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It was quiet in the car. Walter drove, Nicholas sat alone in the back seat. Seras and Alucard were following as mist. The distraction should have worked to their advantage and it was the only way to get Anderson to stop sulking like a child whose toy was stolen. He was furious, he felt the emotion deep in his gut, simmering, waiting to over boil, for him to snap. This vampire, this Dmitri person, he tried to have him killed, his own blood, murdered his birth mother and kidnapped people he cared about. What kind of monster was this man?

"I'll kill him." Nicholas whispered through clenched teeth, his hands balled into tight fists on his knees. Walter glanced at his young master in the rear-view mirror. "Sir?"

"I'll rip out his heart and feed it to him then burn his filthy carcass till it's nothing but ash!" Nicholas growled. Walter's eyes grew wide as he listened to the young man. Such hate spilled from him, it gave the old butler shivers. He never thought Nicholas could be so frightening, then again, he never really thought of him as the most powerful half-breed in the world either.

Soon they arrived a half a block away from the abandoned hotel where the Russians were holed up. As soon as the car stopped, Nicholas jumped out and popped the trunk immediately. He armed himself with a few guns and straps of ammo. He felt like Rambo at that moment, shoving gun after gun into shoulder, waist, thigh and ankle holsters.

Seras caught up with them a moment later, just as Nicholas finished loading up all the guns he had picked out on himself. Without one word to him, she easily took out her enormous anti-Freak cannon, Halconnen, with one hand and pulled the strap over her head and placed it comfortably over one shoulder.

Then her face softened as she came up to Nick, now checking all his guns had their safeties on and were secure.

"Nicholas..." She began, squeezing his arm slightly for some sort of comfort. "You sure this will work with just the four of us? Aren't we just a bit outnumbered?"

"Yes, we are outnumbered. Chances of me and Walter surviving are rather slim. But Anderson shall join the merry massacre when he is finished at HQ. He will have significantly cut their numbers in half, if I calculated correctly." Nicholas answered without even looking at his foster mother. He slammed a full magazine clip into his last gun and placed it back into his right shoulder holster.

"We are going along with the original plan, Mother. We rotate counter-clockwise, go through the front and back entrances and meet halfway. You and Father take out the remaining guards and look for Auntie Integra and Priscilla." As he prepared to shut the trunk, the Hellsing foster son paused and stared. There was an old but elegant-looking scabbard shoved deep inside the space of the trunk, amidst all the extra ammo and other necessities needed for this private war.

He recognized the hilt from the sword in its' leather bindings; it was the broadsword Nick used when practicing sword-fighting with Alucard. A feeling in his gut told Nicholas he may need the sword more than the guns so he picked up the scabbard and hooked the belt around him, then proceeded to adjust the one holster and gun from the waist where the sword was, so it wasn't in the way. He frowned as he patted the sword at his side. "I will go after Dmitri." Nick told the blonde vampire, anger evident in his young voice.

Seras shook her head. "But-!" She began to protest but her foster son cut her off quickly with just a look.

"Mom, I don't care so save your breath." He glared at her over his shoulder and began briskly walking towards the hotel. Walter followed easily. Seras just sighed before she transformed once more into mist. To say she was worried for the young blonde was an understatement and she thought going into this fight with anger issues is not exactly the peachiest idea.

Anger is sometimes the best thing one has, Seras, a silky voice purred in her mind as she floated around the two men, giving them a ghost-like appearance.

Anger can impair his judgement, Master. He could get hurt, Seras replied back to the screeching flock of bats fluttering overhead.

Each needs his own drive for something. Look at how his rage feeds his power, his thirst to kill! It shall be such a wondrous, bloody battle!

Master! Seras yelped at him through their mind link, feeling more nervous about this more than ever now as she watched Nick's back while he made his way to the building. Alucard was right. There was a power growing in him, she could sense it. It prickled at her skin like a billion needles poking her at once.

It was an uneasy and irritating feeling, one she did not like at all. And yet, Alucard materialized back into human form, he seemed to enjoy the sensation. His grin was plastered from ear to ear, sinister and eager, like a hungry wolf near a slaughterhouse, just waiting for the bloody meat to be thrown to him.

There were 4 guards at the entrance of the hotel, each packing serious firepower. They all stood around, some smoking cigarettes and chatting but still alert to their surroundings. One noticed a heavy fog rolling in. He tapped his comrade on the shoulder and pointed it out. "Did the weather news man say anything about fog?"

"Niet." Replied the other soldier, shrugging his shoulders. "But this is London. The English have shitty weather."

"Quite right." A voice from the fog had agreed. In that one moment of surprise, there was a zipping sound, a flash of silver wire and suddenly the two guards fell apart, sliced into several pieces. Blood gushed out, covering the stairs. The remaining two men panicked and started shooting madly into the thick mist but to no avail. The mist vanished and no one was there. The guards panted and quickly reloaded. But one of them cried out and collapsed, a dagger jutting out from his chest. The other guard froze, in a bit of a shock. He had not even seen who threw the dagger! He knelt down next to the bleeding man and tried to help him. The wounded Russian suddenly let out a yell of warning but too late; the last guard was killed. His murderer stood behind him, cocking a gun and aimed it at his head.

"Dasvidanya, douchebag." Nick said with a cold laugh and pulled the trigger. The blood and brain matter spurted out across the columns and dripped from the head wound. He was breathing heavily, his hand gripping the gun dropped to his side. It didn't shake, not even a tremble. It was Nicholas's first kill and he was so calm it was scary.

His breathing finally calmed down so Nicholas sniffed and turned to the large front glass doors. Walter, Seras and Alucard joined his side. Only Alucard was enjoying the surroundings.

Nick turned to the blonde vampire and let out a small breath he hadn't realized he was holding in. "Secure the first 3 floors, Mom. Tell us via radio what you find."

Then he faced Alucard, who was grinning wolfishly, licking his lips at the sight of blood dripping down the steps. Wincing slightly at his eagerness to kill, the young dhampir cleared his throat. "Scout out the building Father, and help Mom if she needs it."

"Walter, watch my back."

"Yes sir."

Nicholas pushed open the glass doors and at once both vampires vanished. There was a crackling on the radio attached to Nick's vest then he heard Seras's voice a moment later. "Can you hear me, Nick?"

"Loud and clear, Mom." He replied back into the radio. "Alright. I'll check in after a bit. Good luck." And then the radio went quiet. Nick sighed again and motioned to Walter to follow him as they took in their surroundings. The lobby was coated with blood. Everything looked absolutely ghastly, both Nick and Walter never felt so disgusted in their lives with such a sight. They both made their way through the debris and the decaying bodies left there to rot.

While the retired 'Angel Of Death' and the young Hellsing half-breed made their way up to the first floor, Seras was already there. Gun at eye-level, she slithered through the silent corridor, her ears perked at every sound, eyes strained for every move a shadow makes. There was a slight rattle to her left and the blonde vampire swiveled around. A slew of soldiers burst from the rooms, charging at her with old-fashioned rifles and swords. in an instant she became smoke, resulting in the soldiers piling up on each other where she stood. The young Draculina then re-solidified herself at the end of the corridor and took aim. One missile from her Halconnen and there were body parts flying every where.

Alucard was already on the third floor, dismembered corpses laying behind him. He didn't even bother consuming the blood of his victims. Oh no, he had other things on his mind. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in and concentrated.


Alucard called out through the master-servant bond but there was no response. His rage began to froth once more. It was one thing to show up at Hellsing and take innocent lives to show power but it's a completely different matter when Integra gets too deeply involved.

His shadows crept through every crevice imaginable in the old hotel, searching relentlessly for his lost Master. He could hear the loud booms from the floors beneath and knew his Police Girl was well at work at dispensing the remaining soldiers that crossed her path.

They can handle themselves, Alucard growled in his own mind. He only wanted to find Integra. Then he was going to deal with that price of Russian trash that dared take her from him. He would pay a hefty price, indeed.


Dmitri was watching over the ragged body of his dear daughter. How could they ruin her beauty like this? It was beyond even his level of cruelty. Even though she was slowly healing, she still looked like a revolting rotting corpse. Starved of blood as well, her one good red eye was completely blood-shot and wild. He had to order body restraints of pure silver just to hold her down so she wouldn't drink them dry. What a pity, what a sad creature she was turned into. A savage vampire, in its' true form.

Not one ounce of the proud, noble Romanov was left in her now. Oh no, she wanted blood and didn't care who it came from, friend or foe. As a father, it pained even him, to watch his daughter being fed on goblet of blood every hour. She nearly bit off his fingers once, trying to get the very last droplets from the cup, her one eye wide and crazy with blood-lust.

But he could not let her drink everything at once, it would ruin her system, even herself. There were rules, even for vampires. Consuming too much blood makes a Nosferatu go mad. Blood will be on the mind and nothing else. Friend and foe will die just for this one need and it is one that is never satisfied.

It was indeed a horrible thing, for him to witness her like this. He so wanted to caress her hair, which had been thoroughly washed and somewhat restored to its' previous glory, but fearing she would try and bite him again, he restrained the urge.

Then he felt a distant rumble beneath his feet. Dmitri rose from the edge of the bed where he sat watching his wounded child, and looked around. Something wasn't right.

"Vayla." He called his mate, whispering her name to the air and there she appeared before him, detaching her beautiful body from the shadows. "Da?"

"Watch over her. I need to see what is going on."

"Dmitri, what do you mean?"

"Do not question me, woman! Do as you are told!" He hissed at her, baring his fangs menacingly. Valentina, shrunk back instinctively but glared still as she took his place at the edge of the bed.

As Dmitri exited the room, he saw his son sitting on the couch, drinking his own ration of blood. "Andrey, stay with your mother." He ordered and the son bowed his head and obeyed, making his way to the back room.

"Da, Tatya."

When Dmitri was gone, Andrey shut the door, suppressing the urge to gag at the revolting smell emitting from his massacred sister.

"Tatya seems on edge. You think the Hellsing rats came here?"

"And survived Ayasha's attack? I highly doubt it." Valentina sniffed, flicking back a long, gleaming strand of her hair over her shoulder. She reached for the goblet of blood to feed Ayanna. She may behave as if she was not frightened but her shaking hands gave it away. Andrey rushed over and grasped his mother's hand, steadying it before it reached the goblet. Ayanna's eye watched this and she began to struggle, impatiently wanting her blood. Andrey hushed her, glaring at the miserable thing restrained to the bed and Ayanna's thrashing subsided a little.

Valentina shuddered, chills ran up and down her spine.

"You are shaking."

"Your eyes trick you, Andrey." Valentina growled and pulled back her hand from his hastily. Frowning at her son, she grabbed the goblet quickly and went to pour the liquid delicately into Ayanna's deformed mouth. But her hand shook so badly that the crimson fluid splashed all over Ayanna's mutilated jaw and throat, coating her wounds in an ugly red. The girl began thrashing again, angered at the waste of such a precious liquid. She tried to lap up some of it with her tongue and the slurping noises made by her turned Valentina's stomach thrice.

She threw down the cup, not caring that it shattered to a million pieces and ran to the corner, trying to catch some air. She placed her hand against the wall to try and hold herself up but to no avail. Valentina slid down it, kneeling, her face buried in her hands, her brown hair draped over her like a silk curtain. Her lovely satin dress spread around her like a halo, her bejeweled corset glinted in the dim light with every shudder the regal vampire woman made.

Ayanna moaned and grunted like an uncivilized savage beast as she continued to get some blood off her disfigured face. Andrey could not bear looking at her either and turned his head away. He instead went over to his mother once more and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"She's so disgusting I cannot even look at her!" Valentina whispered furiously through heaving breaths. Andrey grunted an affirmative response. Then he leaned close to the older woman's ear and his next words sent shivers through her spine.

"Why don't you let her feed on someone?" He whispered sweetly in her ear, like the snake did to Eve. "End this torture for her and yourself."

"N-no." Valentina replied through her shuddering. "I can't do that!"

"Why not?" Andrey still persisted. "If she feeds, she is restored. Do you want to keep her like this? A creature? Sad and pitiful, no better than a mindless ghoul."

"She is not a ghoul!" Valentina hissed back at her son, glaring at him over her shoulder. Now kneeling beside her, Andrey grinned at her. "Of course not. But she is nothing better than one now. Look at her." He said but his mother didn't dare look at the mutilated girl, groaning and gurgling as she tried to yell and scream. Then Andrey grabbed her head and forced her to look in Ayanna's direction. "Look at her!" The younger vampire urged her.

Ayanna thrashed and wriggled, rattling her bonds furiously, her body rose and arched as she writhed in obvious pain and torment.

"She is nothing! A true beast, a blood-thirsty monster."

"No, no no!" Valentina negated his words and tried to look away again but Andrey's grip on her would not let her. "She will be better in time Andrey. Let me go!"

"Give her someone to feed on then and she will be better within the hour." Andrey growled and shoved Valentina's head from him. He watched his mother heave dry sobs.

"She is a Romanov, my blood! She is not a monster, I wouldn't let that happen to her!"

He did not respond and Valentina continued to try and restore her regular breathing. She may not be his true mother but she still had cared for him as if he was her real son. The twins were her biological daughters though and as a mother and a noblewoman, she could not bear to see her child like this.

He could see the turmoil in her eyes, sense it through her body. She was tense, fighting with herself and with reason. But as he anticipated, she finally gave in.

"Fine. I will go and fetch a human from the outside." She said coldly, refusing to look Andrey in the eye as she got up and straightened her dress, trying to regain her composure.

"No no, you mustn't go outside. It isn't safe, not with the Hellsing threat still under way." He said, his voice like honey. Valentina now glared at him, her lips pursed angrily. "Then I shall send for someone to do it for me." She replied haughtily. She made a move to open the door but stopped and glanced at Andrey, sitting now next to the bed in a chaise chair.

"Which type would make her better fastest? Virgin?" She inquired, gazing at the vampire sternly. Andrey picked at his nails as he answered her; "No. Virgin blood would only restore her partially. Her wounds are too great for that."

"Then which type would be best?"

"Simple. There is a more potent type that would heal her almost instantly." He told her, even sounded bored as he spoke. "But it is rather taboo."

Valentina rose her brows and placed a hand on her hip. "Well what is it?"

Then his eyes looked up and Valentina could not help but think how incredibly sinister they looked at that moment.

"Vampire blood." He drawled out and the vampire woman's eyes widened when she saw Andrey lick his lips.

It was that one instance right after he spoke that Valentina realized too late she was in danger. He lunged at her, arms clawing to grab her and even ripped her dress when she managed to move away. She bared her fangs, trying to keep him away from her. Andrey merely laughed at the feeble attempt and went for her again and again and again. They ran about the room with their incredible vampiric speed, knocking over tables and lamps and everything but the bed that was in their way.

The struggle didn't last long although to Valentina, fighting for her existence, felt it took ages. Even though she was his elder, he still managed to overpower her in the end. Andrey held her arms behind her back and leaned her over the bed where Ayanna lay in her restraints, still thrashing wildly. With his free hand, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, exposing her beautiful, slender throat to his blood-starved sister.

Ayanna's moaning and grunting grew louder and louder, practically begging for the throat of her mother, even though in her state she did not recognize her as such.

"Be proud, Valentina." Andrey whispered into the female vampire's ear once more. "You are helping your daughter the best way you could ever hope for." Valentina's face was drenched in bloody tears and she struggled against his grip. She tried to yell but he had his shadows form a gag around her mouth, rendering her silent.

He tore off her corset and shredded her dress with glee, revealing more skin, more places for Ayanna to feed on. Then with a malicious laugh, he released Ayanna's one hand from its' silver prison and shoved the elder vampire against the starved one.

What ensued next was sickening and even more revolting than the mere appearance of Ayanna when she had arrived from Hellsing. The sounds of screaming and crying was mixed with the greedy sucking and tearing of flesh from both women. Once the body of Valentina stopped writhing, Ayanna could continue drinking without much problem. Andrey watched with mild fascination and disgust as his sister's mutilated features began healing at a rapid rate. Muscle tissue wove back together in a blink of an eye, skin re-grew in half a second. Her former beauty was returning, her body was repaired. Not a moment later, she was freeing herself from her silver bonds, smashing the restraints in her lovely, pale hands.

When she had finished, Ayanna stood up and dropped the shriveled body of her mother without a thought, wiping the left over blood from her mouth with the back of her hand. It was now smeared on her jaw and cheek and she looked absolutely maniacal.

"Hello brother." She greeted him with a gruesome, bloody smile.

"Welcome back, Ayanna."

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