Chapter 5: Dealing With Slade

After it took several minutes into getting into the right mood to tell the last part of the story, Raphael drank a long sip of his coffee and sat down in his place to get ready to finish his story.

"So how does the story end already?" asked Michelangelo who was very anxious to get the story over with.

"Don't worry Mikey, I'm getting to that point" replied Raphael.

The scene then switches back to where Raphael who was in his Nightwatcher suit standing face to face against the likes of Slade.

"I have to say that was quite a show you put up" said Slade who was cracking his knuckles ready to get into a good fight with Raphael, "you have caused quite enough trouble for me tonight, but when I'm done with you, there'll be nothing to stop me."

"Oh yea, I would like for you to just try to stop me" said Raphael as he was egging Slade on.

"Very well, people like you always have to do it the hard way" said Slade.

Slade charged right toward Raphael giving him several good punches, sending Raphael flying right into the air and hitting hard right on the ground. As Slade was about to make another attack in trying to pin Raphael down to the ground, he quickly dodged Slade's oncoming fist, and instead used his chains that he had with him by forming his usual lasso around Slade.

"You think this is going to stop me?" laughed Slade.

Slade instead immediately turned the tables on Raphael and tugged the chains toward himself and then gave Raphael a good punch knocking Raphael down to the ground.

"Nice try" said Slade as he cracked his knuckles once more and looking at Raphael who was trying to recover from the counterattack Slade had just implemented, "perhaps if you surrender now, I'll make sure you'll receive a lighter punishment for going against me."

"I don't think so" said Raphael as he recovered from the counterattack and leaped away from Slade and took out his two sis.

"You're going to face me with those?" asked Slade as he took out his fighting rod, "Well then, I have a weapon of my own that'll still be able to take you down."

"That's what you think" replied Raphael as he leaped toward Slade.

As Slade attempted to use his fighting rod against Raphael, Raphael kept on blocking Slade's attack by using his two sis and finally gave Slade a good kick knocking Slade's fighting rod off of his hands.

"I'm pretty impressed with your skills" said Slade as he managed to recover from the attack, "have you been taught in the ways of a ninja?"

"None of your business" said Raphael, "all I am interested in is making sure your robot armies don't come to my city."

"Then it seems like you might need a little bit of helping of doing just that" said a voice behind Raphael.

As both Raphael and Slade turned around, they noticed it was the real Teen Titans ready to take on Slade and the remaining robotic armies.

"Impossible, how did you manage to escape?" asked Slade.

"Let's just say that while you were concentrating so much on this lone vigilante here" replied Raven, "I was concentrating on a way of how we can get out of your lair."

"You!" cried Slade as he turned to Raphael, "If you never came into Jump City, I would have eventually found that Cyborg survived my attack on Titan Tower, and would have apprehended him sooner. But since you meddled into my affairs, I'm going to make sure this fight will be your last."

"Bring it on then" said Raphael.

Slade charged once more against Raphael trying to give Raphael a good punch. He then fired his laser against Raphael which was attached to his wrist where Raphael quickly dodged the attack. Raphael then threw one of his sis against Slade destroying the blaster that was on his wrist.

"Do you think he needs help?" asked Beast Boy as he noticed that Raphael was giving Slade a hard time.

"Nah, I think he can handle this one" replied Cyborg.

"Stand still!" shouted Slade as he attempted to hit Raphael.

"Why don't you make me then?" asked Raphael as he was dodging the various punches by Slade, "I thought you were this city's major super villain, oh well, this just isn't your night then."

Slade continued to attempt to attack Raphael, but Raphael eventually picked up his sis he had threw to destroy Slade's blaster that was attached to his wrist. He then used his two sis to slice against Slade's armor to which Raphael then gave Slade a good uppercut. As Slade fell to the ground, he couldn't believe he was losing against someone named as the Nightwatcher.

"I don't believe it, you're just a lone vigilante" said Slade as he was trying to get up and recover from the attack.

"I think it's time you just about wave that white flag of yours" said Raphael as he was prepared to finish Slade off.

"I don't surrender to the likes of the Teen Titans, and I won't surrender to the likes of you" said Slade as he suddenly used a smoke screen get away to make it look like he vanished into thin air.

"Yea, you better run from me" said Raphael.

"Wow, that was some fight" said Robin as he and the rest of the Titans came into the scene.

"Yes, your bravery against Slade is most appreciated" added Starfire.

"Yea, way to kick butt against Slade" added Beast Boy.

"You're more than welcome to be an honorary Teen Titan" said Robin.

"Don't worry" said Raphael as he took out the communicator with a "T" on it that was given to him by Cyborg, "I think I know what to do with this."

The scene then switches back to Raphael who was quite proud of telling his story to his three brothers.

"So you managed to stop this Slade in one night?" asked Donatello.

"Hello?" replied Raphael, "Haven't you been listening to the story I have been telling you?"

"I'm pretty sure your story is very interesting" said Michelangelo, "I was literally at the edge of this bed listening to it."

"That reminds me" said Donatello as he turned to Leonardo, "since Raphael is telling great stories when he was the Nightwatcher, what the heck did you do when you were known by the locals as the Ghost of the Jungle?"

"Please, please" replied Leonardo, "I think that should be for another night."

"Yea, plus my stories are more interesting than Leo's" added Raphael.

"Oh yea, I but my tales as the Ghost of the Jungle are more interesting than the likes of when you were the Nightwatcher" said Leonardo as both of the two turtles were face to face and all red in the heads.

"Guys, guys, there's no need to fight over this" said Michelangelo, "how about this. Leo can tell a story when he was the Ghost of the Jungle, and we can see who has the most interesting story."

"Well, it'll give me something to do" said Leonardo.

"Fine by me" added Raphael then he was heading back to his room, "but wake me when you have come up with a more interesting contest Mikey."

The scene then switches to Raphael's room where he puts away the "T" communicator into the compartment he got it out from, and after that, Raphael immediately hit the hay after a long night of story telling.