On Giving Up
A fanfiction written by omi

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"So you're giving Lacus up."

It was a statement he didn't need to reply to.

A pair of green eyes followed the couple walking side by side along the lane, the afternoon sun almost painting it orange yellow. Each step bringing them farther away from where he stand.

Another pair of eyes, studying him as he watch her twin with his new girlfriend.

"You know you spoil Kira too much" he let out a small chuckle but did nothing to deny her accusation. His female companion looked through the binoculars hanging around her neck; for easier spying, she reasoned when he asked earlier.

It was autumn, a few weeks before his birthday. Lacus was wearing a coat over her pink dress to protect herself from the cold weather. Kira was wearing a jacket, similar to the one he was wearing. They bought it when they watched their first live soccer match together with Cagalli. They were so excited then that Cagalli threatened to tie leashes around their necks to keep them still. And right now seeing that goofy grin once more on Kira's face reassured him that he made the right decision.

Athrun took one last glance and sighed. He'd seen enough. He tugged the end of Cagalli's sleeves to tell her they should go.


"How are you feeling?" She asked once she caught up, looking straight into his eyes.

"Better than I thought actually. Just a bruised ego, nothing major." He replied. Her expression told him she didn't fully believe him.

He reached out to erase the crease along her forehead and grinned. She wrestled his arm away when he tried to do it again but was satisfied when she heard him laugh.

"See I told you the bunny band would work." She told him after their long duel of arms ended.

He almost forgot about the pair of rabbit ears sticking out from his head. Cagalli insisted he wore them before they left. He was on his way to visit the twins when he saw Kira leaving towards what seems to be the direction of Lacus' house. Athrun was too far to wish him luck.

He was greeted by a full-battle-geared Cagalli by the time he reached their front door. After a heated discussion to dress down before going out, he managed to convince the fiery girl to dress normal (as to not arouse suspision) before asking her to come with him to follow his bestfriend.

"Are these really necessary.?" He grumbled

"No, but it helps cheer you up, well, at least it does for me." she grins. "Why? Isn't it working?"

He grudgingly removed the band from his head. "Well, it helps crush whatever pride I have left."

It took a second before she realized he stopped walking. Before she could turn around to scold him for being childish, a pair of arms, his, encircled around her small waist pulling her closer to him. He rested his chin on her shoulder and leaned his head against hers. She stiffened at first, surprised at the sudden gesture, before finally relaxing into his embrace.

"I have everything I need to cheer me up right here" His gloved hand still holding onto the fluffy bunny band.

'If there comes a time I had to give you up, if it's you I have to give up... I don't think I could.'

He wasn't ready to say it.

And he knew she wasn't ready to hear it.

He felt her smile.

A/N: Damn fanfic wouldn't let me sleep until I finish it. Haha and I haven't really written anything for more than a year XD