Summary: This takes place during Aftershock Part 1. Slade has second thoughts about who would be the best apprentice. Slade's POV.

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Chapter 1 - Second Thoughts

She was willing but did that truly make her the right one? She had power, yes. She was young and playable, yes. But beyond that what had she to offer?

She had potential, for course she did, (I wouldn't have even considered her if she didn't) but after a time I had found that it had reached its limit. Her powers were her limitation. She relied on them to much. Without them she was useless to me.

Of course as I watch her take out each of the Titans my doubts seemed to falter. She was inventive, cruel and underhanded. So good at playing the game… and winning. But then it was Robin's turn to face her.

They battled and as I watched, I compared them. The old and the new. Skill, power, speed. Their very potential to be my successor was under scrutiny.

Did I make the right chose when I let Robin go? When it came to my apprentice did I trade up or down? Was this powerful girl really the best chose? Did she posses all that I coveted and craved in an apprentice? Or… was she only as good as the neural connectors I had installed in her suit?

Yes, her leash was very powerful and with that I had her. Mind, body and soul.

I am a super villain… a 'criminal' as Robin would so venomously put it… and as such greed comes with the territory. As I watched them battle I came to realize that I didn't want just one… I wanted them both.

Robin was just too perfect not to have and as for Terra… could never have enough servants now could you?

Yes, that was the answer. I would bend Robin to my will. It was always those 'friends' of his that were the problem, but now that my 'servant' has taken care of them, he will join me one way or another.

As I watch Terra raise a large chuck of earth to crush the Boy Wonder, I activated our link.

"Wait, Terra. I want to see the defeated leader for myself. Bring him in." She hesitated for a moment and then replied, "Yes Master." She broke off a smaller piece from the towering mound and effectively knocked out the boy.

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