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Disclaimer: If Avatar was mine, Zuko and Katara would be married by now.

30 Ways to Annoy Prince Zuko

1. Ask him if he's gay.

2. Ask him to light a candle then blow it out right after he does it. Several times a night.

3. Steal his breakfast.

4. Make him crappy tea and claim Iroh made it.

5. Tell Katara he loves her in a loud sing-song voice.

6. Sing him the Barney theme song every night before he sleeps. Loudly.

7. Pester him to play Pai Sho. When he finally agrees, say you're not interested.

8. Hug him.

9. Make him underwear out of uncooked macaroni.

10. Buy him a pink bikini for no reason whatsoever.

11. Whack Toph upside the head and blame it on Zuko.

12. Blast him with a fire extinguisher every time he tries to Firebend.

13. Fill his shoes with mud.

14. Tell Sokka about Zuko's pink bikini.

15. Wonder if he's gay out loud to Katara.

16. Smear blue cheese all over his underpants.

17. Let Appa eat his pants.

18. Pour cold water over him, claiming it's holy water while saying 'ohhmmm'.

19. Sneak into his tent and pour warm water on his crotch.

20. Say nothing but 'baaa' like a sheep when he tries to talk to you.

21.When he asks you to stop, jump on him and tickle him.

22. Poke him.

23. On the butt.

24. Repeatedly.

25. Make him mud pies.

26. Out of the mud that was previously in his shoes.

27. Decorate his face with colourful permanent ink while he sleeps.

28. Throw all his clothes away.

29. Replace them with pink and black zebra-striped loincloths.

30. Ask him if he needs to pee. In German.