Chapter twenty two:

Chapter twenty two:


Holy fucking shit Batman, this is seriously late! . I swear to you I'm not dead, really! I just was moving, work schedule got fucked over, and then I had a terminal case of writers block. I apologize! Please forgive me!

Riddick reveled in the way that George was arched up against the wall, her eyes wide with shock and fear at seeing him here of all places. He could smell the sweat that was running down her neck and back, the terror tingeing her normally powerful scent, and most pungent of all was the blood that was decreasing steadily in flow down her neck. He studied the red trail a moment before returning his punishing stare to the woman that had dared to cross him of all people. How stupid could she be…? Had she honestly thought she would get away with this?

A small, insincere smirk crossed her features, her eyes belying her painted on confidence. "What unfinished business would that be?" she asked almost balefully, her chest heaving from her fight and from being surprised like this.

He couldn't help the scoff that came from deep in his chest, making the woman before him wince from the booming sound that ripped through the stressed silence between them. Shifting the blades edge against the bottom of her chin, watching as the metal gleamed menacingly while her skin broke out into goose bumps in rebellion. From here he could see every single hard swallow she took, ever movement of her vocal cords, and he found that same all consuming fascination with death come into his mind. He leaned forwards until he was unnervingly close and he could yet again see that flare of both defiance, caution, and interest behind those brown eyes; he doubted she could even register the latter… "I don't know, George…" he hiked his thigh up higher, making her back scrape up against the molding and rough wall, her teeth momentarily bared in a sign of her discomfort.

Riddick pressed his blade closer when the anger in his chest surged again, tainting his senses with a tunnel of red before he repressed it back down. He drawled out nonchalantly, conversationally:

"How 'bout you running out and leaving me to deal with all those damn mercs and necromongers? Seems mighty big unfinished shit to me," he growled this last part, his muscles tightening and his teeth snapping together.

George was confident if she hadn't pissed before her shower only an hour before she would have done so on herself the second she had been pinned and rendered helpless like she was now. Luckily for her that organ was empty and all that was left was the cold washing horror running through her. She could feel the bitter blade under her, the rock hard thigh pressing her up against the wall and making sure that her feet couldn't touch the floor for any leverage, and even could feel the body heat and breath that was permeating from the killer still towering above her. Perhaps she should have shit while she was in the bathroom as well… at this point just about any and all bodily functions were fluctuating in response to being so close to death so many times in one day.

"Oh, that!" George laughed nervously, her eyebrows knitting in contrite concentration. Riddick could hear her thoughts whirling around in frantic frenzy, trying to come up something, anything that would save her. And the fact that she was a fellow murderer and felon only made whatever excuse she could think of automatically fall on deaf ears. Riddick didn't care what she had to say at this point. He felt the woman shift around, trying to pull her hands out of his grip but he merely tightened it to where he was sure vicious purple bruises would be adorning her wrists if he decided to let her live. Her mouth turned up in a beseeching smile, "you could've handled the situation! I have faith in you, Riddick."

"Cut the fucking crap," he snarled. George was tempted to look away from the sweltering silver gaze that was piercing into her very soul but remembered the presence of the damned shiv. Instead she took in a shuddering breath and tried once again to pull on her arms, failing miserably and only succeeding in making her joints call out at her stupidity when his calloused hands punished her movements again. When she dared to catch his stare again, her nostrils flaring in thought and rapid breathing, he snarled at her, "You saved your own ass. Just admit it!"

When she didn't answer fast enough, probably because of the lump forming in the back of her throat, Riddick jostled the younger convict and made her head hit against the wall with a small thud. Hissing and closing one eye, glaring at the bald man before her she could only think about how stupid all of this was. Why was it her shit came to bite her in the ass more than most people? Fate was a cruel bitch. Baring her teeth momentarily despite herself she glared at him, her legs shifting and weighting out her options. With her legs spread like this she couldn't do much damage if any, prone and defenseless she only had one option and that was to yet again head butt him but she doubted he would fall for that one yet again. Fuck!

Gasping when he squeezed her wrists a bit harder, making the bones groan in threat to break or at least move sharply, George finally grounded out a stern, "Fine! Fine, I did. I fucking saved my own skin by leaving ya there, Riddick. But you know what?" her nose wrinkled when her smirk became disarming, her eyes narrowing to the points of slits, "Don't play the high card by saying you wouldn't do the same damn thing given the chance. You're such a hypocrite…"

"Watch it," he warned and the shiv's edge made itself known by moving down to where it was pressed intimately against the pounding pulse just hidden under the shaking skin. "Haven't changed at all, have you Georgie? Still running your mouth off; one of these days its gonna get you killed," Riddick hissed at her, expressing his point by sinking the knife slightly deeper until it was a mere breath away from piercing the skin and ending her life. He watched her chest heave at a hitched breath, all mock cockiness wiped from her face and replaced by what he knew was just beneath the surface. Terror at being this close to death.

She was only human after all. It was understandable to fear dying, to be this close to being bled out by someone like him must have her nearly shitting her pants again. To be on the verge, staring down into the darkness that was mortality, he would admit that even he was afraid once in a while to go down into that pit; until he reminded himself he would go in there sooner or later so why bother worrying over it? It would seem that George suddenly didn't have a death wish anymore… not like in the Slam. He could smell it on her; that minty tinge and sweat and blood and anger, she didn't want to leave this plane. Like some cornered animal she stared down at the arm that was holding the knife like it was the bane of her existence, her eyes comically wide while she would once in a while emit this odd noise from the back of her throat. Whining, he had never heard the red head whine before and it was slightly disconcerting. Maybe she had changed…

Maybe she had grown weaker still.

"Should've killed you when I had the chance," he growled out, shifting to where his face was no longer near hers and looked her up and down. It was almost laughable now to his mind that he had spared her because he had wanted a few good fucks before setting her on her way. Sure she was better than a whore from some brothel but at the expense of his pride and possibly his life it wasn't worth it. He would pay for a thousand prostitutes before he let that happen again. Riddick turned his gaze back up to her and saw a flash of confusion, then acceptance, then a deep frown appear on her lips that gave away her displeasure.

"Probably," she muttered. "I would've if I had been in your shoes," she stated simply like it was the most common thing in the world. Then again, for people such as them it more than likely was. Scratch that, for someone like George it most defiantly was. It was true though, now that she thought on it. She would have ghosted him the second they were off of that Station after they'd escaped, thrusted the body into space, and continued on her merry little way. She didn't know why he had let her live, during her entire time on that ship she'd been ready for him to turn on her and try to take her down; she had not relaxed at all when in his presence. He could snap her in half… just like always.

So the fact that she was still breathing and staring at Riddick with narrowed eyes was confusing to her. She would have already slit the betrayers throat; or did he plan on torturing her like she did so often to those that turned on her? Trey had been actually a lenient case. The fact that she had even left after a few hours, maybe a day, she was still fuzzy on just what happened during her rage induced revenge, was mercy on her part. Back when she was a thundercraker, back when she was still harder than nails and numb as she had ever been to the world around her, she had terrorized and brutalized people for days on end. Whether to get information or just because she hated the soldiers guts didn't matter and what had disturbed her most during that time in her life was that she had enjoyed it on some level. She wondered just what agony Riddick held in store for her if this was indeed her own fate. Karma was coming to skull-fuck her it seemed.

Riddick gritted his teeth and moved the knife a little deeper until a swell of red blossomed over the skin and started to run down to meet the now drying trail from the merc that was staining the floor. His brows furrowed into a neat W and he forced her harder into the wall, watching her intently to see her reaction. When all it did was to produce a grunt and a hiss as the red dripped down steadily, the blade a mere centimeter give or take a few millimeters from her artery, he found a dislike of her mounting. The dark cascaded around them and all the light that there was in the room was next to them, next to the window that was barely letting in any moonlight thanks to the dingy blinds and towering buildings outside. Again it seemed that this little exchange of words was taking much longer than it actually was; what seemed like an eternity for him and the girl was really probably only seconds maybe even a mere minute. Like time itself was waiting with baited breath to see just what would take place here.

George felt the muscles in his thigh cord up and the blade shift in her skin and knew it was coming. Just as he was going to end it all here and now, his orbs narrowing and an angered beyond words look coming to his snarling face, George bunched up her middle and brought her knees up to her chin. Ignoring the deepening cut and how dangerously close it was now from bleeding her out she kicked as hard as she could on his armpits, clashing into them harshly and listening in gratification when he hissed and jolted back, a loud popping filling the air. She landed with a stumble, gripping her neck where the wound was weeping freely but not nearly as bad had it gone just a tiny bit further and watched as the man that had been about to kill her staggered back with limp and useless arms.

Disjointed as he was it would take a few minutes for him to be after her, or she hoped, so George did the thing she had found over the years she was best at. She darted for the door, forgoing all belongings and weapons to just get to freedom. She had to get out of here. The mere fact that the murderous glint in Riddick's eyes had been real and true, that same heat in them as when she had watched him kill countless times in the Slam, meant bad things for her.

Riddick sucked in a sharp breath the second that his arms had been dislodged from the sockets. He hadn't counted on her doing that, willingly taking a deeper wound in order to get away. Her survival instinct was sharper than ever it seemed and his body had paid the price of his ignorance, he added that to the pile of things not to forget when dealing with the spitfire. The moment he had been shoved back in pain and from the force of her blow she had been down on the ground and then bolting for the door, not even looking back to make sure that she had delivered a blow strong enough to fell him. He gritted his teeth at the agony that was blurring his vision, his breathing sharp and hasty as the feeling of fire ran up and down his limp limbs. Unfortunately for her she had not heard of his little gift, the same gift that had freed him momentarily within the Hunter-Gratzner. Gritting his teeth and repressing the cool pooling happening within the core of his gut and mind Riddick turned his head to the side gruffly, exhaling through his nose noisily when with a loud crack one shoulder was back into place. Then, bracing the other with a newly mobile hand he shoved the other back into joint, his sight filling with stars at the surge of violent pain this sent down his back.

George was just gripping the doors handle and pulling it open when suddenly her tank top was taken from behind roughly. Gasping in astonishment, her freedom and the dark corridor just within her reach flying away, she was ripped back into the hotel room and the door slammed before her. With one hand on her throat and the other gripping her arm she was thrown gracelessly onto the bed by the viciously infuriated killer. Slamming down onto the not so soft mattress her wind was momentarily knocked from her chest and her tongue bitten down onto by her teeth, her head jarring back and forth unheeded. It took a moment to recognize just what position she was now in as he rushed onto the bed and grabbed her ankles violently, pulling her down the bed with a grunt.

The sheets came bunching under her back and when she moved to strike at him her arms were pinned above her head, yet again and right atop of the already forming bruises, and her throat was being held securely within Riddick grasp. She tried to thrash around but all that accomplished was him sitting on her legs, locking them with his ankles into place, while he was straddling her hips in a very uncomfortable position undoubtedly for the both of them. The bed had been torn asunder, even the bed covering had been pulled off leaving only mattress at the corners, and the pillows in the small scuffle had been thrown off to the sides of the sleeping surface. Swallowing hard she cursed at herself for not moving faster, for that one second delay when she had landed, as if that could make any difference. If she hadn't hesitated to regain her balance she could be out that door and down the hallway…

"Bad move, Georgie," Riddick drawled out slowly before starting to press his fingers into her throat and watching her nostrils flare in both alarm and hatred. He was just about to move her neck to the side and snap it quickly before curiosity suddenly reared its head in his mind. Wait a minute… he thought slowly before situating himself more comfortably and cocking his head to the side, his eyebrows narrowing in thought.

"What did you mean I put a bounty on your head, Red?"

Riddick's voice broke through the haze of decreasing air and a mini panic attack within the confines of George's brain. Her gaze snapped up to him, her mouth opening and closing in both stunned amazement that he had stopped and befuddlement at where this sudden corner had come from. When she didn't answer, and probably because he face was turning a slight tinge of blue, he lessened his grip and she relished in the sudden sensation of cold, beautiful air flooding into her lungs. Taking a big gasp of it and closing her eyes in elation she savored the sensation of oxygen laden in this planets atmosphere pushing down and cooling her heated body.

She eyed him a moment, her mouth forming into a purse. If he had posted that bill on her then there was a possibility he was trying to trick her, get a few good kicks out of this. But the more this scene played out the more ludicrous that thought seemed to her own brain. Logic was telling her that this was not the reason why he was here or why she had been posted up, yet again, on the merc hotline for six million creds. All of this was starting to seem a bit duplicitous to her. "I got jumped after a hit on Helion by a bunch of mercs. Right before I finished the last guy off he said that you were the one that contacted them and posted up a six million cred bounty on my head," she explained with a cross look on her face.

Riddick suddenly found this situation amusing and he voiced it by booming a quick laugh for a few breaths before returning to her. He cocked his head while raising one eyebrow in sardonic question. "Does it look like I have six million creds?" he questioned and sat back showing her his state of disarray and varying degrees of filth. If he had that much money he would have new clothes and top of the grade weapons and his own ship, not posting some obscure bill on someone like Georgina Collins.

George found his laughter abrasive and flushed darkly in both embarrassment and rage. Her lips pulled back in a flash of teeth and fangs before settling onto the mattress, regarding the fellow killer before her skeptically. She still didn't understand why she was still alive… but if this conversation kept her alive then fuck it. Scoffing she commented blithely, "I dunno, you might. You seem to only dress in one damn outfit," she snapped peevishly.

Riddick suddenly leaned forwards, letting her throat go before hissing at her, "what possible reason would I have to get rid of you other than the shit you just pulled?"

George opened her mouth to respond with a witty retort only to find her mouth snapping back shut and her entire face drawing into a thoughtful expression. When she could come up with nothing, racking her brain for a good two minutes while Riddick waited with a blank look to his features, she shrugged. "You're creepy like that…?" she offered quietly, watching as he shook his head.

So… all of this has come from a misunderstanding…Riddick concluded with a small snort to himself. It seemed just like George to pull something like this, not thinking something completely through and reacting out of emotion rather than any cerebral function. A small chunk of his rage towards her vanished though there was still a deep pot of it left, bubbling and seething, writhing and wanting revenge. He sat back again just as he had been staring her down before placing his hand back over her throat and studied her eyes widening. He began to close off her airways again with a stern firming of his lips, his lower jaw jutting out.

"R-Riddick…!" George gasped past the constricting. Her chest suddenly felt heavy and as she spluttered for air pathetically, his vice grip becoming more and more harsh, she felt like she was drowning on her own breath. Spots began to fill her vision and a roaring was rushing through her ears; getting lightheaded she tried to stop her eyes from rolling back into her head. Fingers grasping at the sheets under her, thrashing for freedom from his death grip, George found herself thinking finally that this might be it.

Riddick listened to her gasping and how her body made the bed beneath them cry out from her continued thrashing around like a shored fish. Her torso jutted back and forth while she pulled fitfully and unevenly at her arms, all the while angry purple marks were forming around his hand. He could feel less and less air rushing passed her closed off air way, the blood in her veins pounding away to get the last of the oxygenated blood up to the brain before it died off. She was dying a slow death and when her eyes rolled back and her eyelids fluttered, her mouth opening and letting out that familiar hissing noise of someone just steps from being rendered unconscious, he found something in the back of his mind suddenly scream at him. Pausing he saw her chest, once heaving for breath, gradually slow down to little more than shivering and shallow pants, he felt her pulse slowing down, and the whimpers coming from her mouth were failing.

He couldn't do it. For whatever reason he couldn't do it, and that fucking scared the shit out of him when he found his hand withdraw from her neck as if he had been burned. Her chest jolted forwards and she gulped down air while Riddick looked at the offending limb with a narrowed look.

George's eyes shot open yet again when she was released from the door of death, spluttering and taking in as much air as she possibly could with each lap grasping pant. She was just about to swear, to thank whatever thing existed up there that had seemed to hate her in the past for sparing her, when her mouth was sealed off and she was yet again left breathless but for a whole other reason. She felt Riddick's lip press demandingly to hers, almost mashing them down and forcing them to conform to his own shape, before his body shifted to hover over hers and not tower threateningly. She gawked at his barely open silver eyes in bemusement as to this sudden turn in events just as his tongue thrusted itself into her own orifice.

She winced and tried to restore her bodies oxygen supply through her nose but found that the more that his skilled mouth worked over hers the more that her already fuzzy mind allowed this. The fuck is this!? The man had just tried to kill her, the closest he had ever fucking been, and he pulls this shit?! She felt his free hand go from her bruised neck to grip gruffly onto one of her breasts, his fingers digging painfully into the tender flesh. George could hear the rushing still in her ears; her heart was now pounding erratically in a confused and alarmed rhythm while her vision was still cloudy and blurred. She was struggling to regain consciousness, full cognitive function, when rough pads were pressing into her stomach and running up the scarred up surface brashly. She couldn't help the hitch in her breathing when his palm pressed into the largest marking on her midsection, that from the necromonger blade that had nearly ended her, and a jolt of something not entire unpleasant went up her spine.

Finally, when her brain was starting to work again and the hamster that had been momentarily shot in its wheel began to move once more her eyes narrowed and hardened sharply. Dickwad! With a snarl she bit down as hard as she could on the invading force and caused the tang of blood to erupt into her mouth. George only had a moment to celebrate her victory when Riddick grunted loudly and pulled away, red running dark down his chin while his hold loosened on her through the blinding agony of her having nearly bitten through his tongue. Wrenching her arms free of his hold with a powerful tug from her nearly exhausted body, at this point running on pure adrenaline, she surged up and punched him in the jaw hard then struck him between the legs with her elbow, causing the man to splutter and double over in both surprise and anguish.

She shot out from under him with a firm kick to his abs, sending him slumping over in spite of himself. When Georgina was free she staggered off of the bed in one leap, landing on nearly all fours before clambering up to a standing and searching frantically with her eyes for the glint of her faithful weapons. No way in hell was anyone gonna get away with just trying to kill her and then pulling this shit… his ass was as good as skinned. Her feet hit against the dingy carpet, burning the under sides when she slid slightly on the blood that the deceased was still pumping out.

Her eyes just barely fell onto one of her daggers just yards away when she heard Riddick hiss and the bed groan from him removing himself from the mattress. George glanced over her shoulder with a snort before diving for her knife, reaching out into the dark around her and towards where the weapon lay within a small beam of light, promising her freedom. She landed with a loud thud, her stomach searing and the fibers of the carpet scrapping up her tough skin, but her fingers grazed against the chill of the blade and her eyes lit up in hope, her mouth opening up in triumph. Only to have it slammed shut when Riddick grabbed her again and pulled her gruffly towards him, the pads of her fingers slipping away from her only hope and dragging across the coarse material under her. Wincing George was flipped over ruthlessly, her hips brought to a slamming stop to against his while his body once more loomed over hers.

"Where do you think you're going?" he growled deep and low, his thick arms holding her legs in place while his eyes pierced into her very core. George couldn't help the small noise that escaped her nor the unintentional licking of her lips in a confusing elixir of fear and curiosity.

"Fuck you," George snarled, struggling to get free. She pulled a fist back to punch him again but he barked out a booming laugh that made her pause, her eyes narrowing in mystification.

"Haven't changed a damn bit, still so damn stubborn," he rumbled. He only had time to move his head in time because of the sharpness of his eyesight otherwise the fist whizzing by his jaw would have contacted and might have caused him pain. She surprised him however by suddenly grabbing both of his ears and pulling him down with a shout. CRACK! Her forehead slammed into his hard, causing his vision to blur and hers to momentarily flicker with black spots, but it had the desired effect when he almost yelled and let go of her legs in surprise. Was it just him or did she get even more defiant in the years since they had last fucked?

George had made it to the wall next to the door, panting and wheezing from the day full of fighting and running, when she was slammed into the peeling surface hard, her back scrapping even harder than with the carpet. She winced and pushed at him, his hands tearing her pants from her hips with one swift movement and causing her legs to be bared to the heated night air. The dark fabric pooled around her boots and before she could react, before she could put up a proper resistance, his arms were looped around her legs and her knees were bent against his back and shoulders, forcing her to slump against the room. She gripped into his head in shock only to blink and start when she glanced down to see his head between her legs and staring up at her in smug victory.

"Riddick, you ass hole, what the hel-!" had to bite her lip hard to keep from gasping, from giving him the satisfaction of hearing her, when he separated her lips with his thumbs and swiftly ran his tongue over her entrance and nub. Her eyes screwed shut, her fingers still gripping into his bald head, when the damnable fellow killer began to lavish at her opening. She didn't expect the jolt that ran up her spine from the contact, or the way that her back arched and her hip shamelessly pressed against him instinctually. George rolled her head back and repressed a small whimper from her throat, now trying to push Riddick's head or shoulders or arms away desperately, trying to thrash her legs but she couldn't move them with his arms wrapped like steel around them.

With a final effort she used all of her muscle strength, what was remaining, to push him momentarily from her and to swear lightly, glaring down at him while puffing out exhausted breath. "You… didn't strike me as a rapist…" she stated with that same edge to her voice as nearly four years ago.

Riddick growled low in his throat and pushed forward, breaking her hold on him and against his shaved head before nestling back between her legs, breathing in the familiar aroma deeply. He held her legs firmly in his grasp though he could feel from her lax body and the way that her fingers were no longer piercing into his skull or trying to but sitting there and waiting for whatever he decided to do that she wasn't going to fight him any longer; couldn't fight him any longer. He nipped at her outer folds, testing her, seeing if she would tense up again and start to pummel him, but when all she did was jolt slightly and shift her legs he smirked against her skin, his silver eyes darkening. Running his tongue thickly from her anus to the very tip of the fold, hard and causing the skin to drag under him and become red with the pressure, he felt George shiver against him. It was disturbing how quickly they had fallen back into their old routine even after all these years… he should have killed her… but he didn't.

George bit her lip again to try and stop a moan escaping her mouth and instead it came out as a grunting from the base of her throat. Stars filled her eyes when he latched onto her nub and dragged it out of the sheath with one firm, powerful suck. She, however, couldn't help the near cry when his tongue flattened against it and began the vicious cycle of feeding on her hungrily. "Shit…" George hissed and gripped into the stubbly skin of Riddick's head, her body slumping against the wall in surrender. She supposed she should have been kicking and screaming; he had just attempted to end her life after all. But then again this seemed to be their thing. She would fight him tooth and nail, literally, until she couldn't fight anymore or would just give in and then he would fuck her brains out. Even after four years nearly it hadn't changed. She just wondered if it would stay this way, if whenever Riddick came thundering back into her life if she would give it up that easily?

Thoughts were erased when he bit softly at the bundle of nerves he had been nursing on and her hips bucked down on him in surprise and ecstasy. It didn't help that it had been so long since she had been with someone she wasn't about to kill or using for information that she had last enjoyed the touch of a man. Oh god Riddick felt like he would be her undoing just by when his finger that had been holding her folds open proudly for him skimmed around her opening before sinking into the quickly moistening area. George moaned and rolled her hips, pulling his head closer and feeling his nose grind against the top most part of her slit, his breath hot and humid and every single touch of bare skin making her body seem to cry out.

She felt his arms loop from around her legs but at this point she didn't even dare to move lest she upset the steadily building coil that had settled deep in her stomach. The heat from his tongue, his mouth, and his finger were like a furnace and when he licked at her again, running circles around the nerve ending, she groaned out louder than before and had to hold onto Riddick for fear of sliding completely onto his shoulders. She hated feeling powerless, she had spent her whole life training so that she wouldn't feel as powerless as when Artemis fell again, but with this man there was nothing she could do… he always overwhelmed her just by his presence. George whimpered when his finger began a slightly faster pace, hooking and rubbing against the ribbed area within her that made her mind stop and her legs turn to mush.

For all her fighting she soon found herself seated in a mess on Riddick's shoulders, head tossed back and holding him firmly between her legs.

Riddick ran his tongue around the soft, smooth skin that was quickly becoming like an oven against him. The taste and smell was driving him over the edge and all cognitive thoughts were gone and replaced only by the roaring in his ears; whether it was blood or the animal in him he didn't know and didn't care. He felt her thighs close around his ears and could hear her breathing quickly becoming increasingly ragged and knew that he was close to making the hellcat submit to him again. He had missed this… no matter how much he tried to deny it the way that her scent hit him so hard in the chest it was a miracle he hadn't fallen over and just drilled her into the ground showed how greatly the woman still seemed to effect him.

Sensing her close to climax he pulled off of her nub and began to focus on his finger and how it curled inside of her. He pushed up sharply, making her hips follow the movement with a growl and her head roll to the side. Her sharp fingers came into one of his tank top straps and pulled harshly until it ripped with a loud roar of noise compared to the silence in the room. He found it, the almost seam like ridge deep inside of the woman on his shoulders, and began to rub it harshly. It had the desired effect when her voice came out in a high, keening tone and she nearly clamped down around his fingers like a vice. Colorful words fell like fits from her lips and he watched with his silver gaze as her chest heaved in harried breaths, hands now scratching at his shoulders and arms and eyes held tightly closed. Riddick had forgotten just how glorious her face could be when he was forcing her over the edge.

George shuddered from head to toe when he plunged another finger into her and continued to hit that one spot, that impossible spot that even she couldn't get to herself. She whined hoarsely when his lips finally sank back of her bundle of nerves and pulled it deep into his mouth and that was all it took from the intense stimulation that made it feel like she was about to piss from the strength to the conflicting sensation of being overwhelmed by his mouth. With a soundless scream that came out as a simple sob she came, hard, and her entrance grasped about him like concrete and her entire body stopped for a split second. Then she began to quake and held onto his shoulders for dear life, her breathing becoming frantic and her entire body breaking out into a sweat from the muscles all over overheating with motion. She arched her back up hard and hissed when the rushing of her entire form filled her ears and made her deaf and blind, the only sound the hammering of her frantic heart.

Riddick stopped moving his fingers when the burning that they were engulfed in pulled his hand closer and held him there while the walls fluttered and a thick, searing liquid came to soak onto his palm and between her legs starkly. He nursed her down by languidly lapping on her clit, enjoying how each time he licked she shivered and whimpered and clenched just a little more. Riddick pulled off of the shivering woman who was now letting out a series of attempted and failed words and smirked up at her. He pushed her thighs from his shoulders and slowly ran his tongue up her body before dipping it into her navel, suggestively thrusting in and out of it. Her stomach tensed while a soft resistant moan came from her lips.

George slid down the wall almost to where she was sitting, her legs feeling like jelly and completely incapable of supporting her weight. Her eyes drifted closed after experiencing one of the most powerful orgasms she'd had since departing from the very hulk before her; her body was floating in a sea of warmth and hypersensitivity. So when she felt his gruff hands come under her arms and bring her up to where she was pressed against his chest, her legs weakly wrapping around his waist in understanding, she felt a shudder run down her entire body to her very toes. A crisp chuckle met her still basking body before he turned her from the wall and started a quick stride towards the ruffled bed. Shit… his arms were like steel around her.

Riddick tossed her unceremoniously onto the bed before ripping off his tank tops remains. He watched with satisfaction as she growled and sat up onto her elbows, glaring venom at him for doing such a thing though he could still smell the sting of her arousal. She spat at him and called him a dick wad though she shifted back and her eyes were sparking with that same silent challenge that had started this whole twisted relationship to begin with. And Riddick was bad at refusing both her and a dispute of his superiority.

With a low rumble George hitched her breath quietly as with cat like grace and prowess the more skilled of the two crawled his way onto the bed and forwards towards her. She watched in the limited light his muscles move under that damnable skin, flesh that her body was burning to touch again, and his lips quirked at the sides into a cocky smirk. He was positively feline in appearance, with his shoulder blades rising high and his large hands reaching over the mattress with little difficulty. Soon the red head found herself loomed over, her fingers gripping into the ruffled and bunched up sheets, and she swallowed painfully on the lump that had formed in her throat. Riddick leaned over her and ghosted his lips against her ear, his lower body coming to settle neatly between her legs though still fully clothed. His fingers dug into the bed beneath them and she suddenly felt the shock of a chuckle vibrate her ear, causing an unwanted moan to rip from her throat.

Slowly Riddick slid a hand from the bed up her stomach, pushing the fabric up and away and feeling the hard muscle beneath his touch. His own gut lurched and the heat that had been raging since he had pinned her by the throat and nearly killed her became all the more painful and demanding. He pushed her down a little but as predicted she resisted and hissed in stubbornness. Clicking his tongue to his teeth he whispered just shy of her ear, letting his breath heat and tease the lobe and shell, "I've decided to be nice, Georgie girl, and let you pick how you're punished."

George was ripped from her lust filled daze and she snapped her head away from him, her eyes wild and filled with confusion and fear. She snarled at him, showing her teeth like some cornered animal, and when she tried to get up off of the bed his iron grip held her down by her stomach and pushed her the rest of the way back. She couldn't breathe as he straddled her, looking down at her with an odd show of fondness in his silver eyes; panting and racking her brain she tried to think what he could possibly mean. Was Riddick really that much of a control freak? He didn't strike her as the type to be into sadomasochism.

"What do you mean?" she managed to rasp out.

Riddick scoffed softly but ran a hand once more up her shirt to show off that stomach he so admired, tarnished and all, before reaching behind him and dipping a finger between her folds. He got a thoughtful look to his features for a second before stating very matter of factly, "you get three choices… I tie you up and decide what I'm going to do, I bend you over and decide what I want to do, or I turn you over and decide what I'm going to do to you… you're choice."

Georgina flared with indignant rage. "What kind of a choice is that, fucktard!?"

"Be happy I'm giving you one," he bit right back. There was a sudden abashed look to the red head under him and he smirked in satisfaction. She knew he was right, she knew that he could have killed her but hadn't and so something this simple was plenty of payment, now it was just a question of swallowing her foolish pride and submitting to him. Again. He watched the humiliation flood onto her face and a dark red flush cover her cheeks, something he had very rarely seen from the fellow killer.

George racked her brain with all the possibilities that could come with each option. She knew one thing for damn sure, the tying her up was not a choice, she would rather have her hair pulled out a strand at a time before she let someone do that to her; again. There were too many things that could happen with each position. Far too many. And she knew that Riddick had things under his belt that he had never even used before against her, or on her, and that terrified her. The thought of the unknown was making her heart beat soundly and painfully in her throat. Swallowing the best she could she figured there was no harm in picking the first one that floated to the top her consciousness.

"Turn over," she hissed out through gritted teeth, her cheeks heating to a whole new level. Though she knew that this was just a way for her to survive to another day she didn't like the idea of using sex like this. Well, not now anyway. She couldn't count how many times that it had actually boiled down to her giving someone head or letting him fuck her to where she lived or not. It came with the job, she had accepted that a long, long time ago.

Riddick's hands however suddenly gripped onto the fabric of her tank top and ripped it from around her head, exposing her chest completely and making the woman under him hiss in disgust. George struggled a bit when he moved to relieve her of her pants, the ones that had fallen to her ankles when he'd forced pleasure upon her, but despite her resistance they too were quickly torn from her body and she was left naked before the hulking male. Sucking in a breath and gripping into the sheets she watched his eyes rove over her hungrily, his tongue coming out to lick at the corner of his lips absentmindedly. She was once again being appraised and she tell that when his eyes lingered upon the junction between her legs once more that the Furyian was recalling every incident before that had happened between them. A low growl emitted from the back of his throat before Riddick's rough, calloused hands ran down her thighs to her calves, appearing to study the soft skin beneath his fingers thoughtfully.

The anticipation was killing her. When all he did was to lean over her and bite down onto her stomach, lifted her legs and scrapped his hands up to her rear to squeeze powerfully there, she was wondering why he was waiting to inflict her 'punishment'. Shifting and letting out a small breath George felt his rough fingers trail up her back then rake back down, leaving a stinging burn in the wake of his blunted fingernails. Arching and gripping into his burly shoulders the smaller woman was having a hard time concentrating on coming up with possible ways to get out of this. She should have thought of a way out of this predicament by now, should have devised a way to make Riddick either immobile to run away or talk her way out of him having his way with her, but with her mind clouded over and the fires of desire yet again starting to burn at her flesh she was having a difficult time just remembering to breath normally. Something was fishy with his sudden diversion, the warning bells were going off loudly in her ears, but when he bit down into her hip bone and sucked on the skin until she whimpered and pushed into his mouth.

Georgina was weak… she would be the first to admit it.

Suddenly and with a yelp of confusion and alarm she was spun around until her face was plopped into the not so soft surface of the mattress covered blithely with unclean sheets. Disgruntled at the gruffness she shot a glare over her shoulder, blushing wildly when her hips were pulled upwards to where they were presented temptingly to wards the bald killer. Opening her mouth to tell him off she suddenly felt the hands that had been gripping at her rear dip lower.

"Riddick, what the hell??" she had to cut off a moan in the back of her throat when he stuck a few fingers between her fold and ran them around, coating the digits lavishly. He gave her clit one firm flick of his index finger before suddenly leaving the burning opening, skimming his finger and thumb upwards daringly until they were situated just at her rear opening. Gaping and suddenly realizing what was going on George bucked and tried to get away, shouting profanities and hurling threats towards the much stronger convict. But it was all in vain as he spread apart her slit and placed a finger at her opening, slowly sliding the slicked digit inwards while his mate fought fiercely for her freedom.

George gripped into the bed desperately at the strange stinging pain that was riding down from her entrance all the way to the back of her knees, her eyes squeezing shut. Voicing her pain didn't seem to phase Riddick at all as he merely pushed until his thick finger was in to the very last knuckle and sitting there, probing at the walls with alien force. She thrashed again to try to escape but only succeeded in having the free hand of her captor slam down onto her back and push her chest down, leaving her prone and helpless. Seizing her lip in her teeth George willed herself not to scream when another finger entered her at just a slow but agonizing speed.

"Relax," Riddick ground out when he felt the inner muscles seize around him and flutter tightly, trying to force the intrusion from her. Glancing down towards the red head spit fire he noted how every single muscle in her body was knotted up and her spine was starting to get beads of sweat to form and roll down her sides. Her breathing was erratic; her eyes were huge; teeth were bared; all signs of acute stress. Obviously someone had never had anal before. Smirking despite himself Riddick returned his sight smugly to the tight, tiny ass of the warrior before him, pumping his fingers lazily in and out to try to stretch the pert and hot opening.

"It'll hurt less if you just let go," he commented off handedly though there was a smug tone to his voice.

George hated him in that moment. "It hurts now!"

"Well then it's gonna hurt a lot more in a few minutes Georgie, now relax or it'll feel like I'm stabbing you. Or don't, I really don't give a crap," he added the last as a snap when her muscles yet again clamped around him and her entire body froze with the motion. He noted her nostrils flare and her eyebrows come together in a primal snarl, one that spoke his death on so many levels. That only made the heat in his pants that was tenting painfully throb all the more. Oh god he was going to enjoy this…

Georgina returned her stare to the pillow that was somehow still situated at the top of the bed. She tried to make her body relax, tried to make her rear stop seizing painfully whenever her reentered, and more over, she tried to maybe pretend this wasn't happening. She was a woman, there was no need to go in a hole that had no natural lubrication of its own when there was a perfectly good one right there! And it sure as hell didn't hurt as much as this one was! Gritting her teeth when the third finger entered into the equation and started to fan out, stretching her to her limits and making her moan in protest, she forced herself not to think about the now burning pain that was reaching into her back. At least though she could feel no tearing… not that Riddick would have cared. He was in one of those moods that she had only seen him in with other crooks; where he would get his no matter what the other suffered.

She jolted however when something strange happened. All three fingers turned around abruptly to where they curved towards her belly button and struck against where she knew from her own ministrations her g-spot to be. Arching in surprise when a surge of pleasure shot up her spine to settle into pins and needles at her scalp she was left breathless, clenching her eyes shut and letting out a quiet hiss. The fuck was that…?

Just as suddenly as she had been flipped over her captors fingers were gone, leaving a very empty sensation where they had been. George sit there panting a moment, her toes curled from that one brief contact. Licking her lips yet again in anticipation she knew this wasn't over. Shifting on her knees and shutting her eyes, preparing herself mentally for the fact that she was about to submit to Riddick in the most degrading kind of way, George felt both of his hands come to rest on her hips and his body come up behind her.

Riddick admired the view for a few seconds, gazing upon the rippling and slender muscles of the female beneath him. With her shoulders scrunched together, her rear up in the air and displayed prominently for him, her back arched and her arms reached out around her head with fingers gripping with vigor into the bed she looked so… weak and yet powerful in that moment. He remembered all of the fights that he had seen her in, how she was lithe and fast, quick and fluid, what she lacked in physical strength she made up for in knowledge and swift prowess, and no where was it more obvious as her position here. To know that yet again he had brought one of the universes most renown killers, one of the most wanted women out there in the known existence, was a trip and made him growl under his breath.

Riddick's deep voice filled her hearing, and though she did not catch what he said, she did feel his manhood sink into her wet opening, thrusting and grinding there blindly and causing the younger woman to moan loudly. Closing her eyes in content and more than willing to accept this deviation from his former plan she arched back into him when he thrusted shallowly into her; she wasn't aware that her toes were curling into the bed. However, just as quickly as his pleasure had come he pulled out, leaving her breathless and feeling empty once more, her eyes snapping open and her mouth pulling into an impatient snarl.

However, her rancor soon turned to fear and anxiety once more when her cheeks were pulled apart and she felt something very hot and large at the impossibly small opening. Gripping for dear life into the sheets under her she gasped in pain, stark and searing up her spine, when he slid in despite the aid of liberal amounts of natural lubrication. She whimpered and shifted, trying now only to open her legs wider as he continued to push inwards, further and further, a burning pain was settling around the ring and inching down her legs to her toes, and though she wished to whatever deity that had it out for her how much it hurt… she was left without a voice in his agonizing wake. His fingers were sinking too far into her rear, he was moving too fast for her to accommodate comfortably, and all of this was just wrong. She didn't care what she'd done, she hardly thought that this was fair!

Riddick couldn't help the small grunt when he was finally fully sheathed within the hissing and simpering girl beneath him. So tight, so hot, he rolled his head to the side for a moment to enjoy the sensation as she squirmed and no doubt mentally swore at his mere existence. Feeling her tenseness and her rigidity, even though he was basking in the pleasure of just sitting there within his taken lover, he ran a hand subconsciously over her back and thigh. Cracking one silver eye open with a groan and feeling her shudder and seeing sweat once more break over her skin he sighed deeply. "Relax, damn it," he growled low and harsh.

George flared under the pain, her lips curling into a fierce snarl as she glared at him over her arched shoulders with wild, wide brown eyes. Panting and trying her best not to yell and scream at him for his idiocy on those words she ground out, "fuck you… why don't you try relaxing when some guy just shoved his dick up your ass!!"

Riddick furrowed his brows at that comment and punished the mouthy woman by rocking back and listening to her gasp and the sheets moan from her passionate grip. Thrusting forwards idly and with a bored look he watched her writhe and listened to the colorful array of words falling from her criminal mouth. "I am no one's bitch," he whispered in a deadly quiet tone, informing her that she had crossed some unseen line. He heard her gulp harshly and a strange sense of triumph flooded in his veins, it wasn't often he managed to make her shut up like this.

George arched her back when he pulled backwards again only to push her back forward, the feeling of that hot, unbearably large friction inside of her making her utter a small noise with each movement. Clinging onto the fabric for dear life she shut her eyes closed tightly, moved her legs farther apart from around his, and began to try to force herself to relax. He was unrelenting, never giving her a moment now to get used to this, and as he thrust back in each time she had to force her body to stop from spasming around him and trying to force him back out. Fuck if Riddick wasn't small, this would be the only time a tiny cock would be helpful! Panting and feeling sweat run down her arms the red head began to rock back onto him in time; at least it would be over soon…

She felt the finger tips of her captor dig into her rear and spread her fold further apart, a grunt ringing out into the silence that was perforated only by her gasps and the sound of flesh moving against flesh. As she indeed relaxed and as her body began to accept that this thing wasn't leaving something strange happened; a lurching caught her attention just above her still dripping opening and she moaned in abrupt arousal. Her stomach felt like it had dropped out and her spine was tingling and when next he thrust in, jarring now and taking it faster with each pump, she vocalized louder, tossing her head back with the motion. A pleasure unlike any other she had experienced settled deep into her core, coiling much differently and stranger than before. It was odd, it was almost as if he was brushing against something with each push and that something reverberated down to her clit where it burned and created yet more build up. George gasped when her thighs suddenly felt like jelly and she shifted more towards his hips, grinding and wanting more… wanting to feel more of this oddity she had never done before.

George nearly cried out in surprise when he stopped and shifted, grinding off to the right somewhere, pushing his sharp hip bones into the soft flesh of her ass, and something jolted sharply and made her body shudder. His hands ran down her back, rubbing over the slicked skin and tracing the scars as he made shallow thrusts onto that one spot… that one marvelous spot… and George felt herself being undone again. She flopped her forehead to the mattress, gasping and harried breathing, and she found herself synchronizing with Riddick shamelessly. She wanted more, she didn't know what she wanted more of, but she needed it with a passion she hadn't felt since her early years of sexual activity. One of his hands scrapped down her hip and over the back of her thigh, the calluses catching on her skin in a fabulously gruff sensation, before his fingers skimmed their way up to between her legs.

"Shit!" George had to be careful not to bite down onto her tongue when his thumb flicked her clit sharply. Arching back onto him and thrusting to where she was fully sheathed she just sat there and forced herself not to be done so quickly. But it was hard with his fingers making deft work with her and his now resumed thrusting turning more and more into deep, hard strokes to keep her mind about her. Her chest heaved, her core felt like it was on fire, and what was worse was that she was gasping and moaning in some whorish manner that she saved for when she was faking it for information.

A blind hand reached down and took hold of his wrist, as if in some desperate plea for him to stop his damn fingers from stimulating the already painfully aroused bud, however he paid no heed. Instead, if anything, Riddick increased his jabs into her, going at a swift pace until the familiar sound of his skin slapping against hers was heard. That dirty, filthy, holy sound filled George's ears, his scent invaded her nose, and his grunts seemed to be the only thing that she could grasp onto for the real world because the sheets had been proven useless.

Riddick leaned over the enthralled woman beneath him whose eyes were slammed tightly shut to keep out anything that might set her off too soon. His breath tickled at the red that had managed to sprawl out over onto her back, dancing the strands of frizz over her tensed muscles, and he felt the urge to just grapple onto any skin with his mouth and teeth and mark her as his. Again. "Yes…" he groaned under his breath at that subliminal thought. Bending down he ran his tongue up what little of her spine he could reach and tasted the salt of her skin, he musk of their coupling, and somehow he thought he could even sense her yelps for more on his taste buds. He angled himself to where his hands were now gripping harshly into the supple skin of her still womanly hips before going after her with everything he had, his mouth latching onto the joint of her neck shoulders viciously.

George whined when his teeth scrapped into the sensitive skin, and only minutely did she feel the pain of him breaking skin for it was drowned out by the blinding pleasure now surging throughout her entire body. Every nerve ending was screaming, her vision even from behind shut eyes was flecking with white and black dots, and when she shifted to where her hands were both now useless under her shoulders she heard the man above her growl deep in his throat. She felt his every thrust ripple throughout her, thunder into her brain and core like a storm, before it tore a gasp and his name from her lips. She couldn't think anymore, she couldn't hardly breath, he was crushing her with his weight and his scent and his damn groaning, god she was going to die here!

"C'mon George… that the best you got…?" somehow Riddick managed to get his lips to work and when he snapped his fangs near her ear he watched the bumps that broke out along her entire body. She merely groaned, long and low, shifting to where she was trying to keep up with him valiantly but he was going to damn fast. His hand returned to between her legs and parted her swollen lips for what seemed like the hundredth time and found the throbbing nub without any effort. Listening to her yell and then buck under him was like music to his ears and he felt that same surge and vice like tightening throughout his entire lower body. He was on fire… and it was fantastic.

George hissed when he pulled on her clit and she rolled her hips in response, her body now officially shaking from the ordeal he was putting her through. She almost wanted it to stop, to make the pleasure that wasn't dying but building to higher and higher peaks, to make the bliss that was so sharp through ever single fiber of her being stop because it hurt so bad… but she knew she would kill him if he stopped. She would roll over and stab him in his bald head if he stopped now.

Riddick was her undoing when his entire palm scrapped up against her junction and with a cry she stopped moving and tensed up everywhere. Spluttering incoherently she felt the familiar clenches of orgasm tear through her and with nothing to grip onto the liquid came pouring out down her thighs in a hot trail of lava. Shudders racked her body and when she felt even her anus shut tightly around Riddick her addled brain found glory in him moaning loudly in surprise before beginning to rock furiously, signaling his own coming completion.

With a snarl Riddick sat up, fully pulling himself into position, as he plowed into her with deep, powerful strokes that caused her entire body to push forwards on the bed. He gritted his teeth when every single muscle in his body pulled inwards and with a hiss out of his nose and a garbled groan he was spent into his still shivering lover. The fog that came over him was deafening, his ears were pumping with blood and he was blinded in that moment, nothing mattered but the quakes that were going through his back and hips and the moans he sought so hard to contain. This could be bad… he thought amazingly through the small death of himself in those seconds that ticked by. This could be very bad…