A few quick notes:

1. This story is rated T due to some very violent content.

2. I intend to update weekly. I don't write that fast, but the writing is all done. I don't like when a story I'm interested in dies without an ending, so I figured I would make sure this story was finished before I posted any part of it.

3. I don't own any Legend of Zelda character or setting. I'm just borrowing them and I hope Nintendo won't mind too much.

4. Thank you so much for reading!


Link stared at the key for a long time, his heart thumping madly in his chest. All he had left to do was turn the key, and the final chamber of the Tower would be opened to him. He knew Ganon would be there: he could feel it. Besides, he had looked everywhere else, so Ganon had to be in this last room. He also knew, without question, that it was his destiny to find Ganon and to kill the demon using the Master Sword.

So what if the Master Sword was really big and heavy? It was the Sword of Evil Bane; it was invincible. There was nothing to be worried about.

So what if he was a bit young? He was almost six years old, after all: he was a big kid. And Ganon was really old, so he'd be weak and tired. He'd probably be coughing all the time and walking with a cane. It would be an easy fight and everybody in Hyrule would be okay.

Besides, even if something did go wrong and Ganon managed to hurt him, it didn't matter. Link was carrying four fairy spirits and two blue potions that would make him all better if he got hurt or if his magic spells started not working. So! There really was nothing to fear.

Link took a deep breath, turned the key, pushed the door, and entered Ganon's chamber. The door closed behind him, and when Link turned around to try to open it again, it had disappeared. Link's eyes widened, and his heart started to thump a little harder still: he was trapped. He turned away from the wall in a hurry to face the center of the room, but there didn't seem to be anyone there. He took a few hesitant steps forward and drew the Master Sword, holding it with both hands because it was too heavy for him to lift with only one arm.

A laugh suddenly resounded when Link reached the centre of the room. The sound sent a cold chill down Link's spine, but he fought back the panic and stood his ground. After a few moments, the air seemed to thicken in front of him.

Link launched at the thickening air and slashed it repeatedly with the Master Sword. After a dozen slashes, something hit his arms and the sword went flying to the side of the room. Link cried out in pain, and instinctively backed up a step. He started for the sword, but what had hit him materialized next to the blade and picked it up. It then turned to face him, and Link could not help but take a step back again.

Link knew how Ganon was usually described: a huge moblin-like creature. He also knew that moblins were supposed to look like pigs, so he had imagined that Ganon would look a bit like a pig and that he would be big. He was not at all prepared for the real thing.

Ganon was at least twice the size of any man Link had ever seen, and he did not just look a bit like a pig. His hands and shoes looked normal (although big), but his legs and arms, although covered with clothes, looked too chunky for a human. The worst part by far however, was his head: it was not a human head with a funny looking nose that looked a bit like a snout, it was a pig's head. The ears, the eyes, the mouth, and of course the nose, everything was pig. The monster held the Master Sword with one hand on the handle and the other on the end of the blade. It smiled at Link.

"Well! Isn't this yours, boy? Don't you want it back?"

Ganon grinned as the child just stared at him. This would be so much fun… it was a shame that it would be over so fast. His smile widened as the would-be hero frowned and charged him. Ganon raised his arm, holding the Master Sword above his head and well out of reach for the child.

Link tried to jump for the sword, and his enemy let him hop hopelessly around him, laughing all the while. After a dozen jumps, Link actually managed to touch the sword, but the monster quickly backed away and the hero's fingers closed on nothing. Before the boy had even landed from this last jump, Ganon kicked him in the chest, knocking the wind out of him and sending him flying into the wall behind him. Link struggled to his feet, massaging his chest and gasping for air.

Ganon was still smiling at him and holding the Master sword in front of him, with one hand on the handle and the other near the end of the sacred blade. Link started for him again, limping and panting and keeping his eyes focused on the Master Sword, the only weapon capable of defeating Ganon.

Ganon raised his right knee and brought the sword crashing down on it.

Link fell to his knees as he saw his only hope break in a dozen pieces.

Ganon laughed, thoroughly enjoying the look of despair on the hero's face. He threw the two pieces of the Master Sword that were still in his hands behind him.

Yes, it was definitely a shame that this would be over so fast.