There's something extraordinarily disconcerting about love, Hayate thinks as he stands outside of his Mistress's room after her sudden confession.

It's been some years since that white Christmas where he lost it all and gained something more, and his entire world view created that day has just been turned topsy turvy by three little words from a young girl's heart.

Only, maybe she's not such a little girl anymore, Hayate thinks, wondering why he'd never taken the time to notice the decreasing numbers of stuffed animals or the days when she and Maria head off for 'girls only' shopping and come back with piles of clothes and make up that a little girl shouldn't be wearing.

In fact, everything has already been going topsy turvy.

He just hadn't noticed.

Maybe it was time for a new world view.

He knocks once, and green eyes peer out from the crack (eyes that are almost, almost able to meet his- something else he missed).

"I want you to go out with me." The words seem fitting.

"You're not trying kidnap me again, are you?" she asks, voice flat but faintly smiling.

"Not this time," Hayate promises.

"Good," Nagi says firmly, and kisses him.