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A pink headed girl was walking towards a palace looking for work, her name was Haruno Sakura.

She entered the gates where 2 guards stood, one with a huge dog and the other with black spectacles (You totally know those 2 XD) and entered the throne room where a blonde headed girl with her hair tied up sat on expensive looking tatami, wearing a kimono that allowed exposed her stomach. Sakura bowed to her. Around the room there were a moe howard haired boy, 2 girls one with mid-back hair with white eyes the other looked like a panda with brown hair, and last a boy with spikey blone hair as I call it.

Sakura: Watashi na mei e wa Haruno Sakura des, I'm in search for a job in the palace as a medic-nin.

Ino: Nice to meet you (With a sly face) I'll grant your wish but tell me about your trait.

Sakura: My parents died in a accident, living poorly and goal to be the best medic-nin-

Ino: Very well (Looks bored) I'm sure you can find the medical hut yourself it's not to hard to miss.

Sakura: Um alright (Thoughts: some host)

The princess points to a hall on the right and the pink headed girl followed her clue.

The girl with the 2 buns on her head stretched over her head.

Tenten: I have to go get tea and towels for the boys

Then made her way to the kitchen.

Lee: And I must join them!

Then left, Naruto and Hinata were the only ones left.

Ino's thoughts: That commoner better not go after the boys, especially Sasuke-kun!

Mean while, the hallway lead her outside full of plants and trees.

Sakura: She could at least give me more info

Neji: Juuken!

Sasuke: Lion combat!

The girl looked over the hedges and saw 3 men, 2 in fighting stance, and the other watching and cheering them on, which she regonized. Then the boy looked up and saw her.

Lee: Oh! Sakura-san!

Then he ran to her.

Sakura's thought: I'll just ask directions from him.

Sasuke and Neji were wondering "who was that girl?"

Then Sakura was on her way again. Lee came back

Sasuke: oi Lee, who was that girl just now?

Lee: Haruno Sakura-san. She just asked me direction to the medical hut, but I'm afraid she'll get lost.

Neji: Lets resume training-

Sasuke: Call off the training for today. (Then disappears)

Neji: what was that all about?

Tenten: Neji, Lee, Sasuke! huh, you ended already? (Handing them tea and towels)

Neji: Sasuke called it off (Taking a sip)

Tenten: oh, I did see him walking together with the new servant, Sakura.

Neji spat out the tea.

Neji: What?!

Lee: He must of taking liking of her. Lucky of her, Sasuke-kun must be showing her the way to the medic hut.

Neji thoughts: so that's why he called it off.

Authors crap:

I still think it's still horrible this fanfic too. I'll try not to abandon this fic too!