Ugly Betty

It Takes A Village

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Chapter One: The Things That You Do

Betty woke-up and found herself watching Daniel as he stood in front of her hospital bed. He was holding a small package in his arms and looking down on it with glee and amazement. Betty had never ever seen such a look on another humans face. There was love, there was joy, there was wonder but most of all there was love. Betty felt her own rush of love for the man standing before her but overwhelming that was the love she felt for the child he held. Her child. Not his child but hers. And it amazed her that what she felt for the child was what she saw pasted on his face for all to see. She smiled again and sighed softly.

"Is she awake?" Betty asked, straining her head to catch a glimpse of the small infant that Daniel cradled in his arms. He turned towards her and she could see dark hair sprouting from the fluffy pink blanket.

"She's still sleeping. She likes to sleep," he noted. "I read that babies sleep around 18 hours a day. Maybe it was 16, I'm not sure but they sleep alot."

"They dont really know how to do anything else," Betty laughed. She sat up and got herself comfortable. "Can I hold her, please?"

She saw the hesitation on his face and her heart was light. Daniel begrudgingly made his way to her bed and carefully handed her the sleeping baby, kissing her on the forehead first.

"Remember to support her head," he reminded her. She rolled her eyes and chuckled lightly.

"She's so beautiful, Daniel. I cant believe I created her," she whispered.

"Right out of thin air," he whispered back. He sat next to her on the bed and gazed down at them both. Betty looked tired but he had never seen her look more lovely. And the baby, well she was the most gorgeous thing either of them had ever seen.

"Hello, Sybella," she purred. "I'm your mother and this is the man who is going to be your father."

"Hello, Sybella," he echoed. And as they sat there breathing every inch of the baby in, he knew he had made the best decision of his life.

The things that you do. For your friends.

And this is how it began...

Daniel paced the room as Betty stood in front of his desk wringing her hands and twisting each time he changed direction.

"How could you let this happen?" Daniel asked. He stopped and looked up at Betty before cursing under his breath and continuing his pacing.


"Betty, don't interrupt me while I'm pacing unless you're going to explain how you could do this. What were you thinking? I thought you were smarter than that," Daniel huffed. He shook his head and looked up to see Betty glaring at him. "What?"

"Just because you never got someone pregnant doesn't mean you are better than me," she said. "Daniel, how dare you judge me."

"I didn't mean to judge you, Betty," he sighed, slumping onto one of the orange ottomans. Betty lowered herself onto the couch and flopped back into the cushions.

"I thought he loved me, Daniel. I thought he loved me and I loved him so I slept with him and I got pregnant. I didn't mean for it to happen. It was an accident. And now, he's gone with the real love of his life and I am stuck here, pregnant and basically alone," Betty groaned. "If I could go back, I wouldn't have done it. Or maybe I would have but I would have been smarter about it."

"Hey, this isn't your fault," Daniel said. He placed his hands on her knees and squeezed them comfortingly.

"I thought you just said it was," she replied drily.

"I'm an idiot, Betty. I didn't meant what I said. I was shocked. I am sorry I made you feel bad about it," Daniel said. He forced a smile onto his face. "This is good news. It is great news."

"I know," Betty whispered but tears could clearly be heard under the surface. "I know it's good news but I cant be excited by it. I feel too ashamed and too alone with Papi dead and Hilda and Justin in Mexico."

"You have no reason to be ashamed," Daniel comforted her. "These things happen. Guys are bastards. I should know. And as for feeling alone, hey, you always have me. I know I am a sore replacement for your family but I'm here."

"Thanks," she whispered. She couldn't suppress her cries any longer and she began to sob. Daniel put aside any discomfort he normally felt when a woman he cared about cried and he moved next to her on the couch and put his arms around her. He rubbed her back and whispered to her, things that amounted to nothing but meant the world simply because he had tried.

"Have you told him?" Daniel asked when Betty's tears had subsided. She shook her head, as he had known she would, and bit her lip.

"I did but he doesn't want to know about it," she admitted. "He doesn't even want to be a part of the babies life. He's happy. He's living the single life and loving it. He doesnt want anything to do with my life or my child and he never will."

"You don't know that," Daniel said. "Besides, a child needs to know his father and needs to have a father in its life, even a bad father and eventually, a father will want to know his son."

"But Daniel, I don't want him to be a part of our lives. He used me and he hurt me. I don't want my child to know him," she argued. "He doesn't deserve to know his child and if he does, he'll have to make the first move. I don't even think I'll tell him when the baby is born."

"You might change your mind once you've gotten over the shock and the anger. It's your choice to make and I'll try to keep my opinions to myself and I'll respect your decision," Daniel said. Betty rolled her eyes but he knew she was considering the option. Then she shook her head.

"He asked me if it was his. HIS! As if I'm some two-dollar hooker that screws anything that moves," she said, her voice broken. "He is the only person I have ever slept with. He is the only one I ever loved."

"I knew he was bad news. I warned you but I should have done more. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you," He sighed and shook his head to clear it before he said what came next. "And Betty, if you decide not to tell him when the baby is born or if you do and he still doesn't want to be a part of your child's life, I promise you that I will help you and that I'll be as much of a father to your child as I can. Even if it means nappy-duty or ball-games or car-pooling or dressing up as Santa on Christmas Eve, I will do it."

"Daniel, you're my boss. You don't have to do that," Betty argued. "I cant let you."

"I'm not just your boss, I'm your friend. I care about you and I'll care about this baby too," Daniel said. "Face it, Betty. I may never have a child of my own and this child may never have a father. Let me help you."

Betty sniffled and raised her head to look at him. He looked so sincere and so hopeful that Betty couldn't help but nod.

"I will let you help me," Betty said. A great big grin grew on his face and he pumped his fist into the air.

"Yes!" he cried. "Betty, you will not regret this. I will be the best non-father in the history of the world."

... And that was how it began.