Ok, so this is my first cartoonversefic. This is mainly a chapter to set up the story…And I really wanted to write a romantic fic about BJ. He needs some lovin'. Lol

Oh and I want to say that I havent seen all of the Beetlejuice episodes, so if something isn't exact with the series, it's probably because I dont know about it yet...

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Beetlejuice stretched and gave a huge yawn before sidling out of his chair and heading to his bedroom. The early morning sun was just below the horizon. "Man, I'm exhausted…" he muttered, turning into a huge exhaust pipe, "Why do I always stay up way too late?" The poltergeist transformed into a tall skinny version of himself and changed back, wearing his pink beetle pajamas, because only real men wear pink, even the dead ones.

The ghost with the most climbed into his coffin and cuddled into his pillow, pulling his blanket up to his face. It felt so good to be in bed. "I could get noosed to this…" he murmured, causing a noose to appear around his neck just as he closed his eyes.

"Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!"

His name rang high and clear in his mind. The ghoul's eyes shot open and he could have screamed with exasperation before disappearing into the living world.

"Why is it always me, Lyds? I just wanna get some slee…" but Beetlejuice stopped mid whine to realize that the room he had popped into was burning down around him. Flames erupted from under the door and climbed up the curtains in the windows. The old familiar mirror he used as a portal to the living world started to crack from the intense heat. Smoke billowed up to the ceiling and curled lazily in the room. And Lydia was no where in sight.

Panic flooded him as he tried to adjust his eyes to the intense brightness of his surroundings. "Babes!! Babes, where are ya? I can't see you!" he screamed, flying around the room a couple of times."BJ, over here!" Lydia called from just beyond the smoke; she was huddled into the very back corner of her bed, as far from the flames as possible. She was growing faint from all of the smoke inhalation. "Help me Beetlejuice!"

The poltergeist zoomed over to her and grabbed her hand. "Say it Lyds. Hurry!" he yelled over the roar of the flames. A dazed Lydia opened her mouth and whispered the words once more just before she passed out, sending them safely back to the neitherworld.


Lydia slowly regained consiousness and realized that her head hurt like it never had before; causing her to slump back down under the warm pink blanket she was curled in. Wait, pink? Her eyes shot back open and became aware that she was lying in a coffin, Beetlejuice's coffin to be precise from the way it smelled. She grudgingly decided to get out of the makeshift bed to figure out what was going on. Her mind felt heavy and waterlogged and she couldn't remember why or howshe had ended up at the roadhouse. Knots formed in her stomach when she became aware that she didn't remember anything from the previous night.

"Beej, are you there?" she called from the bedroom door, carefully holding herself steady in the way. No one replied, making her feel very much alone. Why was she at the roadhouse? She looked down at the oversized t-shirt she had slept in. She noticed that it smelled horrible, but shrugged that out of her mind. She had slept in Beetlejuice's coffin. But why? And where was her best friend?

The gothic girl jumped when the front door slammed open, letting the poltergeist inside, heavily laden with brown paper bags. He accidently dropped them when he saw her staring at him and gave her a sad smile. "Heyya babes, just got some food for you to eat…thought you might be hungry…" Lydia noticed how red his eyes were and it seemed as though his appendages were barely keeping themselves together. Any anger she might have felt a moment before disappeared.

"You look exhausted BJ. Let me get those for you and you go sit down." She commanded, moving over to the scattered bags and picking them up, hoping the wobble in her step didn't give away her weakness. Beetlejuice floated over to the couch and settled himself into the crumby cushions, watching the girl quickly disappear into the kitchen.

When she returned, Beetlejuice was barely keeping his eyes open. "Wow Beej, you look dead on your feet…erm…" The poltergeist chuckled under his breath and gave her a lazy smile. "Good one, Lyds…" Comforted by the familiarity of everything, Lydia finally sat down next to her best friend. "So why am I at the roadhouse? Why did I spend the night here? Beej, did you get into trouble again?"

Her heart raced when a sad look overcame the ghost's face and he studied the dirt on the floor. "Lyds, you've been here for three days. You were out cold." A frown creased the goth's features and her voice shook with the question, "Why?..."

"Babes…you're house burned down a few nights ago…You called me just before you collapsed…Don't you remember?"

Beetlejuice cringed at the sight of her eyes when they grew round with horror. "Mom! Dad!...BJ, did you…?" But her best friend looked away dejectedly. "I couldn't go back without someone to call me there Lyds…The mirror in your room shattered. I've been trying to catch glimpses when I can but…it's hard babes…The pieces are so tiny."

Lydia felt numb. Her house was gone and she didn't know what had happened to her parents. "Beej, I have to go back…I have to look for my parents…" But her best friend frowned at her and decided to get up and move closer to her side, putting his hand on her shoulder. "If you think you need to babes…but…since the house is gone my ties are broken with the living world," he stated gently, resisting the urge to transform into a ripped neck tie, "And you probably won't be able to come back…"

The girl's eyes shot up into the poltergeist's lost ones at the last few words. Never come back? It was unthinkable. But to never return to the living world either? What about her family? Her friends? Instant images of Jacque, Ginger, the Monster next door, and especially the specter in front of her filled her mind. They were her friends too. Tears welled up in her eyes. In just a few days her whole life had been ripped apart.

Beetlejuice's frown etched itself deeper into his features while he watched his best friend struggle with her inward battle. Then, a light bulb went off over his head. "Hey babes, I've got an idea! Let's go to the town hall and check to see if your parents are um…newcomers. If their names aren't on the list for the neitherworld then you know they are still alive and you…." His voice faltered for a brief moment, "can go back to be with them…"

The tears in Lydia's eyes did not stop, but she smiled warmly at the poltergeist. "That's a wonderful idea Beetlejuice. Let's go…"


The pair shuffled up to the main desk. They had been waiting in line for hours in front of the town hall and now the sun was sinking below the horizon of the neitherworld. The long period of standing had been dificult on Lydia and she wasn't sure how much more she could take. When they finally reached the desk, the secretary gave Beetlejuice a hateful glare before smiling warmly at Lydia. "Oh hello Lydia!" she greeted warmly and mumbled something to Beetlejuice without glancing at him. "It's so nice that you are here! Mayor Maynot has just requested an audience with you. And your…friend may come if you like as well," she addressed Beetlejuice with venom in her voice.

Lydia smiled at the secretary and nodded. "But before we see him…" she said before she could be escorted away, "First, I was wondering if my parents are…new arrivals to the neitherworld…" The lady in front of her twitched the corner of her mouth before speaking. "That's classified information Lydia, but for you…" her eyes wavered over the fifteen year old girl for a brief moment before she disappeared from view.

She returned very shortly, smiling broadly in her triumph. "I have them right here Miss Lydia! You should have told me they were so recent! Just arrived hours ago, the both of them!" and the lady clacked the papers on the desk, making them disappear once again.

Lydia's heart dropped. "…Do you know where they are?" she asked. The urge to make sure her dad was ok in a place like this surged through her, but the secretary smiled, "I'm sorry my dear, but that is confidential. I simply cannot reveal their whereabouts against their wishes. I know it must be hard for you, but trust me, they will come to you when they are ready. Now just make your way through that door to see the Mayor, dear. Next!"

So her parents were in the neitherworld. They were dead...and they had just died. The teen wondered if they had suffered in the past few days and she could feel the tears renewing themselves just behind her eyes.

Without much thought, Lydia grasped Beetlejuice's hand in both of hers. He had remained silent throughout the meeting, taking in all he could. He realized Lydia had nothing left for her in the living world, and that posed a problem. She was living.

"It'll be ok babes. Let's go see what my friend the mayor has to say…" he said, winking reassuringly at his friend before he led her through the door. Mayor Maynot was already in the next room waiting on them, accompanied by Prince Vince.

"Lydia, I am so sorry about what happened and I want you to know that I'm here for you…" the prince began. He tried to take one of the girl's hands, but a snake snapped at him from under her palm. Beetlejuice tried hard not to look smug. Lydia payed no attention to the two, but focused on the mayor. "What did you want to talk about Mayor Maynot?"

The mayor flushed when she said his name, but tried to look as dutiful as possible. "Lydia, we just heard about your parents' arrival and know that it must be difficult to think of ever going back to the living world, but surely you realise that you cannot stay in the neitherworld forever." He said, trying not to look at Beetlejuice, whose head instantly erupted into a swirling frenzy of rage. "Whaddarya talking bout, Maynot? Nobody is sendin' my Lyds back if she doesn't wanna!"

The mayor ignored the ghost he despised and decided to keep talking. "You cannot stay here unless you have an unbreakable tie with this world," he stated matter of factly. Lydia giggled nervously. "What do you mean? My parents are here…My best friends are here…" and at the last she took Beetlejuice's hand once again and gave it a squeeze.

Prince Vince wrung his hands nervously and adressed the adloescent goth, "What he means Lydia, is you would have to have an eternal bond. An unbreakable bond of vows and devotion. A bond of marriage…" Beetlejuice caught the sight of Lydia collapseing and transformed into a striped chair, catching her before she hit the floor. He quickly changed back into his old self, holding the young teen in both his arms.

"Give the girl a break will ya?" he muttered angrily, "This is too much for a mortal to handle at once."

Lydia curled in the protection of her friend's arms and dug her face into his chest. "But how…who…?" she asked, not bearing to look at them. She knew in her mind she had to do it. She didn't want to return to the living world, ever. She felt her hand being swept up and turned to look into the prince's eyes.

"My proposal still stands Lydia. You can be my princess if that is what you wish." Lydia smiled, but turned her face back into the security of Beetlejuice's body. "You are very kind Prince Vince. Could I have some time to think on it?"

She heard agreement and finally climbed out of the poltergeist's arms, putting on a fake smile. "Well Beej, I'm feeling kind of tired…let's go home..." And with a pop of bats and trash, they disappeared at once.


"Oh BJ, what should I do? I like Prince Vince, but he is too depressing to be around all the time…" Lydia wailed, resting her head on her crossed arms after he had gotten her to the couch. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes, wishing to block out her delima. "I wanna stay at the roadhouse. A castle could never feel like home…"

"Well…you could…marry me if you wanted to…"

Lydia's mind halted and she turned towards her favorite ghost with the most. "You, Beej? Marry you?" Beetlejuice turned a deep shade of red and started to float away. "Yeah I know…Pretty stupid huh?" He tried to laugh while deciding which sandworm's throat he would jump down first. He didn't see the goth's eyes light up. "No BJ, that's a perfect idea! Then I can stay here and be with everyone and you can help me find my parents! That is…unless you were joking…"

Beetlejuice popped up beside her wearing his jester's outfit. "Babes, would I ever jest about that? Sides, my parents are always naggin me to settle down…" and he flattened himself to the floor, making Lydia giggle. "You sure about this BJ? I mean, you'd have to put up with me all the time…" she warned.

Beetlejuice shrugged and gave her a wry grin, "Anything for you babes."

Lydia smiled at her friend and unconsciously put her palm to her forehead. The headache was still there. Beetlejuice noticed her actions and swooped down to get a better look at her. "You need to take it easy there, Lyds. You breathers don't handle smoke inhalation very well…Just relax. We can go have some fun when you're better…cross my heart," he said, ripping his chest open and showing her and X shaped heart hovering dead and lifeless in a black abyss.

"Ok Beetlejuice…that sounds…nice…" Lydia murmured as she drifted off to sleep once more.