Well folk's. That's it. End of part one. The second part should be started, probably in the next hour. I will be updating it in much the same way. Thank you so much for all of your review's, you really know how to make a girl feel awesome. The next part of the story, will take place seven year's into the future, Miss Sparkplug will be 15 and just starting high school. For those of you that didnt get the very subtle ending, here's some cliff note's. Sparkplug's wish, was that she could be a camaro when she grew up. She gave her wish to Sam, thusly becoming HUMAN and turning Sam, into Cobalt... A bright blue Camaro. Jazz told Ironhide he would see him soon. He wasnt kidding. After all, Sparkplug is a Prime now. After Sam came back... Ratchet finally got around to building that protoform he had planted on his computer. Whadda you know, Sparkplug... Has the ability to create... SPARKS. Incase you didnt get that from the dream episode, where Megatron called her The New Allspark. So, there you have it. You havent seen the end of Ellie and Hot Rod either. Now, in some version's of Transformer's, Hot Rod, is also known as Hot Shot. In the end, he become's Rodimus Prime... But we're not gonna go there because I think the vehicle thing he turn's into sucks donkey snot. So, thats my speel. Thank's for reading and please stay tuned for... Sparkplug: Child Of The Universe.


Hypersqueak MouseDragon