People are told to wish for a lot of strange things now a days. We wish on our birthdays, as we blow out the candles. We make a wish when we see a 'shooting star'. Hell, I know someone who makes a wish when they look at the clock and see the same number repeated more then twice!! So, that's what I was pondering when somebody asked me what I'd wish for, if I had one wish.

It was Naruto and I, a couple of nights ago, out on a bridge. The stars were bright and the air was warm. We sat next to our shoes, letting the water lap at our toes as it rushed past us.

"Ne, Sasuke?"

I sighed. It was just like him to ruin a perfectly peaceful moment with mindless chit chat. "What?"

Naruto bit his lip, looking into the water as if reflected the well lit sky above us. "If you could have one wish, what would it be?"

I took a deep breath in, letting it out slowly through my nose. Lying down on my back and listening to my back pop several times, I relax and think over my answer.

I want to see you again

I want to be close to you

I want to lie in bed by your side

Whisper sweet words into your ear

And hold your head close to my chest

Let you feel my heart beat

Run my fingers through your hair

When you ask me why I do this

And I tell you I don't know,

You shrug your shoulders

Snuggling close to the warmth I offer

I cup your shin and lift your head

Pressing a gentle kiss to your lips

As you kiss me in return

And arms wrap around my neck

There is one thing of which I am certain:

This is the way I want to spend the rest of my life.

Here. With you. Just like this.

I felt my throat close, and narrowly caught the wistful sigh I was about to let out.

"Sasuke?" Naruto loomed over me. "What would you want?"

I smirked, and caught the back of Naruto's head, pulling his lips down to meet mine in a soft kiss.

Naruto grinned. "You'd ask for ME wouldn't you, teme!"

"That's just wishful thinking, dobe." And kissed him again before he could respond.