Dead Silence

Summary: They all believed superstitions weren't, all but one of them. The one who believed had gone through this before and didn't even want to be there…There lays a ghost town in the outskirts of Japan 400 miles in each direction away from civilization. An unlikely group of teens all go up there after hearing a scary camp fire story from some grown ups. One boy is dragged along since everyone knew he once lived there before it became a ghost town. What awaits their arrival?

Prologue: The young survivor

There were sirens blaring everywhere and the fire men plus police men all believed no one was alive out there. All everyone was now concerned about was getting the flames out. A chemical plant had blown up and caught everything on fire, fire fighters and police men from Tokyo had to rush there when a call came in that the towns fire station was completely destroyed. The whole town was ablaze and it was becoming tough to put it out. It took all the way until the next after noon to put it out; it was after that when the police began walking around looking for any possible chances that someone was alive. They were beginning to loose hope.

A young boy around five years old sat on a swing with pale, distant blue eyes looking at the dead bodies that surrounded him, tears streaming down his eyes, his short spiky blond hair beginning to go straight from the rain that had begun falling. He was crying but no emotions crossed his face. A young police man in his early twenties with long black hair and green eyes spotted the young boy and ran over noticing the burnt dead bodies.

"Young boy…My name is Officer Haku, I'm not going to hurt you." The office said going to his knees so he can look into the boys eyes.

"I know…my daddy was a police chief…He was at work when the fire broke out. I got separated from mommy in the uproar of what she called it. I came here and stayed on this swing until she were to come for me…she never did…Have you found my mommy or daddy?" The boy asked.

"I don't know and I'm afraid they might be dead. What's you name and how old are you?" Officer Haku asked pushing the boys hair behind his ears.

"My name is Uzamaki Naruto and I'm four years old." The blond haired boy said, Haku smiled before picking the young Naruto up.

"Lets get you to the other police man so we can get you checked over." Officer Haku said and began walking off, Naruto only nodded clutching onto Haku's uniform crying still. It wasn't long until Haku walked out with boy everyone looked up and became relieved, some doctors ran up and took Naruto from Haku then ran off to one of the ambulances. Another officer with spiky black hair and gray eyes soon walked up to Haku.

"He's the only survivor the whole place has been completely scanned down…There are no other survivors." The man said.

"I understand Chief Momoichi." Haku stated sadly looking to the ground.

"You wish to take him home with you…don't you?" The Chief asked, Haku simply nodded.

"Then go ask him…I guess I'll have to make room in the guest bedroom then when we get home." The Chief said again and saw Haku's face light up.

"Thank you Zabuza-Kun!" Haku said then ran off to the ambulance Naruto was in and sat by the boy. Naruto was just watching the doctors run the tests on him with boredom.

"Hey Naruto how about when we get to Tokyo you come live with my roommate Zabuza and I?" Haku asked smiling at the young boy. Naruto slowly turned his to Haku and smiled a little, Haku could see the sadness in the young boys eyes.

"I would like that please." Naruto said before breaking down into tiny sobs.

"Naruto?" Haku asked.

"Daddy always said a boy should never cry but…but I want my daddy and I want my mommy! I can't help it…I always cry!" Naruto cried then tore away from the oxygen mask and wrapped his tiny arms around Haku's neck crying into the twenty year olds' hair. Haku looked down sadly and enclosed his arms gently around Naruto. The doctors sighed and left the ambulance to go drive off when Zabuza came up.

"I'll ride with you two, Officer Abarame is going to drive my car to the hospital and meet us there." He said, Haku nodded trying to calm the boy down as his roommate. Zabuza sat across from them watching as the boys sobs turned into silence. The whole drive back to Tokyo was quiet and Haku didn't like it, he never really enjoyed when everything was in dead silence, but he guessed he was going to have to get used to it now that Naruto was around.