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Chapter Five: The Descent

Naruto was at the lead of the group looking below him seeing that they were by now seven stories above the city. The walking dead were all gathering under them some began climbing the building to try and get higher to reach them. His arms burned for dangling for an hour now and the chemical plant didn't look to be getting any closer. They had to climb till they were 50 stories above the city.

"Naruto lets hang and take a break please! Our arms are killing us!" Ino begged feeling her arms shacking.

"If we just dangle then the pressure on your arms is just going to build Ino…we can't stop." Gaara explained watching Naruto begin to slow down as well. Naruto looked back an saw it was late to turn around and return to the metal cart.

"Can't we just stop!" Ino begged only to get smacked by Sakura.

"Listen Ino if I can do this and not complain so can you! My arms hurt also so shut up and keep moving!" Sakura hissed waiting fir her friend to continue moving.

"Are we done arguing now cause I would really love to reach that window before we get eaten! We need to get passed that cable tower before those flesh eating monsters figure out that it leads to this cable!" Naruto finally snapped glaring at the two girls.

"…..We can keep moving now." Ino laughed nervously then shut her mouth. Naruto nodded his head and began moving again. Everyone had managed to pack weapons but no one ever though to bring safety gear for climbing. This was more than just survival this was a war. Every move his arm felt like a ton of bricks were weighing him down, every breath he took left a burning feeling in his lungs, his concentration needed to stay intact, Sweat rolled down the side of his face, and his hands felt like they would slip from their grip any moment to.

'I can't do this...I just can't! What awaits us is probably nothing but death! I don't want anyone to die. I don't want anyone's blood on my hands!' Naruto's thoughts raged through his head as he slowly came to a stop. His breathing was heavy and fast as his eyes widened in a horrorific panic. Again everyone began to complain about having to stop once more.

"What's the fucking hold up damn it?!" Everyone heard Hidan yell out, Kakuzu and Sasori both looking to him with a glare. Gaara let out a annoyed sigh looking up to Naruto who had stopped.

"Naruto, listen I understand you are worried about all of us. Listen we will deal with any feeling you have once we get to that fucking window. Now if you could so kindly start climbing again that would be appreciated." Gaara let out his concers releasing one of his hands amd rest it on Naruto's leg.

"What's the bloody hold up?!" Sakura yelled up hoping it wasn't Ino stopping again, the blond was in front of her, but the pinkette had fallen behind slightly.

"I think Naruto is going through a panic again!" Neji shouted as him and Tobi were in charge of controling the weapons crate they were carrying. Sakura felt herself let out a sigh.

"Naruto you may be mybest friend but I swear if you do not start moving I will kick your ass in the after life so help me I will!" Sakura screeched, the others letting out sighs. The blond teen cringed his eyes tightly shut before opening them again determination showing through. Nodding to himself he began to climb again.

"That's it you can do it Naruto!" Chouji and TenTen cheered the blond on as everyone slowly began to move again. Sakura hung there for a few more seconds looking at all the man eating corpses on the ground and climbing up the tower wall. Biting her lip she fought her fear and began climbing again Ino and the others even further ahead of her. The climb didn't take much longer afterwards as everyone quickly entered through the tower window into the stairwell they were at. Naruto had collapsed in exhaustion watching everyone else do the same. He scanned all the faces around him, before he was to his feet again and at the window.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" He yelled out seeing the pinkete alot further back than anticipated, Sasuke was at his side in an instant by the window. Sakura was a good 6 yards away from them and the climbing corpses were getting closer to the window.

"Sakura hurry it up you don't have much time! If you go faster you'll make it!" Sasuke yelled down to his girlfriend about ready to go after her. Naruto grabbed onto the Uchiha's arm when he got up to climb out. He looked to his friend in fear not wanting to let him go but he also didn't want Sakura to die. Sakura just stayed dangling on the rope her arms and legs completly wrapped around it.

"Naruto, I know you don't want loose either of us, but you have to let me go. I can save Sakura." Sasuke explained, Naruto looked back out to the pinkete before turning and snatching the binoculars off from around Kisame's neck and looked into them.

"Alright, listen this is a long shot but it's easier to climb down. Get back to the cart and back to my house. Understood? Take these so you know when it's safe to ride the metal cart back up." Naruto explained handing the binoculars, a hand gun, and few gun clips for the gun.

"Right, you can count on me." Sasuke said taking the back that Itachi handed to him putting the items in it. Latching it over his shoulders and clipped the latched the straps together in front of his chest. As he was going to climb back out again Itachi grabbed hold of his arm roughly.

"You better fucking come back Sasuke." Itachi snapped, Sasuke only gave him smirk then jumped out the window quickly climbing down the rope. Naruto and Itachi stood watching as the young Uchiha reached his pinkette girlfriend and they both began climbing down the rope.

"You know it would be easier for them to just come back up!" Ino shrieked at the two watching Itachi and Naruto get the window shut and locked it. Naruto now saw why Orochimaru made this window metal.

"No they wouldn't make it in time to the window. Kakuzu could you set a timer for 30 minutes so everyone has that long to rest up. We have a lot of stairs to travel down, this window should hold for a while." Naruto explained taking a seat in his corner hugging his knees and burrying his face into them. Gaara walked over to the blond and sat next to him setting his hand on top of the blonds head the sounds of the corpses trying to break through the window echoeing in the area they were in. Gaara watched as Naruto began shaking.


Sasuke voice rang out from outside, Naruto's head shot up his eyes widened in fear. Everyone had either jumped to their feet or looked up to the sound. Ino's sobs soon rang out as she cried into Shikamaru's chest. Naruto dug his fingers into his hair trying to fight the sobs that tore through his throat. Gaara wrapped his arms around Naruto and held onto him tighter when the blond clung to his shirt sobs finally coming from him as well. Everything fell silent as well giving no indication if either of them were alive. Itachi dropped to his knees his face contorted in shock. Temari knelt next to the raven haired teen and hugged onto him.

"I told you to come back!" Itachi began yelling punching the ground. For the longest time even when the 30 minute timer went off no one moved from where they were sitting. Itachi, Ino and Naruto had finally quietted down and looked to be in just a numb state. Shino sighed and stood to his feet. Everyone looked to him as he walked over to the weapons crate open.

"We came her for a reason, to find a way out. Sasuke and Sakura's death would have been for nothing if we just sit around here and let ourselves die as well. Now who's ready to fight back and revenge for their deaths?" Shino asked pulling out a shot gun cocking it. Naruto looked up to Gaara who just watched him, nodding his head to the Gaara the blond stood to his feet a look of determination in his eyes. Everyone watched Naruto in shock, never in any of their lives had they seen such a look on his face.

"Shino's right, we need to get moving. If we don't we're only a sitting buffet for whatever is trying to get inside and for whatever may be on its way up the stairs." He said going to the crate and grabing a few hand guns and some clips attaching the guns to his belt and then stored the clips into his pockets.

"Lets get this party on the fucking road motherfuckers!" Hidan laughed a maniacal look etching across his face. Kakuzu let out a sigh smacking the platinum haired teen in the back of the head. Kisame and Zetsu helped everyone get suited up with weapons. The remaining four girls Hinata, Ino, Temari and TenTen with back packs filled with clips, magazines and other amo equipment for the guns they had all brought. Hinata and Ino were the only exceptions to this, Hinata carried a back pack and a duffle bag full of first aid supplies. Ino carried a back pack full of water and snack bars. After 15 minutes everyone was suited up and ready to go.

"Let's get moving." Naruto said letting Itachi and his friends take the lead as him, Gaara and Shino to take up the rear to keep the four girls protected from the back. Naruto absentmindedly looked at his phone to see a bunch of missed calls from Haku. Gaara rested his hand on the blondes shoulder nodding his head for Naruto to make the call. He needed to just in case one of them made it out.

Haku and Zabuza had returned home later on that night to find no one home and a note from Temari stating where they had taken Naruto and that they were sorry. The note stated this might be the only way to get Naruto normal again. Least to say, Haku had immediatly began to freak out and panic trying to get change as well as trying to get a hold of Naruto so he could after his adoptive son. Zabuza of course being the logical thinker of the house stopped Haku and convinced him to wait for Naruto to call him. Haku gave his husband whiplash when the phone began to ring and he jumped from his seat answering the phone.

"Naruto?!" Haku answered desperately into the phone.

'Hey Haku-Tou-san, I know you're probably angry right now for us leaving and coming to this god forsaken town.' Naruto replied his voice sounding hoarse from the sobbing when they lost Sakura and Sasuke. Haku let out a relieved sigh at the sound of his sons voice.

"Naruto we are not mad, not at you at least. Temari and most of your friends on the other hand will be getting a piece of our minds when you children come home. When will you be back?" Haku asked, his face contorted to worry and Zabuza watched in worry now to. The other line had went quiet and Haku slowly began to panic thinking the line went dead. He calmed down a bit though when he heard Naruto let out a sad sigh.

'Tou-san?' Naruto asked his voice cracking as more sobs threatened to push through.

"Yes Naruto, what is it? What's happening?" Haku asked looking up to Zabuza in worry.

'My dreams...they were real, well they're becoming real. The dead bodies from the town are somehow alive and trying to kill us. We've already lost Sasuke and Sakura. We might not be coming home. I'm calling to let you guys know just in case you never hear from us again. I want you guys to know I love you both very much.' Naruto replied on the other end his voice cracking from the sobs. Haku stood there in shock from what Naruto was telling him. Slowly the seriousness of the situation was becoming clear to him and he knew what he had to do as a parent.

"You listen to me and you listen to me real well Naruto. You and the rest of your friends are not going to die. You kids are strong and you kids are going to make it out alive. You just need to stay calm, stay focused and come back home to your parents. We'll be waiting for you all outside the gates, understood?" Haku asked sternly trying to sound carrying and strict at the same time. Naruto on the other end had froze his eyes widened in shock before they melted into a smile.

'Yea, I understand. We'll see you soon Tou-San...love you bye.' Naruto finally said then the line went dead. Haku pulled the phone from his ear and smiled at it setting it back onto the receiver.

"We need to go to Iijigoku now. Get as many officers to come with us, we're going to need the help." Haku explained, Zabuza nodded his head pulling his cell phone out and began making phone calls to various people.

"Haku, call Kushina, we need to bring her to. I think it's about time for her to know about her ex-husband." Zabuza explained in between calling Kakashi and Asuma. Haku nodded his head picking up the phone from the receiver and dialed a number hearing the other line ringing.

'Hello Uzumaki Kushina speaking.' A womans voice coming from the other line.

"Kushina, its Haku. I need you to come over. We need to tell you something about Minato." He said seriously.

The remaining 21 teens had been walking for what seemed forever and the stairs just kept going on and on with no end to them. Ino every once in a while would complain, but mainly kept quiet on her end. Naruto had turned his cell phone off so that he could save the battery from dying. Most of everyone did that with their phones as well. They needed a way of communicating with the outside world.

"Hey Naruto, I've been meaning to ask. We were looking at all the photos displayed about your house. How come you look more like your dad and nothing like your mom?" Temari asked slowing down so she could walk with him.

"To be honest I actually have no clue. According to my mom, my dad had been married once before, but...They got a divorce. What I remember the most was my mom would always go weird and tell me that she would never have me I was hers. I always asked my dad if I was his first wifes son, but he would always laugh and call me silly. Mom was my mom and thats all I needed to know. I guess she was right...because I'm crazy just like she is." Naruto explained linking his hands behind his, everyone froze at the sound of a woman laghing around them. They all looked around searching for the source but were seeing no one.

'That's right my dear you are mine and no one is going to have you! So be a good son and come to mommy please.' The voice laughed in a sing song voice before the woman began cackling and it vanished off.

"Um, Naruto I don't think your crazy un. Well you ARE crazy but in a good way. But, your mom is just plain fucking psycho un." Deidara said, Naruto nodded his head in agreement his eyes narowed in a what-the-fuck look before sighing.

"As my dad said to me once, my mom never liked to share me even with him she didn't like to." Naruto said and they all continued down the stairs every once in a while the laughing voice of Anko would return but she never really said anything unless it was to tell Naruto to come to her.

Kushina had arrived to Haku and Zabuza's in no time, being led to the kitchen and sat at the table. They all were quiet waiting for Zabuza to finish making tea. Haku noted that Kushina hadn't changed much since her divorce case she forced him to go support her with. He red hair was long and thick as ever and vibrant as ever to. Her blueish gray eyes though had lost their spark and were more dull now. Zabuza soon returned with three cups of herbal tea.

"So what is it that the two of you need to tell me about Minato, please tell me his new wife hasn't done anything to my son. Tsunadae for some reason has been keeping me from trying to get custody of Naruto." Kushina spoke first, Zabuza let out a sigh.

"That's because I had asked her to keep you from doing anything. After your divorce and even now you are not stable. And with Naruto's unstablness raising him would have a been a bad idea." Zabuza spoke, Kushina froze from taking a sip of her tea and just gave the two and odd look.

"Unstable how?" She asked her eyes narrowing dangerously at both of them.

"13-years ago Ikijigoku's Chemical plant exploded and killed everyone, minus your son. But due to his unstableness from the unhealthy possesiveness Anko had over him and from witnessing all of the deaths of the towns people. Well, lets just say your son became more and more like Anko. So we took him in, well we took him in before finding this all out. When Haku realized he was Minato's son and knowing how you still were after the divorce he decided maybe we could raise him till he was stable enough or until he was 18 at least. Tsunadae helped us keep it under wraps from you." Zabuza explained once more.

"Why would you two keep my son from me though let alone not tell me about what happened to the town!" Kushina began to shriek at the both of them.

"Kushina we understand how upsetting this is. But trust me when I say that it would have killed you to watch Naruto grow up these past 13 years. This past year has been his most normal year up until now when weird things began happening. Now we need you and some of the other officers to come with us to Ikijigoku to rescue your son and his friends." Haku explained resting his hand onto Kushina's. He watched as her eyes widened and before they knew it she had jumped up from her seat and slammed her hands onto the table.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HIM AND HIS FRIENDS ARE AT IKIJIGOKU DAMN IT?! Ohhhhh WAIT until I tell Tsunadae and Jiraiya about this!" Kushina yelled stomping to the living room and snatched their phone up. In the kitchen Haku had somehow jumped into Zabuza's arms latched onto him crying.

"I swear that woman is scary!" He cried, Kakashi and a group of officers walked in.

"So when are we leaving?" Kakashi asked smirking.

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