Tales of the Nightwatcher

Chapter 1: Run in With the Titans

It was quite a slow night for a certain group of four turtles in the sewers of New York City. Their master Splinter had already gone to sleep for the night, along with crime in general being quite low.

"I'm so bored, and I'm not even tired to go to sleep" complained Michelangelo.

"Then count some sheep" said Raphael in his usual rude tone of voice.

"That actually hasn't been proven to work" said Donatello.

"Well, when I was the Nightwatcher when I was trying to sleep during the day it worked" replied Raphael.

"Will you please not go into the Nightwatcher thing again?" asked Leonardo, "Your arrogance back then almost got us killed."

"Don't remind me Leo" barked Raphael.

"Say, maybe if Raph tells one of his stories as being the Nightwatcher, maybe we can all go to sleep" said Michelangelo.

"None of you would be interested in my stories, besides, our so-called fearless leader hates my alter-ego, remember?" replied Raphael.

"Come on Leo" said Donatello, "let Raph tell us a story of when he was the Nightwatcher."

"You three really want to hear what I have to say when I was the Nightwatcher?" asked Raphael in an astonished voice as he was reaching into some secret compartment he had near his bed and brought out a strange communicator device with a "T" on it, "You know where I got this thing here?"

"Just what the heck did you do when you were the Nightwatcher when I was training in the jungles of Central America?" asked Leonardo.

"Like I said before, I was out saving the world while you were doing your so-called training" replied Raphael.

"Come on" said Michelangelo, "I want to hear how did you get that strange thing you are holding."

"It looks like it's some sort of communications device" said Donatello as he walked over to Raphael and observed the device.

"Do you three want me to tell you the story, or should we just all sit here in our beds waiting for one of us to get to sleep?" asked Raphael.

"Alright, no interruptions" replied Leonardo as he gave the orders to his two other brothers, "Raph, tell us the story of how you got that strange communicator."

"Fine" said Raphael as his three brothers sat on a bed nearby and listened to him.

The scene then switches back to at least a year ago when Raphael was having the time of his life defending New York City from average criminals as the Nightwatcher. One night, when Raphael was trying to overhear police chatter on his motorcycle, a strange signal from a city not far from New York was picked up.

"Please, we could use some sort of assistance over here!" cried the voice on the other end which sounded pretty deep, "We're being pinned down in the T Tower by an army of robots!"

"A T Tower, armies of robots?" asked Raphael to himself, "This night might be the best night of them all for me."

As Raphael managed to pin point the location of the distress signal, he noticed that as he was driving toward a nearby city which seemed to be the likes of Jump City, he noticed a strange T-shaped tower which was quite in ruins.

"This certainly can't be good" said Raphael as he stopped his motorcycle and then parked it to swim across toward the T-shaped tower.

When Raphael finally arrived on the scene, the t-shaped tower was in ruins. It seemed if a large, and very intense battle had took place.

"Time to see if anyone's home" said Raphael as he took out a flashlight and headed into the t-shaped tower, "hello, anybody home?"

As Raphael searched the ruined t-shaped tower for several minutes, he noticed some movement in the debris nearby. He quickly raced toward the debris and removed it to find some strange cyborg-like robot.

"Just what the heck is this?" asked Raphael to himself not having a clue of what he found.

"W-w-where am I?" asked the cyborg-like robot as he got up with Raphael's help.

"Just what the heck happen?" asked Raphael.

"Say, who the heck are you?" asked the cyborg-like robot.

"I'm known as the Nightwatcher" replied Raphael.

"Never heard of you" replied the cyborg-like robot, "you can call me Cyborg."

"How original" said Raphael as he was removing more of the debris away from Cyborg.

"Just what kind of name is the Nightwatcher?" asked Cyborg.

"Let's just concentrate on the perpetrators who did this" said Raphael.

"Now I remember, we were fighting Slade" said Cyborg, "Slade finally rebuilt his robotic armies and sent them to attack us. He must have also taken my other teammates to his top secret lair."

"Can you tell me where it is so that I can help us?" asked Raphael, "If this Slade character has armies of robots, then I think the city I protect is in jeopardy too."

"Well, it seems that I have no choice, looks like I could use all the help I need" replied Cyborg.

The scene then switches back to where Raphael and his three other brothers were listening where Donatello raised his hand.

"Yes, Donnie, what is it?" asked Raphael.

"I'm interested in more of the superhero Cyborg you met, can you tell us a bit more about him?" asked Donatello.

"I'm going to get there pretty soon" replied Raphael who was annoyed by the interruption, "please, let me tell my story in peace about the Nightwatcher."

"Let Raph tell the story" said Michelangelo agreeing with Raphael.

"Finally" said Raphael.

Once more, the scene switches back to Raphael as the Nightwatcher getting on his motorcycle, and Cyborg getting into the T-Car.

"We're going to patrol the city" said Cyborg as he handed Raphael a communicator with a "T" on it, "you may need this."

"Thanks" said Raphael as he sped off with the motorcycle and Cyborg in the T-Car in another direction.

As Raphael was searching an unknown city he had never visit to find Cyborg's teammates, Slade was watching their every move in his secret lair. Next to him were members of the four other Teen Titans chained in special cages Slade had personally designed.

"You won't get away with this you evil man" said Starfire who was trying to break herself free of the special cage.

"Don't try to waste your strength" said Slade as he turned toward her, "once I have all of you Titans here, there'll be nothing to stop me."

"I don't know, but it seems like Cyborg got a new friend to fight for us" said Robin as he noticed Raphael on the security cameras throughout the city where Slade had managed to hack into.

"What?!" cried Slade as he raced over to the security cameras, "Just who the heck is this lone vigilant?"

"Alright, sounds like we have a guardian angel on our side" cheered Beast Boy.

"Don't cheer so soon for your so-called guardian angel" said Slade as he began to press some buttons on his computer signaling his robotic ninjas to target Raphael, "I'm going to give this lone vigilante a big surprise."