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"Wait... so the kid's name is actually Elliot? His teddy bear is named Sammy?" Tyson was walking backwards down the familiar trail by the river. He often walked here to train or hang out with friends by the bridge; tonight a full moon was bright in the sky and it casted down on the boy that was fixated on the brunette who accompanied him.

"Yes," Hilary nodded sheepishly, clarifying that he did indeed have the story correct.

"And you guys told him I'd call him Sammy to make him feel better?" Hilary nodded once again to the additional question. Her heels were down at her side as she followed the boy's lead; her fingers were looped around the straps as they made the shoes swing back and forth. "The one good thing I could've done tonight. Now we have to go back..."

Tyson let out a dramatic sigh as he faked a retreat back to Hilary's house. He didn't get far before the brunette grabbed him by his arm and gave it a slight tug. "Please no. It's probably too late for him by now anyway."

"Fine," Tyson rolled his eyes as he turned his attention down the slight hill to the glistening river. "How about we just hang out here for a while?"

Without waiting for a response from the girl, he headed down the somewhat steep decline. "You don't want to see the guys yet, do you?" Hilary wondered out loud, sadness lacing her words.

He met her gaze briefly and then sat down on the grass to face the water. "I think they can suffer a bit longer," Tyson said honestly, again craning his neck to look back at her. "Sick of me or something?"

Hilary contemplated throwing one of her heels at his head, but finally decided against it. She too descended the hill to sit somewhat beside him as she positioned her dress and legs carefully. Tyson snorted at this, Hilary merely retorting with a glare.

"So... what's with the shawl again?" Tyson leaned back on the grass with his palms as he acknowledged the white fabric draped over her shoulders.

"My Mom thought it'd help out my hips," Hilary reminded him, "My Dad thought I needed to be covered up more."

Hilary's face flushed when Tyson gave her a once over with sudden interest. He raised an eyebrow when his gaze met hers obliviously afterwards, making the situation worse on the brunette. "I've seen you in bathing suits..." While this was true, Hilary had to break their eye contact out of embarrassment.

"Don't tell my Dad that," Hilary stated in an attempt to distract herself. "He'd probably make me wear sweaters all year long or borrow clothes from my Grandma..."

"My lips are sealed." She could see Tyson smirking from the corner of her eye, but she decided not to provoke him. "Does it even keep you warm?"

"No, not really," she shrugged her shoulders. It wasn't that cold out, yet she saw sudden movement coming from Tyson's direction regardless.

Turning to look at him completely, the navy haired boy was wrestling with his tuxedo's jacket in an attempt to get it off. When he finally succeeded, he threw the jacket over to rest on Hilary's lap instead of just handing it over. Tyson then proceeded to roll up his dress shirt's sleeves up to his elbows. "I was getting kind of hot anyway..."

"Thank you," she smiled. Hilary slipped her arms into the jacket, but kept it around her front like a blanket for her bare legs.

"No problem," Tyson wrapped his arms around his legs, hugging them close as he stared into the water. After a moment's silence, he cleared his throat. "So... what are your plans?"

Confused, Hilary tilted her head in his direction. "About what?"

"What are you going to tell your family the next big get-together?" Tyson didn't move to look back at the brunette, not that his voice held any malice. He sounded genuinely interested. "Are we breaking up or what?"

It was sort of a funny concept, Hilary found, discussing breaking up with someone that she never really dated. Thinking over her choices and coming up with no concrete answers, she was left to shrug her shoulders once again. "I don't know. What do you think?"

Tyson threw a rock he found in the grass, watching it sink immediately when it hit the water. He frowned and then began to search for another stone. "I think I could do better. Plus you owe me."

Hilary stared at him as he felt around in the grass blindly. "What do you have in mind?"

"What about my family get-togethers? I don't get a fake relationship for one?" Tyson quickly gave up searching, his eyes meeting Hilary's curiously. "I don't know if Hiro would buy it or not... definitely think you'd do me some good though. Heck, my whole family would think that."

"You think so?" Hilary tried not to sound too interested in the idea, yet she couldn't help but wonder how his family would receive her. The only people she really knew from his family were Hiro and Grandpa, the latter she knew quite well loved the affect that she had on his grandson.

"Kidding me? Grandpa boasts about you to my Dad all the time," Tyson seemed more embarrassed than annoyed at this fact. "He's been bugging me to bring you along for a while."

"Why haven't you...?"

"Guess it never dawned on me to lie and say you were my girlfriend?" Hilary felt a pang of guilt by his comment, but knew from his slight smirk he was kidding. "I didn't want to put you in the awkward position of my relatives trying to hook us up. Now, I figure, compared to your family, mine will be a walk in the park."

Hilary smiled. "I'd love to meet the rest of your family."

"Yeah... well, I still have to prove myself to yours," Tyson said defiantly. "So you gotta give me another chance as your boyfriend before you break us off or whatever."

The brunette gaped. "You want to go through that again?"

"I'm kind of hoping things will go differently. Maybe leave with a few people liking me," Tyson reasoned, playing with the idea in his head. "I'm giving up on some people though, like your Aunt Veronica and Aunt Bertha... and your Grandpa. Good luck finding someone to please them."

Hilary couldn't help but agree. "I'm not going to argue with you. If you want to be my date again, I won't say no."

Instead of grinning like she thought Tyson would, his attention went back to the moonlight accented river. He stared at it thoughtfully and quietly as the usual night time noises flitted through the air. Hilary could also hear the occasional car drive by a few blocks away.

"I can be a good boyfriend..."

His voice had said this softly, the usual confidence that inflated his words nowhere to be seen. Tyson also made no movement afterwards to indicate that he had said something, his eyes fixated on the river intently.

"I'm sure you'd be a great boyfriend," Hilary assured him, her eyes trained on him. "You did some really sweet things today without even knowing you were one."

Tyson, who had still been hugging his knees for the last little while, finally moved to stretch out his legs in front of him. He retreated to his previous stance with his palms carrying a lot of his weight as he leaned back. He didn't acknowledge her right away, his head tilting upward to the sky.

"I could do better," he stated, shifting his feet in front of him almost shyly. This came after a long silence, but Hilary just kept staring at him. His words were still so quiet, she just needed to know she wasn't imagining things. Tyson then glanced to her briefly, catching her gaze long enough to ensure she was listening. "You should let me show you sometime..."

His eyes then went back to staring at the river and the sky in brief intervals, visibly embarrassed by the words that he allowed to escape his lips. Hilary knew she was blushing, that her heart may have just skipped at what he could have meant by his words. She looked down to the jacket that covered her before she shuffled closer to the boy on the hill.

Tyson's gaze reluctantly tore away from the river to look at the brunette uneasily, who was looking downwards in her own awkwardness. "I'd really like that, Tyson," she told him, her own voice fairly quiet.

Hilary peered up from the jacket just in time to see his lips break into his trademark smile. Tyson reached up to play with his hat out of habit, at a loss for what to say. It was like this for a few moments, both teens sending each other quick glances before falling into stupid smiles. Finally, Tyson cleared his throat as his brain decided on what he should say.

"You're not going to regret saying my name, Hil." Tyson was smiling brilliantly at her, his eyes shining with confidence. Staring at the boy beside her, Hilary knew one thing.

If given the chance, she would say his name again if they still ended up here.