me?"

"By tomorrow I'll have some very amazing darts for you."

"Oh yeah, what do they do?"

"We'll these darts are only to be used on vampires, okay, other wise their useless" Ash continued to ramble "Anyway these darts are filled with dead mans blood" he paused and Dean nodded for him to continue "which will weaken the vampire but not kill it, which means that you guys can question them without having to knock them unconscious, which means?" he trailed off thinking Dean would finish his sentence.

"Which means?"

"That you can question them without even having to bring them back here."

"Oh I see" Dean said looking around the room then turned back to face Ash "Where's my father by the way?"

"Interrogation room."

"Thought so" Dean mused then departed from the room and headed off towards the marble staircase. He jogged down the stairs and walked briskly through the entrance room. He walked towards a wooden door and pushed it open to reveal the security room, there was a computer and TV screens so they could see whom they were letting into the house. Dean noticed that a blonde haired girl was sitting at the desk; she looked up at him with a small smile.

"I see you got Reid," she said softly.

"Yeah" Dean walked towards her and sat down on the chair next to her "Jo, I'm sorry that I haven't been here for you a lot lately."

"Dean…" she paused and took a deep breath to calm herself down. "When you asked me to marry you, I expected to see a lot more of you. If we're to be wed I want to know that I'm going to have a husband that I see. Because I can't keep doing this" she closed her eyes to blink away the tears. "I love you but I… I just can't do this."

"Jo… I promise once I find out why dad wants Reid, I'll be by your side" he kissed her lightly on the forehead "Can you open the door?"

"Yeah sure" she turned to face the computer and typed in a password then turned back to face Dean "will you be long?"

"I shouldn't be" he kissed her softly on the lips then walked towards a metal door that had just slid open. Dean walked into the room and saw his father and their family friend Bobby. In the centre of the room was a metal table and chained to it was Reid Walker, who was finally awake. Dean stood next to his father who gave him a brief smile.

"Well done Dean."

"So why is Reid so important?" Dean asked completely ignoring the praise.

"Reid knows something about a young man known as Sam Michaels."

"What is he?"

"Human" Dean's father turned to face him "But his mother was killed by the Yellow-eyed demon."

"Wait as in the Yellow-eyed demon that killed mum."

"Yeah" his father looked towards their family friend Bobby then back to Dean "after Sam's mother died he was raised by his father, but his dad became a drunk and got abusive towards Sam."

"But why is Reid after him?"

"Why don't you ask him that" Bobby chimed in.

"Think I will" he looked down at Reid who was glaring up at Dean. "Why are you after Sam?"

"Ha ha ah" he laughed, "Think I'm going to tell you! I've already let to much slip."

Dean slammed his first into Reid's chest, which caused him to cough. "Now I'll ask again. Why. Are. You. After. Sam?"

"The Yellow-eyed demon said something about him being part of a plan."

"What kinda plan?"

Reid grunted then stared into Dean's green eyes "I don't know! All I was told was that I needed to go to California and pick up Sam…" he quickly shut his mouth, he had just let to much slip.

"Where in California?"

Reid only looked away but his reward was a punch to the stomach "alright, alright" he yelled "The College. He's at the Stanford College."

"Now that wasn't to hard now was it?" Dean asked with a grin.

Reid glared at Dean once more but Dean spun on his heals and walked off towards the metal door.

"Bobby, finish him off." John ordered.

"Sure thing John."

John then followed his son and met him at the metal door that was slowly opening.

"Dean I can send someone else to go get him."

"No I want to" Dean replied, "I want to know why the Yellow-eyed demon wants Sam."

"Dean be careful the demons are advancing and from what I've been told Sam isn't the only one the Yellow-eyed demon is after."

"Who else is he after?" Dean asked going up a step and walking through the doorway.

"A young girl named Ava went missing a week ago" John replied "a source told me that she had powers."

"What sort of powers?"

"She had visions and the demons got to her before we could."

"There not going to get Sam" Dean walked through the security room taking only a second to see if Jo was still in there but she was no longer present. She had obviously gone to bed but Dean didn't have time for goodbyes, he had a job to do and the job always came first.

Dean walked into the entrance room and grabbed his coat and quickly pulled it on. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys. He made his way to the door but he stopped when he heard someone say his name. He turned to see Jo standing behind him.

"Where are you going?"



"Because there's work to be done."

"Dean just let someone else do it" she walked closer to him "for once stay with me Dean! I'm your wife to be and I'd like to share a bed with you for a whole night… because I'm sick of waking up to no one. It's like you love the job more then you love me!"

"I'm sorry Jo, but I have to go" he spun on his heals and vanished into the rainy night.

California, Stanford

The sun crept through the curtains of Sam Michaels dorm window. He rolled onto his back and stared out through the gap in the curtain, it was another beautiful day. He sat up and stretched his arms above his head and cracked his back: he had spent most of the night studying for his exam. He rose to his feet and made a beeline to the bathroom. He stripped down then turned the shower on: the hot water was soothing to his aching limbs.

Ten minutes later he turned the shower off and climbed out. He dried himself off then dressed himself in a pair of jeans and white t-shirt. He walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his bag. He shoved his books in then threw in his wallet, mobile and keys. He grabbed his jacket, pulled it on then slung the bag over his shoulder. He opened the door and stepped out into the beautiful day. He took a deep breath of fresh air shut the door behind him and headed off towards the car park.

Sam walked through the vacant car park, all was quiet and still. He was twenty feet away from the gate when he heard footsteps. He spun around to face a young man with short blondie brown hair and green eyes. He wore a black shirt with a long black coat over it and light denim jeans. He stared at Sam and walked towards him.

"My names Dean Winchester" he stuck out his hand and Sam shook it in return.

"I'm Sam Michaels" he let go of his hand "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Yeah… see" he cleared his throat "You're in danger and I've been sent here to bring you back to Headquarters."

"Excuse me?" He exclaimed with a confused look on his face.

"Look!" he said firmly "no matter what I tell you, you're going to think I'm insane but. You're. In. Danger."

Sam's confused look died down a bit but he was still very confused "so… so what you're trying to say is someone is after me."

"Yeah and I need you to come with me."

"Wait! Tell me one thing" Sam said "whose after me? And why?"

"That's two things" Dean grinned but he answered his question nevertheless "alright the people that are after you aren't actually people, for a fact they're demons."


"Let me finish" Dean said holding up his hand then lowering it "I know demons aren't s'pose to be real but they are, they're very real. And this demon known as the Yellow-eyed demon is after you because he thinks you have some kind of powers."

"POWERS!" Sam spat "I don't have powers! I'm a normal college student and you're some insane mental person who needs serious help!" Sam paused to take a breath "and if what your saying is true, how do I know you're not that bad guy. How do I know your not the 'demon' that's after me."

"Sam trust me" he said, "I am here to save you. Now I don't know exactly what the demons are planning to do to you but my bet is its not gonna be fun."

Sam walked away then turned back to face him "This is insane."

"But its true."

"Look I just want to go to college and get my degree in law school."

"You can" Dean replied "Once this is all over."

"And how long will it take huh? A year or more?"

"We've been hunting the demon that's after you for nearly twenty two years and we're finally getting closer to finding a way to kill him" Dean paused to clear his throat "This demon killed my mum and he killed yours as well."


"When you were six months old a fire broke out in your nursery but your father saved you and-"

"He used to tell me that my mum was pinned to the ceiling then she just burst into flames."

"And that's the truth Sam" Dean said firmly "my mum died the same way as yours did the only difference was that I wasn't six months old when she died and after that my father went after the thing that killed her. He found other hunters and we all joined together to take down anything supernatural that came our way."

"Why'd it kill our mothers?"

"To be honest I really don't know" his said calmly "but what I do know is that he's after you and I'm here to save you."

"I still don't trust you."

"You're putting your life in danger!"

"If I miss one day of college my dad is-"

"Is what" Dean cut in "Get drunk and beat you?"

"W… what… how?"

"Reid walker, a possessors demon told us everything we needed to know" Dean said softly "he told us where to find you… and I risked my life to get Reid so I could find out what he knew. Now I wouldn't like that to be for nought."

Sam shifted his weight then looked around the car park. He heaved a sigh then looked back at Dean, who was waiting patiently. He opened his mouth to say something else but the sound of gunfire cut him off. Dean immediately pulled him behind a car he was standing next to. Glass shattered and fell down on them and they had to use their arms to prevent the glass from falling in their eyes.

"Stay down" Dean ordered.

He pulled a gun out from inside of his jacket then he crawled around to the front of the car. He fired off a round then hid back behind the wheel as another round was fired at him. He stood up and fired a second round and killed the men closest to the car.

"What the hell is going on?"

"These are the demons I was talking about."

"They're demons?"

Dean pulled a knife from his pocket and threw it at one of the demons and he fell down dead. "They like to blend in to the natural world but they are far from it" he quickly ducked as bullet just missed his head.

"So what do we do?"

"My car is just around that corner" he pointed in the direction of the car "we'll have to make a run for it."

"Are you crazy?"

"Just a bit" he pulled another gun out from his jacket then he stood and sent bullets flying towards the five demons that were making their way closer to them. "Sam run."

"What if I get shot?"

"Just run! I won't let it happen."

Sam stood then took off in the direction that Dean had pointed at. A bullet zoomed past his head and hit a near by tree. Dean started to walk backwards as fast as he could then he spun around and took off after Sam. He rounded a corner and saw Sam leaning against a brick wall, panting heavily.

"My cars just over there" he pointed at a black Chevy Impala.

Sam nodded then they both took off towards the car. Dean climbed into the drivers seat and Sam climbed into the passenger seat, he was still panting heavily. Dean started the engine then tore off out of the parking lot.

"What if they follow us?"

"They won't risk killing you" Dean said breathless.

"They won't risk killing me?!" he exclaimed "I nearly got a bullet in my head!"

"It wasn't a bullet" Dean replied, "It was a dart. It would have only knocked you unconscious."

Sam gave Dean a small smile then turned to look out the window. "So where are we going?"

"San Francisco."

To Be Continued

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