It had been about a week now and still no luck on finding the sparklings. The deceptcions were good at what they had done. Finding the sparklings wasn't going to be an easy thing to do. The mothers were the worst to deal with.

They carried these children for months and then went through intense pains to bring them into this world. They are the ones that have been taking it the hardest. They wanted their babies back and they would do anything to get them back. Crystal was also taking it pretty hard since she was the one responsible for them.

Shotiaus Prime himself appointed her to be in charge of them. He trusted her and she let him down just to . . . go on a date. She should have just stayed with the children. She could never look at Katy and Beth the same again for what she had done to their sparklings . . . their babies.

Katy and Beth tried to make her feel better but only seeing those sparklings again, all of them, would make her happy. Ratchet felt really bad about it as well. If he wouldn't have taken Crystal away from the sparklings then she wouldn't feel so bad and maybe they would have still been there with them, but . . . the more he thought about it the more he knew that if she would have stayed she would have been killed. Barricade wouldn't stand for anyone in his way.

She would have been in more bad shape then the sparklings, but right now she wished she would have died. Taking those sparklings was like taking a part of her own spark. She felt horrible no matter what anyone said. All were scared on what was becoming of the younglings, but they were more determined than ever to find them.

Jason had remembered seeing the small robot Frenzy head north and so to the arctic perhaps. They decided to look there first for answers. When they looked at the satellite pictures they found an abandoned station seeming running again. It would be a perfect place to hide for the decepticons. Cold, dark, and isolate . . . and nowhere to run for a small sparkling.

"There is where we search first men," said Shotiaus. "Come on, let's go find our sparklings.

The sparklings had been working on a whole in the weakest part of the wall. They made sure the decepticons didn't notice its size so it had to be small. It had been a week since they had been kept by the decepticons and strangely they didn't take them out or anywhere so far. They must have been waiting to complete the sparkling set with Optimus, but they didn't know why they wanted him so much.

Once they had made sure no one was outside or no one was coming soon then they put the plan into action. They all starred at the small hole wondering who should go in.

"You know . . . I may be small and short, but I'm not that small and short," said Jazz gazing at the small sized hole.

"Well I guess we need to get a youngling," sighed Maze turning to see who.

They looked at little Carla who held on to her large teddy bear and sucked her thumb. They quickly scratched her off the list and looked at Seth. He was just rocking back and forth on his heels not giving a care in the world till he saw all optics on him.

"What?" he smiled looked at the older mechs.

Once he figured out everything he couldn't help but say-

"No, no, no, no, no!"

They arrived in the Antarctic, the autobots. They decided to set out at least three search parties.

"Katy, Bumblebee, twins, Maggie, and Glen you go to that way. Crystal, Ironhide, Ratchet, Jetfire, and Lennox you go that way. Simmons, and Jason, you come with me in this direction."

"Alright," Ironhide shook his head as they headed off.

"Man . . . I hope those decepticons haven't done anything to those sparklings," said Jason as he walked beside Shotaius.

"Yea . . . me too," sighed Shotaius as he bowed his head hoping and praying to Primus the decepticons hadn't touched them yet.

"No, no!" squealed Seth as Maze and Jazz pushed and shoved him in the small hole. "I'm not fitting! I'll get stuck!!"

"Ohhh!! No use!" groaned Maze stopping. "It's not working! He's too big!"

"Hhh, great!" sighed Jazz bowing his head and pulling Seth out. "Now who?!"

He sat down and looked at everyone who looked at him for an answer and way out . . . He then took a look at Carla. She was the smallest, but youngest. Could she do it? What else was there to lose?

"Carla," he said scooting over to her.

"Yea Jazz?" she said gazing her big blue optics at him.

"Can you do something for me . . . actually us?" asked Jazz.

"Like what?" asked Carla.

"You see this hole right here?" he asked pointing to it.

"Yea," she said shaking her head.

"Well I'm going to need you to crawl through it," said Jazz. "You might have to leave teddy though."

"No, no I can't," she shook her head.

"But why?" asked Jazz

"Because I never leave without my teddy," said Carla.

"Well how 'bout I hold on to teddy while you go and free us?" smiled Jazz taking it slowly out of her hands.

" . . . Okay," sighed Carla agreeing.

She then got down and crawled through the hole with ease. Jazz stood up and smiled seeing how she got it through and said-

"YES! She got through!"

"One problem," said Maze crossing his arms. "How is she going to reach the handle?"

"Oh . . ." gulped Jazz realizing how short she was.

"Great . . . we're doomed!" said Butterfly.

They all then gasped as the door slowly crept open. All stood on their feet wondering who it was. They then saw Carla's small frame struggling to pry it all the way open and so smiled as they ran to her.

"Carla you did it!" smiled Jazz giving her teddy bear back.

"But how?" asked Maze.

"I just crawled up on that table and unlocked it," smiled Carla snuggling against her bear.

"Oh thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!" smiled Jazz giving her one big bear hug.

They all then froze at the sound of clicking and nibbing. All turned to see a small looking robot, about their size or less starring and clicking at them. It was Frenzy!

"Oh slag!" gulped Jazz.

"What do we do?!" whispered Maze to Jazz. "We've been caught!"

"Oh no!" cried Seth. "They'll know they'll know!!"

"ATTACK!!" cried Sunspot seeing no other choice.

And so they all jumped on Frenzy and just beat the scrap out of him. Even the smallest, Carla, tried to help in the beating as she took her teddy bear and just wailed away at him. Frenzy let out squeal and squeaks as the sparklings one-upped him. After they made sure he was offline they all looked at Jazz for what to do next.

"What now?" asked Butterfly.

"Now . . . we get out of here and find the autobots," said Jazz.

"What do you mean they ESCAPED?!!!" roared Starscream jumping to his feet.

"They overtook Frenzy sir and now they could be anywhere," said Barricade.

"Well go GET them!" spat Starscream. "They shouldn't be hard to miss and I doubt they've gotten far with those short legs of theirs."

"But sir, I cannot look alone," said Barricade.

"Then send in reinforcements!" snapped Starscream. "I want those sparklings and I WANT them NOW!!!"

They had walked for miles and miles. They didn't know where to go they just walked. They all kept close together so not to lose anyone. The younger ones were slow because of their short little legs and so the older ones had to pick them up and hold them to move faster if they didn't want to get caught. It was white all around them, snow and ice was everywhere.

The cold made their joints stiffen and freeze making it even harder for them to move. They had never really been out in the snow before. They had always been kept deep inside the dam and hadn't known much of the outside world. This was all so new to them.

"Wow!" smiled Butterfly looking around them. "It is so . . . white and . . . beautiful."

"Yea . . . we know!" said Maze rolling his optics. "It's all there is out here!"

"Just keep walking guys," said Jazz. "They should find us soon if we do."

"Or they will," said Carla referring to the decepticons.

"We can't think like that Carla," said Jazz turning his head to the little femme on his back. "We got to have hope."

"Oh I do, I do!" smiled Carla jumping up and down.

"Easy there Carla," groaned Jazz already tired out by her, not wanting her to drag him down.

"Oh . . . sorry," she whispered.

Jazz just smiled as they continued their way. They hoped the autobots would find them soon . . . Before the decepticons do . . . like Carla said.

Hot Shot's girl: There's another chapter. The next one it gets a little more tense as something happens to two certain sparklings and the group is spilt, but you'll have to wait and see. See ya then bye :D