Curse of the Furby

Plot Summary – Bumblebee buys a Furby, as he's curious about them.

Disclaimer: Do not own Transformers – or Furby's – and it's all copyright to Hasbro and Paramount. This is purposefully for fun and no money is being made out of it.

Genre – Humour

Author's Note – This is a random silly idea that came into my head when the Furby truck was destroyed in order to protect the group. Also this is my first Transformers fiction so it may be a bit strange but hopefully amusing.

Sam didn't know quite what to make of this little situation. Normally when a package arrived at the door requiring a signature it was something that he had ordered and borrowed his mothers credit card to pay for. Plus his name would not randomly have the letter 'B' in the middle either which could mean only one thing. What on earth had his car ordered from the Internet? It puzzled him somewhat as the box was not particularly large was easy enough to carry so that ruled out any mechanical parts.

For some reason, Sam did not like the way his thoughts were leading him towards a certain truck that had been destroyed in the battle.

Opening the garage door, Sam frowned at the yellow Chevy which appeared quite innocent and offline – having been around the Transformers for a few months now it had been relatively easy to pick up their descriptions of various activates. Closing the door again, as his parents would get rather freaked out that he was talking to his car, Sam placed the box down and tapped the bonnet in order to wake him up, "Bee?"

There came a sound like a groan from some part of the engine then a slight movement, which could have been interpreted as a yawn, "Hmm?" came a scratchy sounding voice still full of sleep.

Sam indicated the box, "What the heck did you order from e-bay?"

Instantly the car was wide awake, slightly revving his engine and almost knocking into the door but just calming down enough to stop in time, "It finally arrived?" the chirpiness was quite addictive and Sam couldn't help but laugh even though he had no clue as to what the Cameron had ordered as of yet.

"Yes, it arrived this morning. I guessed it was for you cause there was a B on it" he picked up that packaged and frowned at it again, hearing an annoying tune which he had not heard in a long time run through his mind.

"Open it up!" said Bee, bouncing slightly on his hydraulics like a kid at Christmas. Finally the package had arrived, he had worried that it wasn't going to turn up which would mean he would have to pay back the money form the card transaction. "Please" he added, remembering his manners but it only served to make him sound more childish than ever.

"All right, keep your hair on," said Sam, begging to open the box, "if you had any to keep on anyway" he added after receiving a glare from his car which was quite a feet.

There was a lot of packaging in this box, mainly pieces of shredded paper with some Styrofoam, which was strange. Slowly shifting through the piles of paper, Sam began to wonder again what would need this type of protection for a journey. Then his hand felt something and he froze. No, it couldn't be…surely Bee wouldn't do such a thing.

Yes he would, this was Bee he was talking about.

Extracting a brown Furby from the box and holding it at arms length, Sam looked absolutely horrified at it, "Bee, what were you thinking?"

Bumblebee frowned, "What? It's cute and it only cost a couple of dollars"

"Cute?" Sam had to mentally stop himself from yelling, "Bee, you do realise what this is don't you?"

At the silent but expectant response, the boy turned to his car and grinned wickedly. There was no point in trying to explain to the other about what a Furby was, he could damn well learn himself, "This thing will annoy you in five minuets. Have fun with it for a while"

Placing the brown thing, which either had its batteries out or was asleep, onto Bee's dashboard Sam turned to leave.

"No it won't" said Bee, sounding extremely happy and more curious about the small creature inside his cabin now that ever, "I looked up on it and a lot of people liked them."

"Yeah…you'll learn. I'm off, if you want to go for a drive later do so but don't let my parents see you going out again. They nearly killed me last time," Sam said.

The Furby laughed.


Several hours later at the lookout, Bumblebee was quite happily enjoying playing with the Furby. He had no clue as to why Sam didn't like the thing, it proved to be quite amusing and full of little quirks. It had taken him several minuets to read the instruction booklet and he was well underway with teaching the little thing to talk and interact with him. He was so engrossed with everything that he did not notice Ironhide turn up until the older mech was standing right above him, "By Primus, what is that thing?" asked the gruffer mech.

Slightly startled, Bee initially jumped but then grinned at the weapon specialist, "It's a Furby" he replied happily.

The older mech frowned and then sat down, "A Furby? Why do I know that?"

Bee shrugged and went back to playing with the little brown creature that had decided to play some form of game now and was getting Bee to join in. Of course the little yellow mech was more than happy to oblige. It was a rather interesting experience, Ironhide reflected, watching Bee playing with the creature that after checking on the World Wide Web turned out to be a child's toy from Hasbro. In a lot of ways, Bee was still a sparkling but that's probably what kept them all going. Even though the countless battles and losses, the group had always relied on Bee to be obnoxiously happy and always alive. Even when he was hurt, the little scout would try to keep going.

The Furby blew a raspberry, causing Bee to laugh. Ironhide frowned and shook his head, "Bee you are the strange, you know that"

Bee nodded, knowing fine well it was better to agree with the others. As Optimus had said, he was a magnet for trouble no matter what the situation was so there was always going to be teasing and other such things surrounding the youngest member. Not that he minded much, it was always the way it had been ever since they had left Cybertron.

That caused him to involuntarily look at the sky with a longing expression, which usually he reserved only for times when everything was nice and quiet and there wasn't a certain large cannon wielding mech around. Ironhide chuckled, "You're far to easy to read…but I suppose"

"Feed me!" came the voice of the Furby.

Ironhide glared at it, whilst Bee just pressed down on the creatures tongue using a car radio anttenor he had found.

"You were saying?" Bee asked, turning back to the other. Ironhide shook his head, "You're thinking of…"

"Feed me!" came the voice again, a little more insistent this time if that was possible.

Bee did so and then closed it's eyes to make it go to sleep, for Ironhide's sake at least. "Yeah, I was" he replied, making sure that the toy was indeed not going to start talking again.

Ironhide shook his head, "You shouldn't dwell on it to much, ya know. It doesn't do you any…"

Now the Furby was singing, something random and in gibberish. Bee took the hint and tried to pick it up but it wouldn't stop speaking all of a sudden.

"You funny"

"All right, go to sleep"

"No, playtime"

"No sleep"

"La la la la la la"

"Will you turn that thing off?"

"No turn off, play!"

"I can't turn it off"

"La la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

"Bee turn it off"

"Play with Furby and sing songs!"


"No buts, turn it off"

"La la la la!"


There was a sound of moving metal and Ironhide's canons were out, "Bumblebee!"


"No, no turn off. You cannot turn me off. Not fair NOT FAIR!"

"Right, there we go"

The Furby was quiet and did not move as Bumblebee turned it off and placed it back down onto the ground. Actually it was peaceful again which was nice and unintentually he sighed in relief.

"Why do you always get annoying things?" Ironhide's gruffness came across.

Bee shrugged and went to reply when slowly the Furby's eyes opened.


Four nights later, Bee was back in the garage trying to get to sleep. However a certain brown Furby was more intent on playing I-spy for the nine thousandths and twenty-second time. Now he understood exactly why Sam had been so horrified at the idea but there was no way he could get the damn thing to shut up. Even locking it in a cupboard and not helped. It had resulted in Sam's mother believing she was going stark raving crazy and running around the house with a broom. So the Furby was firmly locked back in the garage with Bee and was going to be thrown into the charity bag tomorrow. This of course meant another night of no recharge time for Bee as the Furby had somehow managed to gain more than just a comprehension but also a constant nagging protocol that forbade it to shut up and offline.

"I-spy with my little eye…" the Furby started.

Bee let out a long wheezing sound, maybe just maybe if he didn't respond to the annoying thing it would shut up for an hour or two and he could have some peace and quiet. It wasn't going to happen though, he already knew that but it didn't hurt to hope right?

There was a silence for a brief second whilst the Furby waited for an answer to the question. It wasn't going to get one, Bee was fragged off with the whole thing and just wanted tomorrow to arrive. Only one more night, just one little night to get through and then he would be free of the damn thing forever.

"Bee! Answer!" came the shrill demand but Bee just remained still.

"Answer" the threat was a little strange sounding but it wasn't going to work. Not tonight, Bee swore to himself.

"ANSWER!" the yell was surprisingly loud and Bee hated the fact that the garage door masked half the sounds of this annoying piece of junk. Why had he been so stupid and bought the thing in the first place?

The Furby was waffling again, Bee's vocabulary from the web had some picked up some interesting things and waffling was definitely a fun word to describe what was going on with the monstrous little thing right now. Just offline and ignore it. It's going tomorrow Bee thought to himself as he checked the time. 2:01am.


"Bee play with me! I'll make you play. La la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"


"I know you're not asleep. Let's play peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo…..Peek-a-boo….PEEK-A-BOO!"






"I-spy…come on, I-spy. It's so easy it's unreal! Come on, you ain't going to sleep that easy pal"


"See I told you that you…hey you got bigger…what you doing? No I command you to stop! This is Not Fair! I demand that you…"


Sam made his way to the garage with the charity bag whistling quite happily to himself. Today he was getting rid of that blooming Furby and life was going to be back to normal. He smiled and pulled at the door. It was locked, that was strange. Bee generally didn't lock the door and usually by this time in the morning was honking his horn to be out and about. "Bee?" he called, thankful his parents were at work and it was a teacher's day at school.

Upon no response, Sam made his way around to the window and looked through the dirty glass, as he had not cleaned it properly for ages. The car was definitely there but didn't respond to his tapings or calls. Making his way around to the front again, he tried to door and then heard of soft click under his shoe. Looking down he saw the remains of something and as he picked them up he couldn't help but laugh. It was the Furby, completely and totally destroyed.

"Oh Optimus and Ironhide are going to have a field day with you Bee" he muttered as he headed out to place the remains in the bin where they firmly belonged.


Meanwhile, at the Lennox family ranch it was little Annabel's birthday and Ironhide quietly stood outside in his truck form listening to the tiny girl squeal with delight at the presents she was receiving.

"Oh…look what Uncle Ernie got you sweetie. A white Furby" came Sarah Lennox's voice.

Ironhide blinked and re-played the audio file to check he had just heard those words correctly. He suddenly felt as though things were going to really get bad for him now, "Dam you Bumblebee…you and your curiosity is going to kill me!" he grumbled as quietly as he could manage.