"Come on . . . work," whispered Shotaius Prime as they tried for another spark out of the small living allspark.

Its lights shined like crazy as it flared and shot out sparks of light to try and create a transformer spark. As the transformers and sector seven watched the allspark attempt to make another spark something went wrong. The allspark suddenly shot out a bright flash of light that made all cover their eyes. In an instant it stopped and nothing came from it . . . it was dead again.

"Dang!" said Shotaius as he saw another attempt to bring a transformer to life fail.

Ratchet then came out behind the allspark with Bumblebee. He looked at the allspark and flicked it a bit. He then turned to his leader and said-

"I'm sorry it's not working again. I can't seem to get the calculations right and Bumblebee is a little tired of being as the humans say 'zapped'."

All then looked at Bumblebee who began to spark a little from trying to imete power from the allspark by holding it. It was the same ole same ole. As all tried to fix things Ironhide came in and stood next to Shotaius and said-

"We lost another one Prime."

Shotaius bowed his head and gave out a sad sigh. He couldn't understand what he was doing wrong. He then looked back at the allspark that they seemed to be getting nowhere with and wondered what he was to do.

"What should we do . . . sir?" asked Ironhide in a low voice.

"Perhaps we could ask the girls," suggested ratchet speaking for Bumblebee.

"Now Bumblebee, how amny times have we said that Katy . . ." started Ironhide on Bumblebee, but Shotaius held up his hand and silenced him.

"Prime?" said Ironhide as he saw his leader deep in thought.

"What do you think?" asked Ratchet. " . . . For the children?"

Shotaius looked up and gazed at his men who he had been in control of for about eight years now. He then said-

"For the children."

Katy was on a date with her boyfriend she had been dating four years now. They sat outside at a resterunt and there waited for their dinner. It was night and there were very few stars out. Katy smiled as she looked at her boyfriend he had been her second through the eight years, somewhat her heart still belonged to Bumblebee and for some strange reason she still waited for him to take her back.

As they waited Katy's phone went off and so answered it.

"Oh, can you hold on for a sec," said katy as she turned in her chair and answered her phone. "Hello?"

She then heard something she thought she'd never hear again, but she immediately knew who it was. She heard-

"I don't mind spending ever day . . . out on your corner in the pouring rain."

"BUMBLEBEE?!!!" she squealed.

Katy then noticed a sideways starring boyfriend named Tomas next to her. Katy then contained herself and turned to him and said-

"I'm sorry Tomas . . . this just isn't going to work."

Beth walked to her house after taking a spin on the town. When she got home she played her messages and found Katy had called her.


"Beth you have to call me!! Like NOW!!"


"Beth call me!!!



Strangely enough most of her messages were minutes apart. Beth almost laughed at hearing her hyper freind. The phone then rang again and so she picked it up.

"Hello?" asked Beth as she picked it up.

"BETH, HURRY UP AND GET HOME!!" cried Katy on the other line.

"Katy?" said Beth.

"Oh, this isn't a message," said Katy. "Well anyway . . ."

As Beth heard this she dropped the phone. She couldn't believe this after eight years. She'd never thought she'd hear from them again. Beth then told katy she'd call Crystal and so Katy let her.

"Oh, I like this color," smiled Crystal as she and her fiance picked out wedding colors.

"Yes, that would be nice," he smiled as he looked at the colors.

The phone then rang.

"The phone," said Crystal turning her head to it.

"I'll get it," said her fiance as he got up and answered it. "Crystal? You want Crystal? . . . okay Beth I'll get her. Crystal! Your sister's on the line!"

Crystal then got up and took the phone from him giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks," smiled Crystal as she took the phone. "Hello? . . . oh hi Beth . . . Katy did? . . . well what did she say?"

As Beth told her Crystal dropped the phone and hung her mouth wide open. Her fiance saw this and said-

"Crystal are you okay?"

"Yea, yea, I'm fine," she said as she tried to gain control over herself.

It was a lot to comprend for all three of them, but they weren't the only ones that were called in.

"Glen will you stop picking on him," said Maggie as she looked at her husband. "He's only six."

"That's right," shook Glen. "But there is no way he can be that smart at his age!"

Glen pointed to their son who had fixed a problem on Glen's computer that even he couldn't fix.

"There you go daddy," smiled Jason as he hopped off Glen's chair.

Glen was a bit mad that a six year old could fix something he couldn't.

"What is wrong with him?!" he cried seeing that he wasn't a normal six-year-old boy.

"Maybe he just gets it after me," smiled Maggie.

"Oh yea sure," said Glen.

"I think mommy's right daddy," smiled Jason turning to his father.

"Boy, I am gonna woop you!" he pointed at his child, but Jason just took off running.

"Don't you dare!" said Maggie stepping before him. "He's my child too, and you're just jealous that he's smarter than you."

"Maggie you don't . . ." started Glen, but then the phone rang.

Maggie was about to pick it up, but Glen beat her to it.

"Hello?" he said boldly.

After a few seconds of hearing this he just about fell over saying-


Lennox was playing with his daughter and son as his wife came out with phone in hand saying-

"It's for you."

Lennox answered it and then knew what was to be done . . . it was time to meet them again.