Curse of the Furby 4


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Well, things just couldn't get any worse now could they?

At least that was what Optimus had thought driving down the suburban streets to the house where the apparently rather freaky Furby's were holding Sam and Bumblebee hostage or trying to destroy them…the information was becoming rather confused. At first he had thought the whole thing was a complete joke, probably some prank invented to relieve the boredom of his men but upon finding Ironhide sparked out – literally – at the look out and then the human's broadcasting the event over the international news…today was not going to be a good day.

Already he had to cut the lines to the government twice because they were yelling at him loudly about the agreement to not reveal themselves, the military were being clueless in every sense of the word as they had no explanation – but thankfully Maggie Smith had seen some sense and was trying to hack the signal with the help of her friend with regular updates feeding through from her laptop. Wireless technology was a pretty good invention and one that Optimus had decided to investigate further as he had a sneaky suspicion he knew where it came from.

Slowing down, the red Peterbuilt truck with the blue flame design found himself completely blocked from getting to the house by literally hundreds of reporters, medical and police cars and a vast military out pour which made the events in Mission City look like a children's game.

Bee was going to pay severely for this.

A chirp from a nearby medical van altered the leader to the fact that Ratchet was a little closer to the scene but was firmly blocked off by everything.

Mikeala came rushing through the crowds and instantly clambered into the truck's cabin and nearly jumped at the hologram that was sitting next to her. "Whoa! Don't give me anymore of a heart attack Optimus…where on earth did you meet him?"

Prime didn't quite know what to make of her comment, the Autobots had copied the images of various humans in order to not appear driverless and he was rather happy with this one. The form was of a man in his early forties who could have easily been in any war with a hardened expression, cropped blond hair and many battle scars running down his arms, back and legs though these were hidden under a red chequered shirt and faded blue jeans.[1

"I…" he started and then shuddered as an explosion ripped through the air, sending up a cascade of blue smoke.

"Please tell me that's one of Bee's attacks?" said Mikeala trying not to get hysterical over the whole situation.

The hologram shook it's head, "No…any ideas about how to get closer to this mess?"

"Other than the fact that you're an 18 wheeler that can run over everything, not really" mused Mikeala rather dryly.


This day now officially ranked at the number one spot of the most horrible day of his life, it was even worse than the time that he had gone to school in a bright pink shirt or when he had been sick down the front of Mrs Carson's prized cat Felix. Sam was fighting for his life with bloody Furby's! The most annoying toy that was ever created in history and they were trying to kill him and Bee.

Why was his life possessed with really bad and stupidly random things?

So far they had tried a number of ways to get out of this mess but out of seven different attempts things had slowly gotten worse and more destructive with each new idea.

Idea number one had been to fire at the Furby's with a high-pressure water gun, which had resulted in a load of very wet and pissed off Furby's.

Idea number two had been to try and kick them out of the way/step on them which had resulted in a very sore toe for Sam and one of the little blighters stuck in Bee's kneecap.

Idea number three had seemed like a good idea at the time which involved tricking the Furby's into the garage and locking them in but they had smashed their way out and now had hold of his dad's power tools.

Idea number four wasn't even worth mentioning though the result was plainly noticeable as Sam was now sporting several cuts to his hand.

Idea number five would have involved the military helping out but Lennox wasn't in command of them right now and hence it was dropped pretty quickly.

Idea six was to wait for the other Autobots to get their afts into gear but the news teams had pretty much put that one to the end within two and a half seconds of it being suggested.

And the final idea that had just been tried had failed dramatically, causing the garden statue to now turn into a rather lively water feature which was soaking not only the new grass and path, plus autobot and human but also virtually everyone within a fifty foot radius.

Now sitting on top of the garage roof, whilst Bee lamely played shoot the Furby which resulted in a few of them exploding but making the tiny monsters continue to come at them with the lawn mower and cutting sheers, Sam decided that this really had to stop sometime soon.

There was no way he was going to live this one down at school.

That was if he got out of this alive.

"Sam?" came Bee's thoughtful voice.

Sam wiped water away from his eyes, "Yeah Bee?"

Another explosion saw several Furby's go boom rather dramatically, "I've just thought of something"

"What? And if it's who you bought these things off then I worked out that one a while ago"

"Well…if it is Frenzy, wouldn't he need to be nearby?" Bee said, shifting a little as cramp was developing in his legs and the damn dead Furby was annoying him somewhat.

Sam thought about this for a few seconds and frowned, "But surely he would have reprogrammed them from the factory?"

Bee shook his head, "That would mean he would be working with humans" another explosion with several shocked cries of 'no fair', "What if he's nearby? Surely then we can get someone to do something?"

Sam grabbed his phone again and prayed it would work. It did and quickly he called Mikeala. "Mikky! Listen, me and Bee have worked this mess out"

"What? How do you mean? Are you all right?" Mikeala sounded worried.

"Yeah we're fine, look if the others are here you need them to try and locate the little runt Frenzy…you know that little silver jerk you cut the head off with the hacksaw?" he heard a giggle, "Bee bought the first one off him via E-bay which means he must be controlling these things remotely"

More of the Furby's were going pop now but they kept on re-appearing from every possible place. His mother was going to kill him later on.

There was a pause at the end of the phone, Mikeala obviously relaying the information to Optimus and the others. "Okay, we'll find Frenzy, you two just stay alive"

Bee passed Sam the baseball bat, "Yeah, like that's going to be easy"


Maggie continued to type, fascinated by the signal and recognising it easily now. She had spent some considerable time working with the Autobots so was aware of the different signal types and what they all meant. She was the official human expert on them but even this one was causing her a couple of problems.

Her phone went and she answered whilst still typing away, "I'm still working…"

"There's no time to explain. We believe that Frenzy is using a computer to control the Furby's that are attacking Sam and Bee" came Optimus's voice and Maggie frowned but continued to listen, "We've narrowed it down to two different ones, could you work out which one it is and stop the signal?"

"Sure, give me a moment" going through the various computer signals in that street was next to second nature, Grant had shown her how to do it easily and it had turned out to be a very good way of keeping surveillance on Sam and a few others in the area. Hell she loved her job now.

The two computers were easy to detect and after a couple of firewall dodges and other things she found herself staring at the most unusual thing possible.

Surely this had to be some form of strange glitch.

It wasn't…

But how on earth had the little decepticon freak found out about this?

She shook her head and began to get the game matrix information up to see just how he was controlling everything.

"Mikky, you're not going to believe how Frenzy's controlling everything"

"Is it some form of super advanced computer software he's dug into someone's home computer?" came the reply, god the girl had been watching a little to much sci-fi recently by the sounds of things.

Maggie couldn't hide her laughter as the screen filled with the image of a brown plain, blue sky and a central character with the name Frinzieme glistening above it's head and loads of creatures running around to attack a rather large central statue which was smashing it's way through everything.

"He's playing World of Warcraft"


Four hours later…

Judy pulled out the dead Furby from Bee's kneecap, allowing the small Transformer to convert back into the bright yellow car with a happy bleep. The pair had become friends after Sam had introduced them and since they both shared the common interest of looking after the boy it made them quite a team to deal with, but generally Bee was an old softy.

"There you go, all sorted out now. No more running around with Furby's for you" she gently scolded, petting the cars hood gently.

A bob of the axels was all she got in reply but Judy guessed that Bee was extremely sleepy and was planning on having a really long nap.

Heading back to the front of the house, she smiled at seeing everything cleared away excluding the red truck, yellow medical vehicle and now a rather disgruntled black pick up that appeared to be wobbling about on it's wheels.

Captain Lennox also stood off to the side, looking just as wobbly whilst at the top of the street she could see another car coming towards them, which would probably contain either her husband or Maggie. There was always so much going on nowadays that sometimes Judy forgot just what was going on.

Not that it mattered much, it meant she had a much more interesting social life and could out gossip half the women in the street which all worked out nicely.

It was indeed Maggie who clambered out of the car, which was a pretty ordinary V8 and she grinned at the rather subdued looking lot that was gathered outside the Witwicky's household, "Well, they found out how he was controlling those things through the game" she said cheerily.

"But what about capturing him?" asked Sam, nursing a small brandy to take away the shock of everything.

Maggie looked a little sheepish but Lennox guessed what that meant, "The little screwball got away yes?"

"Well…not exactly" she started.


Somewhere in the vast mountains…

"Put me down!" moaned Frenzy as Barricade firmly kept hold of the little crazy runt in order to ensure that he wasn't going to go off anywhere soon.

"You really think you deserve it after the trouble you caused!" shot the police car with the wrong words printed on the side, "You could have brought us all down you realise that!"

Frenzy huffed, "All I wanted to do was complete that stupid level, how was I supposed to know that by interfacing with the Furby's their matrix's would get screwy"

Barricade dropped the mini-decepticon down to the ground and kicked him roughly, "If anyone finds out about this" he started to threaten.

"Finds out about what?" came an all to familiar voice from behind them.


It was the middle of the night, extremely quiet and all was well.

The house had been sorted, the garden had begun to be repaired and Judy had calmed Ron down extremely quickly without much hassle.

Sam was fast asleep in his bed and Mikeala was back at hers also fast asleep. Ironhide and Lennox had disappeared off earlier on with the white Furby completely back to normal and no trace of Frenzy's game obsessed plans fixed within it anymore.

The others had gone back to their locations but Bee found himself unable to properly go into a recharge cycle, which was annoying him somewhat. Hazily he clicked onto the Internet and began searching again, avoiding anything to do with e-bay as it sounded like a much safer option.

There were a lot of reports about the Furby incident but most of it had been passed up as a fake and he was some sort of film prop. Well whoever had come up with that excuse was certainly going to get a bop on the head when he caught up with them.

Slowly the hours dwindled away and Bee began to feel extremely sleepy and finally shut down completely into a nice quiet oblivion.

Across the street, a pair of sparkling crystal eyes blinked in the night sky before a Furby was picked up and removed quietly from the scene.


[1 Reference to Define Human [Link: and We'll Carry On [Link: by Wah-Keetcha

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