Chapter 20: No Better Place To Be

The wind blew against the church doors, causing them to rattle and shake. However the rattling doors did not bother the people inside, they were to busy paying attention to the service that was being held. Today they were saying goodbye to the hunters who had lost their lives in yesterday's battle. Fourteen hunters were being laid to rest on this cool afternoon, all were highly trained but they had been no match for James.

Pastor Jim bowed his head in a prayer and everyone within the church also bowed their heads, the church was silent. Finally they raised their heads and stood to leave the church. Many left in tears, they held onto their loved ones as they exited the church. Sam and Dean walked out, basking in the afternoon sun.

Each coffin was loaded into a hearse, the engines started then the cars slowly took off. Some followed the cars but many returned to the mansion, the house was not in good shape. Demons had attacked last night but they didn't put up a good fight and most of them had died, but the rest had retreated to the demons lair.

Bobby had told the boys of the strange attack but they were too happy to have really cared, it wasn't a big deal to them. Demons had showed up got killed then the surviving ones hid, not all that strange. But Bobby was worried which meant that he would want to talk to Dean about it and Dean would have to pay attention, or at least pretend to.

But Dean no longer wanted this life; he no longer needed this life. His father had put him in these shoes and he had never stopped to ask Dean if they suited him. He had lost himself along the way; he wanted nothing but revenge on the demon that killed his mother. He wanted him dead and he would kill every supernatural being that stepped in his path. But now he viewed things differently, he wanted a taste of normality; he wanted to now what it was like to live a normal life.

He wanted to get a job, buy a home and settled down with Sam. He wanted Sam to finish law school and have the future he would have had if Dean had never gone to Stanford to get him. He wanted them to live in safety; he wanted to live without having to keep an eye open for danger. He wanted to feel safe, he had never felt it but perhaps now he could: now he and Sam could.

Dean opened the car door and climbed in with Sam sitting next to him. Dean started the engine then took of back towards the mansion. Twenty minutes the car pulled up out the front of the mansion, Dean killed the engine then climbed out. Sam got out after Dean. He turned to face him and he gave him a small smile. Dean grinned then walked over to him, he wrapped his hands around Sam's neck and lent in, he pressed a kiss to his lips then pulled back. He turned away and walked forwards, still holding Sam's hand.

He led him up the stairs and through the entrance, they darted up the marble staircase and stopped once they reached the second floor. The lounge room was full of hunters, one of which was Bobby. He stood up and made his way to them both, he placed a hand on his back and waved his arm at the eight men in the room.

"These are our knew hunters" Bobby said "and they need training by the best."

"Oh nice to meet you" Dean waved his hand lazily; he had another thing on his mind at the moment.

"Dean you're the one who's going to train them" Bobby added, "remember" he gave him a look that said 'play along.'

"Oh yeah" Dean exclaimed "yeah I remember" he gave Bobby a look back, one that said 'we need to talk about this later'. "Well class starts at eight tomorrow! Now if you'll excuse me I have business to attend to" he gave Sam a sideways glance and a sexy grin "so see ya."

Dean turned and departed from the room with Sam following behind, Bobby turned to the men and gave them an apologetic look then raced after Dean. He saw them about to enter their room but he grabbed Dean's arm just in time. Dean turned to face Bobby with a blank expression on his face, and he mouthed four simple words.

"You're ruining the mood."

Bobby let go of Dean and gave him an odd look "I didn't need to know that."

"Well next time you won't follow" Dean crossed his arms over his chest, leaving a pause so Bobby could talk.

"Those hunters have been told that they are going to be trained by John Winchester's son and they expect him to sit through a meeting with them."

"Well they expect too much" Dean joked, but clearly Bobby didn't find it funny "Look I want some rest, in case you don't remember yesterday Sam and I battled James and his army of hybrids!"

"I know you're exhausted but please it's just an hour."

Dean turned to look at Sam, who was sitting on the bed looking all so handsome, he turned back to face Bobby and gave a curt nod "I s'pose I can pass down some of my wisdom" he turned around and pressed a kiss to Sam's forehead "wont be long." Dean then turned back to face Bobby, who was pretending not to be bothered by the fact Dean was gay. Bobby disappeared into the hall and Dean gave Sam a quick grin before departing from the room.

Sam lied on the bed and let his eyes drift shut, Sam felt safe within these walls. After all, he spent most of his life living in fear. But he had faced his fear; he was no longer consumed by the memory of his father. When he was a kid he wished that he had a father who played sports with him, but all he got was a father who would beat him.

But if Sam had to, he would do it all over again, because in the end he found happiness, he found Dean. And if he had to he would go through every beating again, just so he could be in Dean's arms. Sam thought running away to college was the best thing he did but leaving it and coming here with Dean was the best thing he had ever done.

"Hey Sam."

Sam sat up in a hurry to find Derek standing in front of him, "What are you doing here?"

"Well I was looking for a beer," he said with laughter in his voice but Sam didn't even crack a smile. "Is Dean here?" he quickly asked.

"Dean's in a meeting" Sam said standing "why don't you come back later."

"Ah I'll just chill out here" he lent against the wall.

"I'd prefer if you come back later" Sam hissed, he could feel the beast within him screaming to get to the surface.

"Did I do something to offend you?"

"You killed my uncle!" Sam spat.

"Oh yeah" he cleared his throat "I'm sorry about that, but I assure you I'm not that demon any more, I've changed."

Sam looked down then looked back up "I can't forgive you" he said dryly "But I'll take your word, after all, you did save Dean's life yesterday."

Derek gave a curt nod "so… how did you and Dean meet?"

"He came to me and told me that I was in danger and he had been sent to bring me back to Headquarters" Sam smiled softly as he remembered the first time he met Dean, his first thought was he 'is so cute' then his next thought was Sam 'are you crazy?' "I thought he was nuts" Sam laughed slightly "I felt like running from him, but I'm glad I didn't, otherwise I would be dead right now."


The meeting wrapped up and Dean was glad. He wanted to finish what he had started but he wasn't going to be able to finish it any time soon. He saw Bobby motion for him to follow him, so with a sigh he followed Bobby down the marble staircase and through the kitchen. He saw Ellen and Jo in the kitchen and he knew he would have to talk to them next.

Bobby shut the door and motioned for Dean to take a seat, he obeyed and sat down despite not wanting to be there. Bobby sat down in front of him; he rested his arms on the desk and stared at Dean. "Where do you see this going?"

"See what going?" he asked confused.

"You and Sam" he stated "where is your relationship heading?"

"Ah… I don't know" he said dryly "why do you ask?"

"I need to know if this is just a fling or are you serious about this?"

Dean cleared his throat and placed his arms on the desk "I love him, and I'm serious about this" he paused "Sam and I are together and nothing is going to tear us apart."

Bobby heaved a sigh then gave a nod "Just as long as you're happy."

"Happy as!"

"Then while I've got you in a good mood I want to talk about your position" he paused and when Dean gave him a nod he continued "people want you to take over, they want you take your fathers spot."



"No" Dean repeated, "I don't want this life any more" he paused "I want a normal life."

"Dean are you high?" Bobby exclaimed, "You said you'd never stop hunting."

"Well I've changed my mind" he spat "I'm allowed to do that aren't I?"

"Dean" Bobby paused and took a deep breath "Look, they all look up to you and they want you to lead them, they want to you to-"

"-To what" he shouted, "to be my father! Well I've got news for them! I don't want to be like him! I don't want to be obsessed with hunting; I don't want to put the job first. I've done that my whole life and I'm sick of it" he paused to take a breath "if it weren't for Sam I'd still be obsessed with hunting and I'd be throwing myself into harms way without even thinking about it!"

"Dean" Bobby stood up "you can't just leave."

"Why?" he demanded "don't I deserve to have a normal life!"

"Dean" Bobby sighed, "of course you do, but this is just so sudden."

"Bobby, I've spent my life fighting demons and other supernatural beings and I" he trailed off.

"Want a regular apple pie life" Bobby said with a grin.

"You could say that" he sighed "Look I know everyone expects me to be just like my dad, but I'm not. Dad was meant to be a hunter I was just dragged into it."

"Dean you're a great hunter" Bobby assured.

"But I let my emotions get in the way" Dean said softly "every hunter that walked in the temple died and its because I was to busy trying to protect Sam, I'm not like my father, I can't run this place like he could."

"Dean" Bobby placed a hand on his shoulder "your dad would drop everything just to save you, and its because he loved you. He put the people he loved first just like you do, you are more like your father then you think."

"Thanks Bobby" Dean said softly "But I can't do this" he stood up "I'm sorry" he turned and walked to the door, but he felt Bobby grab his arm. He half turned to face Bobby, who gave him a small smile.

"If you're gonna leave then you'll need a place to live" Bobby walked over to his desk and pulled out a set of keys, he walked back to Dean and handed them to him. "This is the newest safe house, and its all yours. Its been fully furnished so you don't have to worry about that, oh and its still in the city so if change your mind, you know your way to this place."

Dean took the keys and smiled at Bobby "Thank you" he said kindly "This means a lot to me."

"Just get outta here."


Sam and Derek sat in awkward silence, each not sure what to say to the other. Sam sat on the four-poster bed; he stared out the window, the sun was slowing sinking low in the sky. Derek sat on the pale blue couch; he played with one of the yellow cushions. Suddenly a there was a knock at the door and a female voice followed.

Sam stood and opened the door; a surprised look came upon his face when he saw who was there. Jo stood staring up at him with a sweet smile on her pale face.

"Dean's not here" Sam blurted out.

"That's ok," she said twisting her fingers together nervously "I was hoping to see you actually."

"Oh" Sam exclaimed "Uh… why?"

"I want to apologise" she said softly "for ratting you out to the demons."

Sam gave her a small smile then stepped back and allowed her to enter the room. He shut the door and turned to face the couch, Derek was no longer there. He turned back to Jo, who stood near the door; he motioned for her to take a seat and they both moved towards the lounge chairs. Sam sat first then Jo followed, she crossed her legs and rested her arms upon her knees.

"So as I was saying I'm sorry about telling the demons where you were" her voice cracked slightly as she spoke "you must really hate me."

"I don't hate you Jo" Sam replied "You were angry and hurt and you wanted Dean back…" Sam trailed off, he didn't really know what to say and he was sure 'hey sorry I stole your boyfriend' wouldn't cut it. But what could he say? Dean and Jo were happy before he came.

"Dean and I were fighting" Jo spoke up, she seemed to have read Sam's mind "before you came…" she paused "he was so obsessed with hunting and I was so sick of it. I just wanted to be a normal couple. To go on picnics and go out to dinner, but Dean's idea of a date was salting and burning a corpse." She closed her eyes then reopened them "I don't think he ever really saw me as a lover, I think he just dated me because I was there, everyone said date Jo she's a good hunter she'll suit you, so he did. But I don't think he wanted to" she wiped a tear away from her eye "but when he met you, he changed, he changed because he had feelings for you."

"Jo" Sam rasped, "I'm sure Dean loved you."

"He loved me as a friend but not as a partner" she took a deep breath "But hey I can't blame him, I mean you can't force someone to love you, right." she looked away then looked back at Sam "But he loves you, and you're the only person he has ever loved like that" she sighed "So I just wanted to say good luck and that I'm happy for you… the both of you." She stood and Sam followed suit, she walked to the door and turned to face Sam before she left "your so lucky to have him, I just hope you know that." She then opened the door and disappeared into the hallway.

Sam sighed then shut the door, he turned to face the couch and saw Derek was once again sitting there. Sam walked over to him and stopped a few feet from the couch. He crossed his arms over his chest and sighed heavily.

"Touchy" Derek said but Sam had a confused look on his face "the conversation between you and the hot little blonde."

Sam rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch across from Derek "The 'hot little blonde' is Dean's ex."

"I figured!" he exclaimed, "He must be crazy to leave-" he cut himself off "Sorry."


Dean walked out from Bobby's room and made his way down the hall, he stepped into the lounge room and saw Ellen sitting on the couch. In front of her were two mugs filled with steaming coffee. Dean noted that Ellen and him were the only ones in the room, which meant she wanted to talk. He heaved a sigh then sat down on the couch in front of her.

"How you going Dean" she asked bluntly.

"I'm good thanks" he picked up the coffee and sipped it "this is good" he pointed to the cup then took another sip.

"So I was talking to Jo and she said that you told her the engagement was off," Ellen said getting straight to the point "Why Dean?"

Dean placed the mug back down then locked eyes with Ellen "I've fallen in love with someone else."

"Who is she?" Ellen demanded.

"She is a he and he is Sam" Dean said with a grin "now If you'll excuse me I have packing to do." he then stood leaving Ellen in shock, finally she regained her sense and ran after Dean. She stopped him just before his foot hit the bottom step; he turned to face her with an annoyed look on his face.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm leaving" Dean said flatly.

"Leaving!" Ellen exclaimed.

"Yeah" he crossed his arms over his chest "I'm leaving so I can have a normal live, I'm sick of being a hunter and I have no reason to stay any more."

"Dean you can't go" Ellen protested, "Your father wouldn't want you to."

"Yeah well he's not here is he!" Dean shouted "He's dead and I'm not going to end up like him" Dean turned and bolted up the stairs, he was sick of being told to be like his dad. He was leaving this life behind for good.

As he walked through the lounge room he saw Jo walking towards him, she looked sad but she smiled when she saw him. She stopped before him; she looked up into Dean's green eyes. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Dean softly on the lips, she broke the soft kiss and stared up at him again.

"I wish you well Dean," She placed her hand on Dean's arm then walked off towards the marble staircase.

Dean turned around and watched as she stepped onto the top step "Jo" she turned to face him, a single tear was shining on her cheek "I hope you find the right guy."

"Thank you" she then disappeared down the staircase.

Dean heaved a sigh then turned and continued to walk to his and Sam's bedroom. He opened the door and stepped in, he saw that Sam was not on the bed so he turned to face the lounges. He saw Sam on one couch and Derek on the other, he shut the door and walked towards them, he turned his gaze to Derek.

"What brings you here?"

"I want to talk," he said standing.

"Yeah sure" Dean replied "what about?"

"I want to become a hunter."

Dean scratched behind his ear then spoke "Look I know you're changing but they're not going to let you be a hunter, to them your nothing but a-"

"-Cold hearted demon" he cut in "I see."

"I'm sorry" he apologised.

"Can't you teach me?"

Dean turned to face Sam who was sitting on the couch then he turned back to face Derek "I'm no longer a hunter" from the corner of Dean's eye he saw Sam's surprised and confused look. "I'm leaving this life behind" Dean looked at Sam then looked back at Derek, an idea had formed in his head, "Are there any more people like Sam?"

"Yeah I think there is, why?"

"Help them" Dean said firmly "help them understand what's happening to them, that's what you can do."

Derek nodded "Thanks."

"No worries" Dean said with a small smile "You are my brother after all."

"I'll visit you guys" he tucked his hands in his pockets "Good luck"

"Good luck to you both."

Derek then disappeared leaving Sam and Dean in silence. Dean heaved a sigh then turned to face Sam, who was staring up at him, many questions written on his handsome face.

"You want to know why" Dean asked moving to sit next to Sam.

"Yeah… I do," he said dryly.

"I've had enough" Dean said truthfully "I want to have a normal life, I don't want to be a hunter anymore."

"No there's more to it" Sam mused "Its because of me, isn't it?"


"Dean tell me the truth… please" Sam used his puppy dog face, which made Dean give him the real answer.

"Sam I am sick of being a hunter" he paused to take a breath "and… and its not safe for you to be here."

"Its because I'm a hybrid isn't it?"

"Sam these hunters have been trained to kill supernatural beings and to them that's what you'll be" Dean took Sam's hand and squeezed it softly "they only see black and white, to them you're dangerous and they will kill you Sam and I can't let that happen."

"But is this what you want?" Sam asked placing his right hand on top of Dean's. "Do you really want to give up hunting?"

"I want to be with you" he said softly "that's what I want… and if I have to give up hunting for you then I will" he lent in and kissed him softly on the lips "I love you and I want to be with you."

Sam smiled then pressed his lips back to Dean's "I guess we should pack then."

Dean smiled then rubbed his nose against Sam's "Yeah I guess we should" Dean stood then walked to the wardrobe, he pulled out two duffels and tossed one to Sam. "Lets pack."

"Dean I was joking. besides we don't have a place to go to."

"Oh but we do" Dean held up a set of keys "This is for the mirror lodge, one of San Francisco's finest apartments" Dean pulled out a black shirt, folded it then placed it in the duffle. "C'mon Sam, get packin."

Sam stood and walked to the wardrobe and pulled out three tee shirts, he folded them and dropped them into his duffle. They spent ten minutes packing their clothes and other belongings. They threw their bags over their shoulders and Dean walked to the door, he pulled it open and stepped out with Sam following.

They walked through the lounge room and down the marble staircase, Dean looked at every inch of the place as he neared the front door. This place was his home, but it was time to say goodbye. He opened the front door and let Sam out, he took a deep breath and turned around to give the room one final look. He took a deep breath and silently swore that he would never return to this life, and with that he stepped out onto the porch and shut the door softly behind him.


The front door swung open and Sam and Dean stepped into a neat and modern apartment. The first room was a kitchen plus lounge room. The kitchen was huge, with black bench tops and white cupboards with steel handles. The kitchen featured a double door fridge; a stainless steel stove a few cooking appliances and a breakfast bar.

In front of the kitchen was the lounge room, two light brown couches sat around a glass coffee table and in the corner was a TV on a polished wooden shelf. The best part of the room was the glass door that led out onto the verandah that faced the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful sunset.

Dean looked away from the beautiful area and turned his attention to the hall that was right behind the kitchen. He took Sam's hand and led him down the long white hall. They passed a bathroom on the way and at the end of the hall was a bedroom. A king-sized bed occupied the centre of the room and two polished wooden bedside tables stood with two white lamps on them.

A large window gave view to the gorgeous sunset and light brown curtains drabbed over the window to allow privacy. The bed had a white doona cover on it and it matched the cushions on the pale green couch that stood behind a coffee table.

"Whoa this is amazing" Sam exclaimed.

Dean grinned slyly then turned around to face his lover "I know something that's even more amazing" he wrapped his arms around Sam's waist and pressed a passionate kiss to his lips. He pulled back and stared deep into Sam's hazel eyes, they were full of love. Dean lent back in and pressed his lips back to Sam's.

The kiss was so full of passion and they quickly lost themselves in the moment. Hands started to wander and soon a pile of clothes lay at their feet. Dean and Sam moved towards the bed, they fell down on it but did not break the kiss. Both men were still in their jeans but shortly they would join the other clothes on the floor.

Dean lay on top of Sam; he led a trail of kisses up and down his neck, leaving small marks behind. He returned to Sam's lips and kissed him as though he needed his kiss to survive. He broke the kiss and stared down at Sam, who smiled softly up at him. Being with Sam made Dean feel happiness like he never felt before and then he realised he made the right choice, Sam was the one: he was his soul mate.

The next day

The sun crept through the curtains and the orange light shone brightly on the sleeping couple that lay hugged close together in their bed. The cool breeze blew over the sleeping figures and they hugged closer. Dean's eyes opened and he stared down at the sleeping figure in his arms, he ran his fingers through his messy brown hair then pressed a kiss to his forehead.

"Good morning."

Dean looked down at Sam, who was lying right against his chest "Morning." He pressed a soft kiss to his lips "how'd you sleep?"

"Like a log" he said with a small laugh "you?"

"Better then I have in a long time" he pressed a kiss to Sam's forehead "man I can't believe this all over."

"But there are demons still out there right?"

"Well yeah" Dean said "but at the moment our biggest problem has gone."

Sam smiled then lowered his gaze; he looked back up at Dean and gave him a serious look "so where does this leave us?"

"Right where we are" Dean kissed him passionately "Unless you want to be somewhere else" he said pulling away.

Sam laughed then pressed his lips back to Dean's, he pulled away and smiled lovingly at him "There's no better place to be…"

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