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"Police Girl, don't let the FREAK get away. I'll take care of the ghouls." His deep voice echoed through the empty hallways covered with blood. Seras nodded and ran faster, phasing though a wall or two in her way. It's what she had managed to learn so far.

"Target in sight!" She yelled into her radio when she saw the man running down the hall. He looked back and saw her, fear was evident in his eyes. His red cap fell off from the rush of air as he tried to out run her. His plan didn't work out so well. The run-down old building was falling apart even before the dispatch team got there to take care of the problem.

Now, it was raining floorboards and peices of walls from the explosions that rocked the basement and half the rooms. Seras caught up with the fake vampire and wrestled him onto the ground. Grabbing a hold of his shoulders, Seras took out her pistol "Black Widow" and shot the man right in the head. He didn't even let out a scream when he turned to dust.

Seras fell to the ground, the few inches didn't hurt her. Getting up, she dusted her self off, the grey stuff flying everywhere, making her cough. Only when she finished with the wipe off that she noticed the stillness in the air. No shouts, no screams and no gunfire.

"Agent, scout the inside. There may be some surprise visitors along the way." A gruff voice told her over her radio. She confirmed, placed Widow in her hand and cautiosly searched through all the rooms on the floor. The building was obviously once a grand hotel. And some of the rooms she inspected were fancy suites.

Grey dust from years of gathering coated the red carpets and velvet bed covers of the rooms, holes in them and eaten off corners from rats, mice and rodents alike. The windows were broken, the paint was peeling, everything had lost it's majestic demeor.

The floor was littered from the debri falling from the ceiling and from glass when the windows were shttered by gangs. Seras could see bricks here and there lying on the floor a few metres away from the windows. Glasss crunched under her boots and she walked around and serached the rooms for ghouls or other FREAKS.

Seras came to the last room at the end of the hall and was about to report everything clear, she heard a rustle. Curiosity made her move fowards to insepct the area the ruslting was coming from. It came from behind the broken bed and yellowing mattress.

The covers were pulled off to hide something, and that something was making all that noise. When she got close enough she carefully cocked her gun, making the click as quiet as possible.

Stealthily she pulled off the covers and aimed, her trigger finger ready to squeeze at any moment. She gasped and put her gun away wrapping that something back up in the covers and took it into her arms. Hastily talking into her radio, she reported everything was clear and turned it off.

She concentrated really hard and tried to teleport herself inside Hellsing. She didn't manage to get as far and teleported on the large grassy lawn in front of Hellsing. She shrugged, telling herself it was close enough and with a bounce in her step, she ran towards the building.

An hour later she finally found Sir Integra in the hallway leading to her office.

"Oh but sir, please let us keep him! You can't make me put him back! Look at him!" Seras pleaded, shoving the bundle into Integra's face. Integra winced and moved away from it, waving a hand in front of her nose. Seras frowned and sniffed the bundle too, and mimiced her boss. "Urgh! You need a bath with a truckload of shampoo."

"I agree, but I will not allow you to keep," She made a face again and pointed at the bundle. "..it here. We have rules, agent Victoria!" Integra argued back. Seras frowned again and said in her most quietest voice yet. "You let me stay here. What so different about him?"

Integra stared at the fledging cradling the stinky bundle (a good distance from her nose) in her arms and reconsidered. Usually, Seras never defied her or even went back on her word. Seras is training hard to get Integra's admittance and the girl was obviously trying very hard to prove that, even in her state, she was not a monster. Considering all this, Integra held up her hans in surrender.

"Alright, Agent Victoria. You may keep him. We'll try to locate a suitable home for him when he will be ready. But you may keep him under one condition." She quickly added when she saw Seras moving forward to hug the blonde. Seras froze and listened closely, the grin was so wide and couldn't be prouder. It reminded Integra vaguely about Alucard.

"You are to take care of ..it. No help from Walter or anyone else. Alucard will help you of course but only him. You do everything yourself. Are we clear?"

"Oh yes. Perfectly..um..Sir." Seras said nervously. "Oh and you're going to have to tell Alucard about this." Integra added, watching the grin slide off the fledging's face. Would it be rather mean to say that she enjoyed the reaction? ...Naaw.

"Y-yes, Sir." Seras replied, all colour drained from her face. Integra nodded and started to walk away. "You are dismissed." She added and disappeared 'round the corner of the large hallway.

"Oh no...How am I s'possed to tell him about this?" Seras thought as she wandered through the halls which led to her room in the basement. She didn't notice the sudden drop of tempature.

"Tell me what, Police Girl?" A voice said in her ear from behind. Seras shivered and turned around. She smacked her nose right into his hard chest. Rubbing her nose she looked up at her master's grinning face, and gulped.

"Why so nervous, Police Girl?" He asked again, watching her face for any give-away signs. Then his eyes drifted to the thing she was holding and his grin somewhat became smaller.

"What is that?" Alucard said pointing to the wrapped up thing in Seras's arms. Seras flinched and giggled nervously.

"Well...That's ...umm.." Seras scratched the back of her head and smiled nervously. "Nothing important, really. Just...something..." She tried to fib her way out. This was not the time she wanted to tell him.

"It's just something for my room! Talk to you later!" She said quickly and left, sprinting down the hall. Seras didn't know if he followed or not. She finally got to her room and closed the door shut. Leaning against the frame she let out a relieved breath of air she had been holding.

"Whew..safe!" She told the bundle in her arms with a triumphant smile.

"From me, you mean?"

Seras yelped and hid the bundle behind her back as she watched her master appaer from the black hole in the stone wall. He did seem a little amused.

"What are you hiding from me, Seras?" He asked as he trode over to her. He looked down at her, his grin madder than usual. "Is it something bad, Police Girl?" The delight in his voice as he said that made Seras give a slight shudder. It freaked her outhow he could be so perverted sometimes.

"Well...I.." She tried to answer, her master's face had leaned closer to hers, so now she was pushed against the door. In fear that she might squish what she was hiding, Seras arched her lower body fowards to give it room.

But when Master moved even closer, their bodies had met when she did this. So now it seemed she was pressing herself against him on purpose. Seras blushed, seeing the grin widing on his face.

"I'm waiting, Police Girl." He said with a deep purr. His face was so close to hers, it looked like if Seras opened her mouth, she'd practically kiss him. She didn't want that to happen at all. Just then a loud wail was heard. It surprised both vampires but neither moved, only froze.

Seras just shrugged off the loud crying and tried to escape from her master's bodyweight. But Alucard didn't let her. Quickly placing both hands on the door beside her face, Alucard cut off her escape root.

"Is that...what I think it is, Police Girl?"

Sighing, She closed her eyes and ducked under his arms. He caught her, there was no use in delaying the fact that what she was hiding was...

"Yeah...It's a baby boy, Master." She said in defeat, showing him the cute little round face, screaming it's lungs out. Alucard looked curious and leaned to take a closer look. Alucard's face was inches above the baby's. He stopped crying and looked up at Alucard in awe, his big light blue eyes as curious as Alucard's.

Alucard sniffed it and the little swoosh of air tickled his cheeks. He gave a cute little tinkling laugh and his two chubby arms tried to grab Alucard's hair. He cooed and giggled while Alucard sniffed him, it made Seras go 'awww' inside her mind.

They stared at each other, and Seras found the whole thing kind of funny. She giggled at the face her Master made while he inspected the baby closely.

The red tie was dangling above the baby's head. The small boy obviously thought it was some kind of toy, so he grabbed the ends closest to him and yanked it down as hard as he could.

Alucard made a kind of gulping noise as the baby pulled him down and tightened the tie around his neck. Alucard tried to pull away without hurting the boy.

When he finally pried the tie from the little boy's chubby hands and softly snorted, straighting up and smoothed out his tie. Seras couldn't help but giggle even more at the face he made when he pulled away.

The nosferatu turned to his fledging and saw her laughing quietly at him. He scowled at her. "Stop laughing." He muttered childishly.

"I'm sorry, Master--"She said between laughs, "But that was so cute!" Seras continued laughing until she opened her eyes and saw her master glaring at her. She stopped immediatley and cleared her throat.

"It won't happen again, Master." She said quietly, looking at the floor. His pride and ego was wounded like many times before (Integra's doing in her earlier years) and he will get over it.

"I'll tell Master about this..." Alucard said as he already started to fade. Seras widened her eyes and grabbed his disappearing hand before he could get away.

"No!" She yelled. She pulled Alucard back with all her might. Seras didn't hear something rip and a pop! following the small unheard noise, until she was flung agatinst the bed, baby and her master's bloody arm in her hands.

Slowly, Alucard reappeared looking very pleased in a sick sort of way. Seras just looked from her master's bloody arm socket, blood flowing like a waterfall from it, and at the arm she held in her other hand. Blood already coated half of her uniform and her master's white glove. It looked rather disgusting.

"My arm, Police Girl. I would like to have it back." Alucard said with a chuckled. Seras shakingly nodded, got up and handed him the arm. "H-here you g-go." Seras watched Alucard take the arm and jam it back into its' socket. She heard a lud click and saw her master move his newly attatched arm and flex his fingers.

Well, that was interesting." He said rather casually, looking back at Seras, cheshire cat grin in place. "Haven't had my arm ripped out like that since Incognito."

"Uh huh." Seras agreed feebly, coming out of shock. She remembered that she had a baby in her arms and quickly checked if he was hurt. Big blue eyes stared back at her and a big goofy smile stretched acroos his face as he giggled some more.

He didn't seem to mind that a part of his face and eye was covered in thick dark blood. Seras smiled back at the boy and completely forgot where she was while she cradled him in her arms. Alucard just stood there watching her clean the blood off his face with a part of her sleeve that wasn't already soiled.

"Are you done, Seras?"

"Oh, Master. He just so adorable." Seras answered without looking up. Alucard just rolled his eyes. "Why did you stop me? My Master must know about this."

"She does. Sir Integra gave me permission to keep him until he's old enough to be sent to a home." Seras answered quickly.

"So you are going to take care of one little baby by yourself?"

"Well...No. Sir integra said you'll be helping me too."

"She what?!" He shouted, his eyes going from regular blood red to dark burgandy. Seras cowered when she saw and felt his anger. Alucard didn't even wait for an answer from his fledging, he disappeared and into Integra's office faster then he can remember.

He saw Integra sitting in her large chair, smoking a cigar and a small golden stopwatch in her hand. He would've been proud of the sneaky, mischevious smile she had on her face if it was a different situation.

"You're later then I expected." Integra said calmy, looking at her watch rather than her angered servant. She showed him the watch and the time it took him to get up there.

"Five seconds exactly. It usually takes you about two." She said with a bored voice, clicking the watch off and put it away in her breast pocket.

"What are you planning, woman!? I will not participate in taking care of--" He started to rage. Integra slammed her fists on the large desk and stood up, growling fiercely at the red cald vampire.

"You will show me respect, servent! Don't you ever raise your voice on me again!" Integra yelled loudly, interrupting Alucard's rant. When he was silent she cleared her throat.

"You will participate in the raising of this child. It won't be long until we find it a good, caring home."

"I never knew this was also an adoption agency, Master. Changed your job, have you?"

"Alucard...Don't start with me..." Integra warned through gritted teeth. "I am not very pleased with this as much as you are but I think this a good training opportunity for you fledging.

Since she is not drinking as much as I had expected, the boy will serve as a test. If she can resist sucking it dry and killing the poor thing, she may keep the child until further notice."

"And you will be there to help her. You need to be there to supervise this whole thing and teach her a few lessons as well." She added when Alucard opened his mouth to retort. Lighting another cigar, she inhaled deeply and let it out in one long breath.

"Besides...You took care of me when I was young. You will have no trouble in repeating those lovely duties to the boy." She said with a chuckle.

"I never thought you enjoyed them, Master." Alucard replied snidley, a little smirk had already appeared on his face. " I will teach the boy what I had taught you. But Walter took care of you too." He protested, thinking he could get off easily. He'd just dump the work on Walter. Yes, that could work. He felt like rubbing his hands together with evil glee. Unfortunately his evil plan deflated with Integra's next words.

"I have forbidden help from Walter. She knows that and so does Walter. Any attempt to make him give you hints will follow the punishment of having several parts of your male body blown off. Do not cross me, Alucard. You should know better by now."

"As you wish, my Master." Alucard said with a bitter smile set on his face as he slowly melted into the floor. He reappeared back into Seras's room. She was sitting on the bed and cuddling the baby, tickling his nose and playing with him. Seras looked up and saw her Master arrive.

He sat on her chair, with his boots propped up on the table. He looked very bored and distant as he watched her play with the child.

"What will we name him, Master?" She asked uncertainly. Alucard just waved his hand and dismissed the question, stood up and took the baby from Seras.

"How about we focus on getting him a large washing. He reeks." He answered making a sour face at the baby, which he held at arms length.

"Right." Seras readily agreed and they both marched into her bathroom.

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